WHAT TO WEAR: Fur for Her

That summer heat on your face is a mere memory in the Southern Hemisphere. The cooler change has swept under our feet without us even knowing, and, most importantly, without our wardrobes “winter-ready.” In a time of seasonal change when you want to rock your everyday jeans and singlet combo but it’s a touch too cold to wear alone, there is one thing you can always rely on.

A fur jacket is the perfect blend of comfort and beauty. Fur is in the history of fashion. The many ways you can wear it exceed any satisfactory level. Fur turns up in every season and collection, whether it be in clothes, on throw pillows, earrings, key chains, heels, slides, luxe handbags, pom poms, scarves, purses… you get the point.

This Fashionista shows how this one piece can add a whole lot of warmth and style to an outfit—something that you can have and keep in your closet forever. On top of her raw-hem black jeans and mesh singlet top, she shows off how cozy she is in this black rabbit fur swing jacket. Just when you think that’s all the fur for her, this rad look is finished off with some beautiful pony hair loafers. Wearing fur is an individual choice, and while some may not agree, there are many faux fur jackets for a cheaper price that can give off the exact same look!

Rugged up in an all-black look, some may search for the color in her outfit. Her natural look starts with Ellis Faas foundation, which defines her complexion and skin. It is a more dewy foundation, meaning that it hydrates, smoothes, and leaves a naturally luminous finish rather than matte look. To brighten up the natural makeup look and the whole all-black outfit, this Fashionista wears a Bobbi Brown red lipstick to tie together the fierce fur look.

When you’re in doubt about what to wear during the confusing months of changing seasons, just remember you can always clear the blur with a touch of fur.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Cashmere Delight

This look is something you’d see me in sporting around campus. It seems like every girl I see walking to class has some kind of a vest on. Usually, I don’t like following the crowd and try to stay away from more of the basic trends on campus, but this trend is one I couldn’t resist.

Vests are a huge staple item in my closet during the colder months. I love this two-tone heathered one. Having vests makes it super easy to layer, and looks effortless. This one provides a lot of warmth without the annoying bulk that most warm vests have, which I feel is perfect as we begin to transition into the spring season. I also love the comfort it gives when I walk to and from my classes.

I went ahead and paired it over a long-sleeved green sweater and ripped black jeans. I like the way the rips in the jeans mirror the distressed look of the vest and overall think the dark green color of the sweater pairs nicely with the other dark colors in the outfit.

The short boots I’m wearing are surprisingly comfortable when I’m walking to and from class, and they keep my feet warm when it’s colder out. I think they look best when I cuff my jeans above them, which I did in these photos.

I’m usually not a hat person, but this hat fits me in all the right places. I like that it’s a neutral cream color because it makes it easier for me to pair with other outfits. Not only that, but I snagged it for pretty cheap at Forever 21, and I love how it compliments and contrasts the olive green cashmere sweater in this look I created.

WHAT TO WEAR: Fifteen Degrees

Don’t let the absence of gloves or lack of a scarf on this Fashionista fool you–it’s cold in Wisconsin. The best way to get through a breezy winter day on campus? Dress your best. This Fashionista shows us just how simple it is to conquer those back-to-back lectures, study in style, and how to cope with undesirable weather.

Braving the frigid winter air, this Fashionista keeps things minimal with a camel Zara coat, a bishop sleeve blouse, dark wash denim, and black heeled booties. A subtle nod to the bell sleeve trend, her bishop sleeve blouse adds a soft feminine touch to the look. This Fashionista mixes things up by leaving her denim untouched; no frays or embellishments here! She lets the hems rest on top of her boots, to keep the ensemble looking modern and fresh, with a single ring and an extra swipe of lipstick to finish.

It’s extremely easy to fall into a pattern, especially with days like these, rolling out of bed and throwing on the pieces closest to you (i.e. yesterday’s leggings and a sweatshirt) out of convenience. Why fall into the trap of the same old same old? With these staple pieces being in most closets, this polished look can easily be recreated! Start off with a blouse and go-to denim, choose your footwear, toss on your coat of choice, et voilà! The pattern is broken, and you’re ready for anything.

There’s a certain power that comes from the right outfit that goes beyond an extra “pep in your step.” A confidence boost, no matter how big or small, has the ability to completely turn around your day. Suddenly the back-to-back lectures, meetings, and current temperatures don’t seem too bad, and the impossible seems possible. It’s true what they say, “when you’re wearing something you love, you can never go wrong.”


It is an abnormally warm winter day, but with the ever changing weather, layering is essential. With the weather a bit cloudy, his coloring reflects the sky and the mood. What caught my eye was the shade of the blue parka. It’s often more that parkas are olive green or black. Upon closer observation, I noticed how the hardware and muted accents in his outfit all integrated with each other.

This Fashionisto invested in a few key basic pieces that adheres to his usual color palette. His main piece is his blue parka that has a removable hood for the rainy days. It has several pockets for added detailing and versatility including a breastpocket for extra storage. The subtle gold hardware is accented by the plaid pattern on the inside of the jacket. For added warmth, he wears a black peacoat which peeks out ever so slightly at the top. Beneath he styles a marled crewneck sweater for some warmth. For bottoms, he put on lightwash jeans, which he carefully cuffed to fully reveal his brown Frye lace-up boots, to not clash with the blue of his jacket. The slight worn material of the boots compliment the leather belt. Hints of brown and gold in his outfit bring further attention to the hidden plaid pattern of his jacket. To accessorize, he sports a black steel mesh watch with a blue face: a thin, small, timeless piece. The black North Face backpack further suits the neutral color palette.

It’s the understated details that coalesce the look fit for a breezy, yet unusually warm winter day.


Style can be challenging during the cold days of winter, but you don’t have to compromise style for warmth. This winter season, don’t be so quick to recycle your fall wardrobe. From fishnet tights with ripped jeans to long sleeve shirts under slip dresses, this season is all about bringing out-of-season pieces into winter.

This Fashionista made her loafers the focal point of her outfit by pairing them with ankle cropped denim. The loafer trend started in Italy and quickly became a favorite street style footwear by fashion editors everywhere. This trend will continue to grow in 2017 and there are so many styles to choose from including backless, pointed toe, and heeled loafers.  Loafers may feel dated, but the shiny coating adds a modern touch to the old trend. Personally, I always have good luck finding reasonably priced, stylish loafers at Steve Madden and ASOS.

This Fashionista is wearing everyone’s favorite winter color: black. The color of the season looks even better when styled from head-to-toe. She wore a long, gray pea coat to break up her monochromatic outfit. Upgrade any color combo by topping it off with a natural colored, maxi coat.

To top off her outfit combination, she wore a chic hat to complete her statement-making look. Accessorize any winter outfit with a hat to add to the perfect street style aesthetic. This Fashionista’s hat nicely compliments her all black outfit and the gold adds great detail to the outfit.

She finished her look with nude lipstick and natural makeup, a perfect match for any season.

STYLE ADVICE: Let the Coat Do the Talking

Everything about this look screams chic and sophistication. It works well together because there are two statement pieces and everything else is simple. My style advice is to invest in statement coats and jackets because they can be paired with anything! A good coat elevates an outfit from being boring to adding a special element. Zara is showing really fashion forward coats this season as well as classic trenches and bombers that are great for everyday.

I love the fur trim on this coat, it not only makes it more cozy, but it also is a bit unexpected considering how tailored the coat is. This coat is very versatile and can be worn with everyday clothes or over a dress for the evening. The leather detailing on the chest is very subtle, but adds a little edge to the overall feminine coat.

This Fashionista styled the look with tan, suede, knee-high boots which accent the coat well. The mid-wash jeans are the perfect bottom to complete the look. The black purse is cute and can be worn as a top handle or a crossbody. Overall, this look works because keeping everything simple while having a statement coat works for all occasions. Sometimes it is better to let one piece do the talking. This shade of green complements every skin tone and is neutral enough that it can be worn with anything. Investing in a coat is a good option because having statement pieces in your wardrobe takes things from drab to fab.


As the new year falls upon us and Chicago’s frigid winter persists, I’ve opted for warmer pieces in my closet, struggling to still try and make an effort to look trendy whilst the temperature drops below 10 degrees. Even though the weather has made me a marshmallow in layers of sweaters and coats multiple times this season, I braved the snow and wind in order to bring out some of my favorite winter pieces, and might have regretted that a time or two. The cold never bothered me anyway—I’ve heard from somewhere—and that has been my mantra this winter… not so much of a smart one.

I have been very inspired by edgy, winter style and all black lately, and love pairing seemingly different trends and clothing pieces together. In this outfit, I tried channeling just that by pairing a gray wool skirt with a cropped black sweater. Over it all, I wore a warm, black faux fur vest, tying my entire outfit together and adding some fun texture and glam to my entire look. With this, I wore my high-top Vans, making the outfit much more casual. The fur vest and sweater pair for a very warm outfit, and the wool skirt is soft and comfy, allowing me to dress up my outfit, but still be able to stay warm and cozy.

To accessorize, I wore three bracelets for stacking, and a silver diamond necklace for a touch of simple jewelry. Not only do these pieces add effortless sparkle to my look, they have been my go-to pieces this entire year, with matching silver hardware that go with almost all outfits. 

Even though the weather has been intensely bleak this past month, it has not stopped my desire to dress in the most trendy winter clothes. With the new year ahead of us, and hopefully spring, I am elated to bring out my favorite fashion pieces, and am so very excited to continue this CollegeFashionista opportunity.

WHAT TO WEAR: New Year New Gear

It is that time of year again, when all you seem to here is “New year, new me.” After all the yummy holiday desserts, I was ready to get back into the gym. I made the resolution to live a healthier lifestyle. If you made any resolutions this year to be healthier, exercise more, or get in to shape, then you’re probably hitting up the closest store with athletic wear. I love buying new workout gear, but getting me to the gym is a whole other story. I love wearing the comfortable workout clothes without ever actually working out. This is where the wonderful world of athleisure comes in handy. Looking good while feeling good after a sweaty workout is a great feeling. Half of my motivation to go to the gym is knowing that my workout gear is too cute for only my roommate to see.

This Fashionista knows how to stay comfortable and warm while breaking a sweat. She loves to run, so light clothing is her go-to. She paired black Nike running leggings with a bright orange quarter-zip top. The bright orange color can be a life-saver, if you are an evening runner! The tighter fitted workout gear is going to keep you warm during your workout. For shoes, this Fashionista chose to match her top with her shoes. She wore bright orange and yellow Nike running shoes. She kept her hair back in a simple braid to keep it out of her face during her run.

So if you made a resolution involving health, put together a cute and comfortable athletic outfit and get ready to conquer your workout.

STYLE GURU BIO: Sylvia (Juo-Hsi) Peng

Double first names are almost the trademark for an immigrant. “I also go by Sylvia” is a phrase that often comes up when you meet me for the first time. Some people might challenge the use of the my English name as a rejection of my Taiwanese heritage. Contrary to popular belief, I was given the name Sylvia and Juo-Hsi at the same time, except each one was used more frequently at different segments of my life.

Juo-Hsi is the five-year-old who refused to take off the teal blue cat-eye sunglasses her dad brought back from Brazil; the seven-year-old who knew that a church-going outfit was never complete without a purse.

Sylvia is the fourth grader who used her skirt collection to express herself when her language skills failed her; the junior in high school who amassed confidence by each click of her heels free of self consciousness.

As you can see, my interest in fashion has been a stable throughout my life. It probably originated from the upbringing of my mother, who has a degree in fashion design. I don’t think I was ever the most fashionable person in school or even among my friends, but I do consider fashion as an important part of my identity.

My style cannot be defined by a label. I wear a lot of monochromatic, minimalist pieces; at the same time, I appreciate bright colors and intricate designs. You can find me lounging in a pair of joggers and a sporty bralette. You can also find me gliding around with a floral slip dress. At the end of the day, I dress for my body. I give everything a try, and if an outfit looks good on me, I keep wearing it!

Recently, I have really been loving this cherry blossom embroidered bomber. The jacket’s light material is perfect for layering under your winter jackets on days that are too cold for anything else. I balanced out this colorful piece with a black turtleneck and a pair of blue distressed jeans, not forgetting to wear heat-tech leggings for warmth. For accessories, I put on some dainty necklaces, so I won’t distract from the ornate jacket. Lastly, I wore my thifted Bratz-like black boots that let me strut down the streets of Manhattan.

I am a freshmen at Vassar College in the beautiful Hudson Valley. My perspective major is international studies and I hope to have a minor in mathematics and/or French. One of the greatest quirks of the Vassar College campus is that artistic expression is everywhere, which includes expression through clothing. I cannot wait to share these stunning and inspiring styles.

STYLE GURU BIO: Laura Baxter

Hello! My name is Laura Baxter and I am a junior at Washington State University studying apparel merchandising. This is my first semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and I am excited for what is in store these upcoming months!

Since I was young I have always loved clothes and going shopping, but have now grown to love and appreciate fashion and the industry itself. I would describe my style as trendy and sophisticated. I love finding clothes that appear more expensive than they are. I also tend to stick to neutral tones and only throw in pops of color where I feel it is necessary. Nonetheless, I love trying new styles and getting out of my comfort zone. I believe that is the best way to develop one’s sense of style!

What I love about fashion is that it gives everybody an identity to connect with. It is an expression of what one wants to project to the world and the possibilities are endless. Fashion is constantly evolving and I am always excited to know what is next.

For this look, I wanted my outfit to revolve around my favorite camel coat. Since I go to college in a cold climate, I prefer to invest in nice coats that are fashionable but will still keep me warm. A camel coat is timeless and instantly makes any outfit look put together. I layered a black and white speckled cardigan underneath for added warmth and a simple black tank top to keep with the neutral tones of my outfit.

To add a little edge to my outfit, I wore my tried and true faux leather leggings. These are some of the most comfortable pants I own and are definitely a must have for winter.  For shoes, I decided to wear my black faux-suede thigh high boots. When I tell you these are my favorite shoes of the moment, I am not saying that lightly. They go with everything and have quite the leg-lengthening effect, which always makes for a winning combo.

I finished off my outfit my accessorizing with a black newsboy hat. I have seen these all over the runways and and to say I’m obsessed is an understatement!

I hope you like my look and make sure to come back to see more articles written by me in the months ahead!