Fashion Girls’ Favorite Fall Color Will Surprise You

From color-blocking to graphic embellishments, sidewalks everywhere are overflowing with youthful, brightly colored looks. Industry insiders are putting away their usual all-black ensembles and stepping out in unique denim, accessories, and coats. Although the typical vision of the It girl includes an all-black ensemble and major attitude, it seems as though this same It girl is evolving into someone who won’t allow her style to be limited by traditional expectations set on her by the industry. 

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

When thinking about this re-imagination of what street style can look like, color is key. Last year we saw the rise—and continued reign—of millennial pink, but this fall, It girls are going to be pushing the boundaries by wearing powerful shades of red. Whether it’s leather, faux fur, or Chanel-style tweed, get ready for your Instagram feed to be flooded with the fiery hue.

This up-and-coming trend follows the large amount of red-centric looks seen in some of last winter’s major runway shows such as Givenchy, Fendi, Max Mara, and Armani. Showing up on boots, coats, and other accessories, the color red got fashion lovers excited for fall. They made such an impact in these shows that industry insiders have even dubbed it the “color of the season.”

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

Never fear, Fashionista/os. Embracing the color red is definitely not just reserved for fashion A-listers. Harness the power of red to pack a punch on your campus this fall. Try ditching the sweater and riding boots model and step outside of your comfort zone. Use bold colors to create contrast with solids, wear a bright red lip, or experiment with accessories to join the ranks of fashion girls everywhere trying the hottest trend of the season.

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Good News! Your Spring Florals Are Still Relevant For Summer

The time has come to put away our spring florals and bust out our bright and popping shades of summer. Though, if you’re like me, you probably think it’s always too soon to hide those beautiful buds from the world. Well, I have news for you—you don’t have to! Inspired by the resurfacing of ’70s style in mainstream fashion, this outfit combines delicate details with bold color-blocking, perfect for the transition from spring to summer.

The Floral:

Relatively simple itself, this outfit is perfect for Fashionistas that prefer not to wear a lot of jewelry. The centerpiece of this outfit is the beautiful floral-patterned silk scarf tied around my neck. The scarf makes the outfit cohesive by tying in the purple of the shoes, the orange of the tank top, and the navy of the skirt. Without it, the outfit would feel incomplete. The lace eyelet of the white bomber jacket provides another subtle floral undertone. Designed by Free People, it screams polished without being too preppy. The navy trim complements the light blue background of the scarf and the navy of the skirt. Lightweight, yet still functional, this jacket is a great layer to throw over any outfit to keep you warm on those chilly summer nights.

The Color-block:

Complementing the scarf is a stunning set of lilac lace-up heels. These shoes are a must-have for the summer with their striking color and popular style. The effortlessness, yet sexiness of the lace-up style makes these shoes my go-to for the months of June and July. Pair these shoes with a mini skirt, as you see here, or a pair of white jeans to dress them down. Either way, all eyes will be drawn to these beauties.

The ’70s:

Finishing off the outfit are the tank top, the mini skirt, and the sunglasses. The striped trim and bright color of the top is reminiscent of quintessential ’70s fashion, while the Michael Kors sunglasses are a nod to the ’70s as well. The corduroy mini skirt, popular in any decade, gives this outfit a feminine touch without being too foppish.

Overall this outfit is playful, colorful, and is certain to draw attention. Whether you rock this look at brunch, a summer concert, or on an adventure, these florals will not let you down.

What trends will you carry over from spring to summer? Let me know in the comments below!


Summer is here, and this means brand new trends and outfit options not seen for nearly a year! This Fashionista embraced the warmth of May with a vibrancy and color scheme that screams “school is out,” and paid close attention to one of the most important parts of any look—the details!

The focal point of this ensemble is, no doubt, the bright, knit tank top that brings the entire look to life, alternating between shades of yellow, orange, pink, and dark varying shades of blue. The little amount of incredibly electric color gives a pop without overdoing it and is a key little detail that makes a large difference in the look.

This Fashionista paired her top with color-blocked jeans that are both subtle yet trendy. The detail of opposing colors adds more flair while still remaining subtle and underrated. Baggy boyfriend jeans are a staple for the summer, especially on unexpectedly cool days, and color-blocking is a trend that just keeps getting bigger. When wearing a colorful top it’s best to keep the bottoms more subdued, and this Fashionista kept a lookout for keeping it both simple and detailed.

In terms of shoes, muted was the way to go, as this Fashionista wore artfully, dusty gray Vans that complemented the blue tones of her entire look. Hair braided back and septum piercing delightfully understated (yet effortlessly cool and chic), this edgy Fashionista looks both uncomplicated yet stylish.

In case of a brief wind, this Fashionista kept a slate gray, light army jacket on hand, which did not detract from the overall vibe of the look. In terms of detail, this Fashionista made sure to both keep with the tones of the look and give off a minimalistic vibe. Not trying too hard lies all within the details, and this look is a great example of how to mod-ishly do so!

STYLE ADVICE: Spring Into Spring

Spring has sprung and pastels are back! Spring is my favorite season not only because of the perfect not-too-hot, not-too-cold weather, but also because of all the clothing that comes along with it. We can finally venture off from the all-black outfits and introduce some warm colors back into our lives!

The main focus of this Fashionista’s outfit is her button-down Free People top. This top has a combination of various pastel colors that meet in the center, really supporting that springtime color scheme. These warm weather colors pop perfectly against her basic, charcoal gray T-shirt that is layered underneath–because can we actually leave winter behind without still wearing some dark colors? Her T-shirt is tucked into some two-tone paneled skinny jeans, which adds some detail to this denim. Both tones of denim are light washed, to complement this warm weather look while keeping it cute and casual.

For those awkward spring days where you can’t quite decide if boots or sandals would be more acceptable…sneakers are the perfect solution! This Fashionista rocked some high top gray Van’s on her feet, which are perfect for those of us that are always on the go. For accessories, she is sporting a couple of dainty bracelets, along with some bigger, turquoise stone rings. Her cream colored handbag is perfect in the sense that it can be worn as a crossbody bag or held by the handles for easy access to all of your essentials.

Now, show me some of your favorite springtime looks!


Spring has come. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the embroidery has made it’s way to everyday fashion. Bringing back old trends can always be intimidating. But when it’s done right, there’s a chance to give the fashion world and ode to the past.

I have always loved natural flowers. Whether they are fresh, or already dead, there is something so beautiful about how our earth can create such colorful and unique things. By wearing embroidery, I’m just transferring my love for flowers onto my clothing. Another great thing about embroidery is that you can totally DIY it! There are a vast amount of tutorials about embroidery. Trust me, I’ve looked. So not only is embroidery a chance to bring spring to life, but also play Mother Nature and create flowers yourself.

Though I have been wearing embroidery on everything from my shoes to my jeans, pictured here I have them all over my dress. What I love about this dress is that the black and white strips offer a contrast to the red roses. Along with the dress, I put on a pair of tights to make the outfit a little more edgy. Lastly, I put on a pair of black booties that have a little of fringe.

Don’t be scared to take inspiration from the seasons when it comes to playing dress up, because it can be a truly magical thing.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Color Blocking

Color blocking is a fashion trend we’ve been seeing everywhere this season from the streets of New York to the beaches of L.A. It’s a simple, stylish, and sleek way to combine basic fashion staples into one unique and coordinated statement look. Let’s get into the details.

This Fashionista is showing off a sweet and flirty take on color blocking by mixing rosy hues of burgundy and pastel pink with classic black. She also added warm tones with her mix of gold and rose gold accessories to complete the look. The cold-shoulder detailing on the top really adds to this look as it shows off a little skin breaking up the solids of her outfit and makes it more of a springy style.

High-waist lines are a must for almost any body type. I love wearing high-waisted skirts, jeans, shorts, you name it! It’s a flattering way to show off your best features and appear slimmer around the waist, and this Fashionista is showing us just that with her adorable high-waisted mini skirt.

Sometimes all an outfit needs is the right pair of shoes and that perfect statement accessory to really take the look from zero to 10. What caught my eye initially about this Fashionista’s style was her chic suede knee-high boots and floppy brimmed hat. These two trendy pieces add a lot to an outfit and, paired with this already awesome color-blocked combo, added even more of the sleek black hue to complete this look.

STYLE ADVICE: Color in Theory

How did this Fashionisto attain such a timeless yet distinct look? The key components are from his color and texture choices. Color-blocking is always a stylish way to compose an outfit, as perfectly exemplified by this chic Fashionisto. He chose to primarily combine a deep red, black, and grey, with a contrasting white accent in his shoes. One suggestion to amplify your look is to add depth to the ensemble through the mixing of textures. The Fashionisto I photographed did this by layering a velvet blazer over his red polo and pairing with grey printed jeans. He elevated the look even further by accessorizing with an intriguing set of metal jewelry. The gold collar necklace and silver chunky rings are focal points, texturizing the outfit even more. Lastly, the bowling-inspired, color-blocked shoes tie all of the garments together in a very unique and fun way. The whole combination is inventive and visually intriguing.

You could achieve a similar effect by also choosing a monochromatic color scheme with a pop of color. If you wanted to take more risks with color, you could always take a brighter approach and use a triadic or complementary color combo. This may sound complicated to some, but it is actually so easy! Just take a color wheel and look for colors across from each other that form a triangle. All of a sudden you have a triadic palette to use for inspiration. Complementary colors are even simpler, you just look for ones that are directly opposite each other on the wheel. These are just a couple more tips that can make color blocking with clothing more fun and spontaneous! With spring well underway, and summer fast approaching, try taking some chances with bolder hues when mixing your colorful outfits. These months can be the best for being risky with loud hues.

Hopefully you are now feeling inspired to glance inside your closet and infuse a little bit of color theory into your next look! And, of course, don’t forget your accessories!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Free Spirit Feature

Details are what make up an outfit. Fashionistas thrive on layers and colors that blend together into one uniform yet diverse look. This Fashionista in particular is all about applying various statement-worthy pieces in one outfit to create a free-spirited style. While there are many parts of the outfit to look at, each detail accompanies the other to form a connected flow. From the embroidered flowers on the top to a similar floral design applied to the layers of the skirt, the features of this look are perfectly balanced.

The core pieces of this look are the embroidered top and layered skirt. These are two trends that everyone seems to be catching onto recently, as they’re circling back around from when they were popular years ago. Embroidered patches have been added to everything these days, from tops like this to jeans and even jackets. Layers have been in style for quite some time also, as they bring a certain depth and texture to any look.

To add emphasis to the outfit, this Fashionista added a long vest, straw hat, knee socks and flats. The vest incorporates a patchwork style, similar to the skirt, further reinforcing almost matching details that correspond with one another. As the base of the outfit has more going on, the shoes and knee socks lean more towards the simplistic side to draw our eyes back towards the main aspects of this look. Carrying on the charm of her style, this Fashionista topped off the look with a belt that blends with the skirt, a floral headband that also complements the flowers on the core, and stacked jewelry on her arms and hands.

This is very much the feature of a free-spirited look. This Fashionista mentioned that she too believes that it’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. Wandering through the garden area at the college, she looked as though that’s right where she belonged. Whether it was the floral designs in her outfit that harmonized with the flowers in the garden or her endearing inner spirit, she carried an enchanting aura of grace.

STYLE ADVICE: Monday Blues

I Hope everyone is keeping warm this chilly March. While it may be spring in some places, Ohio seems to be stuck in winter. I’m itching to trade in my winter parka for a breezy tank, but it seems I’ll have to keep bundled up for a couple more weeks. The upside is a wonderful opportunity to wear your winter styles for a little bit longer than normal and mix things up!

A fun trend to try while it’s still chilly out is color blocking. Color blocking is usually done with two bright colors in the spring and summer to make a loud statement. However, this Fashionista reworked the trend for winter by matching a blue sweater with deep maroon jeans. Wearing two more subdued colors, like baby blue and maroon, is color blocking in a revolutionary way. It’s different and noticeable for all the right reasons, adding a more subdued color mix.

No matter what the season, color blocking requires minimal jewelry to no jewelry. The center of attention for the look should be the contrast between tones, and big jewelry would distract from that. This Fashionista toed the line by only wearing simple gold earrings and a gold watch.

Adding other accessories to color blocking is a balancing act. Adding a hat or funky purse could tip the scale too much, but adding nothing would have the reverse impact on the look. My advice is to add an accessory in a neutral tone or a tone similar to the color block. Her blue scarf matches perfectly with her blue sweater. The tones of the scarf artfully blend into the sweater with subtle pops of yellow.

WHAT TO WEAR: Confident In Class

Happy Spring!

It’s still chilly here in Syracuse, it even started snowing as I hopped on the Greyhound to go home and begin my spring break. However, ugly weather doesn’t have to keep you from looking cute. It was dreary out when I found this Fashionista hiding from the rain. From the distressed denim to the colored eyeliner, her confidence shown from head to toe.

The hood on her olive green long sleeve shirt portrays a mysterious “who’s that girl?” vibe. It’s important to be comfortable, and comfort doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. The loose, black and white color-block shirt neatly brings together the green top and blue denim without making the outfit unbearably loud. The distressed jeans provide variety in texture. Ripped denim is a great option to make an outfit stylishly casual and show attitude as you strut across the quad.

Now let’s talk details—this Fashionista matched her distressed jeans with several piercings, a red velvet choker, and blue eyeliner. The outfit is finished with a trusty pair of brown leather ankle booties. This is a look that screams confident and unstoppable.

I often read and hear rules about how one “should” dress for class, whether crop tops are acceptable when you have love handles, or if heels are appropriate. Outside of a school dress code, I say go for it. Too many times I find myself leaving my thigh-high boots in the closet because I’m afraid of judging stares, body shamers, and whispers behind my back of “trying too hard.”

Growing up, you learn that other people’s opinions should not be a deciding factor in how you express yourself. As long as you are doing so safely and not causing any harm to yourself or others, you should wear what you want. Fashion is an expression of your inner-self and who you are is beautiful no matter what you wear and regardless if your T-shirt cost $200 or was from Fruit of the Loom.

So don’t worry if chokers are a recycled style, or if your faux fur ensemble is more suited for the runway than a two hour lecture. It’s all about how you feel in your clothes, and you should feel amazing.