Mastering the Under-Eye Eyeshadow Trend

Recently in the beauty industry, it’s been all about bringing in bright colors into makeup looks. The previous makeup trend used to be all about neutrals and shy colors on the eyes, but recently people are becoming more welcoming of bright, popping colors on the eyes. More specifically, popping colors on the under-eye.

PHOTO: Samu Sibiya

It’s all about keeping the top eyelids clear and bringing that pop of color to the lower lash line. This instantly makes your eyes pop, sort of in the same way an eyeliner makes your eyes pop.

People are bringing in bright colors such as yellow and pink on their lower waterline and actually blending out the color to the lower lash line. Now, the question is: how does one achieve this look without it watering down into your eye creases? I’ve found a way that avoids that smudged appearance that tends to come off as messy.

1- Prime the eye. First thing’s first, make sure the area is clean to ensure the color is in its purest form. Prime the under eye with concealer to make the under eye a blank canvas. This ensures that the colors will not water down into the eye creases and ensure that the colors last longer. Think of the concealer as a glue that keeps the eye shadow in place.

2- Eye shadow. Now you can apply the colored eye shadow to the lash line—ensure that you use a small brush to keep the shadow as close to the lower lash line as possible that way you avoid it from watering down.

3- More eye shadow. Add about two layers of eye shadow to keep the color popping and intense. If you ever decide to use a shimmer shade on the lash line, make sure to spray some fixing spray on your brush before you dab it into the eye shadow. Again, this keeps the shimmer in one place and intensifies it.

There you have it, it’s as simple as that! This is a creative way to bring in a touch of color to your makeup look if you are someone who usually shies away from using bright colors.

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The Color Every It-Girl Will Be Wearing This Fall

As the school year kicks off, it’s time to overhaul the free-spirited summer wardrobe we worked so hard to perfect and transition into something a bit more fall-season refined. But how do you turn heads on the first day without looking like you’re trying too hard?  Don’t worry, a few pops of color are sure to do the trick, and we’ve got a color scheme that’ll put your color-phobic closet to shame.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

After New York Fashion Week it became evident that Power Red was officially the color of the season, thanks to Givenchy, Max Mara, and Fendi’s fall 2017 ready-to-wear collections. And while the undeniably bold hue continues making a comeback both on and off the runway, our confidence is at an all time high because of it.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

Incorporating bright primary colors into the mix is a surefire way to scare away the back-to-school blues and keep your look more interesting than ever. Whether you commit to subtle beauty pops, like a red lipstick, or dive deep into cherry bomb monochromes, your hint of rebellion will indefinitely be swoon-worthy.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

While black will always be our ride-or-die, it’s time to step outside your comfort zone and rise to the occasion in color. Devote this semester to getting comfortable in the uncomfortable—both in fashion and your personal life, because pushing through fear and challenges is where you’ll find the courage to grow and where you’ll surprise yourself the most.

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Tips for Capturing the Perfect Summer Moments

September is right around the corner, but it’s not too late to let the summer sun shine on your next photography project. Don’t let the good times slip away without getting some seriously repost-worthy pictures in. Here are some easy tips to try out next time you pick up the camera on your next adventure.

The Golden Hour

It’s no secret that famed photographers have sworn by the magic lighting that comes from a “golden hour.” While not everyone can have the mastery of Herb Ritts, everyone can definitely benefit from the gorgeous lighting from a nearly-setting sun. Find a location outside with plenty of space for natural light to come through. Next, experiment with the sunlight’s varying tones throughout the day. Everyone’s style is different, but with so many hours of daylight, you’re bound to find your very own perfect hour of lighting.

The Right Place at the Right Time

A good photographer will make anything and everything look incredible behind the lens. Sometimes an unforgettable picture is made up by capturing that perfect subject at just the right moment. While this may be a bit more of a challenge, don’t be discouraged from keeping an open mind and a ready camera lens. Maybe it’s a butterfly flawlessly landing for a split second, or the timely gust of the wind that just turned your bestie into a runway model. Whatever that fleeting moment is, you’ll be ready to catch it with just a hint of patience luck and patience.

The Color Catch

It goes without saying that capturing the spectacular spectrum of colors we see is one of the quickest ways to get a great picture. However, using color as a centerpiece in your photographs calls for a special balance between intensity and content. Start with finding a color that catches your eye, or maybe a group of different colored items that feels satisfying to your artistic palette. Play around with different angles and lighting, and soon you’ll find that perfect splash of color in your portfolio.

The Honest Take

While many of us are more than willing to make our significant others take countless pictures of our outfit, some of our best pictures are when we aren’t even paying attention. Candid pictures can reveal some of our goofiest and unflattering pictures alike, but they are by far the most memorable parts of any photo shoot. So, next time you’re trying to get that perfect take for your bestie’s Instagram, keep the camera rolling and click away at all of the laughs and priceless moments you share.

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4 Different Ways to Style Denim

Denim is back and better than ever. Every girl has struggled with the situation of lacking pockets. Even necessities like lip balm must be left home when traveling without pockets. If we don’t abandon items at home, we are forced to carry around bags. This travesty ends as soon you decide to sport some denim on denim. The more pockets the merrier. With a variety of ways to make a success out of denim, here’s how to get you started and looking better than ever. In whatever way you express your style, the possibilities are endless. So grab some denim, and get creative!

Heart Sunglasses to compliment the denim

1—Use denim as a neutral. You can pair denim with an infinite number of colors and patterns. Denim acts as a great base for any hue you can imagine. If you are more of a pattern person, don’t fret. Whether you decide to show off some houndstooth or checker print, you are guaranteed to look great and stylish.

2—Experiment with non-blue denim. You may be thinking that all blue denim is not for you, but that is not a problem! Denim comes in white, black, and so many other variations that you can mix and match to create a combination that best represents you. A black pair of jeans with a white denim jacket is guaranteed to look chic. If you want to stick to blue, mix and match dark and light blue for a beautiful blue scale.

3—Experiment with different denim pieces. Denim comes in all shapes and sizes which means more choices for you!  A denim skirt mixed with a denim jacket is always a great choice. If you are not a fan of skirts, you can never go wrong with a denim jacket and jeans. Overalls are a fun way to rock denim from top to bottom if you desire. Denim dresses are also growing in popularity, and they’re guaranteed to make you look fabulous when paired with a sleek denim jacket.

4—Reinvent your plain denim jeans. If you decide that you are tired of your plain old jeans, there is room to be creative and put more of yourself into the look. It is so simple to manipulate denim. You can use bleach to make more dynamic jeans or take scissors to them if you decide you want to show a little skin. If you are adventurous, you can take jeans and make them into shorts with the simple snip of your scissors. Also, iron-on patches are a sure way to boost any denim item.

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How to Keep up With This Year’s Fashion Trends

Fashion is interesting because it is always repeating. We go back in time, decade by decade, and pick out our best looks from that era. Whether you’re an early adopter, the early majority, or a laggard, you’ve most likely seen recurring styles. The summer trends of 2017 consist of bright pops of color, mom jeans, raw edges, and gingham—so much gingham.

Black and white are colors that you should always keep as basics in your closet, but this summer we’ve branched out on our fashion and embraced accent colors. We are slowly letting go of our all-black wardrobe, and heading towards the ’70s look. We’ve already been seeing a lot of bold yellows and reds as our fashion colors, then we have pink and greens as accent colors. Art exhibits, buildings, street style, psychology, music, movies, and so many more things inspire us every day. This is how we get our current colors.

This next trend was taken from the ’90s: mom jeans.

The ’90s started coming back last year. This year we’ve already started looking back at the ’70s, but some ’90s classics have managed to stick around. With shows like Friends still taking part in our daily dose of TV, it’s easy to look at Monica Geller or Rachel Green and think yes, I want those pants. These mom jeans go with almost everything, so it’s hard to let them go.

The next trend is gingham, this summer’s hottest trend. This one is easy to find out on the streets of the city. If you own anything gingham, keep it, because this trend will be sticking around for a while. You can wear a gingham dress, bathing suit, top, pants, you name it, and it looks great on everyone.

Hopefully, now you know a few simple ways to spot the upcoming and current trends.

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The Standout Trend of the Summer

The seasons have changed and so has the fashion selection. This summer is a time for a brightly colored bag, crop tops, and aviator sunglasses. This Fashionista is rocking just that! Her style includes all of the summer’s trendy statement pieces. This Fashionista’s look is perfect for a summer day!

If there is one thing I love for any season, it’s a good quality handbag. Since I always feel attached to my bag, it has become a central piece for my fashion choices. Fashionistas everywhere may find that bags serve a purpose besides helping to hold every needed item for a day (or night) on the run. Especially during summer, Fashionistas are noticing that a bright bag can be used as a statement piece. Also, most individuals who carry pink, yellow, light blue, etc. bags will get attention from everyone who sees.

This Fashionista paired her bright pink bag with a neutral crop top and high-waisted jeans. She also wore a ton of accessories. Another focal point of this outfit is the accessories that tie together the selection. She was wearing bracelets, rings, reflective sunglasses, and more. The saying goes, “Sometimes less is more,” yet, sometimes, to create the perfect look, more is more.

In this look, the colors do not stop with the bag. In fact, this fashionista is highlighting her outfit even more with help from a colorful pair of sandals. The colors stand out compared to the muted crop top and jeans. The subdued top and bottoms allow for the accessories and other components to shine. The color choice for accessories and clothing are equally important!

One could transition this look from day to night by adding a light jacket. Any type of jacket can match. Whether it is a bright bomber jacket or a plain denim, the outfit will shine. Furthermore, one could switch out the sandals for a darker pair so that way the bag pops even more during a night out on the town.

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How to Upcycle White Shoes for 5 Dollars

Growing up in the world of competitive dance, you end up with a lot of expensive pieces of clothing that you only ended up wearing a few times. You try to throw them out or give them away, but some part of you is always telling yourself that you will somehow get another use out of it. For me, this was a pair of white Keds that has sat in the back of my closet for three years. Looking around at how 2017 has become the summer of tie-dye and scrunchies, I thought back to my closet Keds and could not wait to splash some color on them. I ended up creating my new favorite summer shoe!

Step 1—Find an old pair of white shoes! They can be new as well; as long as they are canvas, the dye will stick!

Step 2—Unlace the shoes and soak them in water. If you want to leave the laces white like I ended up doing just put them to the side. No need for them to get wet if they are not being colored!

Step 3—Next, take your tie-dye kit and follow the instructions on the package to create the dye. Mine was a “just add water” kit that I bought from a craft store for $5.

Pro Tip: For brighter colors, add less water to the dye.

Step 4—Set up your work space. Put plastic bags or a plastic tablecloth down so you do not damage your surrounding areas.

Pro Tip: Use something you can just throw away for easier cleanup.

Step 5—Wear gloves to protect your hands from the dye. My kit came with some, but to make them less bulky and easier to use, I put a hair tie around my wrist.

Step 6—Have fun! Squirt the bottles right onto the shoes and create whatever pattern you like.

Pro Tip: If you have a cheap kit like I had with fewer colors, try combining some to make new ones!  (Ex: Blue and red made purple!)

Step 7—Put the shoes in sealed bags for 24 hours so the color will have time to soak into the fabric.

Step 8—Wash the shoes in a washing machine so the color will not leak when it rains or if you sweat. The last thing you need is a trail of dye if you accidentally step in a puddle!

Step 9—Let your shoes dry out. You can either put them in the dryer or leave them sitting out. Just do not leave them out in the sun too long like I did or they might get faded!

Step 10—Wear them out, be cute, and impress all your friends with your original look!

How are you adding a splash of color to your summer wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!

Expressing Yourself One Outfit at a Time

Fashion is important because people represent themselves by what they wear. This is why it is important to have fun expressing yourself in different patterns and colors! Similar to my personality, my style is all over the place. For an ideal “Camilla” outfit, I try to mix vibrant colors, without becoming too chaotic.

For anyone that knows me, my go-to top is always a sleeveless turtleneck. In my opinion, this type of shirt is very classy, while not being too conservative by revealing one’s arms. Plus, in this specific outfit, the black color is enough to keep all of the other colors in my outfit under control.

My bag has been an essential to me for a few years. It is almost like my personality security blanket. I started off with the plain brown bag from Anthropologie, which I immediately fell in love with for its simple but professional look. A while ago, I became obsessed with pins, and I decided to start building my collection onto the strap of my bag. This way, I have an assortment of colors, but the buttons themselves are displayed in a neat manner.

In the beginnings of teaching myself how to embroider, I embroidered the quote, “If I could only find a note to make you understand” onto the flap of the purse, for further customization. It is important to be creative with any type of bag, journal, or other items that you will be using often. For example, I had a shirt with many fabric butterflies sewn on, and when one fell off of my shirt, I simply sewed it on to my bag. In addition to all of the above, I have put on two enamel pins as finishing touches. The feminist pin is for women empowerment and the “born annoyed” pin is more of a comical feature.

The patterned pants that I am wearing in this look are one of the many colorful pants that I own. These types of pants are a necessity for me, because they are incredibly comfortable, as well as very stylish. With the crazy patterns and colors, they make anyone sure to pop out of a crowd! These specific pants are high-waisted and make my legs look a lot longer than they truly are. I love them because they add more chaos to my outfit, and the colors are beautifully mismatched with my bag.

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The Nail Trend You Literally Need To See To Believe

Do you ever walk into the nail salon without a clue what color you want? I do almost every time I decide to get a manicure (which is about every week and a half). I am very picky with the colors I like on my nails, what can I say?  My usual choices are black, white, any shade of blue, and occasionally red or pink.  This makes it extremely difficult for me to step out of my ‘color’ comfort zone.

This being said, as much fun as I think it would be to choose a color without even thinking about it, I just cannot part ways with my usual shades of “Chandler.” My go-to nail salon also does not have thousands of shellac colors like other envious salons do.  But when you form a bond with a particular nail salon, there is no going back. I know you girls know exactly what I’m talking about.  I am also a shellac girl. To me, it’s how to get the most bang for your buck.

As I scroll through my Instagram feed, I come across so many fun things to do with my nails. At first, it was hard to get past the whole stereotype that neon colors, designs, and having two different colors on your nails are childish or not of age. But then I thought to myself, “It’s summer, nails are only temporary, and I’m a girl who takes risks!”

I have a trip to Chicago coming up in a few days and even though I was sporting a solid Cubs blue, it was time to get them redone. The other day I came across a picture on Instagram where the ring and middle finger were painted a different color and had winking eyelashes painted on.  I love the eyelash/winking trend that has recently become popular so I quickly took a liking to this design.

As a child getting a design on your nails is just about the coolest thing you can do, right? Besides maybe having a pink or blue streak in your hair if your mom let you do that. Can you already guess that my mom never allowed that?  After seeing this mature, young adult design, I decided to try it out on my own. After all, I was the girl who stunned my friends one Christmas when I had a red bejeweled candy cane on my thumb. I chose white to offset the bluish/gray color I selected. After about 45 minutes, I was done and my nails turned out just the way I wanted! Two white winking nails on each hand.

What makes these fun nails even better is the fact that you can choose any two colors as long as they are complimentary of each other! White and orange, light pink and black, dark blue and light blue, the options are endless!  But if any of you ladies choose brown and black, or navy and black, we’re going to have to have a talk.

It’s also fun to show off your nails while drinking your favorite water (mine is TopoChico), reading a book, rocking your favorite purse, heck, even tieing your shoe!  From personal experience, girls compliment striking nails.  I just had a friend get neon yellow shellac on her nails and I just about had a heart attack because it looked so cool.


My advice to all my ladies out there reading this, try something new! There are so many creative things to do on Pinterest, Instagram, fashion blogs, and more! Inspiration is all around us, so step out of your comfort zone and try something new. I did!

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Playing With Pops of Color

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to say goodbye to bland and hello to interesting. This season is for spicing up your wardrobe and testing out new outfits before you head back to campus to show them off this fall. One way to change it up is to add some bright pops of color to your look, whether it’s with a bold accessory or a bright statement piece.

This first look features a bright red maxi skirt paired with a simple cropped halter top. The key to rocking a bold color is balancing it out with a neutral. To keep a look like this casual, accessorize minimally and throw on some simple sandals. Trade out the maxi skirt for a funky pair of palazzo pants on cooler summer nights, or add some simple wedges to dress it up for a night out.

Half-up hairstyles are ideal ways to stay cool and show off every inch of your ensemble. Summer is also a good time to go minimal with your makeup to combat the heat. Sit back and let your brightly colored threads do the talking.

This second look is for the neutral lovers out there. If your closet is full of simple staples and you can’t bring yourself to spend your ice cream money on a new wardrobe, don’t sweat it. Try adding a pop of color through your accessories. Some bold bracelets or a sunshine-colored bag can bring a surprising twist to your everyday looks. Try out the fruit trend with some pineapple-shaped bling, or throw it back to the ’80s and rock a psychedelic fanny pack. The possibilities are endless!

Summer won’t last forever so take advantage of the freedom of summer fashion while you can! Venture out of your fashion comfort zone and test the waters of bold style. Let me know how it goes and comment below!