Five Easy Steps for Successfully Moving Back to School

As the summer comes to an end, the thought of moving back to college and actually going to class can be a little daunting. While there is so much excitement surrounding moving in, reconnecting with friends, and being back on campus, the actual act of waking up early and going to class is a little less exhilarating. To help you get back into the hang of school, here are some steps to help you start off the semester strong.

PHOTO: Jordyn  Wissert

1—Go to sleep. I know you do not want to go to sleep early the first week back at school, but you might want to start going to bed earlier the week before school starts. If you can come to college with a healthy sleep schedule, you will hopefully revert to it, or at least know you can get up at a decent time in the morning. Trust me, once you start waking up every day at 11 a.m., it’s hard to get out of bed to do homework or go to morning classes. Start the year off with good habits!

2—Buy cleaning supplies Aside from your basic soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries, know that you’re going to need extra supplies to keep yourself and your room clean. Especially when you first move in, you want to have a clean and fresh space to work in. You can store these supplies in cute boxes, but you should always have them in case you need to clean.

PHOTO: Jordyn  Wissert

3—Organize your room. Now that your room is clean and you’re prepared for future disasters, you need to get organized. It’s hard to work and focus when your room is a mess.  You can always use unpacking as an excuse not to study. Make yourself a space that you’re comfortable in, and then focus on your studies. Get to school as early as you can so you have time to move in and set up before classes start.

 4—Buy food. You’re going to get hungry at some point while you’re studying, and you are then faced with the dilemma: Do I go out and get food or do I stay here and study while hungry? While it’s important to take study breaks, you can also waste a lot of time and money going out to find food. Keep some healthy snacks in your room so you can eat in without interrupting your research or essay writing.

PHOTO: Jordyn  Wissert

5— Get a planner. When you’re trying to juggle classes, social events, club meetings, deadlines, and tests, you need to have a central place to write everything down. Some people might like using Google calendar or their phones, but I’m personally a big fan of physical planners. Planners can be really cute, and you can color code, highlight, and cross off the tasks you’ve finished.

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Parisian Street Style

This summer I was fortunate to be able to explore the latest trends of Paris street style. Parisians were all about light layers with chunky sandals or platforms. Of course, much of Paris’ street style is focused on comfortable clothing that is great for constantly being on the go but this does not stop the Parisians from looking chic and stylish at all hours of the day. In this article, I will share with you some of the trends I spotted as I explored the city.

Parisians are all about wide-legged pants and jumpsuits made of silk or cotton fabrics. These are perfect for hot weather because they are super lightweight in addition to being appropriate for any time of day. I saw most Parisians sporting stripes or plain fabric but really any print looks great for the summer.

Almost every female (not even exaggerating when I say this) was sporting an off-the-shoulder top or dress. Some were fitted flush against the body while others were more blouse-like that flowed outward. Gingham or pastel shades were popular choices.

Another trend that I spotted on the streets of Paris were chunky platform sandals. These shoes added height and texture to the outfit but still allowed women to feel comfortable when navigating the metro.

Another ubiquitous, timeless accessory is, of course, the silk scarf. I saw many women sporting these vibrant additions on their heads, necks, and handbags. During the summer season, silk scarves are the perfect way to add some color to your look if you normally shy away from bright colors. You can still feel trés chic even if you’re not wearing Hermès.

In Paris embroidery is just as popular as it is in the US right now. I came across embroidered jeans, skirts, and shorts as well as embroidered tops and hats. Some of my favorite embroidered images include skeletons, tattoos, and lettering, as well as the traditional flowers and birds.

What are your favorite Parisian street style trends? Let me know in the comments!

How to Be Comfortable at Work

We’ve all been there, when you want to look decent for work but also want to be comfortable. If you’re lucky enough to have a work setting where you don’t have to wear business professional or right on that border, it’s a little easier to get away with more comfortable apparel. If you have a work setting where you can wear business casual, you’re likely to get away with outfits as long as they aren’t jeans. But some work settings jeans are totally acceptable as long it’s not leggings. Each level has a limit. This mermaid vibe look is perfect for all levels up to business professional. Business professional is pretty straightforward; you’re wearing a suit.

This outfit is both comfy and trendy. You can wear it to work, to a bridal shower, or on the town. The lace-up front for a top is seen everywhere. On a black top it’s perfect for a night out, on this floral top it’s fine to wear to work. Mix it with a comfortable green maxi skirt, and you’ve got yourself a perfect boho outfit. The Fashionista wore black sandals with this outfits. Some employers will allow that, but others will not. Therefore, you can pair it with flats as well. The Fashionista also has an amazing Little Mermaid and a few other inspirational Alex and Ani bracelets which deserve recognition. Alex and Ani bracelets can be added to any outfit and look fabulous.

In conclusion, you can be both comfortable and work appropriate. For the Fashionista it’s a comfortable, yet trendy top matched with a maxi skirt. My work place allows for jeans, so I wear them all the time. If you need comfortable slacks, Ann Taylor Loft has my personal favorite in the Marisa fit. Gap has super comfortable girlfriend chinos in multiple colors that could be worn in a business casual setting as well. Just remember, just because the dress code maybe more than your average “walk around campus with a baggy sweatshirt and leggings” look, it doesn’t have to be the most uncomfortable outfit in the world.

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Good News! It’s Possible To Pare Down Your Wardrobe Without Going Full “Marie Kondo”

I have a rule: don’t trust anyone who genuinely likes the process of moving out. Sure, getting to your new home and unpacking is all excitingly effervescent—new space, new you. But getting out of that old place can be a hassle. The emotional labour that comes with hauling your items out might be a lot if you’re a maximalist such as myself. While minimalism trends have been having a minute in the spotlight, it’s not making paring down my life any easier as I jump from my college apartment to a new adventure.

This is where clothes come in. Aside from all the furniture and knick-knacks I’ve (inevitably) collected over four years, my style has also evolved a lot throughout university. In packing up my current room and delving into my childhood bedroom’s closet, I have found great discrepancies in my wardrobe.

So, in attempting to make the process of minimizing my clutter a little less melodramatic, I’ve found a few ways to make discarding my less-worn pieces easier. Moving may not be fun now and I’m definitely no Marie Kondo, but lightening your closet’s load is definitely worthwhile as you take your next steps out of school. Out with the old! And in with a closet that feels just right.

Ultimately, you need to be realistic about what you need

Realism and clothes are not a pretty pair in my mind. I’m often too sentimental about what I truly need to hold onto. Looking at the dresses of high school, I know I’m not going to delve back into wearing them anytime soon.

…But, you also can think about how you’re going to build a collection

You surely don’t need to get rid of everything you own in the name of organization! Recalling our chat about being realistic, you’re going to want the things you love and the things that are worth keeping in your wardrobe. Hold onto those professional pieces you love yourself in and any classic items–especially those that may have already withstood the test of time.

Ask your friends/roommates/relatives/anyone with enough storage space if they want to shop your closet

Your friends might have different tastes than you, but there’s more than likely at least one piece in your closet they might enjoy once you’re through with it. Assemble that pile of clothes you no longer need and let those near and dear to you have at it!

Sell, trade, or donate those extra pieces to earn some extra cash or make a stranger’s day

We have to thank the digital age for making many things more accessible, but the recent outpouring of online and app-based selling and trading hubs is super innovative. Facebook Markets, DePop, Carousell, and Bunz Trading Zone are a handful of online spaces that help you get rid of your own items.

There’s always the old-fashioned route: vintage and consignment stores. Selling or donating your clothes IRL can definitely be a fun experience–especially if you can get some in-store credit to do shopping or even just pass on your wardrobe to someone else.

Reinvent any older items with an ol’ fashioned DIY

This one may be counter-intuitive, but it sure is fun. Maybe instead of buying more clothes to be on top of trends, DIY the pieces you may have outgrown and turn them into something way more new. Finding ideas and how-tos is abundant when reworking old clothes; check out your favourite bloggers or publications like your very own CollegeFashionista.

Any other tips for 

How to Create Your Dream Dorm

“Back to school.” Some people dread hearing those words. They immediately think long classes and endless homework, all that makes us remain in a summer mindset forever. But for me, I immediately think about my new dorm and all of the fun ways I’ll style it and make it mine. Your dorm or bedroom is where you should be able to go and get away from the world—that happy little corner that solely belongs to you.

One way to really spice up a room is through fun, decorative pillows. If you chose to opt for more of a neutral-toned bedspread, this is a must, as statement pillows can add a fun and unique flair. Just look for whatever matches your personality, such as a sweet floral or a cute animal. Pillows like this boho one will really brighten up a dorm while keeping it looking cozy and inviting. Another fun idea is creating a pillow bed on the floor. This will give friends a place to sit or provide you with a little nook for doing homework or just chilling out.

Another fun way to decorate your dorm is through creating a very personalized and organized desk. Odds are that this is where you’ll be spending a lot of time due to the plethora of papers and assignments you’ll have to complete. For this reason, you want a desk that makes you feel comfortable and is adorned with what expresses your personality. This can be done through fun pieces, such as this desk toy or fun little plant dog. By creating a workspace that inspires you, you’ll feel more motivated and will thrive to get assignments completed.

As another form of inspiration, it is always fun to create a mood board—a board that is filled with your current obsessions, goals, and inspirations. By having this board, you can work towards being your best self and completing all of your goals.

By creating an atmosphere that most represents you, a sense of peace and protection will be created as this is the room you’ll be spending the next year in. Decorate it with everything that excites and inspires you and create a dorm room that all your friends will be jealous of!

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Here Are the Back to College Fashion Trends You Need to Know About

It is just about that time of year again—fall semester is approaching. Whether you have been avoiding it all summer or keeping yourself busy with work and summer classes, we all have to face the reality of heading back to campus for the fall semester. The good news is that a new semester means fresh new pencils, binders, and of course a new wardrobe! So, here are my top three favorite back to college trends. 

1Colorful jackets.

Throw on your leather jacket with a nice skirt and crop top or a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Adding a fluffy jacket will bring a simple outfit to life with texture and color. These jackets are such a quick and easy way to keep yourself warm and stylish this fall.

2—Newsboy cap.

I absolutely love throwing on this hat because it immediately makes your outfit chic and pulled together. Pair this hat with jeans and a T-shirt or a dress and booties. This is a good way to make a look edgy or girly. You are set to be the trendiest student on campus with a classic newsboy cap.

3Ripped band T-shirts.

We have all snoozed the alarm one too many times and woken up in a frantic state trying to figure out what to wear. Having a bunch of simple band T-shirts on hand will instantly pull your look together. Pair them with a denim skirt, high-waisted jeans, or over a dress and you are ready to take on all of your fall classes looking chic and trendy. So, get ready to grab your girl group and rock one of your favorite looks on campus this semester!

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How I Styled My Italian Vacation

During the past month, I was lucky enough to have spent a week traveling Italy with my family. While I enjoyed sightseeing and all of the culture of the beautiful country, I was especially interested in the fashion and trends that can be spotted almost anywhere. Feeling inspired by the fashion around me, I put together these five outfits.

This first outfit I put together for a casual day of shopping in Milan. These wide-leg pants are super comfortable and could be seen all over the fashion capital. I paired my pants with a simple black top to balance out the bolder pattern of the pants. I accessorized with a simple black hat, brown watch, and basic brown sandals.

While still in Milan, I styled this outfit for a somewhat casual dinner with my family. I focused the look around the statement green sunglasses. I found tons of unique, fun glasses like these while shopping the streets and decided I must have a pair of my own. I paired the sunglasses with this striped blouse, solid skinny jeans, and white platform wedges.

I wore this outfit to a more dressy dinner on the island of Capri. This look has a similar theme to the last with the stripes and another pair of statement sunglasses, but with darker colors in order to create a more formal vibe.

This next look has a colorful bohemian style and was perfect for lunch on the island. I love this dress because of its unique print and hemline. I paired the look with chunky, lace-up wedges and complementing bandana scarf. These types of scarves were another trend I saw in abundance throughout my trip.

My last outfit was styled for a day of shopping and sightseeing in Positano. I kept the look pretty simple with a solid black oversize top and patterned shorts. To accessorize, I chose a pair of comfortable nude heels and a black crossbody.

Did anyone else go abroad this summer? If so, what trends did you spot? Let me know in the comments below!

Go With the Flow

Ever had those days when you have little time to pick what to wear to class or a casual outing? This article is for you! When you ask yourself what you want to wear and cannot decide, go with the flow! When you are confused on what to wear to class on those stressful mornings when you wake up late, take a deep breath and pick any clothing and accessories from your wardrobe and you’ll be stunned by the outcome.

Randomly creating outfits has proven to be one of the best ways to look great. Several celebrities and Fashionistas have proven that. In order to rock this style, I have a few tips for you. The most important advice is to pick colors and patterns that are comfortable and look best on your body while shopping. This Fashionista chose colors that are slightly darker and dull and it worked for her. Another tip is to make use of accessories! Adding accessories to your outfit is so important as it creates an iconic look and expresses your style. For this look, the cat-eye sunglasses and metallic backpack are a great addition to the outfit as it gives an edgy, tomboyish yet alluring look. The key to making this work is to add a touch of femininity and the accessories did just that.

Lastly, have fun with your look. This Fashionista made a selection of a few pieces and accessories from her closet and gave the regular shirt, jeans, and sneakers look a touch-up. The outfit gives a boy meets girl look. The button-down dark bold striped shirt tucked into the distressed skinny jeans give the boy effect while the silver cat-eye sunglasses, earring, and pearl rings give the girl effect.

While how we dress is usually a form of our identity, we should never stress about it but choose which outfits or style best resonates with us at the moment. So head to your closet and try on what you have. Remember to breathe, go with the flow, and enjoy your day!

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Lazy Girl Looks—Back-to-School Style

Feeling lazy? I’ve got news. This back-to-school season’s hottest accessory is sweatpants. And no, I’m not kidding.

This complete outfit is my definitive go-to look for the everyday college girl who never has time to wash her hair, regularly sleeps past her alarm and isn’t afraid to rock the heck out of sweatpants.

Who has time for a full face of makeup before noon? If you are one of the girls that has perfectly blended shadow and contour at 8 a.m., you are my hero. But for me, makeup is usually the first thing I sacrifice if I am running behind schedule. With just four products you can fake a full-face and enhance your natural beauty in just a few minutes.

1—Apply concealer under the eyes and to any blemishes. Quick touch ups with concealer are more efficient than a face of foundation. Plus, you can toss the tube in your backpack to reapply later if needed.

2—Highlight cheekbones, the tip of the nose, Cupid’s bow, and inner corner of the eye. This Becca Champagne Pop highlighter is quite literally my best friend. It gives the most beautiful glow that will bring your tired face to life. I like to add this NYX shimmery pencil to my inner corner so the highlight sticks better and really brightens up my eyes.

3—Coat those lashes. Mascara really finishes a makeup look; I tend to feel like I haven’t completed any look without my lashes done. Feeling extra bold? Use a colored mascara for an interesting pop that looks fancy without the time commitment of an eyeshadow look.

The most commonly used hair product of every college girl has to be dry shampoo. Seriously, who has time to keep her hair clean every day? When I’ve skipped a couple washes, I reach for a baseball cap instead. It’s an extra accessory to add to your outfit, and dad caps are even on trend! This vintage Gap cap is durable, cute, and a little grungy. So when you are too lazy to even spray your hair, just grab your cap and call it a day.

Who said sweatpants aren’t acceptable to wear outside of the house? I’d like to have a chat with them.

These black jogger sweatpants are the perfect comfy pant to wear to bed at night and continue wearing to class the next morning. Just roll out of bed, throw on a bralette (no time for a real bra, of course), a tank top, some killer sneakers and you are golden.

Don’t forget your backpack!

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Keeping It Simple When Going Out to Summer Brunch in the City

Oh, how I love summer brunch in the city. Not just for the strawberry french toast and eggs, but for the comfort of dressing up. I’m always finding some sort of excuse to dress up. Whether it be going out to brunch, dinner, or just to my favorite coffee shop. This gorgeous glowing Fashionista keeps it simple when it comes to going out to brunch in Old City, Philadephia. Keeping it simple for a summer brunch means wearing light clothing for comfort, a small shoulder bag purse, and less makeup. Just remember that when it comes to brunch, there is no need to really glam up. Save all your glam for later that evening.

Keeping It Simple When Going out to Summer Brunch in the City Keeping It Simple When Going out to Summer Brunch in the City Keeping It Simple When Going out to Summer Brunch in the City

This Fashionista decided to choose comfort and style when going out to her favorite brunch spot. She is wearing a striped dress from Madewell. What I love about this dress is the material of the dress which is made out of breezy crinkled cotton that’s inspired by a vintage embroidery piece. As far as what to bring with you to brunch, it should be just a few items. Items such as your phone, money, credit cards, and lip gloss. The Fashionista has the right idea with this small shoulder bag from H&M. The shoulder bag can be worn two ways depending on your mood. You can wear it either over the shoulder or like a crossbody bag such as how the Fashionista is wearing it. The Fashionista’s bracelet is exclusively handmade from an upcoming handmade jewelry line called Spoiled By Sparkles, which is launching very soon.

The straw hat is vintage. A similar hat you can find is at Forever 21. You can find straw hats just about anywhere now and days. Straw hats for a summer brunch are great to wear because it brings out your outfit giving it a more stylish look.

Keeping It Simple When Going out to Summer Brunch in the City

Can we talk about how gorgeous is this Fashionista’s wedges are? The flower ornament detailing is so pretty. The wedges are Chinese Laundry. When going out to brunch with friends or family, wedges are so much fun to wear when paired with a super comfy dress. In order to achieve this look for summer brunch, start by searching for a comfortable summertime dress with great patterns. Make sure when choosing a dress with patterns go for more lighter colors, such as white. Go light on the bag and bring something smaller such as a shoulder bag so you can only carry important items you need. Wear shoes that are super comfy but stylish. Wedges would be a good choice because not only are they comfy and stylish, but they are also the hottest summer trend right now. Put the icing on the cake by adding a sun hat to your look. This will jazz up your outfit completely. Also, go for limited jewelry, such as a bracelet or some earrings, and do less makeup.

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