How to Make the Most of Summer Music Festivals

One of my favorite aspects of summer is that it kicks off music festival season! I have always loved going to concerts whether I am seeing one of my all-time favorite artists or even someone I have never heard of. However, music festivals can easily be disastrous, so here are some of my tips for making the concert go smoothly while you have the time of your life!

1—A fanny pack. Wearing a fanny pack is going to be key for the festival. It is a hands-free way of holding what you need so there is less risk of losing anything. There are also many cute fanny packs out there that are very trendy.

2—Comfortable shoes and outfit. Most music festivals have multiple stages so expect a lot of moving around from stage to stage. Comfortable walking shoes can make your life a lot easier at a music festival. Being that it is a concert, you, of course, are going to want to dance. Make sure to wear shoes that do not have your feet exposed because they could be stepped on, and also, wear an outfit you can move around in easily.

3—Portable phone charger. This one is pretty simple. To ensure your phone does not die from all of the pictures you will be taking, bring a portable phone charger. Do not risk losing your friends with a dead phone or not being able to reach your parents or your ride. Plus, it fits right in your fanny pack!

4—Water. Before going to the concert, look up what you can and cannot bring into the concert. This ensures that you won’t end up throwing out something you thought you could bring. Most festivals allow a bottle of water or two to be brought in and refilled at stations throughout. Hydration is definitely key.

5—Ticket, ID, and money. These are three necessities because without your ticket you will not get in. Bringing your ID and money are precautions in case you need them for anything, just in case!

What are your tips for music festivals? Let me know in the comments below!

Getting Concert Ready

It’s the middle of summer, and you know what that means? It’s peak concert season. All my favorite artists are on tour, and it takes everything within me to not drop all my money on concert tickets. I saw Tyga with my best friend Madie, so naturally, she came over early so we could get concert ready together.

Madie and I tend to go to a lot of shows together. It’s always nice to have a partner in crime and like me, she enjoys the process of getting ready since she’s an MUA. We’ll get together a few hours before we want to leave and just play around with makeup. It’s so much fun to get concert-ready with her. Then we spend half the time telling each other how hot we are because what else are best friends for?

So, this time we got ready and went for a low-key skater vibe. Madie’s white dress is casual and she pairs it with some classic Old Skool Vans and yellow tinted aviators. All together it gives her major cool-girl vibes. Can anyone say goals?

So after doing the typical basic thing and having a photo shoot on my roof, we ran back inside, grabbed our bags, and headed to the venue. Every night out with Madie is just as much fun as it is to getting concert-ready. I always look forward to the next time we get to hang out. Nothing is better than having fun with your best friend while vibing to your favorite music.

Let me know how you get concert ready in the comments below!

What to Wear to a Concert

Summer is ending but that doesn’t mean the concerts are, too. There are a couple more weeks of summer and plenty of concerts to attend. Whether the venue is big or small, nothing beats hearing your favorite artist live. Don’t forget that wearing the right outfit is an important part of your concert experience!

When you are looking for an outfit, your main priority should be to wear something comfortable. If it’s an outside concert or music festival, shorts or jeans are obviously your go-to bottoms. I chose to wear boyfriend jeans because they’re loose and really comfortable. But there are other things you can wear that are just as good, like skirts or rompers. You will most likely be hot in something that’s really tight like leather pants or leggings. Trust me, I’ve made that mistake before, and anything with long sleeves gets incredibly hot so opt for something loose and light.

Shoes are my favorite clothing item. After all, Marilyn Monroe reportedly said, “Give a girl the right shoes she can conquer the world.” I always see people in heels at concerts and they are usually miserable. Never make the mistake of wearing heels, no matter how comfortable you think they are before you leave home. Any flat, close-toed shoe will do. You will be standing for at least two hours!

For your top, you can wear any short sleeve or sleeveless shirt. I usually wear something that allows me to stay cool and still be able to dance. I love wearing these crop tops because they aren’t too hot. The choker top style is also popular right now. If you wear short sleeves you can bring a light jacket with you.

Do you have any staple outfit combinations you like to wear to concerts? Let me know in the comments below and share a picture in your concert clothes! Don’t forget to tag @cfashionista.

Your Festival Outfit Inspiration for the Summer

Summer is everyone’s favorite time of the year for pool days, vacations, and most importantly, music festivals. Although Coachella has unfortunately passed, summer gives us festival-goers many more chances to see our favorite bands live. For example, the Meadows, Panorama, Firefly, and Lollapalooza that will take place over the remainder of the summer allow us to showcase our Instagram-worthy outfits. If you’re struggling to choose an outfit to wear for a music festival, look no further. Here’s your go-to guide for outfit inspiration on what you should be wearing!

1—A romper and floppy hat. The easiest go-to outfit for any occasion is a cute romper because they’re so easy to throw on and rock. Mine is a burgundy high-cut romper with detailing along the bottom. To make a romper more festival ready, simply add a floppy hat, a bandana tied around your neck, and black fringe booties like my look. Or, you can add sandals and a fiddler cap. Whatever fits your personal style!

2—A bodysuit and shorts. If you’re someone who prefers being comfortable and casual but still wants to look cute, this is an easy look to achieve. Simply pair a bodysuit with high-waisted jean shorts, sneakers, sunglasses, and a headband. As a result, you’ll look festival ready but can easily add accessories to jazz up the look. For example, my personal favorite is adding snakeskin patterned booties instead of sneakers.

3—A blouse and denim skirt. This outfit is perfect if you are attending a festival at night or on a cooler day. A long sleeved blouse is still light enough to wear in the summer, especially when paired with a denim skirt. Also, round sunglasses that channel John Lennon are a festival staple.

Hopefully, these outfits add some inspiration for your festival outfits for the summer! You can now create the most flawless outfits that would even make Vanessa Hudgens, queen of Coachella, jealous.

What are your go-to festival outfits? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista. 

3 Ways to Rock Boots This Summer

Warm weather, tan lines, and summer nights. Do you know what that means? It’s only the best time of the year—it’s country concert season! If you’re anything like me, you love nothing more than getting dressed up, tailgating with your best friends, and dancing the night away. What are some good outfit options? I’m here to give you some great ideas to ensure you look fabulous!

1—Cowboy Boots. Every single outfit needs a pair of cowboy boots to tie the look all together. Luckily, there are a million different kinds so you’re bound to find your color and style. I am into the more basic, brown, and mid-length style. I like that they can go with absolutely anything I wear. Top brands are Ariat, Justin, Durango, and Tony Lama.

2—Chambray and Denim. Chambray and denim are a big trend at the moment! This makes it super easy on us to just grab a chambray/jean dress and throw on our boots. It is so effortless and perfect for dancing the night away. Pictured below is a chambray dress from Forever 21. It is super lightweight and affordable. You can find one many different places as well.

3—Shorts and an Off-the-Shoulder Top. Let’s throw it back to the basics. What is more country than a pair of cut off denim shorts? Literally nothing. You cannot go wrong with a dark or light wash pair of jean shorts. Buy a pair from just about anywhere to start the look off right. In the past, I would say throw on a lacy white tank top but let’s get a little more trendy here. Let’s show the shoulders! A huge trend right now is off-the-shoulder tops. This is a trend that is growing rapidly and appears to be staying. Just about any apparel store sells them at this point but this Fashionista wears a beautiful floral one from American Eagle.

4—Romper. At the beach? Not a problem. You can still be trendy and look beachy for a country concert. My favorite go-to is a romper. Let’s be honest here, this a trend that doesn’t seem to be fading either. Floral, tropical, or tie-dye is a country neutral that seems to tie the look together. Something flowy, lightweight, and cotton would be a go-to for me to stay cool in that beach heat.

What country concerts are you going to this summer? Comment below to share!

Summer Concert Outfit Idea

One of my favorite things to do during summer is going to concerts. Whether it’s a small band playing or a famous singer doing an outdoor show, you want to look trendy but comfortable. I am giving you the perfect outfit idea for a concert this summer.

There are a few things you want to keep in mind when you attend a concert. One of the most important things is making sure you know what the weather will be like. The temperature will most likely range from humid to hot, so it is important to not layer up a lot since you don’t want to be sweating. I also like to pick out my outfits according to the type of music at the concert. If it’s country, I’d probably dress more girly and use more color. On the other hand, if it’s a rap concert, I’ll most likely wear dark colors and stay edgier.

This Fashionista decided to keep her outfit simple but trendy. She wore a super cute flowy tank top from Urban Outfitters and paired it with a bralette which definitely complemented the tank top. Moving on to bottoms, denim shorts are the perfect piece because they go with absolutely everything. When it comes to shoes, you want to stay comfortable since you will probably be standing and dancing for a couple of hours. These ankle booties from H&M are the perfect shoes for a concert because it makes it easier to dance and stand for a long time, and your feet won’t hurt. Accessories always complete the look; this Fashionista added some cute Ray-Ban sunglasses and an Apple watch to finish off her look.

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Sounds of the Summer

‘Tis the season for music festivals and country concerts! Hearing the summer anthems in-person is the ultimate summer experience but, if you are anything like me, flannels and cowgirl boots just don’t cut it. As a Fashionista, looking your best while also dressing for the occasion can be a little challenging. I’m here to show you the perfect outfit for all the concerts and festivals you’ll attend this summer!

For a breezy, summery look that’ll keep you looking and feeling cool at the outdoor festivals, I chose this multi-patterned halter top. The patterns gave the outfit a more bohemian look—my go-to for outdoor country concerts. I paired the boho-esque top with distressed denim shorts to keep the country-chic style consistent. For shoes, I went with brown gladiator sandals—a style that’s both and trendy keep you cool during the concert.

What’s a perfect concert ensemble without accessories? To pull the outfit together, I opted for a few arm accessories, earrings, and midi rings. The arm bands complemented the grayish blue tone in the top, and brown, earthy tones throughout the ensemble. For a little extra detail, gold midi rings were the perfect accessory. The dangly, leaf-shaped earrings have the perfect rustic look to complete the country-chic outfit.

Finally, for true fest-ready hair, preparing for the hot summer sun at the country concert, with high-style and low-maintenance you can never go wrong with a low, messy bun (as demonstrated). You can never be too prepared or too stylish for an outdoor music festival or concert!

What’s your favorite festival look? Show me on social media, and be sure to tag @CFashionista!

Over”All” the Rage!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. The pun I used in the title is lame and I need to be stopped. I’m going to pretend it’s funny and not pathetic, so let’s move on and talk about my favorite trend: overalls.

I’m going to be honest, when overalls first started coming back in style I wasn’t super excited about it. I never used to take many risks when it comes to fashion, so it sort of freaked me out when people wore them. But the more I saw them around, and really saw how trendy people made them look, I had to go out and get a pair. Now, my overalls are my favorite piece of clothing in my closet.

My favorite pair of overalls I own are the black ones I’m wearing in the above picture. They fit like a glove and almost make me look taller. (I’m 5’2 so this is definitely a good thing.)

My favorite thing about overalls is how pairing them with a cute crop top or T-shirt makes it look like you tried really hard to put together an outfit when you probably didn’t. It’s a really simple look that makes it look like you spent a lot of time putting it together.

A concern I had before buying my overalls was that I didn’t think I had anywhere I could wear them. I think I thought this because I was intimidated by how stylish they look. In reality, overalls look good for different occasions, depending on what you wear them with.

In the outfit I wore above, I’m definitely going for an edgier look with the white crop top underneath. This is more appropriate for a party or a concert. I paired them with my favorite black booties, a black wide-brim hat, a black choker (always), and my black sunglasses to shield my eyes from the golden hour.

For a more casual look, you could pair them with any T-shirt, which you can tuck into the overalls, and throw on a pair of sneakers. This is perfect for school, a day out in the city, or just for a coffee date with your friends. You’ll still look super cool and make people think your outfit took a lot of effort.

Want to know what the best thing about overalls is? They come in all different colors and styles! You don’t need to get long black ones like me. You could shorts style, denim in pretty much any kind of wash you could think of, and even in the form of a dress! I love how versatile overalls are, so you’re really able to show off your personality, creativity, and sense of style when you wear them.

Do you have a pair of overalls you’re obsessed with? Comment below, or share with us via social media on @CFashionista!

How to Crush the Concert Outfit

Concerts are inarguably the best part of summer. There’s nothing like hearing your favorite song, that you’ve been singing along to since it debuted, in person. Watching the artist perform live is an experience you’ll never forget and wish you could live over again. Since concerts are such glorious events, you’ll need the perfect outfit to complete the night.

To start, you’ll want to think about whether the concert is inside or outside. This won’t always make a difference to the outfit, but it is good to keep in mind. Second, I always like to tailor my outfit to the type of music at the concert. Is it country, rap, or pop? This plays a major role in the type of outfit I eventually end up with because I like to match the style. If it’s rap, I wear something a little more edgy, with neutral tones, usually no pattern. However, with country, it’s the opposite. Lots of color, bold patterns, and something a little softer since the music is softer.

Paying attention to the current trends is a great way to brainstorm for outfit ideas. I like to check out what my friends are wearing and what they are posting on social media to see if I can get any inspiration. Once I have a slight idea of what I want to wear, I dig around in my closet to see if I can find anything. I always start looking in my closet because after I shell out $100 on a ticket I’m definitely “ballin’ on a budget” as most college students are. Besides, you never know what hidden treasure fell off the hanger six months ago that you completely forgot about! That hidden gem could be just what you need to make your perfect outfit!

In the outfit here, I paired my favorite black jean skirt with a tight, off-the-shoulder white shirt. The jean skirt is stretchy, so I know I’ll be comfortable throughout the night. Off-the-shoulder shirts are a great trend for the summer which is why I incorporated one into my concert outfit.

Once you have your outfit, share it on social media and tag @Cfashionista! We’d love to see it!

3 Bands You Need to See Live Now

If you’re anything like me, you love going to concerts and seeing how artists transform an album into a completely different experience for an audience. I’ve been to a good amount of concerts in my day and I have a running list of artists that left an amazing impression upon me. Here are my top three favorite performers, in ascending order, that I recommend you see as soon as you can, regardless of if you have even heard of them.

1—New Politics. New Politics, a “dance rock” band comprised of three male members, is a group that will definitely leave a lasting impression. The lead singer, David, has infinite amounts of energy and is known for standing on the crowd. Yes, you read that correctly. He goes into the crowd, pulls himself up to stand on the nearby outstretched hands, and continues to sing while, literally, being supported by his fans. Louis, the only member not from Denmark, is one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen. Søren is the guitarist and he supplies humor throughout the show. New Politics is currently on tour with 311 and The Skints.

2—Magic Giant. This indie-folk band from Los Angeles is a group that’s on the rise. What sets Magic Giant apart from any band I’ve ever seen perform is the love that radiates throughout the entire set. Not only do the three members dress like hippies, but they also are unable to stop showing love to the fans. At the show that I attended, the lead singer, Austin, went down into the crowd and started hugging people during the set and told everyone to hug one another. The positivity of all of the guys—Austin, Zang, and Zambricki—shows in the performances, and that’s something that just listening to an album may not portray.

3—Bishop Briggs. Bishop Briggs is my all-time favorite performer. She has the most incredible voice and hearing it live is a completely different experience than listening to her music at home. When Bishop comes on stage, all you see is a young girl (probably with either two braids or buns on her head) who is very shy and nervous. At the beginning of each song, however, her innocent smile fades away and a powerful, strong woman emerges who owns the stage, jumping around full of passion. Then, when the song ends, she’s back to the shy girl. I’ve never seen music transform a person’s disposition until I saw Bishop Briggs live. Her voice unleashes a totally different person. Not only is Bishop incredible, but her band is also a sight to behold. The band uses electronic instruments, and they are so passionate about the music. Every beat is accompanied with head bopping and swaying. I don’t think they look up from their instruments the entire show; they’re locked in. It’s intense. Bishop Briggs just wrapped up her first headlining tour, but I highly recommend buying a ticket for her next tour.

Who are your favorite performers? Let me know in the comments!