How to Do Back to School Season in Style

The new school year is right around the corner, and this is an exciting time to shop for everyone! Fall is my favorite season, and I am always eager to jump right into my cozy wardrobe. However, the weather tends to stay a little bit warmer throughout the first semester. Sometimes, transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall is challenging, but this Fashionista makes styling pieces from both seasons look so easy!

First, she started off by throwing on a two-piece sweater set from Free People. This cute knit set features a retro striped print in addition to the high neckline and flared mini skirt. The texture of this outfit is soft, cozy, lightweight, and perfect for the transition in weather. The warm neutrals in this outfit are perfect for casual wear this back to school season.

To pull the entire look together, she layered her sweater set with a classic denim jacket, accessorized with minimal jewelry, and lastly, added a pop of color with her yellow Converse high-top sneakers. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star has been around for decades and is an iconic staple in wardrobes across college campuses today. The ribbon laces combined with the statement color makes these timeless shoes so stylish, unique, and fresh.

Now that it is August, it is time to sift through your closet as you begin to pack for school. Leave your chunky knits at home (for the time being), and pack lighter pieces that can start your wardrobe off this fall. As the semester continues, swap out your transition clothes for your favorite sweaters and boots. Good luck this school year!

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How to Dress for Unpredictable New York City Weather

August is approaching, but it feels like just yesterday school ended. Making the most of your summer vacation can be difficult as the season comes to an end, especially if you live in a busy city.

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps, but its people don’t sleep either. Even in the summer, the greatest city in the world still remains busy as ever. This summer, I’ve been running around, commuting on trains, subways, and ferries to get to work and back home. I am like every city person—always on the go and not giving myself enough personal time. That is until I have to pick out my outfit for the next day. I go through outfits upon outfits, layering each to see what would look great, but also what is comfortable enough for me to wear while I run through New York City trying to get from place to place.

If New York City weather is anything, it’s unpredictable. The cool shade from the skyscrapers to the sweaty, jam-packed subways (and their humidity), makes walking around New York City a potential nightmare—but I have picked an outfit that’s perfect for any day in the Big Apple! In this look, I’m wearing a light frilled top and super comfortable corduroy pants paired with some classic Converse. With exotic accents on my shirt like the frilled sleeves, I kept the jewelry to a minimum, only wearing a simple evil eye bracelet to give me the good vibes I need in my day.

New York City is the center of artistic freedom and expression, and being in such an amazing city, you learn to be fearless in your clothing choices and are encouraged to express your true self every day. I hope to encourage you to be yourself and to live your best and most fashionable lives as the summer comes to an end!

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How to Style Fringe Hem Jeans This Summer

What has been in your wardrobe for ages and is still not outdated? Denim! Although, one thing that is outdated with your denim are your seams. Say goodbye to the seams on your jeans. Adios clean-cut hemlines; we want frayed finishes on our pants.

You’ll never have to worry about denim going out of style, only the style of denim being outdated. Denim has the options of being flare, straight-leg, or skinny. Now we add the fringe hem to our list. It’s such a fun way to add a little edge to your jeans (literally).

There is a constant pressure for the fashion-conscious community to alter conventional styles and produce unique varieties. We want to stand out in a crowd full of boring jeans. We all know the smallest details can really make a massive difference to your outfit. These raw yet craftily frayed seam lines look effortlessly casual but still add an edge to your overall ensemble.

Searching these jeans on the internet, you’ll see way too many DIYs on how to make your old skinny jeans or flares into these fun jeans, but not enough tips on how to style them. I’m here to fix that.

This Fashionista is showing you how to slip on some summer sandals or kick back with more casual Converse. Both of these shoes are ankle high, extending the length of her look. Both ensembles are also paired with an off-the-shoulder top, a great summer look for any hot day. The sun hat and lemon top combo is a fresh and exciting way to dress up the fringe hem jeans with sandals. The striped top and cat-eye sunglasses show a more laid back and cool look.

Regardless of which trend you prefer, or even if you dislike the trends completely, denim is making a serious statement. This timeless piece of fabric is never going to go anywhere, and it will continue to offer you the versatility and unique quality you need.

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WHAT TO WEAR: End of Semester Spirit

It’s here: the end of the semester. Finals are over, and it’s time to relax. But does that mean that my school and I have to completely take a break? Of course not! There are still ways you can show love for your school during the summer without overdoing it. Plus, it’s a great way to start getting pumped for fall semester.

The easiest and most obvious way to show school spirit is by wearing school colors. This Fashionista goes to the University of Florida, which has orange and blue as its colors. Having louder colors, like orange, yellow, purple, etc., can be difficult to work into everyday outfits. If your school has an intense color palette, try to incorporate those colors as spot colors. Wearing accessories with these brighter colors can be a subtle yet highlighting aspect of your outfit.

Fortunately, most universities have a demurer secondary color as a complement that can anchor an outfit. This UF Fashionista dons blue and even incorporates the university’s tertiary color white to transform school spirit into an everyday look. Even though it’s not exactly Gator blue, sporting a color that’s similar to your school colors still counts as school spirit.

Another spirited element to wear during the summer is your school’s merchandise. Maybe you find the perfect shirt that balances a cliché yet ironic saying in the bookstore, or you cop a pair of rad university-themed socks from Victoria’s Secret. The communities built around school spirit will always keep producing (mostly) cute merch. Even a football jersey or lacrosse penny can take summer athleisure to the next level while still representing your team.

During the summer, it’s simple to add some school spirit to your wardrobe—but it is summer, so don’t try too hard.

WHAT TO WEAR: Flannel Domination Incorporation

In a world dominated by trends in the fashion world, it’s hard to know what willl stick and what will die out quickly or what will be chic and fashionable for years to come. I feel like you can base this off of how much versatility it has to almost any outfit you want to pair it with. One of those staple items is most definitely the flannel.

Flannels have the ability to up any outfit. You can put a flannel around your waist if you’re wearing a skater dress, a skirt, leggings, overalls, shorts, and especially any kind of denim. In this Fashionisto’s case he paired the red gingham flannel with a inspirational graphic T-shirt, skinny sweatpants, and Converse. The flannel tied around his waist was a perfect additive that took his simple outfit from just nice and casual to chic and casual. The added accessory of a snapback gave the outfit a final touch of cool. Fashionista’s you can recreate this look and take inspiration and be just as chic and cool as this laid back Fashionisto. A favorite thing among the celebrities today is borrowing from the boys. Don’t hesitate to gravitate to the male section to get that perfect oversize flannel you can throw over a spaghetti strap dress or the classic high-waisted shorts and white crop top ensemble.

The versatility and chicness of a flannel can’t be denied. Not only this, but this clothing item has more gender neutrality then any other staple piece, other than the plain white T-shirt. They come in a variety of colors so you can find one that would go perfect with any cute, chic, casual outfit you want to wear. Flannel domination has made its mark and I think it’s going to be around for a pretty long time.

STYLE ADVICE: Comfort in the Classroom

At Hofstra University, students are either preparing for graduation or for another year of college, but one thing every student is doing is pushing through the last full month of classes. Summer is so close that it practically feels that way, but as the sun lowers, the cold blasts through, reminding us that we are not there yet. Warmer days approach and some Fashionistas are bringing out the shorts and tank tops. Everybody has their own sense of style and their own way to express themselves.

This Fashionista wore a knitted, gray sweater with the front loosely tucked into her denim jeans. The details involved a gold watch, Converse high-tops, and a small necklace. In the classroom while the phone is away, if any Fashionistas out there want to invest in an accessory that can always be of use, then pay attention to the watch worn above. Converse sneakers are an excellent choice in the classroom since you do not want to kill your feet in uncomfortable heels or boots that pinch your toes. Opting for footwear that will provide the proper support, depending on the occasion, is being fashion savvy.

This look represented the shift of seasons, especially for a college student who runs around constantly from one place to another throughout the day. It is a way to stay warm when the wind hits and a way to stay cool when the sun starts beating down. Sometimes, students might freak out more on the physical aspect of themselves, as a result, they may force themselves into uncomfortable pieces of clothing. Being comfortable does not have to mean being unfashionable or not stylish. In fact, it may be the way for your confidence to be greatly exposed. This look was simple and comfortable with little pops of detail like the use of makeup around the eyes to draw more attention to them. It served as inspiration in understanding less is more and that can go such a long way.

STYLE ADVICE: Floral Festivities

The weather is finally getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and the sun is shining upon us at last. Finals are approaching, which means each day feels busier and more hectic than ever. But thankfully, looming tests and projects have nothing on the beautiful weather that is starting appear.

On days when it seems like you could just wake up and immediately hear the birds melodically chirping outside your window like in a Disney movie, it might be fun to experiment with fun, bright prints and flowing fabrics. This Fashionista did just that with her flirty but casual outfit.

Now that we’ve entered into the end of the year lull, it can feel almost impossible to pull yourself out of bed after hours of late night studying the day before and still have the energy to dress up or find something that isn’t a huge sweatshirt, leggings, and flip flops. But fear not, it doesn’t have to be complicated just because important exams are near.

Throwing on a cute, floral dress, seen here, is an easy task to do, and takes practically no time whatsoever. This stylish Fashionista layered a simple denim jacket over her dress, which is always a must for those cold libraries or basement classrooms that you have to spend hours in. She did her hair up into a beautiful braided updo and added some jewelry as well to give it that extra flair. With some comfortable sandals on her feet, she looks ready for whatever the day will throw at her. Whether it’s multiple quizzes, long hours studying at her local café, or just exploring campus in her free time, she’s comfy and cute at the same time.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Unchained Trends

When the warm weather finally returns, I find it hard to remember what I was wearing last spring season. What were the trends a year ago from today? How has my stylish taste already evolved?

I am going to show you some of my new favorite spring and summer trends and how you can still incorporate your favorite fall trends into your warm weather wardrobe.

The first element that I planned this outfit around was a staple element to my fall trend obsession. If you didn’t find me with a band T-shirt paired with a jean jacket this fall, you probably didn’t find me at all. This classic style Van Halen band T-shirt is one of my favorites reproduced by Forever 21 as a trendy tank. This T-shirt pairs well with anything you chose to pair it with because of the array of colors in the design. It also has some stud details on the shoulders that add extra texture and edge to any outfit.

Although band T-shirts are still a prominent trend in stores, there are some new spring trends to help you style them differently. One way to do that is by using the band T-shirt as a base and layering a spaghetti strap tank top or dress on top. The layering trend is still making its way back onto the radar. I tried to accomplish that look with a blue silk slip that I have. It didn’t give the outfit the right look because it had a scoop cut neckline rather than a deep cut neckline. I wanted to showcase the design of my T-shirt in this outfit so I instead reversed the layering of these therefore putting the dress underneath my T-shirt. I tied a knot in the back of my T-shirt to add some shape to the outfit and to hide the excess material. The color of this dress was a perfect match to bring out the blue details shadowing the letters to Van Halen and the blue behind the lion’s head. Blue is also the complementary color to orange or yellow which allows the color showcased in the lion to stand out.

Another color that catches your eye when looking at the T-shirt is white. I decided to wear my white high-top sneakers to bring out this color. I felt this color should be evenly represented throughout my outfit. I knew I needed a subtle accessory around my neck so I chose a neck scarf; a trend that I have recently become a big fan of. The one I wore here was made from tulle left over from an art project.

The last accessory that I paired with my outfit was my pair of colored lens rounded glasses. I got these glasses from a Halloween store and forgot I owned them until recently. They are a trendy accessory that I am obsessed with, not to mention that they add a pink tint to everything you look at.

STYLE ADVICE: Stressed but Well Dressed

With the semester coming to an end, all I can think about is warmer weather. With the stress from completing all your assignments on time and studying for finals, who has time to think about what they are wearing? It seems all my professors know that we are at our breaking point and are using this time to pile on the extra work.

Every Fashionista has their own style. Clothing is just one way that an individual can bring their own uniqueness into their everyday look. Your personal fashion sense is part of who you are or who you are becoming. Embrace your look, and step out of your comfort zone for a couple of days to try out some of the latest fashion trends.

This Fashionista knows just how to look cute while dressing as comfortable as possible for her crazy school day. She was able to put together a combination of trendy pieces while maintaining everyone’s goal: being as comfortable as possible. Destroyed jeans are one of the latest fashion trends. Everyone has their favorite pair of jeans and tries to wear them as often as they can. When I saw this Fashionista, I fell head over heels for her new white Converse. I have never seen this style before. They are a combination of Converse and Sperrys. How could you go wrong with that? White shoes are always hard to keep clean. I have learned you can’t fear the white shoes. They have have become a common accessory, so everyone will know the struggle keeping them clean. If you don’t trust yourself to keep them clean, don’t worry—they come in a variety of colors! As for her makeup, this beauty kept it simple and clean. Her mascara and light eye liner paired with her denim hat brought out the blue in her gorgeous hazel eyes.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Getting Caught in Florals

Spring has sprung (at least in the U.S.) and I could not be happier. The warm weather makes me very happy and gets me excited for new trends. When I think about the spring and summertime, loose fitting clothes, comfy sandals, and florals come straight to mind. I try to stay away from cotton materials as they get too hot on my skin and tend to be uncomfortable.

We all love looking cute all year round, but I will always take comfort over anything. That does not mean I can’t be fashion forward. Look at this Fashionista: she encompasses comfort, style, and cuteness! She loves black clothing, as do I, but incorporating florals into her style is fun. Bright flowers on a black background allows for the floral to pop out. Plus, yellow is also an attention grabber. The dress is pleated by the bust and cinched at the waist, allowing for the shape of her body to show and flatter it nicely.

I have mentioned in my other posts my love for Converse shoes. They are the perfect way to express yourself and the adventures your life has taken you on. This Fashionista loves Converse shoes, especially her black ones, because they are comfortable and practical for everyday wear.

While spending my semester studying in Athens, Greece, I have been surrounded by new trends that I have never seen before. Europeans definitely have a different style than ours at home, but I think we can pull from each others’ styles and make a completely new one. A big thing I have noticed was the styling of fishnets. The most popular way I have seen fishnets incorporated into people’s styles is styling them under ripped jeans or cropped jeans where they can be exposed around your ankle. Fishnets socks are also fun where they can peek out of your boots or heels! It adds texture and variety into your outfit as well as bringing back a major trend from the ’90s.

Don’t be afraid to play around with new articles of clothing. You can find out that you love the way it looks and want to share it with all the Fashionista/os you know.

Throw some fishnets on and catch the spring florals!