You Need to Add These 3 Runway Trends to Your Fall Wardrobe

We all know that ready-to-wear can sometimes be far from actually ready to wear, but we can still find plenty of inspiration in the themes we see across several shows. Sometimes, these themes can be a little more out there than others. For example. a full metallic look is definitely not for day and pantsuits to class are a risk. Nevertheless, these outrageous trends can be incorporated into your fall wardrobe with just a few simple tricks.

1—Sci-fi style. Now you don’t want to look like you stepped out of the latest Star Wars movie, but metallics can add some extra shine to your fall style. When you wear that outfit full of maroons, blacks, and olive greens, try to add in one metallic piece. Boots are always an easy option but go outside your comfort zone this season with a metallic top. Just layer it under a chambray shirt and oversize cardigan for a more relaxed daytime look.

2—Out there outerwear. For those of us in colder climates, we know that warm—and fashionable—outerwear is a necessity. It’s normal to want to stick to black, gray, and tan for your outfit toppers, but it’s all about taking fashion risks this season. Try a pastel coat instead of a basic one. Just be sure to keep your bottom half neutral so the look isn’t too overwhelming for that walk to class.

3—Cool corduroy. Don’t play it safe in a corduroy mini this fall. Instead, play up the ’70s influence with a pair of flared pants and an off-the-shoulder blouse. Finish off the look with some platforms. Be sure to keep everything neutral so your look is modern instead of dated.

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Travel Comfortably in Corduroy

Every summer, I make it a priority to travel at least once. I mean, we all deserve to treat ourselves after the stressful school year, am I right? As someone who normally takes extremely early flights, my airport style focuses on being comfortable, which means sweatpants and sneakers. However, for my fellow airport Fashionistas, I have the perfect outfit inspiration for you!

This Fashionista’s outfit is a great combination of comfort and style, while keeping in mind the fluctuating temperatures of airports. Her airplane printed T-shirt is the perfect top for the occasion and is also breathable in the humid summer weather. On top, she layered a black nylon track jacket. This jacket will absolutely keep you warm in the air-conditioned airplane. This jacket is also versatile and can be worn with a simple T-shirt during the day or with an edgy crop top at night.

Vacation is the time to pack your dark and heavy wardrobe away and unleash your bright and pastel colored outfits. My favorite part of this outfit is her pale pink corduroy skirt because it adds a stunning contrast when paired with the black and white elements. Although this skirt may not be everyone’s go-to piece of travel clothing, I encourage you to be bold and give it a chance. The material is extremely comfortable and soft, and it doesn’t cling tightly to your body. Wear your favorite pair of comfortable shoes because at a place like the airport, comfortable and simple shoes to slip on and off are essential. I recommend sneakers, sandals, or a pair of classic Converse.

From college campuses to Coachella, mini backpacks are another popular alternative to traditional purses. Because of their compact and small shape, they are great for travel and easy to store in tight areas. This Fashionista can easily fit all her travel essentials in this backpack while still having room to fit in bulkier objects. Everyone needs this super versatile accessory because it can go with an endless variety of outfits and occasions.

Can you believe that this beauty is only wearing three makeup products? Ditch the heavy foundation and focus on using lightweight makeup products to emphasize key features. Fill in your brows with a pencil for that effortless look and to add dimension to your face. To add some color and glow, swipe on pink blush. There’s nothing worse than chapped and dry lips during the summer, so don’t forget your lip balm. Not only do these products feel lightweight on your face, but they are also travel-friendly and TSA-approved.

Whether you go to the airport slaying in sweatpants or looking like you just walked out of a fashion show, be creative and wear whatever you feel the most comfortable in.

What is your go-to travel outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Styling Shearling

Springtime in Seattle comes with the most random fluctuations in weather that you could possibly imagine. There are very few places in the world where the sun can be shining but it’s somehow still raining outside. When it’s not raining in the early spring, it can still be below 50 degrees so it’s important to still keep a cozy and reliable jacket in your closet. My current go-to is my faux shearling coat.

The history behind this trend is actually a pretty long one. Traditional shearling is made from sheepskin, and in the Iron Age, it was actually used as a sign of social status. In the 1940s shearling became a part of another trend that we all know and love, bomber jackets. The soft material was used to keep pilots warm in the cockpit of their plane. Decades later, shearling took on a whole new life when surfer Shane Stedman’s Ugg boots became an international trend. This brings us to today, with the revamp of trends such as the bomber jacket, shearling jackets are a perfect layering piece to throw over almost any outfit because they usually come in neutral colors that can be easily added to your collection of basics.

Personally, I will throw this jacket over just about any outfit on a chilly day whether I actually put effort into my outfit for class or not. Dressed up or dressed down it has definitely become a staple piece in my wardrobe.

Shearling is not that new of a trend but it took off this past winter in featured looks such as oversize jackets like mine, vests, and shoes as well! The first time I remember seeing shearling used in a new trendy way was about two years ago on the inside of a light brown Chelsea boot. Shearling is not something that is wearable in all seasons depending on where you live, but because this trend is so versatile I absolutely foresee it coming back around once the weather starts getting colder again.

STYLE ADVICE: Not Your Average Spring

Well, it’s officially the most confusing time of the year here in Missouri. With temperatures in the 20s one day and 60s the next, no one really knows what to wear. Over-the-knee boots and parkas are beginning to make their final appearances, but the weather is so unpredictable that it would be foolish to stow them away for good. But how do you strike a balance between the current fashion season and comfort on days when the weather permits less layers? A tip is to continue incorporating winter colors into your outfits, but pair them with spring styles such as skirts, off-the-shoulder tops, and sandals.

This Fashionista provides a great example. Her sleeveless, mock neck body suit and mini skirt paired with open-toe sandals were perfect for this sunny day, and the black and olive-green nicely tied in winter colors. The alternating fabrics of the bodysuit add texture to the outfit, and nothing screams winter like velvet. These open-toe sandals are a wonderful shoe choice, because they add another spring element to this outfit but still follow the cold-weather color scheme. This is a great way to style an outfit when you aren’t ready to fully commit to pastels and floral prints but also don’t want to pass out of a heat stroke.

This outfit could easily be taken from day to night as well. Add a leather jacket, and intensify the makeup, and you’re good to go. Leather jackets are a classic, and everyone should own one. Whenever you feel like an outfit is missing something, pull on a leather jacket, and it will likely solve the problem. Or as a general rule of thumb, stick to the third-piece rule. I read an article about this a few months ago that explained how the third-piece rule encourages you to compose all outfits of three pieces, excluding shoes. This a simple way to create a more dynamic, complete outfit.

That’s all for this month, ladies and gents. Get excited because it’s almost spring!

STYLE GURU STYLE: A Style Dictated Solely by Me

I am going to start off my article with this disclaimer: everything (besides my tights and socks) in this outfit is thrifted! Savers, local thrift shops, local vintage shops…you name it! So, I will try my best to find duplicates of these pieces, but just remember that with thrifting there is usually only one unique piece—so start raiding those racks in your local shops!

Hopefully there is one thing you will notice from this outfit: it isn’t “trendy.” I am not following any fast-fashion trends. Rather, I am wearing a thrifted $3 oversize sweater. It didn’t have the smell of fresh, purchased clothes—it had the smell of years of unknown experiences. Who wore this before me? What did they encounter in this article of clothing? What did they accomplish?

There’s some sort of mystery that stems from adopting someone else’s clothing pieces as your own. But it isn’t the mysteriousness that is alluring—it is the collection of unique and eclectic pieces that form your personal style. I believe that the best way to determine your personal style is to enter an atmosphere where fast-fashion and trends are nonexistent. This forces you to discover what your style is—not the style of large corporations and societal norms. Don’t let fast-fashion and trends dictate what your personal style should be.

Be revolutionary—push fashion boundaries while simultaneously pushing your own limits.

Unlike most knit sweaters, this piece is embellished with a split neckline collar and two buttons—breaking up the busy, checkered pattern. I haven’t seen any mainstream store carry such an item! I paired this sweater with a ’70s olive green corduroy button-front skirt from my local vintage shop. This skirt is so versatile and an essential to my style. Matching the brown buttons and the olive green tones, I finished off the look with brown tights, brown slinky socks and my tan suede booties. I love to create texture by scrunching my socks into my booties. I love dressing up any outfit with unique dangling earrings, so I paired my favorite copper chandelier earrings with this outfit.

This combination will remain one of my favorites, because while individually looking at each piece, it looks as if this outfit would never flow. But all together, each thrifted piece complements the other perfectly. This is never something you would see in an editorial, a website, or a blog.

That is what makes it fashionable—it is something no one else wears. Be an individual. Be different. Look towards yourself and your passions for inspiration, not others.


An outfit is solely based on the detail and thought that goes into it. Sometimes we see Fashionistas walking through campus and wonder how they look so effortlessly flawless but little do we know the process that went into styling themselves. The key to creating an effortless look is within the small items that give your style the little push it needs.

This Fashionista is wearing a mock turtleneck with a beautiful floral pattern. As Meryl Streep famously said, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” However, this Fashionista found a unique pattern that shows bright contrast with deeper tones compared to what we see year after year. Wearing all black besides a top like this gives you a pop of color.

Layering with her mock neck, she is dressed in a corduroy zipper down dress. The silver circle zipper that carries all the way down the dress is a small detail that brings this simple dress to life. This low cut V-neck is perfect to pair with a high neck or turtleneck tops.

Now for footwear, over-the-knee boots are always a win with a dress and can look good with nearly any outfit. This Fashionista’s boots have thin lace detailing on the back with a bow.

Jewelry is the final item to add to your effortless look. Here, she is wearing a silver face watch with a black leather band. She complements her watch with simple silver rings on each of her hands. This is the perfect amount of accessories to add when wanting to create this flawless look.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Corduroy is the New Black

With spring time just around the corner, my wardrobe shifts from bundled-up scarves to jumpers and wide leg pants. There’s always a refreshing feeling on campus as well: students out and about, enjoying the sun and strutting fresh fashion trends.

Taking inspiration from Alexander Wang’s fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection, I tapped into the ’70s vibes and grabbed my favorite corduroy jumpsuit, a piece that transitions beautifully from winter to spring. This collection leans more toward the edgier side: bold pieces that are simple, but give off a classy vibe.

My outfit included a maroon corduroy jumpsuit, which I layered over top a simple long sleeve black scoop neck. This jumpsuit is next level comfort: with the pencil skirt aspect to it, you don’t have to worry about any wind malfunctions.

Next, I added a white cropped cardigan. This contrast helped brighten up my look, and is good to have in case the weather suddenly changes (Ohio is more than used to that). To finish up my look, my favorite pair of black booties—which literally go with anything—gave it a classy appeal.

I kept my hair and makeup simple for this look, using Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, which worked perfectly with the maroon tones from my jumpsuit.

Whether you’re going to class, coffee, or brunch with your Guru Gang, corduroy is making a comeback for all seasons.

STYLE ADVICE: Totally Turtlenecks

Feeling a little chilly? Is a basic long sleeve not keeping you warm? This winter, as the temperature gauge drops, icicles hang from roofs, and a white blanket of snow keeps the ground warm, rocking your favorite turtleneck is the perfect way to be cozy and look chic. Turtlenecks pair easily with anything, from your favorite pair of jeans or leggings, to a short skirt with tights; a turtleneck is easy, simple, and cute.

Winter weather makes it challenging to find warm, comfortable, and chic products all in one! You can always add an extra layer with an oversized cardigan, keep it cozy by adding a furry infinity scarf, or wear fleece-lined leggings, which are both soft and warm. Just because it is cold and additional layers are needed, don’t shy away from pulling out your favorite winter coat, fur-trimmed snow boots, or a wool knit hat. And don’t forget: your winter wardrobe always pairs with rosy cheeks!

This Fashionista is wearing a slate gray turtleneck with burgundy corduroys; keeping the colors simple and solid is an easy way to mix and match your tops and bottoms while also making you look fashionable, warm and classy. She sports rugged brown Frye boots with a harness detail to complement the color scheme and to bring a unique twist to the classic ensemble. Additionally, this Fashionista kept her accessories reserved and soft, wearing pearl earring studs and a short, gold necklace to accent the turtleneck. She also wore a Fossil watch with a gold-trimmed face and brown leather band to complement the boots and her other jewelry.

Turtlenecks work easily with almost all bottoms; whether you are in the mood to spice it up with a short skirt and mesh tights or keep it simple with leggings and riding boots, the turtleneck is a must in your wardrobe this winter.

STYLE ADVICE: Balling On a Budget

This Fashionista—warmly known as Curly Jo among friends on campus—describes herself as a curl enthusiast, realist, and trendsetter. She is the perfect example for this week’s style advice because she has mastered the art of balling on a budget.

She’s currently in a long-term love affair with New York City’s art, fashion and culture. Her style is an electric mix of prints and patterns derived from various inspirations found on the streets of NYC.

Every week, she dedicates hours of her time to sifting through various thrift store racks and bins to purchase distinctive pieces that you wouldn’t find in your average department store. DIY ensembles are her calling; what better way to be unique than purchasing the old and making it new and even better? This way, nobody will own the same exact article of clothing as you—it is truly your own masterpiece!

Her favorite go-to DIY is finding vintage, fitted yet baggy men’s T-shirts and cutting/tying them to her liking. She’s been personalizing her wardrobe since high school and has transitioned her shopping habits from Urban Outfitters and Anthropology to Salvation Army, where she can buy more for less.

She effortlessly rocks a pair of corduroy high-waisted pants with Steve Madden boots (a similar pair you can find here), a colorful scarf and a men’s T-shirt she discovered at a local thrift shop.

Another word of advice: splurging on makeup is not necessary to create your signature look. This Fashionista used to purchase expensive brands like Mac, but when you’re living off Ramen noodles and shelling out extra cash for textbooks, it’s hard to keep up with pricey products. The cat eye she rocks comes from an affordable eyeliner from Maybelline.

There’s a misconception that you need to buy the newest items that hit the shelves, but history repeats itself and pieces you pick up at thrift stores can be recycled time and time again into a multitude of looks.

So go ahead, be bold. Cut up your pants, let your personal style shine, and never let anyone make you feel unfashionable just because you didn’t pay hundreds of dollars for your outfit. Anyone can be a baller on a budget with a little bit of cash, patience and creativity!

WHAT TO WEAR: Day and Night

For this outfit this Fashionista’s inspiration for what she wore was fun and spunky just like her. Her outfit is also screaming major ’90s vibes with a modern twist. She is currently a college student majoring in bio chemistry. She was downtown during the daytime. Her carefree outlook on life can be shared through her effortless everyday looks. She is wearing a Forever 21 top and skirt. She also has on black thigh high boots from her local Cato’s store. She believes in style and affordability. She says that “you can always get your look for less” and “fashion is about having fun.”

Her outfit is transitional. She can take her look from day to night. Her look is perfect for a day in the city going out with her friends and family. She actually just had lunch with her family at a local Thai restaurant. Her look can transition from an afternoon outing to an adventure-filled night out on the town.

The hues in this outfit tie so well together. The hunter green top goes great with her burnt orange mini skirt. She stepped out of the boundaries by experimenting with unusual colors that often get overlooked. The colors represented in this outfit are also great for seasons like fall and winter.

She adds a fun dark lipstick that complements her well because the hint of purple offers some spice and fierceness. However, depending on her nighttime festivities or even her mood, if she wanted to change her makeup look all she would have to do is a simple lip swatch from dark purple during the daytime to a nude at night or a classic red lip . Lastly, her black thigh highs are the perfect tool for making her legs look super long and keeps her body nice and proportional. This outfit complements her well and can be easy for anyone to achieve.

Day to night outfits are very #RAD.