5 Tips to Master the “Barely There” Makeup Look

Makeup is fun to play with and experiment with, but you don’t always want everyone to know you are wearing it. Sometimes, like for work or school, you just want something light and fresh that will highlight your best features and cover up any you aren’t as big of a fan of. The “barely there” makeup look can be a go-to all year long, and it is perfect for whenever you are in a rush. Here are several tips for achieving this simple, flawless look for yourself.

1—Use your fingers. The most unappreciated makeup tool, your fingers, are great for “barely there” makeup looks. The warmth from your fingers blends products more flawlessly into your skin than any other makeup brush. Plus, you can get your makeup done a lot faster!

2—Don’t apply foundation everywhere. It can be tempting to just blend your foundation all over your face when you want to cover up imperfections, but try to shy away from that because it can look like you have caked on your makeup. Instead, apply only to any problem areas. Have some acne or acne scars on your chin or forehead? Dab your foundation lightly just on those areas.

3—Use cream products instead of powder. A powder can easily be spotted on the face by makeup experts or rookies. Instead, go for cream or liquid products. To add some color and dimension, use a cream bronzer lightly around the perimeter of your face. To add some glow to the top of your cheekbones, dab on a liquid highlighter with your fingers.

4—Match your cheek and lip color If you want to add some color back to your face, multitask and use the same color on your cheeks and lips. When the two match each other, it looks like more of a natural flush to the face. Take your favorite Your Lips But Better lipstick and dab it onto your lips. Then dab a little on your cheeks and blend it out.

5—Use a lengthening and separating mascara instead of a volumizing one. I never skip out on lashes when I do my makeup. I think it adds the biggest difference, but it can look so natural. To keep with the “barely there” theme, hold off on your super, extra volumizing mascaras and opt for a mascara that lengthening and separates instead. This will brighten up your eyes and make them not look too intense.

What are your favorite “barely there” makeup products? Comment below!   

This Video Shows You How To Bring Your Dried Out Creme Products Back to Life

Everyone loves to have their eyebrows “on fleek,” apply their eyeshadow to last all day, and keep their contour on Kardashian-level. But what do these makeup techniques have in common? They require creme products, all of which are notorious for getting super dry over time.

So what do you do when your brow pomade is in critical condition and there seems like there’s no saving the dry block of product? Before you cry and/or throw away your hard-earned money, don’t! Watch the video below for some major advice on how to get your product moist and as good as new.

What You’ll Need:

—your questionably dried out and sad creme product

—makeup mixing liquid (mine is by Mehron, but Inglot sells it as well)

—baby oil (can be used in place of the mixing liquid if you don’t have any, and to add an extra drop of moisture while mixing)

—toothpicks or a beauty spatula

1—  Moisten the Product

The most important factor of this process is adding moisture too your critically-dry product. Start by pouring a tiny amount of your mixing liquid (or baby oil) into the bottle cap, then putting a few droplets into the product as needed. For creme eyeshadows, stick to just one droplet at first. For creme eyebrow pomades, contour palettes, and blushes, start with two. Bonus: makeup mixing liquids add more of the waterproof factor to your product!

2— Get Diggin’

Makeup lovers, this part may hurt your soul a little bit. Pick up the toothpick (I know, I know. Let’s do it together) and dig your product away from its container’s edges. Keep digging! Scrape it clean around the edges and bottom, but keep all the product in the container.

3— Mix It Up

Stir like your life depends on it! If your brow pomade is as stiff as mine was, it will take 2-3 minutes (and several broken toothpicks) to get a decent texture. The goal is to evenly distribute the mixing agent you added— not to turn your product into a total smoothie! You might want to add one more droplet of mixing agent as you mix, but seriously Fashionistas, don’t overdo it.

4— Product Currently Looks Like Dog Poo, Now What?

Once you have a nice little ball of product in the center of your dish, flatten it back into the shape of the container! I used the top of my setting spray bottle to spread it across the bottom of the container again. Notice that now, there’s little-to-no product being wasted, stuck on the sides of your container!

Tip: If you don’t have anything to flatten it with, wrap a quarter in a wet paper towel!

5— All done!

You may want to test out the difference on the back of your hand to make sure it’s perfectly revived and not too oily. Take a look at that color and application difference! Saving money has never looked so good.

Now that you’ve rescued your favorite creme products (rather than having to buy new ones), let us know how you’ll use all your extra money in the comments below! Perhaps you now have enough for a trip to one of America’s coolest museums!

The No-Leather Leather Look

As summer finally kicks off, a new season means a new statement piece. Wanting to find something a little different, I looked across the globe to London street style for some fashion inspiration. Despite the wide range of looks that I found, one piece seemed to be the same in everyone’s closet: the leather jacket. From day to night, this is an essential that can complete any look. Because my personal style is geared more towards lighter colors and softer fabrics, I was hesitant to buy your classic heavy black jacket, so I opted for something that fit my style a bit better.

I came across this cream colored silky alternative to a leather jacket that is the perfect way to get a similar look but with a much more lightweight and comfortable feel. The quilted detailing on the zipper guard adds a subtle texture to elevate the look, while the buttons and pockets keep it elegant yet minimalist. The neutral tone makes this is an easy piece to pair with a variety of different prints, colors, and fabrics. I opted for white jeans, a plain beige top and a pair of sunglasses for a classic summer look.

This jacket also acts as a great transition piece. If you live in the Northeast like me, you know that the shift from season to season can bring some unpredictable weather. This is a great garment to have on hand when that anticipated sunny day turns cold and cloudy almost instantly.

What I love about this jacket is its versatility. A piece like this really lets you express your personal style because it can be worn in so many different ways. Dress it up with a bold necklace and heels and you’re ready for a night out. Pair it over a cotton tank and jean shorts for a casual afternoon lunch. Whatever the occasion, a jacket like this is a must-have this Summer.

How would you wear this jacket? Let me know in the comments below!

Tips for Dressing Like a Trendy Tourist

Being a tourist in a new city can be a roller coaster of emotions, starting from being a nervous wreck to bouncing off the walls with excitement. New cities have so much to offer with so little time to take everything in, so here are some tips on dressing in the best way to make your trip a bit less stressful.

Warm weather? That means endless options for what to wear. A simple shopping trip means that a sundress and booties would allow for both comfort and style. If you are not a dress person, warm weather still allows the possibilities of shorts, cute tops, and rompers. If you want to add more spunk, you can throw on some flashy bright jewelry to contrast the colors of your outfit. Not only will that add more pop, but it will also bring together the entire look.

If your trip is a little more distance-oriented, be sure to wear shoes that are easy to walk in. It is common to think that you can rock the super cute pair of platform heels, but the truth is, if you are walking for hours on end, it’s best to keep those babies at home. Sandals and flats pair nicely, and more importantly they won’t kill your feet in the process.

Accessories, accessories, accessories. Nothing catches the eye like show-stopping accessories to add a little more glam. Grab a big floppy hat or a cute crossbody bag and be prepared to conquer the world. On bright, sunny days, a pair of flashy shades will  protect your eyes and also draw attention not only to your outfit but to your actual face.

When being a tourist in a new town, it is important to not overpack while sightseeing. Not only will you get tired of carrying everything, but it also leaves less room to carry all of the new goodies that you could be purchasing. Try and bring only the essentials, like a phone, a wallet, your favorite lipstick, and a camera for all of the amazing photos you are going to take. If you have to bring a bag or backpack, remember to try and pack lightly—you will thank me later on this one.

The most important tip to remember when being a tourist in a new area is, above all, to have fun. Take advantage of the opportunities that you have been given to see a new place. Appreciate the various different styles, cultures, and settings that you are exposed to and make them yours. Come back from your trip being a more knowledgeable version of yourself.

How do you dress for summer trips? Let me know in the comments below!

Black and White: The Perfect Color Combo for All Fashion Girls

What is black, white, and bold all over? The answer can be found in the newest trends to be popping up all over Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards. The color palette of black and white has been taking over Fashionistas’ wardrobes since the beginning of time. Though recently the color duo has been making a resurgence in the younger age demographic of the fashion community. From black leather jackets to white crop tops, this color combination is very much in trend. This Fashionista that I found on the city streets added her own twists to the new trend with cool girl accessories and attitude.

The dark and crisp tones of black and white, were showcased throughout the whole look. The outfit had simple, carefree pieces to balance out the more structured pieces in the look. These simple pieces were dark wash, denim skinny jeans paired with white Converse. The edge in her outfit was brought by a popular piece of clothing that is found currently in every store and closet of young adults and teens: the graphic band T-shirt. This Fashionista wore a vintage ’90s Nirvana band T-shirt, with the emblem of the rock group. A contrast ’90s is shown with the easiness of the foundation pieces of the outfit with her more formal accessories.

The standout accessory in her outfit was the black leather trimmed, marled faux fur coat. The detailing on the coat also consisted of tweed sleeves that added dimension and texture. The other accessories added edge to the look with her round, small, rocker inspired sunglasses and black leather saddle strap bag. The accessories turned her look from casual to put together in an instant.

Black and white are a simple color combination that can add edge, sophistication, or both depending on the look. You can dress up the color palette with tea length dresses and flowing blouses. You can also keep the color palette relaxed as seen with this Fashionista’s denim and band tee outfit. One thing is for certain, no matter how you style this color trend, you will end up looking effortless chic.

Are you just as obsessed as I am with this new color combination trend as I am? If so, let me know in the comments below!

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Cool, Crisp Tones in the Big Apple

It is finally springtime, and with the nice weather comes spontaneous trips to the boldest, loudest city: New York City. New York City is only a short distance from my college campus, yet I have never had the chance to explore it, the whole year. When I arrived in the Big Apple, I was greeted with soaring skyscrapers, lively commotion, and of course tons of Fashionistas. One Fashionista in particular caught my eye with her relaxed, carefree style. The cool tones of her outfit perfectly matched the glistening, gray buildings and her lightweight fur coat was a great spring staple. This Fashionista brought instant glamour and coolness to the city sidewalk.

Starting with the foundation pieces of her look, this Fashionista rocked a pair of classic, ripped black jeans with cuffed hems to set the color palette of the outfit. She then layered an olive green tank over a thin, knit, black tank to add a dose of warmth and a shot of another color to the mix. While the foundation pieces were key to the look, the main standout piece was her lightweight, cream fur coat. The fur coat was a casual touch with a hint of sophistication that elevated the whole look from simple to show stopping. While her clothing was crisp and cool, her accessories really tied the pieces together.

The Fashionista wore steel gray and white slip-on Vans on her feet, to accent the rest of her accessories. She also wore delicate silver jewelry on her hands and neck. Her silver plated necklace had the coordinates of the small beach town she called home. While her silver, midi rings also represented her love for the beach with turquoise stones and wave inspired structures. The final touch was her black, grey, and silver tortoise, cat-eye sunglasses that bore all the colors of her outfit.

My trip to New York City brought me delicious food, memories, and stylish pieces at unique stores. Most importantly it brought me a chance meeting with this amazing Fashionista. Her relaxed, cool girl style and show stopping outfit, gave me endless inspiration for the warmer months. Her ability to mix darker colors like black, olive, and grey with beachy, fun accessories was very notable. This Fashionista and her look  showed that spring weather is the perfect occasion to mix edgy pieces like ripped jeans with fabulous, fuzzy accessories like a cream fur coat!

STYLE ADVICE: Traditions

As a first year student at Meredith College, I have come to learn that Meredith is not just a college, it is a sisterhood. Meredith is prided on the many traditions that make it unique and in turn, loved by many. Big sister/little sister is one tradition in particular that I love. Upon coming to Meredith, students are paired up with an upperclassman to help their transition into college life become easier. Students are not only gaining a mentor, but a friend. My big sister just so happens to be this months featured Fashionista. Her outfit on campus was just too cute.

I love the fact that this Fashionista’s look is neutral. Neutral colors are great because not only can they be paired with anything, but they also work fabulous together. This Fashionista’s top is so flattering. This cream lace top is light and fresh while providing a feminine and carefree vibe. Lace is a classic and is always in style. Do what this Fashionista did, and pair a lace top with your favorite jeans. These jeans in particular are great because they have fringed ends at the bottom, making them fun and in style. Throw on some lace-up, neutral toned flats, and you’ll be good to go.

Another tradition at Meredith is one that is anticipated from the moment you first step on campus. Junior year students are awarded an Onyx ring. This ring signifies unity and truly links the sisterhood together. This Fashionista is proudly wearing her Onyx! To accent the Onyx, she is wearing beaded earrings. Follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps and showoff your bling!

WHAT TO WEAR: Happy Medium

That time of year has come early for the East Coast. Whether you call it “sprinter” or just “the end of winter,” the volatile weather we experience between winter and spring can cause a lot of confusion, especially when it comes time to picking out what to wear for the day. What kind of outfit is suitable for subzero temperatures in the morning and warm rays of sun that arrive as soon as the clock strikes 12? This struggle torments many stylish college students on campuses across the country, but this Fashionisto seems to have it all figured out.

The most crucial key to dressing successfully for the transition between seasons is finding the happy medium between warm and cozy and cool and breathable. This Fashionisto chose a thick, cream cable knit sweater that is heavy enough to wear without a jacket but won’t suffocate him when the sun begins to shine. His modern dad jeans are perfect for any weather; the denim is simultaneously sturdy enough to keep the wind out and loose enough to allow the legs to breathe.

Our Fashionisto’s iconic Birkenstock sandals bring balance and a perfect spring twist to the outfit, reminding us that around-the-clock warm weather is on its way. In the name of springtime, his bright yellow backpack adds an unexpected pop of pigment to this otherwise neutrally-colored ensemble. He keeps it simple with the other accessories, sporting a couple of minimalistic earrings on just one ear.

Finding a happy medium between your winter wardrobe and your spring wardrobe is oftentimes a not-so-happy journey, but it can make your second semester a stylish breeze. When in doubt, reach for lightweight jackets, heavy knits, and lots of denim and remember that spring will be here in just one blink of an eye. Stay beautiful.

WHAT TO WEAR: The Key to Cold Weather

I think everyone on the East Coast was ready for a repeat of December 2016, which was one of the hottest winters we had seen in years. Unfortunately, we did not get that luxury going into 2017. It has been constantly cold, depressingly rainy and snowy and overall not the winter I was wishing for. I have been finding it harder and harder to find winter clothes that are both fashionable and combat the low temperatures of New York, especially when commuting. I bundle up in my puffer jacket and knee-high boots and by the time I get to the train I feel like I am baking alive. Yet, when I try to layer up and throw on a thinner jacket such as an aviator or oversized denim with a blanket scarf, I end up regretting it instantaneously as I step outside.

This Fashionista showed me exactly what essentials I need to stock up on to beat this chilly season while still staying true to my style. First is the chunky knit. This is a classic staple piece, and I say the bigger the knit the better. For a thinner sweater, you can always layer it with overalls or a culotte jumpsuit. You could even throw on a sweatshirt under or over the sweater for some added warmth.

The next essential is a fur vest, which comes in all different colors, and lengths. For this brutal weather, I think the best option is to invest in a hip to knee length vest. It is a great layering piece that can add a hint of sophistication and class to even the most basic of outfits. Both of these items can even rollover into the spring, when it’s not exactly freezing but it isn’t quite summer yet.

What I find most intriguing about this Fashionista’s outfit is the integration of different white pieces off set by the tonal browns and creams of the sweater. She represents the best part of winter, which is bundling up in knit sweaters and pulling out the faux fur, from the bottom of the closet. When the weather isn’t too wet, booties become another necessity for looking your best during the cooler months. These taupe booties were just the right edition, color wise and height wise, to complete this winter look.

It is apparent that just because the weather isn’t great doesn’t mean your fashion sense can’t be. 2017 is the year of not sacrificing one’s style due to the weather. Adding these staples to your closet will not only help in expressing your style but will ensure that you stay warm while doing it.

Here’s How To Save Your Dry Winter Skin Without Breaking the Bank

Winter has it’s pros: cozy layers, snow days, and a built in excuse to say no to plans and yes to Netflix. One thing that isn’t so great about winter? The seemingly unavoidable dry, cracking skin.

Finding a solution shouldn’t be as hard as your econ homework, but for some reason it tends to be. Luckily, we have found ways to keep your skin hydrated that actually work and don’t break the bank!

Dry legs? Chapped lips? Regardless your skin-utation, check out how to find relief so you can go back to enjoying all the beauty of this season!

Dry Legs?

Two words: body cream. This cream is very luxurious, thick, and rich and is the solution to your dry skin problems on your body. Personally, I think it is best used and absorbed right after a shower when your skin is still a tad damp to help the viscous cream soak into your skin. This also works wonders after you shave. Say goodbye to dry legs and hello to smooth skin.

Dry Face?

I have a couple of solutions for those of you with dry skin on your face. During the winter, it is so incredibly easy to have dry skin on your face which makes it hard for your makeup to look good if it is settled on flakey skin. So, let’s solve it.

Option One: Face Mask Try using just pure honey! Honey has so many natural benefits and holds an abundance of antioxidants. Not only is it amazing for discoloration, acne, and sensitive skin, but also natural honey is great for dry skin. I like to first exfoliate to remove any flakey skin and then apply honey all over my face for about 30 minutes to an hour. You can leave it on for as long as you want, but the true benefits arise when you leave it on your skin for a prolonged amount of time. Yay for face masks you can eat!

Option Two: Hyaluronic Acid Serum The one ingredient you need this winter in your skincare is hyaluronic acid. Don’t be afraid by the term “acid” especially all you extremely sensitive skin gals like me. This certain type has the ability to hold large amounts of moisture, literally—one gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six liters of water! Isn’t that insane? This certain serum is amazing at making sure your skin isn’t dried out from the cold and the wind, and the best part is that it is pure and only $15.00 on Amazon! Ballin’ on a budget!

Option Three: Face Oil Face oil has been all the rage in the recent years due to its amazing benefits. Just a couple of drops a night can really save your skin. Argan oil is my favorite, but there are numerous types of facial oils out there for every skin type and skin concern. My favorite is the Argan Oil Light from Josie Maran because a little goes a very long way. It helps with discoloration and makes you look purely radiant iike that glow from within everyone wants. Also, don’t be afraid of facial oils clogging your pores because Argan oil in specific is perfect for sensitive, oily, acneic skin.

Dry Lips?

When you are trying to wear lipstick, especially matte lipstick, in the winter you know you have to keep those lips moisturized and plumped. My ultimate pet peeve is when my lips are dry—I’m serious, I never leave the house without at least chapstick in my bag. Here are a few solutions to add to your routine to banish dry lips.

Option One: Night “Cream” I have struggled with dry lips for a while, and once I discovered this rich, cream-like lip balm my entire life changed. I plop on Neosporin’s Overnight Renewal Therapy at night and hit the sack. When I wake up in the morning, my lips are always plumped and moisturized. Think of it as an overnight face mask for your lips!

Option Two: Aquaphor Aquaphor is a thick, vaseline type product that works wonders when it comes to dry lips. I even apply this sometimes on my dry cuticles, cuts, bruises, etc. Celebrities even swear by this product because it is that good.

Option Three: Carmex Carmex is one of those staple products that never becomes irrelevant. Even though it may smell funky, Carmex has done amazing things for those dry lips all around the world. Give it a go if you haven’t!

Dry Hands?

I swear by one product and one product only for my hands. I have struggled with dry hands for years so take my word on this one. Philosophy’s Hands of Hope is the holy grail of hand creams. It is thick, rich, and perfect for those ladies whose hands are always dry and crackly.

Now go out there and prosper with some seriously moisturized skin!