Basic Summer Outfit Essentials Everyone Should Have

Due to the weather, summer can be a tricky season for fashion. However, if you have the essentials, your summer style will be rocking all season long. While sporting extravagant outfits inspired by mainstream fashion icons can be tempting, summer is a great season to keep it simple and explore your own unique style.

As the weather is warming up it is important to keep cool. Crop tops are a great way to achieve that. While trends have recently moved towards choker band T-shirts, the crop top still remains a timeless and practical summer outfit essential. Due to the vast variety of styles that they come in, there is a crop top that fits everyone’s personal style. Not only is their versatility appealing, their practicality is as well. The material is mostly thin, allowing the Fashionista maximum breathability in the summer heat.

Although crop tops remain timeless in the ever-changing fashion world, there is a basic essential that is being slept on. The heat can discourage many from rocking a pair of jeans. However, not only do they serve as a great option for any outfit, they can also protect you from the potentially damaging rays of the summer sun. While caught up in working on your summer glow, it can be easy to forget sun protection. With jeans, you already have an incredibly fashionable built-in protectant. Similar to the crop top, jeans also come in a variety of styles, leaving you with endless unique fashion options.

To spice up any outfit, accessories are a great option. Whether it be a nice pair of shoes or an expressive makeup look, accessories are a great way to complete any outfit regardless of the season.

Summer is a great time to express your own sense of style, and when you have two incredibly practical and versatile clothing options, you can never go wrong. Tag @Cfashionista in your posts rocking your summer essentials!

Pop, Drop, and Crop It—Taking Men’s Fashion Week Trends to the Street

This one goes out to the Fashionistos. From to Gucci to Thom Browne, it’s been refreshingly rad to see a surge of variance and vivacity in the pretty mono-style world of menswear. The entire idea of menswear is based on uniformity (like, literally. Look it up), so seeing agender runway show styles is such a breakthrough for men’s fashion and society—and I for one am all for it.

Feeling inspired by S/S 18 London Men’s themes from Topshop Man to Vivienne Westwood, but not quite sure how to take these fashion week looks to the street? Here are some styling tips from a Fashionisto who makes the term “menswear” his own.

1—Shopping outside the men’s section. There are so many garment styles, yet most menswear is so limited! (Seriously, if I were a dude I would be so frustrated with my choices). Sometimes, you have to think outside the box… or at least the men’s section. Maybe the buttons go the other way, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying out some high-waisted bell-bottoms! If there’s a style you dig but can’t find it the men’s section, don’t be afraid to cross your comfort zone and the store. This Fashionisto got the majority of his garb from the women’s section and received nothing but compliments on his ensemble.

2—Beyond the “Romphim.” The man romper is not the most flattering look for all male body types. I’m pretty sure one either slays in it or looks like a potato sack with armholes. However, a more universally flattering trend which, in my opinion, should totally get used more in menswear is the crop top. Whether a cropped pullover, tank, or T-shirt, both this Fashionisto and I are in agreement crop tops for men should totally be the next big thing. A subtle yet statement piece could be a mesh crop top similar to this Fashionisto’s—a style and gender-neutral piece that can be layered for the day or be a statement for a night out.

3—Baggage claim. Bags for men. Sure, men’s clothes might have superior pocket space, but whether you’re rocking garments from the men or women section, a bag is always a useful accessory. It’s not just European, either. A lot of backpacks or bags will give you an air of someone well-traveled or scholarly-hipster-chic and will save your pockets from “phone prints.” And, if the Alex Mullins show was any hint at soon to be trends, this is something all you Fashionistos should jump on!

Taking it beyond Thom Browne’s skirt and knee-highs, can we talk about crops? Actually flattering not-your-dad’s-shorts? Expressive, brightly colored garments? For men? Groundbreaking? Maybe. But, let’s be honest, when those pro-positivity posts go around online reading “crop tops are for everyone,” do they also mean those Fashionistos out there? Boy(s), if you can rock it, wear it!

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4 Essential Summer Outfits

There are many trends that have evolved over the past few months. Now that summer is here, it’s all about looking your best while battling the summer heat. I decided to pick some classic summer trends and share with you a few of my ideas for essential summer outfits.

You can never go wrong with a plain white shirt. Spice it up by going for a mesh T-shirt or a tube top. Another essential for the summer heat is denim shorts and skirts. Recently, high-waisted denim skirts came back into style. Personally, I’m a huge fan. Pair a high-waisted denim skirt with one of your favorite crop tops or bodysuits.

Accessories are another great essential. Some big trends right now are dainty jewelry and western belts. If you’re going to wear a statement piece, it’s best to keep it simple with the rest of your look. Some cut-off shorts and a basic black top make a simple, yet bold combination.

A more daring way to wear denim is to go with a denim overall dress. Overalls are another trend that is back in style. It’s the perfect option for a date night or a day with friends. Pair an overall dress with a simple lace bralette and some booties.

If you prefer to keep it simple, you can always stick with some shorts, a tank top, and a pair of sneakers. Pair a tank top with some cutoff or high-waisted shorts and a pair of Converse. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it basic, as the basics will never go out of style!

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How to Style One of Summer’s Biggest Trends

Let’s talk about overalls. I wore overalls when I was little, mostly against my will, and mostly because my parents put me in them. After a while, I came to the realization that overalls were wholly uncool, and in an effort to fit in, I ditched them and forgot about them… until 3 years ago. I’m not sure what prompted me to take to Target to search for overalls, but I spent a good half hour looking for the perfect fit, wash, length. etc. I wore those overalls for a while before I realized I needed a summer pair. Enter these overall shorts from Madewell. They are absolutely perfect for a day when you want to be comfortable, relaxed, and cute. Think of it as a dress that’s easier to move in, a one-stop styling tool.

For this particular look, I wanted a comfy look for a day spent wandering around the Marais neighborhood in Paris. I went for a vintage cotton ruffled top underneath the overalls to really spice up the look. When paired with the workman-style overalls, the contrast of such a girly top makes for a really interesting look. In terms of accessories, I threw on some suede lace-up sandals by Frye and a suede fringe bag by Maje.

This is just one example of styling overalls for summer. Try a T-shirt and sneakers for the ultimate casual look or even sandals and a bralette for the beach.

How do you style your overalls? Do you think this trend is here to stay? Let me know in the comments below!

Outfits that Beat the Heat in NYC

There’s nothing like direct advice from a native New Yorker about how to beat the heat during these hot summer days in the city while remaining true to your style. So stop worrying about the hot summer days, the sticky, and humid air ruining your summer style because the outfits I’m about to point out are as cool as it gets. The photographs all incorporate iconic New York City culture in order to further highlight my origins to New York. The New York City yellow taxi cab isn’t the only yellow we should be spotting in the city. Hues of yellow in your summer wardrobe will help you stand out amongst the bright colored days.

Show off those shoulders and catch a tan as you walk the streets of New York City with a yellow string crop top. Pair the top with your favorite pair of white denim shorts or a white denim skirt. The simplicity of the colors will not only highlight a confident and trendy look but will keep you cool from the burning sun and humid air. Accessorize the look with your favorite glasses and velvet choker.  And if you’re feeling daring: top off the look with a bold rep lip. The outfit calls for attention yet simplicity all at once.

For the next outfit let’s work a bit backwards. Starting with sneakers, because in New York you are either hopping subways, hailing at cabs, or walking to every destination. Stan Smiths by Adidas are amongst one of the most commonly used sneakers because of their versatility, comfort, and style.  Bring out those stylish high-waisted shorts you’ve been wanting to flaunt. Sport your hair up in a bun or in a low messy bun; personally one of my favorites, it allows you to appear graceful yet remain casually sporty. Although we can try to beat the sweat with dozens of products, try to embrace the natural you. Makeup in the heat can get messy so try to highlight your lips and eyes, parts of the face that tend to sweat less. You can either top your look off with a natural or bold lip. Mascara and eyeliner are more likely to stay on, so don’t be afraid to create attention to those eyes.

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This is Why Androgyny is the New Black

If there is one thing fashion has taught me it’s that borrowing from the boys is vital for any chic wardrobe. But, what happens when the boys borrow back?

Fashion is an advocate for pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to be artful. London Men’s Fashion Week S/S 18 is proving to be one of the most gender fluid Fashion Weeks to hit the runway and it is not disappointing.

When gender-blended shirts, man skirts, and exquisite makeup dominated runways this June, it left me questioning whether this is the future of fashion.

Experimenting with the ever-so rapidly blurring lines between masculinity and femininity in fashion, I was inspired to create a versatile look that anyone can pull off.

Androgyny can be ambiguous or it can highlight a fusion of masculine and feminine traits within one outfit. Whichever approach you take, it is important to remember that being comfortable and being confident go together. Do what makes you feel you can be the best version of yourself.

In this outfit, I wanted to achieve a simultaneous expression of both genders. To start, I chose a Forever 21 Contemporary Crew Neck Sweater in Black ($28), which I cropped myself. I love an effortless long sleeve crop top because they highlight the broadness of my shoulders, while maintaining vulnerability throughout the outfit by exposing my torso.

To make sure I was comfortable in this outfit I chose to pair the DIY crop top with my favorite pair of BDG Girlfriend High-Rise Jeans from Urban Outfitters ($79). They give you just the right amount of coverage. These jeans show how diverse denim can be by the cut off hems, slashed knees, frayed ankles, and the subtle bleach spots.

Madewell is my go-to store for all things androgynous, effortless, and unexpected. To exaggerated the length of my legs I opted for The Lucien Boot in Leather from Madewell ($100). The rich leather and not-too-high wooden heel allow this timeless shoe to fit into your everyday wardrobe.

Accessories are everything. I was so stuck on the two-inch wooden heel of the boot that I wanted to complement it. To pull this off I paired the shoe with my suede cap to add color and texture to this gender-neutral look. I have pale blue eyes so to avoid squinting every second I threw on my beloved Forget Me Not Aviators ($25). These sunglasses provide a feminine touch to my outfit, at the same time the aviators frame and strengthen my jawline and cheekbones.

To accent this look, I chose this White Zip Pouch from Banana Republic that doubles as a crossbody bag because it’s as flexible as this outfit. When you have a bag, it is important to make sure your outfit can function with and without the bag.

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Getting Graphic

As the unofficial uniform of college students, T-shirts are a style-staple and can be seen on just about anyone and everyone as you walk around campus. Graphic T-shirts are making a comeback this year, and they now can be found hundreds of different styles, colors, and cuts. With such versatility, you can never go wrong with a graphic T-shirt—especially when paired with some blue jeans—while the weather is still warming up for summer.

For a casual day out, I wore a simple graphic T-shirt from Show Me Your Mumu. I love how the bright white letters stand out against the dark, heather gray background of the tee, giving it a retro-varsity vibe.  Its cropped cut shows the perfect amount of skin when paired with jeans for a flirtatious-yet-casual look. Boyfriend jeans are super trendy right now and can be dressed up or down with the right top and accessories. I added more detail to the look by cuffing up the bottoms of my American Eagle Outfitters jeans to make it more suitable for this in-between seasons weather. To give the look a little more edge, I accessorized with a pair of silver hoop earrings, which are great for either day or night. Chokers are one of my favorite trends to accessorize my outfits with right now, especially when layered with Y-necklaces like this silver one. Shoes are a perfect way to give an outfit personal style and flare; I finished off the outfit by adding a little bit of my personal, more bohemian, style with a pair of faux-snakeskin sandals. If your style is more on the sporty side, swap the sandals out for a pair of Converse or Adidas Superstars!

No matter what your style is, don’t forget that a graphic T-shirt and a pair of jeans can be dressed up or down to for any weather, any occasion, and anyone!

What do you pair your graphic T-shirts with? Post a picture, and don’t forget to tag us at @cfashionista! 

Styling Culottes for Summer

Isn’t it funny how fashion comes full circle? I remember when culottes and gaucho pants were popular. Well, look at what’s back and trending for the summer! Culottes have been seen everywhere this spring and summer, being worn by celebrities ranging from Rihanna to Kendall Jenner.

In the 1700s, culottes were worn by the French upper class. It derives from the French word “culot,” which means “the lower half of.”

The thing I love about culottes is that they come in all kinds of lengths and patterns. There are some that come right to your knee and some that even reach your ankles. Knowing this helps you to find out what you are comfortable with wearing, depending on what season it is.

As with any wide-leg trend, it can be hard to imagine what they would look like on your body. Culottes can be difficult and intimidating at first. They are an awkward length and have a wide-leg silhouette. When I am styling my culottes, I like to picture them as a midi skirt. Once I do this, it is very easy to mix and match with whatever I have in my wardrobe. Culottes are perfect for summer because they are easy to move in and they are super light!

Below I give suggestions on how to slay culottes for the summer!

1—Play with different prints and materials.
2—Add a form fitting top. Doing this helps cinch your waist and also helps to offset the volume of the pants.
3—Focus on footwear. Some types of footwear which complement culottes are ankle boots and lace-up heels.
4—Add some fun accessories.

What do you think about culottes coming back? If you are a culotte lover like myself, don’t forget to show us on social media and tag @CFashionista.

STYLE ADVICE: Keeping It Casual

Spring has sprung, and someone should inform Mother Nature because the weather hasn’t exactly matched up to the season. Even though the weather outside is still a bit frightful, this Fashionista decided to embrace the new season with a cool, casual ensemble. Using basic pieces from her wardrobe, she was able to create an outfit that still stood out.

Since it’s still a bit chilly outside, this Fashionista opted for a long sleeve crop top instead of a shorter sleeve. This basic teal green top can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. This Fashionista went for a more casual look, and added a simple choker necklace to accessorize her outfit. I love this necklace because it features a silver flower charm in the center. This flower is designed like a mandala, with intricate studded details in its design. At the center of the charm is a bronze bead that resembles the middle part of a flower. This necklace, along with the teal green top, brings the feeling of spring to a dreary day.

Our Fashionista paired her crop top with a pair of high-waisted jeans. These light wash jeans are perfect for the spring because they keep the outfit light and airy, and the shade of blue goes perfectly with the teal crop top.

To finish off the outfit, this Fashionista added some weather appropriate Hunter boots. These rain boots are stylish, yet effective, and their black color allows them to be paired with any outfit. With a pair of oatmeal colored boot socks to add some depth, this Fashionista is ready for a casual spring day on campus.


The sun is finally coming out of hiding here in San Diego presenting the opportunity to dust off my spring clothes and get them ready for the days of sunshine. My style differs throughout the year but really thrives in times of warm weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love fall and winter trends but I’m ready for spring and summer weather style to show the readers of CollegeFashionista just what makes fashion so exciting and exquisite to me.

One of my favorite things to wear as warm and pleasant weather sneaks up are high waisted skirts. High waisted skirts are perfect for a trip to the farmers market, a stroll around downtown, a chic school day outfit, or even a go to when running errands. They are not only fit for these sunny days with a cute crop top but also perfect for chillier days when you can pair it with a long sleeve as you wait in longing for spring. Shopping is not always the easiest escapade as a college student due to the fact that it involves money which is a pretty nonexistent resource when attending a four year college. However, when purchasing the tops for this outfit, you can wear them separately as well with a pair of jeans or shorts. In reality, you are adding to all different aspects of your closet while still keeping up with the latest looks.So now let’s talk about how to accessorize your new found dream days of high waisted skirts.

I prefer my jewelry to be very plain and cohesive. My latest go to are teardrop earrings that diversify my look from shoulder up. This is another accessory that can dress up any last minute T-shirt and jeans outfit. Also, anytime I go out I usually bring a crossbody purse with me. I like pieces that are small but large enough to hold my phone and wallet. As a result, I don’t have to haul around a large purse when I am on the go and there is more attention on my skirt and shoes than what I am holding.

I have recently developed a new shoe obsession that I cannot wait to share with my fellow Fashionistas; clogs. I’m truly in love with these kinds of shoes. They are very rustic looking and add a vintage feel to any ensemble. My personal choice is to match my favorite high waisted skirt with a pair of clogs. This adds to the overall dress that makes it more chic. However, I also adore clogs with a pair of jeans; preferably flare or skinny and their ability to make a casual outfit look spunky. Look out for these shoes as they are making their way into and up in the world of fashion.

These are just a few of my favorite fashion pieces and I can’t wait to share more with you as we dive into a new season of renewal and growth, especially when it comes to our wardrobe.