3 Ways to Reinvent Your Flannel Shirts for the Summer

Levi’s and Dr. Martens were originally crafted to withstand hard labor, and here I am buying pre-ripped jeans for $50 and gallivanting to class in boots that I thought were super cute. Originally a source of practicality for men, flannel shirts were recently brought to the style forefront and became a common thread for each gender and class. Everybody loves a good flannel shirt, but there’s a fine line between lumberjack and Fashionista. Sometimes plaid is redundant and the colors mush together. I have a stack of flannel shirts that remain loyal to me on lazy days. However, I’m always looking for new ways to bring life to these garments.

Flannel shirts aren’t typically worn in the summer, so I compiled three simple ways to style these favorite, but admittedly boring, articles of clothing. These outfits revolve around the top like the solar system, so be imaginative when creating your own.

The recent cropped sweatshirt epidemic inspired my first look. All you do is cut the torso part in half, which instantly turns an arguably boring top into a head-turner. Plus, it’s totally versatile; the excess fabric can even be used as a scarf for your dog. A bralette pairs well with the renovated flannel shirt and prevents you from flashing a crowd on accident. It’s a win-win. Here’s a tip: Find a line in the plaid pattern to follow with your scissors for a straight cut!

The second flannel shirt was completely olive green until I got a hold of it. In order to successfully dip-dye your fabric, start by filling three buckets: half water and half bleach, pure water, and half water and half vinegar, respectively. Dip your flannel shirt in the water-bleach solution first to strip it of its color, which creates an ombré look. Once you achieve your desired color, dunk it in the water bucket to get rid of the bleach. Lastly, dunk your flannel shirt in the water-vinegar solution to stop the bleach from bleeding. After it dries, wash the shirt alone before wearing it so the bleach doesn’t ruin any other clothes or irritate your skin!

The third and final project is the most challenging, but also my favorite. I got inspiration from the trend of mismatched shirts. I used two flannel shirts for this one but cut them both in half. Yes, you heard me—right in half. Take the left side of one and the right side of the other and sew them down the middle of the back panel. What’s even better is that once you have your new flannel, you’re left with the shirts’ other halves. Sew those together, too, and give a fellow Fashionista a rad top of her own!

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“Cool”ottes are the Pants of the Summer

If you’re the type of person who searches for the best way to fashionably stand out in a crowd, then read on to find out how you can add that wow factor to your summer look. We all know that the go-to piece for the summer is a nice pair of shorts that allow you to keep semi-cool and show off your legs. However, there are some people who may be looking for an alternative option. Although a pair of high-waisted cut-off shorts or daisy dukes are an automatic choice for many in the hot temperatures, there is another option that I think adds a unique touch to your summer wardrobe. Allow me to introduce culottes to you!

Summer look featuring culottes

What are culottes?

The newest and most on-trend item I have personally fallen in love with in the past year is a pair of trousers called culottes, or as I like to say: “cool”ottes. Even though these are pants, they can still keep your legs nice and cool in the stickiness of the summer. These pants are my favorite piece to wear in the warmer months because of their breeziness and flowing fabric. I don’t feel restricted like I would in a pair of jeans, and the cropped hem allows you to show off part of your legs and really accentuate any shoes you choose to wear.

The best part about these pants is that they literally look good with any and every pair of shoes. I love to wear them with sneakers, but they look equally as great with sandals, mules, booties, you name it. Another perk of this style pant is that they look good on any body type. Wear them with a more form-fitting top to allow the silhouette of the whole look to really focus on the pants. I’d say culottes are truly heaven-sent.

Vans with cropped culottes

Your time to shine!

If you’re looking to grab yourself a nice pair that won’t break the budget, you can find them at almost any fast-fashion retail store. I personally think the best pairs are at Zara because you can really get a nice quality fabric for a good price.

If you do end up finding a good pair of culottes for yourself, feel free to share an OOTD picture on your social media and tag @Cfashionista so we can see your trendy summer look!

WHAT TO WEAR: The Final Slayage

Welcome to finals week Fashionistas and Fashionistos! This is the most important week of the semester. Not only do you have to show your professor that you were actually listening in class that time you were scrolling through your Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr feed, but you also have to remind everyone why you are the HFIC (Head Fashionista in Charge). While everyone else is dressed in sweats and toting those non-designer bags under their eyes, you are rocking your best casual fits. And so, here we have it ladies and gents. Our last venture together for the semester, the casual outfit.

Most people get so caught up in the stress of finals week that they forget the most important rule of fashion: Every day is a fashionable day. Now of course this is not a jab at anyone who decides to tone it all the way down for finals week, but more so, a reminder that you do not have to be a victim of finals week and that the right casual outfit can leave you stylish without destroying your image.

In the hub of all the formulas, historic events, chemical compositions, and whatever physics is about, it can get hard to even think of outfit ideas. When those days come, the easiest thing is to keep it simple. This month’s Fashionista did exactly that. Dressed in all black with a simple crop top and jeans, it is the perfect way to show that even with the stress, you are still the best dressed. The highlight in this outfit, of course, are the classic Puma sneakers on her feet that provide the perfect spring pop that takes this ensemble from drab to fab. To top it all off she accessorized with a pair of gold, hoop earrings and a classic beige colored bag to keep her pre-exam study notes and #2 pencil in.

So, when you are waking up for that 8 a.m. exam, nervous and scared out of your mind, remember this: You do not have to study for fashion! Unless of course you are a fashion major, in which case, I feel your pain girl!

BEAUTY BAR: Get That Glow

Today’s outfit is all about doing it yourself. This Fashionista’s look is something that you can recreate by vamping up old articles of clothing or buy them new.

Recreating this look is super simple and easy. To start off, find an old pair of jeans, a hoodie in your closet, or take a trip to the local Goodwill to find some. Cut the bottom half of the hoodie to make it into a crop top (you can adjust the length to your personal preference). For the jeans, pick a slightly high-waisted pair to off set the cropped hoodie. You just need to put slit holes in the area your knees will approximately be! She then paired the casual outfit with gray Doc Martens to add some edge. If DIY’s aren’t really your thing, don’t break a sweat! Cropped hoodies and knee slit jeans are in these days and can found in various stores.

Besides her outfit, this Fashionista’s makeup is actually perfect. To complete a look similar to this you need to complete a few things: defined brows, winged eye liner, and lots of highlighter. Anastasia Beverly hills has awesome brow definer pencils or brow powder duo to help fill in and define your brows. For this Fashionista, she used pinks and reds to complete her eye shadow look, which in turn compliments her lilac hoodie. You can alter the colors used to your preference! Then use some black eyeliner and wing it as bold and dramatic as you wish. Apply highlight to the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and your cupid’s bow to get an awesome glow! To finish off the look, apply a clear or nude gloss to your lips to offset your bold eye. In the end you will look like a glowing angel walking across your college campus.

I hope this Fashionista inspires you to get crafty and try some new makeup looks!


It’s the middle of the winter, and we all struggle to keep up with new trends at this time. Why is this? The weather! It is always hard to show some skin with layers and layers of clothes on. I usually go against my will power and sprint out of my apartment to where the party is as fast as I can. This way, I can be edgy and save myself from a longer duration in the cold.

There is one trend I am obsessed with right now for winter style: fishnets. Yes, the tights with holes that we wear under our Halloween costume. This has become a major trend in  high fashion and street style lately. What’s great about these is that you can wear them and still stay warm. My favorite way to wear these is under a pair of destroyed denim. You can stay warm and still see the fishnets peek through. For extra exposure, a cropped hoodie pairs well for a street style look. Another way is with a T-shirt dress, leather jacket, and thigh-high or chunky lace-up heels.

If you’re afraid to try this trend, don’t be! It is a subtle way to add sexiness and edge to any casual outfit. What I love about it is that it creates a high fashion look with one simple accessory. It is also super fun to wear these. I feel so confident and always get compliments on how I style them. So, try it out! I guarantee you’ll feel the same way. Until next time, Fashionistas!


It was the day before I left for Thanksgiving break that I found out I was going to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I was ecstatic, and proceeded to squeal like a little girl. Besides being able to go home and tell my extended family at Thanksgiving dinner, the holiday where teens get their life choices examined by their aunts and uncles, I was even more excited to be a part of a creative outlet that combines both my love for fashion, and my passion for writing.

I am a freshman studying fashion merchandising at Marist College. I grew up in a bubble, located in the middle of suburbia, just an hour outside of New York City. Growing up, I found that I didn’t want to have the same black legging, Ugg boot-wearing style as my fellow classmates (seriously, try to convince me that leggings are pants and you will fail). So I drew inspiration from both New York and my suburban upbringing. I have a different style than most of the people who I was surrounded by, I used the city as my inspiration while still taking some inspiration from suburbia. I do not see this as a bad thing. Living in the world of fast fashion where trends quickly change, my style evolves just as fast. Therefore, my style is hard to define. However, I do tend to gravitate towards solid fabrics instead of patterns and have always worn a ton of white and a ton of black. I think there is something so simple about the two colors. They are able to make anyone look put together.

For this look, I chose to go with something more on the casual side. I believe that just because you are not in the mood to dress up, doesn’t mean that you should give up. I paired high-waisted jeans with a cropped sweatshirt, and leather jacket. However, I made sure that the jeans were high enough and the sweatshirt was long enough so that my stomach wasn’t showing. I try to stay away from showing bare midriff because I get painful flashbacks of middle school, where I now regret almost everything I wore. I like this particular outfit because it is comfortable, but still put together and trendy. I paired black slip-on sneakers to go with the comfort of the rest of the look and called it a day.

I hope you enjoy this look and reading this article as much as I did creating it. I can’t wait to continue sharing my fashion inspirations with you this semester.

STYLE ADVICE: Thrifting Away

With fashion trends from the past constantly reappearing, there is no better way to obtain authentic, vintage pieces than thrifting. Thrift stores hold a wide range of antique treasures and, oftentimes, for a fraction of the price. Of these hidden treasures, there never seems to be a shortage of a wide variety of denim to choose from.

From fitted to flared, skinny to boyfriend, light wash to dark wash, high-waisted to low-waisted, the jean section sometimes appears to be infinite. The wide range of styles, though, allows for endless opportunities of personalization. This Fashionista revealed that she found this pair of high-waisted, button up jeans at a thrift store for a surprisingly low price. To make the piece more her own, however, she cuffed the bottom of the pant legs to get the desired capri look. Other options for exhibiting your unique style include distressing, bleaching, patching, etc.

As mentioned, fashion trends from the past seem to be recurring left and right with increased popularity. Of these trends, the denim on denim look has reemerged stronger than ever. Even celebrity fashion icons such as Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez have been spotted sporting this ensemble. This Fashionista, specifically, played off this trend and paired her recycled jeans with an oversized denim jacket—another thrift store find—and a simple white tank crop. Mirroring her jeans, the sleeves of the jacket are cuffed. Don’t be afraid to personalize any denim accessory or garment in the same way you would personalize your jeans.

For footwear, this Fashionista opted for a pair of men’s gray Timberland winter boots with untied laces. The looser look from the boots balances the larger style of the denim jacket and unifies the desired aesthetic.

STYLE GURU BIO: Cheyenne Harris

Hey, it’s me! I’m blessed to say that I am back again for the third time as a Style Guru. I am so thankful to have started this internship early on in my college career because it has helped me gain so much writing experience and knowledge within the fashion industry. I’ve never considered myself a photographer but this internship has really helped me step out of my comfort zone and even pick up a new hobby.

My interest in fashion started at a young age and was heavily influenced by my mom. My mom studied fashion merchandising in Miami at International Fine Arts College class of 1983. She always says, “a swipe of lipstick a day keeps the bad moods away.” Even when we are at home for the day, she always has her lipstick on. As a young girl, I would put on my moms heels and she would teach me how to walk in them with class. She also taught me that when my feet hurt from heels to fake it till I make it (home that is).

As Rachel Zoe once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” My outfit choice says a lot about who I am as an individual. My outfit is fun and chill just like me.  Wine has been a popular color this year (are you surprised?) and suede is a ’70s trend that has made a huge comeback. I consider myself a trendy lady which is why the cropped hoodie and hat were a must. The cropped hoodie and mesh leggings are fashionable active wear. The “old school” white socks are slightly scrunched up and were worn strategically to make the white strings on my hoodie pop. Athleisure is a trend that I practically wear on a daily basis. I usually wear clothes that I can work out in later simply by switching my shoes. Timberland boots and big hoops are associated with urban cities. I have grown up listening to hip-hop, R&B, and rap. When I was younger I took dance lessons and competed on a hip hop team. I’m from a small neighborhood but hip-hop culture has heavily influenced my style to have a more urban vibe.

I am eager to see what the new year and new semester brings for me and I cannot wait to have another RAD semester!


STYLE GURU BIO: Cassidy Spears

Shortly after finishing my high school career as being notorious for the one who always dresses up, I decided to take on a much larger task: making dressing down look good. Of course, entering college is much different than your high school low responsibility (and cheap) life at home, I learned the hard way that I cannot always dress up. After long nights of studying for my five classes and going to work the next morning to try and pay rent, I realized that my dirty laundry was overflowing and my time was depleting. So, I dipped into some comfy shoes, sweaters and leggings I have not worn in years, and threw my dresses in the washer!

We all have our own personal style. As for me: my go-to outfit consists of sporty leggings, bright shoes, and a cropped sweatshirt. This look shows that even on days where you have no energy to try and do your hair or look elegant, you can still win the day by showing off a cute little thrown together outfit. Like my mom always said; less is more. With very few details, it’s hard to decide what an outfit fully needs to complete the look. By accessorizing it with an acid-wash jean jacket, my Adidas outfit was a wrap!

Everyone’s style should reflect their personality. I have always been a lover of adidas because I have always been a lover of soccer! The addition of the logo in this outfit surely expresses myself. You can never go wrong by always including a little bit of your personality in each outfit rather than resembling the most recent fads.


Even though the cold weather is still here, the season has officially changed. We are now ready to rock the floral trend! The transition from one season to another is taking its time, therefore, we can not leave a sweater or jacket in the house.

Despite the fact that this untrustworthy weather could make us get a cold, this Fashionista is such a risky girl. That was one of the things that made her stand out: her attitude. A pair of skinny jeans and a crop top could be considered basics, but they are totally not when you have a pose. When you walk with an attitude, you can make the world feel your presence without even talking. That’s what I felt when I found this girl on the street.

It´s great to find stylish people rocking a casual look because it’s not something that happens every day. This outfit would not be the same without this amazing curly red hair. This vibrant color makes this Fashionista glow. Moreover, a classic cat eye and red lips are the perfect makeup for every girl. On the other hand, the accessories of this look are precise. A pair of Aviator glasses, just in case the sun shines, empower her hair style. These earrings are the right size, and the metallic color perfectly matches this outfit. Even though white is the synonym of summer, it has become an essential color for every season. It is impossible not to see people wearing white sneakers everywhere, but in this Fashionista’s look, they break the dark palette. Additionally, she carries a black oversized bag for all the things a girl could need.

With a denim jacket, this look would be perfect for going to classes, and with a pair of black Chelsea boots and a leather jacket, you would be ready for a fancy meeting.