STYLE ADVICE: The Semester is Over

Aren’t we all happy that the semester is finally almost over? Although the semester is very close to being over and many students have left the campus to start their summer journey,  I was lucky enough to find an international student on my campus who is currently involved in our exchange program. I am very glad I was able to do that because I really enjoy seeing how different cultures interpret fashion and create styles. I wanted to make sure I was able to create a post so that everyone can learn a new way of putting certain clothing pieces together, as well as allowing readers to see some new pieces and styles they have maybe never seen before.

This look was one of my favorite looks seen on campus that day. This Fashionista decided to go with a business-casual look. My personal favorite part of the look was the shoes. Unfortunately, those shoes can only be found in China, but I am pretty sure H&M has something similar. For the top, she went with a light blue button-down shirt that was tucked into a black pair of flowy cropped trousers. To piece her top and bottoms together, she decided to go with a simple brown belt that went around her waist.

To add the outfit together, she wore a black small crossbody bag. This look was a very good pick for a windy, spring day. It allows her to feel the nice spring breeze but still be able to stay warm. I look forward to finding many more Fashionistas during the summer.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Rock n’ Roll Twist

While rock and roll music might feel outdated, it’s fashion is making a comeback! It’s no surprise that the oversize T-shirts, ripped jeans, and boots are making a comeback—they’re super cute. This trend is everywhere, so you won’t have to dig through your dad’s old clothes or hit up a thrift store. Almost all fashion stores are selling band shirts and inspired rock and roll apparel. Not to mention, they already come distressed. Pretty groovy, right? Now if rock and roll isn’t your scene, but you want to be a part of this trend, I’ve got a girly approach awaiting you!

For this look, I took a band T-shirt inspired black dress and dressed it up. To complement my waist and give the look a more girly feel, I tied a green jacket around my waist. Not only will this slim your look, it adds a hint of denim—something essential to the rock and roll lifestyle. The secret to making any outfit look great is accessories! Personally, I love the sophisticated look stacked rings give to your hands. For arm candy, I kept it simple with only one gold bangle. I made all my accessories gold colored so that they would look uniform next to my gold chained purse. Since this look is rocker inspired, I topped off the outfit with some knee-high velvet boots.

You probably won’t find any other rock and roll chick wearing an outfit this cute and girly. Call it a modern twist to the rock and roll craze! Grab yourself some cool shades and own this look! Rock on, Fashionistas!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Groundbreaking Spring Florals

Growing up in the south, I have done my fair share of boutique shopping, and when you go to school in a small college town in the SEC, it’s even harder to stand out from the crowd when we all seem to have the same outfits from the same local stores. That’s where amazing accessories come into play. Don’t get me wrong, this embroidered, dropped waist dress is precious, but the accessories are what truly takes my look to the next level.

First, to add some flare to my look, I paired this rust, floral dress with a mauve, wide brimmed hat. Not only is this the perfect attention grabbing accessory, it’s prefect for hiding that third day hair that you don’t want to fully expose (don’t lie, we’ve all been there). Secondly, I paired this hat with a matching gray pair of Vince Camuto lace-up heels. While these are a darker color from the fall collection, the open toe laces allow these heels to transition seamlessly from fall to spring.

In order to avoid appearing too put together and matching, I paired these two accessories with a black cross-body bag. This helps to pull out the darker tones in the dresses’ embroidery while breaking up the monotony of the accessories. The black bag also helped with tying in my black out Quay sunglasses. These glasses are the best because they aren’t too expensive and they help to instantly elevate any look.

With so many statement pieces in one outfit, I decided it was best to keep the rest of the look rather plain. I opted out of most jewelry, aside from the few pieces I wear each day, and avoided bright colors that would throw off the balance.

In the end, I loved this outfit. I wore it out for dinner with some friends and truly felt like I was commanding attention and making a statement. If this look taught me anything, it was that if you feel good about yourself and your outfit when you look in the mirror, don’t be afraid to rock your fit all day and night.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Sassy and Classy

A while ago I was given some fantastic advice “keep your standards high and your ponytail higher.” That advice inspired this look. The sassy half up half down hairstyle gave me a beautiful outfit idea. This outfit perfectly shows off one end of my style spectrum: classy, yet sassy.

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing and thought, “What did I wear before this? Everything in my closet looks terrible next to this?” That is exactly what happened with this cream colored peplum shirt. When I laid my eyes on this shirt, it was love at first sight. Regardless of the price, this baby was coming home with me. Buying this shirt was possibly one of the best fashion decisions I have ever made.

Moving on to the purse, a Wellesley Mini Rachelle from Kate Spade. The purse is just big enough to fit all the essentials (phone, money, lip gloss, and keys). This purse is a new addition to my collection, but it fits in perfectly! The colors match with almost any outfit; in my opinion, this purse is the crème de la crème. I definitely recommend it.

If you know me, you know I am all about the details. Picking out the perfect shoes, sunglasses, and jewelry for this outfit gave me so much joy. The beige pumps add the classy element to the outfit. Although these heels are slightly difficult to walk in, they are so cute and complement the outfit really well. The sunglasses are cute and they are prescription (now I do not have to wear contacts or glasses! This is a win-win situation). Last but not least, we have the floral statement necklace. This necklace ties the outfit together amazingly. I love it so much that just the thought of this necklace brings tears to my eyes. This whole outfit makes me cry tears of pure joy. Today was a phenomenal fashion day for me.


In Massachusetts, it is the season of snow and the season to wear all-black. I consider myself someone who occasionally has problems with finding a splash of color to add to my outfit to brighten up my day. Why does your outfit have to be dull just because the weather is? Find ways to stand out with small details that add a pop of color.

When walking back from class today I saw this super stylish Fashionista and she instantly stood out with her bright red Converse. May I add, her lipstick matched her shoes! Typically people stray to the average colored Converse like gray, black, and white. It is time to think outside the box and try a color such as red. The best thing about this brand is that there are so many options in colors, they even offer custom made shoes. Not a fan of high tops? No problem, Converse are offered in low rise styles as well. This little detail added so much personality to her outfit. Her look is perfect for a long day hanging around campus.

Are you confused what a sherpa is? Well there are several meanings to this word but my favorite definition is a fuzzy jacket. I am obsessed with sherpa pullovers. They are adorable along with being very warm, perfect for a snowy day. A cool fact about sherpa coats is they originated from Tibet in the Himalayan Mountains. So, next time you’re getting ready to go out try to add a accent with a splash of color to stand out from the crowd.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Harmony, Hierarchy, Balance, and Color

In an environment as eclectic as downtown Atlanta, standing out can feel difficult at times. This Fashionista masters this task perfectly, without looking gaudy and with a vibrant primary color palette that is present in the details of this vintage-like winter look. Blues, reds, and yellows are sprinkled among the mostly black and denim outfit.

This Fashionista developed her look around a unique piece from The Vintage Twin: a square scarf. She pulled her color scheme from this one piece, which is a very quick and easy way to build an outfit you are sure will work! This method also ties the entire look together and works best if you build around a single statement piece such as a colorful woven bag or an embroidered pair of booties.

Her lip color and how perfectly it matched her ring and the red in her scarf is what made this Fashionista’s ensemble catch my eye. Matte lips took the beauty world by storm this year and the way this lipstick looks with her mostly bare face reminded me why this lipstick finish is such a look!

Her earrings seemed to be an exact copy of her bag and the blue in her scarf matched the stones in these details, as well as the subtle blue in her frames. This homogeneity really added to the aura of unity her attire gave off. Pulling the mustard color from the scarf and finding a shirt to match was a smart move as well. The mustard top brings out the yellow tones in the scarf that otherwise would have been hidden had she worn a blue or red shirt.

This Fashionista created an outfit that reminded me of the elements necessary for a beautiful piece of art: harmony, hierarchy, balance, and color. Keeping these details in mind when getting dressed for class or for a night out will keep you looking your best, always!


Everyone loves a great black dress, especially one that you can dress up or down for several different occasions. This dress is so unique and caught my eye from across the street! What I love about this Fashionista’s look is that it can be worn to brunch out with the girls, to a get together, or out for a dinner with your boyfriend.

The cutouts in the dress begin at the knee and continue down to the ankle. The top of the dress is a body-con style, while the bottom half of the dress slightly flares out. She styled a light denim jacket over the dress for a more casual daytime look. I love that she rolled the sleeves of the jacket up. The bright, burnt yellow crossbody purse is a perfect pop of color to the outfit. She styled a large, silver statement necklace, which adds focus to the neckline. If you do not want to add a large statement necklace, you can add a dainty necklace and bracelets. Her shoes are block, black velvet heels. Another way to style this dress would be to add a brown suede jacket or a bomber jacket and pair it with a pair of slip-on sneakers. She accessorized this look with black Ray-Ban sunglasses.

This is one of my favorite looks, and I cannot wait to recreate it myself. It is a great option for the casual girl or the girl that loves to get dressed up for a night out on the town.


Details are tricky. Coco Chanel said we should take one accessory off before we leave the house, but somehow the jangle of an armful of one too many bangles holds more appeal. Prowling the streets of Soho for any last minute Christmas deals, I bumped into this Fashionista who, although dressed head to toe in black, managed to stand out from the standard New York uniform. Specifically what caught my eye was her adorable eight ball bag, and after stopping to talk to her, I noticed the multitude of midnight-colored minutia she had incorporated into her outfit. Besides managing to include three of the trendiest textures this season (velvet, leather, and shearling), her diverse style in accessories worked to accent her outfit: the gunmetal watch dressing it up, the pineapple patch on her straight cut jeans making it more approachable.

Some may say it’s a fashion faux pas to over-accessorize, but the key to a cohesive ensemble is in the relatedness of the pieces. Make sure they share a common denominator, or stick to a theme. The easiest of these is color: this Fashionista’s watch, bag, and nail color were all a dark gray-black. City dwellers know that heels are a bit ambitious for an entire day’s worth of shopping, so she stuck to some very chunky and comfortable Mary Janes, with silver buckles that match her other silver jewelry. The jacket and pants that make up the majority of her look are both black, making the peep of her gold velvet body suit the center of attention. Unity in color allows you to both highlight specific pieces and mix different styles.

But don’t be afraid to diversify. Do you want to go for quirky? Iron on a fun patch to the back of your jeans for a cheeky touch (pun intended). Offset the playfulness with an edgier accessory, like a vintage-inspired caricature bag, similar to this Fashionista’s eight ball cross-body. Add a pop of color with a bold, texturized bodysuit. Your accessories don’t have to all be the same brand or “look,” they just need to work symbiotically towards framing your ensemble—the big picture, per se.

Yes, there’s appeal in the monochromatic, or perhaps simpler, clean-cut outfits, and oftentimes they are easiest to just throw on. But accessories, as long as they remain somewhat harmonious, have the potential to completely elevate your look. Dress it up, dress it down, make it edgy, quirky, or playful in a matter of minutes. So by all means, throw on that extra bangle and take the risk. With great power comes great responsibility, my friend.


Getting dressed seems to take forever these days. There are just so many trends to try and colors to mix and match. I discovered an easy way out that maintains class and avoids the “bumming it” look. Why try to match a skirt to a blouse or find bold pants that contrast a graphic tee when full-body clothing articles come in one piece? Rompers, dresses and jumpsuits alike stand alone, making the mystery of matching an outfit a whole lot easier to solve.

This Fashionista shows off her flowy black romper in an effortless way by dressing up this simple look for a night out on the town. Rompers have been trending for a while based on their ability to provide a quick and comfortable look that holds a lot of style. There are such a variety of rompers to choose from depending on the occasion. This Fashionista chooses a dressy one that shows off her shoulders and flows down around her biceps. In fact, this piece flows top to bottom to hint at the ever-popular flowy shorts trend as well. When she turns around, the intricate lacing on the back adds an element of elegance. It’s a one-piece wonder!

Choosing the romper was the first step and the rest was history. Once the color was determined, the mood of the outfit was set. She adds a black purse with a long strap to be held either on the shoulder or worn as a cross-body for a hands-free evening. The black strappy gladiator sandals are much more practical than high-heels, especially when it comes to walking long distance. Social gatherings on big campuses can sometimes be a 20-minute walk. Her silver rings and bracelet add to the gold chains on her purse to make this outfit shine. This look stays true to its founding color with black being reflected and re-enforced throughout all of her accessories to make it stand out. Black goes with everything, therefore providing a world of opportunity for accessorizing this look. It’s a one-color wonder!

This look is ideal for fluky warm autumn days, but what’s great about it is that it’s perfect for the indoors as well. Classroom buildings can definitely get a little warm with artificial heat filling up those sturdy insolated buildings, but as the nippy air breezes in, students are spending more time inside at evening social gatherings. Building heaters have been turned on and fireplaces have been started up. Not to mention the warm ovens that bake our fall favorite pumpkin pastries. Sweaty sweaters and restricting pants are not ideal to be wearing while surrounded by the heat of the indoors and natural body heat in crowded spaces.

If this look were to brave the chilly autumn weather, my advice would be to swap those sandals for knee-high boots and add a full-length sweater. When it comes to deciding what look to wear during that mid-semester rush, my advice of course would be to just choose one. One piece. One color.

WHAT TO WEAR: Day Out in Town

Hello Fashionistas/os! It should feel like fall here in Texas but it sadly does not. It is still super hot here so we try to get any little bit of fall that we can. This Fashionista was strolling the streets on a hot fall day and I loved her look!

When I think of fall colors, I think of neutral and earthy tones. When it’s still 90 degrees where you live, you try to be as fall as you can. This Fashionista dressed for the hot weather but incorporated neutral and earthy tones so that she could ditch the summer color palette and incorporate a fall color palette! She used very neutral colors like black and nude to effortlessly pull her outfit together. I also love her natural makeup. When running errands you want to look cute and comfortable.

When waking up in the morning, reach for a pair of cute shorts or pants and ditch the leggings. Go the extra mile and wear a cute matching top instead of an old T-shirt! This Fashionista is wearing a cute black tank with flowy patterned shorts. I love her cross-body bag for on the go purposes! If the weather felt more like fall, you could switch out the shorts with distressed boyfriend jeans and a nude oversized cardigan! It would also look super cute to wear a messy and high top top knot in your hair and keep the makeup natural for running errands! Easy touches complete the look. Use simple accessories and you’re bound to have a perfectly chic fall running errands look!