Girly and Flirty

Have a date tonight and just can’t put together what to wear? Have a night out with the girls and have no idea whether to funk it up, keep it casual, or girly? Tune in to see a girly and flirty wear you can pull of at home!

With the sun beaming down, skies bluer, grass greener, and birds chirping it is time to break out your favorite pair of gladiators and sun dresses. A great way to expand your closet for the warm days to come is jumpsuits—a sophisticated fashion statement that is loose, breezy, and still works great for those chilly summer nights.

This Fashionista is rocking a beautiful blush-pink jumpsuit from Forever 21, pairing the jumpsuit with nude point-toed strappy heels from Charlotte Russe. This outfit works perfectly for any occasion, from a night out with the girls to a hot date out into town. Spice it up with a nude leather jacket to match those heels for the chilly summer nights and you are good to go!

All in all, there is an endless amount of possibilities you can pick and choose from when styling jumpsuits. You can dress a jumpsuit down for occasions such as brunch by pairing the jumpsuit of your choice with a statement sandal and maybe even a jean jacket. You can even add your very own original twist by picking out statement heels, a high-waisted belt to add on, and a choker. Pair that with an up-do and you are ready to hit the party scenes!

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How to Plan Cute Dates on a Budget

As college students, we often feel the stress of saving and stretching our money while still having a little extra to buy cute clothes, go out with friends, or plan dates with a special someone. Those long hours put into that either really great or not-so-great summer job don’t have to disappear in the blink of an eye when you want to enjoy the warm weather with your boo.

A good way to spend virtually nothing is to plan a sight-seeing hike (or drive if you don’t feel like getting sweaty). The area I live in has so many beautiful nature scenes that it becomes a fun adventure to pick a new place to visit and hang out. My boyfriend and I visited a hidden waterfall, which also doubles for a swimming date if it’s hot enough. Whether it be in the country or city, there are always little gems to make your own. If you live in the city go check out any rooftops, botanical gardens, or plan to drive out of the city for the day!

Another sweet date (literally) is to go berry picking since it is the season of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and so on. Farm stands will often have a pick-your-own option, and we went to pick strawberries. We try to see who can find the best looking ones and how full we can make our crate, which ends up being roughly under $5.

Picnics are definitely one of my favorite, cheap dates when the weather gets this nice. It can be a full meal or just some snacks, which is what we did. All you need is something to sit on and an ideal spot to lounge. We picked a huge, quiet, grassy hill, but parks or the beach work perfectly too. Buying groceries to eat is usually going to be cheaper than eating out at a restaurant as well.

For some quick outfit inspiration, my denim skirt is from ASOS, my top is from Buffalo Exchange, my belt is from Urban Outfitters, and my shoes are Vans.

These are just a few simple ideas, but dates don’t have to be extravagant to have a good time!

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3 Tips on What to Wear for a Summer Date

While the days in July seem to become longer, going on dates start to become a more frequent occurrence in the summer months. Whether it be going on a picnic with your significant other or meeting up for dinner with your crush, the hot summer sun may get in the way of what you plan on wearing. Going on dates in the summer should be a fun experience, not something that causes you to over think or stress over. Therefore, it is crucial to follow the three C’s (casual, comfortable, and cute) as a guide to help you create the perfect look for a simple summer date.

1—Comfort. The first and most important C is comfort! Being comfortable in what you are wearing is crucial when it comes to planning the perfect summer date look. Stretchy, wide leg pants are the perfect bottom to give you the ultimate level of comfort in the summer time. You will be able to eat, move around, and stay cool while still looking put together. Halter body suits are also a comfort essential. Although they may seem intimidating at first, body suits will never fail you in any sort of situation. This fashion life saver always stays in place keeping your focus away from having to tuck your shirt in every 10 seconds and onto having a good time with your date.

2—Casual. Being casual is also a key factor when it comes to picking out the perfect summer date outfit. Nice pants or shorts will keep your outfit relaxed, fun and not over the top. Sometimes it’s hard to know whether or not you will show up overdressed. So, it’s always best to play it safe by wearing pants or shorts instead of a skirt or a dress! Sunglasses are also a must have accessory to make any outfit look a bit more casual. This sneaky accessory can fit snuggly into your purse making them a versatile piece you can pull out from your bag in flash in order to give your overall look a leisurely edge.

3—Cute. The last C is where your own personal flair and style gets to take center stage. Cuteness all depends on ones’ personal opinion. Hence, it is important not to lose sight of your own style when thinking of what to wear to impress your date in the summer time. The person you are with is obviously attracted to your personality, so amp up your outfit by incorporating accessories and pieces that speak to who YOU are and what you like! In my case, earrings and a fun print are the perfect way to add my own touch to my summer date outfit and enhance its overall cuteness. The hoop earrings keep the outfit simple while still adding a hint of spunkiness while the striped pants also add another simple statement that shows off my fun side!

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How to Create an Effortlessly Edgy Date Night Look

Effortlessly edgy and punk styles of clothing are my go-to, but to keep myself from falling into a fashion rut, I like to update my wardrobe by following some of the latest trends and changing up my makeup.

For my latest look, I created an easy date night outfit with a twist on the little black dress: a band T-shirt dress with the trendy choker collar, paired with fishnets and bright makeup. See what inspiration you can gather from my tips on refreshing this classic look!

1—Shop for Trends Without Breaking the BankHalf of my wardrobe is made up of band T-shirts from Hot Topic and tours I have been to. When I first noticed the choker T-shirt trend, I thought of DIY-ing it with one of my shirts, but I love them all too much to trust myself with a pair of scissors around them. Luckily, I found a T-shirt dress with the choker trend and band aesthetic I was looking for. Boohoo USA has many of these for an affordable price.

2—Go for a T-Shirt Dress. T-shirt dresses always make me feel confident. They’re comfortable, flowy, easy to style, and always make you look good!

3—Add an Unexpected Surprise. I decided to pair this already edgy dress with some fishnets and an old pair of booties. Fishnets add an unexpected flirty flair to any outfit. I love wearing them under cutoff shorts with (you guessed it) a band T-shirt. This makes for an effortless yet stylishly badass outfit every time.

4—Try Fresh Yet Glam Makeup. For the makeup, I tried to keep it fresh for the summer with a light layer of NYX’s Stay Matte but Not Flat foundation, a tinted brow mascara, and ColourPop Cosmetics Supershock Shadow in the shade Weenie, a mauve pink all over the lid and Wattles, a metallic rose gold on the center of the lid. I dabbed some Roller Lash mascara on my lashes, Tarte Amazonian Clay blush on my cheeks, Colourpop highlight in Stole the Show and ColourPop Cosmetics Poison Lippie Stix on the lips.

It was a fun and easy summer makeup look which gave my outfit a flirty vibe. You can totally add more steps to this makeup look or take some out. Or you can wear no makeup at all! I’ve been embracing the no makeup look these last few weeks, but a great outfit inspires me to try new makeup looks.

I haven’t had a chance to wear this outfit for date night; I wore this look while abroad in England, but my boyfriend has seen pictures and he loves it! So, I can’t wait to wear it out now that I’m back in the States.

How do you refresh the classic LBD with the season’s latest trends? I’d love to see how you take inspiration from this look. Snap a picture, and don’t forget to tag us @CFashionista on social media!

Your Go-To Date Night Romper

Now that summer is upon us, finding the proper outfit to combat the heat can be difficult. I’ll let you in on a secret ladies—comfort is key here. Whether you are being treated to a nice dinner, meeting the parents, or even going on a double date, the theme here is still the same. Take advantage of all the fun and vibrant colored rompers that are available during the spring and summer. Who doesn’t love to be the most colorful girl in the room? All eyes should always be on you, my loves.

From my experience, I have found all of my favorite rompers at local boutiques. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try out bright colors and different styles. Jumpsuits, two-piece sets, and rompers are all the rave this spring and summer. When trying on different colors, try and figure out which colors compliment your skin tone. Most girls play it safe and gravitate more toward neutral colors and avoid color altogether. This is a don’t when shopping for your date night outfit.  A color is what makes us unique.

If your skin tone is warm, your go-to colors are reds, oranges, golden yellow, orchid, and warmer greens and blues. If your skin tone is cool, your colors are emerald, royal blue, deep purples, bright pinks, and lavender. Don’t fret if you like a color that is not complimentary to your skin tone. This is what accessories are for. Dress up your outfit with colorful jewelry, a bright bag, or even just a bright lipstick. As you can tell, my skin tone is very cool and it takes me awhile to build up a tan over the summer. I chose an emerald romper but dressed it up with orange accessories. I also threw on some light pink sunglasses to add an extra pop of color.

The final touch is always shoes. With a colorful romper, your go-to is neutral sandals.  These neutral colors include black, tan, brown, white, or sand. Try to compliment darker colored outfits with black or tan sandals. The brighter the outfit, the more likely it is that lighter sandals will be your go to. The most important thing to remember when shopping is to not be afraid to try something new and out of your comfort zone.  Lastly, don’t forget lipstick!

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Your Go-To Summer Styles

Finally! The warmer days have started, and summer is approaching. The time to transition your closet to your summer styles is now. But, do you have the go-to staples that every girl should have for the summer? If you’re anything like me, your closet is filled with swing dresses, rompers and jumpsuits—to keep your outfits easy, yet fashionable.

For me, summer styles have to be comfortable, easy to throw together, and wearable for all different types of occasions. Summer is the time for a girls’ night out, going on romantic dates, and hanging out by the pool or the beach. For most of these things you can mix and match any of your go-to summer staples for the perfect outfit.

Girls’ night out


For me, a jumpsuit or a skirt with a cropped tank top are the best outfits for a night out with the girls. Just throw on a cute sandal or wedge with a few accessories and your ready for anything!

Date night

My go-to date night outfits are usually jumpsuits or swing dresses, just like this Fashionista is wearing.  These are my absolute favorite things to wear all summer, they are so easy to just put on with a cute heel and some jewelry. I always like to bring a denim jacket or an open cardigan with me, in case it gets a little cooler at night!

Beach/pool day

Whether I’m just hanging out by the pool or if I’m going to the beach for the day I always like to have something to throw on over my bathing suit. I usually just grab one of my thousands of swing dresses, or a pair of denim shorts and a tank top. Throw on a pair of sandals and sunglasses, grab your tote bag and your ready for some sun!

What are some of your favorite summer go-to styles? Let me know in the comments below. 

Diary of a Broke Girl: How to Chea(P)T Your Way to the Top of the Latest Trends

Scrolling through my Pinterest and Instagram feed, seeing all the latest trends, automatically triggers the small and very persuasive voice inside my head to buy whatever I see—sending my already hurting pocket book plummeting into a pit of regret. But at least I’ll be a cute broke girl, right? For my Fashionistas out there, you know the pain. So, what if I told you there’s a way to get those looks you’re so dying to rock with prices that are so good it will leave you shook to the core? Check out these looks inspired by my favorite street trends!

1. Vintage meets Millennial 

With authentic vintage style bouncing back into everyone’s closets, the best way to save your “cash monay” and stay on trend is by hitting up your local thrift store. Throw a colorful peter pan collared sleeveless blouse with some frayed high-waisted mom jeans along with some white platform sandals and the perfect 70s’ vibe summer outfit is ready to go. With this complete look you are all set to strut the streets (and yes I mean strut—those platforms make quite the impression!)

2. Sweet meets Street

Browsing around the Salvation Army, I just so happened to run into the most rad Adidas windbreaker. Pair that with a simple white tank tied up as a crop top, a grey sweatpant-like pencil skirt (for that girlie flair) and a pair of cute sneakers. With these essentials, I put together a comfortable street style and on-the-go look, great for rainy day errands or a simple outfit to wear out to lunch with the girls.

3. Classy meets comfy 

Okay, we all know the phrase “No pants, No problem” but when it’s socially unacceptable to walk into the movies without pants on, what do you do? When in doubt, flow it out. These flowy ribbed capris are the perfect alternative to achieve that feeling of freedom, and are an easy find at your local thrift store. Pair these comfy pants with a classic ruffled crop top. Throw in some black patent leather platform oxfords for the wow factor! Then accessorize it with your favorite choker and bag to hide your goodies and, voilà—you have the ideal date night look fit for a show.  

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A Hint of Flower Style to Your Casual Date Night Outfit

We are about to hit destination summer, so that means bringing out those beautiful florals and bright colors. When planning a casual date night, we can’t help but to become faced with one of the biggest questions of all: “What do I wear for a casual date night?” If you are in a bit of a dilemma when it comes to finding what to wear for a casual date night, stay tuned because this Fashionista has the solution.

This Fashionista wanted to wear something simple, but stylish. Most of all, she wanted something to feel comfortable in. For a casual date night, you can’t go wrong with anything with florals in it. I absolutely love her adorable sleeveless yellow floral top from Old Navy, found on eBay. Her black high-waisted pencil skirt is from ASOS.

I love her skirt because, as we know, black coordinates with anything. This Fashionista usually loves mixing the combination of a floral top with something as simple as a basic black skirt along with dressing it up with jewelry such as some silver hoop earrings. Usually when this Fashionista wear florals, she likes to wear bright florals to add interest to an outfit.

Her sandals by Rialto Shoes from White Mountain are the perfect date night choice. Not only are they extremely cute with the flower ornament detailing, but they are super comfortable. Who says you need heels to jazz up a fancy outfit like this one? Your date night should be fun and enjoyable without having to worry about your outfit. This Fashionista is all about comfort and style.

The solution to the date night outfit dilemma is to invest in two key pieces, a stylish bright floral top and a solid black skirt. In addition, invest in some great jewelry pieces in order to make your outfit pop. Also, don’t be afraid to wear sandal flats to a date night. Try to go for sandals with embedded detailing.

How would you incorporate florals into your date night look? Show us on Instagram and tag @Cfashionista!

5 Steps to Get Gorgeous Sunset-Inspired Eyes

Ever since middle school, I’ve loved watching makeup tutorials online and spending hours trying new products in Sephora. With the weather beginning to warm up, I thought I would share one of my favorite eyeshadow looks. Inspired by the sunset, this eyeshadow look is adored by beauty gurus, celebrities, models, and makeup artists. The subtle but gorgeous pink and orange tones make this eyeshadow wearable for every day. Here are the steps I took to achieve this look!

1—Prep and prime your skin. This is such an important step in any makeup look. I started off by thoroughly washing my face with the Aveeno Clear Complexion foaming cleanser, which is a fantastic product for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Following up with moisturizer and serum, I used the Dermologica Clear Start Matte Moisturizer and the Glossier Super Pure Serum.

2—Use orange, burgundy, and gold eyeshadows. Prep your eyeshadow by using the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Next, use any orange, burgundy and gold shadows you own to create the sunset eyeshadow. My favorite palette for this look is the Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy palette. Using this palette, I mixed the shades Beach and Penny and blended them into the crease of my eye. I then used Brick and Burgundy in the outer corner of my eye. Last but not least, I layered a creamy metallic shadow named Naked all over my lid.

3—Lashes, Lashes, Lashes. Next, curl your lashes and put a set of falsies on. Make sure to curl your real and false lashes together for a more natural look. I like to apply a thin line of eyeliner to hide the band of the lashes.

4—Time for Foundation, Bronzer, and BlushApply your foundation. For this look, I applied the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and concealer. Then, I warmed up my skin using the Too Faced Chocolate Solei Bronzer in the shade medium deep. Too Faced also makes the most beautiful blushes. I used the shade, Sparkling Bellini. It’s a gorgeous mix of coral and pink, and I think it complements the eyes perfectly.

5—Lastly, Lipstick. Apply a simple nude lipstick to keep the focus on the eyes. The Tarteist liquid lipstick in the shade Birthday Suit is the perfect nude that I think looks great on any skin tone.

I paired this look with a simple blush dress and nude heels, which is perfect for a night out or date night. The very delicate and subtle dress keeps the attention on the makeup look.

I’d love to see any makeup looks you create this summer, so be sure to upload your favorite looks to Instagram and tag @CFashionista.


To some of us, Florida is our go-to vacation state. We get lost in the suffocating crowds of tourists and forget that for many walking among us, Florida is home. Waking up to palm trees and 80 degrees everyday sounds like a dream. For this Fashionista, it’s a reality.

Since moving down south from Michigan, she says it’s quite a lifestyle adjustment. “I see that it’s 50 degrees and get excited I don’t need a jacket. Locals will see 50 degrees and run for a winter coat,” she exclaims. The differences in temperature are a huge influence on the difference in style. This Fashionista said that she takes a lot of inspiration from the local women she sees and from the unique southern boutiques and brands that Florida has to offer. Her romper was actually purchased from a local shop on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida. With plans to go out to dinner later that night, it was a purchase of perfect timing.

As if rompers weren’t trendy enough, the off-the-shoulder look sure is as well. This fun and flattering romper fits the Fashionista and the occasion perfectly. To offset the navy and white pattern, she slipped on a simple pair of nude heels and silver earrings to complete her date night look.

The sun was setting and this Fashionista was trend-setting. I snapped my last couple of photos before her and her man walked off into the sunset … I mean, into the hibachi house.