How and Why the Trendiest Girls Are Rocking Jumpsuits This Fall

With the transition into fall fashion just ahead, it’s time to discover new trends and revamp some of our summer favorites. Jumpsuits have been all the rage over the summer, seen on celebrities and Fashionistas alike. I’m a huge fan of jumpsuits because they’re so versatile and easy to wear for any occasion, but it can be a challenge to transition into styling them for cooler temperatures. Check out the two ways I came up with to wear your cutest jumpsuit this fall and find out why you should jump on the trend!

Like I said, jumpsuits are perfect for any occasion because you can style them in so many ways. This black overall jumpsuit is the perfect mix of simple and trendy and allows Fashionistas to wear whatever speaks to them under it. They’re also super easy to wear since they’re only one piece and always make you look put together and fashion-forward.

If you want to go for a more casual look, pair your jumpsuit with cute sneakers, a casual T-shirt, and some layers. Whether you’re going to class, hanging with friends, or going on a date, this look is easy and adorable while still showing your personal style. This Fashionista matched her white T-shirt with her Converse and kept it trendy by adding this embroidered denim jacket to keep warm.

PHOTO: Ali Bell

If you’re going for something a little fancier, try pairing your jumpsuit with heels or wedges and some jewelry. Accessories go a long way in making a look nicer. This Fashionista paired the same black jumpsuit with a cute blouse, which gives it a nicer vibe, some fall wedges, and delicate jewelry. A simple jumpsuit can be made to look polished and even professional when styled correctly, so don’t be afraid to try it out.

PHOTO: Ali Bell

No matter where you’re going, throwing on a jumpsuit is the perfect way to get there in style. They’re simple, cute, and can easily go from day-to-night. The biggest celebrities and fashion insiders have been embracing the jumpsuit trend for months now, so what are you waiting for? Style your favorite one-piece for your life and rock it!

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7 Essential Cosmetics for Any Occasion

As a makeup junkie, I’ve found myself experimenting with a variety of different types and brands of cosmetics. Lately, I realized that I often purchase a product and then rarely use it because the color would only fit for that specific season or time of day that I planned on using it for.

Although there is nothing wrong with having products for specific events, I wanted to find products that not only complement my features during the different seasons, but also could be used from day-to-night looks.

Below are seven cosmetics that I have been using for a range of occasions for several months now. Let’s get started!

essential cosmetics

1—Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette. This palette features a wide variety of warm tones that can create multiple different looks. Generally, I like to use the lighter colors on my eyelids. If I want to go for a dramatic look, I’ll use the darker, vibrant tones in my crease and outer corners instead.

modern renaissance palette

2—Tarte Rainforest of The Sea Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette. These cosmetics are so pigmented and give you the perfect amount of shine. I prefer using the shade Sunlight when my skin is lighter during the winter and spring, and Moonlight when I’m tan during the summer and fall.

tarte lighting palette

3—Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I love having long, thick, luscious lashes. And what do I use to achieve those lashes? This mascara. What’s amazing is that just one coat of this mascara will do wonders for your lashes. If I’m trying to look glamorous, I apply a few more coats along with curling my lashes.

better than sex mascara

4—Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. Being that I have very dark features, I always wear my eyeliner in a black color. What I like about the Tattoo Liner is that the tip is very precise, allowing me to master the wing. In the past, I’ve had issues with my liquid eyeliner felt tips fraying. So far, this eyeliner hasn’t frayed on me once!

kat von d tattoo eyeliner

5—bareMinerals BAREPRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation. For years, I’ve struggled with finding a foundation that I really liked. After trying this, I concluded that pressed powder is my favorite. Particularly with BAREPRO, the product makes my skin look so smooth and blemish-free, along with lasting for several hours. Compared to the products I’ve used in the past, BAREPRO makes my skin look the most natural and it feels very light!

barepro foundation

6—L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipcolour in Fairest Nude. Every girl needs a nude lipstick. What’s great about this lipstick is that it’s inexpensive, yet rich in color. It looks amazing for about any look you’re going for! This is definitely my go-to lipstick.

l'oreal lipstick and rimmel lipliner

7—Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Stay On Lip Liner Pencil in Nude. To finish off my nude lips, I line them with this pencil to make my lips pop! This lip liner is a great pair of the lipstick above.

What are your essential cosmetics? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Style a Day to Night Look For College Students

I am back again with another fashion post! This time, I wanted to create a look with basics that you can wear throughout the daytime and into the nighttime. I know how busy life gets and sometimes, we don’t all have that extra ten minutes after class to pick out an entirely new outfit to take on the town. Because it is summertime and I live in Nashville, the days can get super hot- like I’m talking close to 100 degrees hot! All you will need to recreate this day to night look is a bodysuit, a basic pair of jean shorts, two pairs of shoes, and two jackets of your choice. Keep reading to find out how this Fashionista styled her day to night look.

1—Daytime look. For starters, this Fashionista picked out this super cute neutral bodysuit and paired it with some mid-rise cut-off shorts. The good thing about wearing neutrals is that you can basically find them anywhere. If you are on a budget, then head to Forever 21 and shop in the basics section. On the other hand, if you want a good staple basic top, my favorite places to shop would be Revolve Clothing and Reformation. Bodysuits are the best to wear all day long because they will not bunch up and they look super sleek. These super cute denim cut-offs are perfect for running around all day and they will look cute all day long.


To make the outfit more casual, you can throw on a kimono for some added flare and an optional hat to protect your face from those hot rays. Sunglasses are the perfect accessories to any outfit because they are practical while still looking fashion forward. Make sure you add a bag like this Fashionista’s, for makeup to touch up later. For additional comfort, toss on a pair of sandals and some bracelets to create the perfect daytime outfit! Whether you are going to class or just hanging with friends, you’ll be sure to get some compliments on this look.

2—Nighttime look. Now I know that not every night can be spent in a cramped dorm studying, so I’m going to show you how this Fashionista transformed her look from daytime to nighttime in a matter of five minutes or less. Bold lips have always been a staple for the night so she first took a slightly darker lip color and applied that to her lips. My recommendations would be going for a nude, red, or dark purple lip. She swapped out her kimono for a cool leather jacket that gives the outfit an edgy vibe. Last but not least, ditch the sandals for some rad black booties to give the look a dressy feel.

I guarantee that every one of you can pull pieces similar to these from your closet to conquer daytime to nighttime! Don’t forget to add your own personal touches to express yourself. Wearing an outfit that makes you look good, makes you feel good.

Let me know what your fashion staples are in the comments below or show us on social media @Cfashionista!

These Dark Elements Will Revamp Your Summer Beauty Routine

Summer beauty is an area where pretty much anything goes. People can wear everything from yarn to rhinestones to accentuate their natural features. There aren’t restrictions for an acceptable daytime makeup look anymore (although a red lipstick and dark shadow never go out of style). Though some of us aren’t avant-garde enough to wear appliquéd eyebrows or green mascara, there are ways to make bold looks more contemporary. This is what this Fashionista has done with her natural look, accentuating its soft, dark elements flawlessly.

Her look began with a clean base of foundation, post-moisturizer. After contouring her naturally strong cheekbones, she added concealer and a touch of powder bronzer to give her skin a faint glow. After using eye shadow palettes to touch her eyes up, she applied waterproof mascara to make her lashes pop and prevent any makeup mishaps.

This Fashionista’s strongest statement is her black lipstick. With many makeup aesthetics, darker lips can translate to a “goth” vibe and possibly project the wrong image. This isn’t the case with this look; using lip primer made her application of the lipstick smoother and the color more prominent. Paired with the shades of her dark and semi-dark products and silver slip dress, the created effect is more ethereal and romantic than “I’m with the band.” There’s a heightened element of edge, but it doesn’t overwhelm the look. Rather, it complements it to ensure it contains a variety of qualities. Its coordination with her shoes doesn’t hurt, either.

This is a makeup look that most people, with a variety of the same, similar, or different facial products, can wear from day to night. It has the perfect amount of boldness that it can be worn out to lunch, or when paired with the right outfit, a regular work day. When it’s paired with a more casual “going out” outfit, it’s ideal for adding an element of mystery to your ensemble whether you explore nightlife with others or on your own. Overall, it perfectly combines neutral elements to form a bold, current, and transitional look for everyone.

What fresh, new elements are you adding into your summer beauty routine? Let me know in the comments below!

Rompers—The Perfect Summer Piece

Summer is in full swing, and there is nothing but free time in the sunshine. July is filled with beach days and grabbing brunch with friends. What better way to dress comfy and stylish than a cute romper with some on-trend accessories? Rompers can be dressy or casual and can be taken to the pool or on an adventurous day out on the town. Rompers are also essential because of the variety of outfits you can create with them.

This romper is from Urban Outfitters and is printed with designs featuring sail boats and splattered vibrant lines. This is such a unique and vibrant piece to add to your summer closet. The color combination is sure to turn eyes. Strapless rompers like this one allow you to dress it down with a jacket or cardigan.

Strapless pieces complemented with neckwear of your choice allow the romper to come to life. Adding four necklaces to this romper created a lively vibe and gave the outfit even more intrigue. This Fashionista kept the jewelry neutral so as not to overwhelm the color palette. Sunglasses are always an important accessory for the summer. Wearing vibrant yellow sunglasses from Glow Glamazon gives a retro ’70s vibes and matches the outfit perfectly.

Girls always need bags to carry all their junk and lip gloss in! Enhancing your outfit is very simple by adding a bag that matches the colors in your outfit! This Fashionista adds a plain pink bag that highlights the romper.

Combining this outfit with these on-trend glitter rubber slides from Urban Outfitters gives this outfit a funky look. Activities during the day require comfortable shoes such as slides and adding sparkles gives the outfit character.

Incorporating the hat from Urban Outfitters, this gorgeous Fashionista adds a flirty warmth to finish the outfit off. This hat inspired her because it reminds her of a ’60s Bonnie and Clyde look.

Would you wear these vibrant colors together in one outfit as well? Let me know in the comments below!

Top 5 Products for a Sweat-Proof Summer Look

With temperatures rising every day, the thought of putting any makeup on conjures up scary visions of raccoon eyes and foundation-tinted beads of sweat dripping down your face. But fear not! With just five easy-to-find additions to your makeup bag, you can enjoy a flawless beauty look all day, even in the most brutally hot and humid weather! Here are my top picks for a perfect sweat-proof summer look.

1—Self Tanner. Want that perfect summer tan without the potentially harmful effects of hours spent in the sun? Invest in a great self-tanner! Not only can it help you achieve a gorgeous glow, but I find having a tan gives me less of a desire to put on a full face of makeup since it evens out my skin tone and gives me that bronzed look I typically achieve with a bronzer. Less makeup equals less of a chance of your makeup sweating off, so it’s really a win-win!

2—Mattifying Oil-Free Foundation. If your skin is oily to begin with, like mine, the summer can be a nightmare when it comes to finding a foundation that stays in place all day. However, with an oil-free matte foundation, the formula starts absorbing any excess oil the second you apply it, and also prevents sweat from ruining your makeup throughout the day.

3—Red Lipstick. A good, creamy red lipstick can multitask as the perfect cream blush for summer. I almost never put lipstick on my lips, but recently I’ve discovered that the plain old tubes of lipstick hiding the bottom of my makeup bag stay on longer than any cream blush I have ever tried.

4—Waterproof Mascara. This one might seem pretty obvious, but waterproof mascara is easily the best makeup product to purchase for the summer. Even though it takes some extra effort to remove at the end of the day, the fact that it can stay on even after a day in the ocean makes it 100 percent worth it to me.

5—Setting Spray. Some people are skeptical about trying out setting sprays, but trust me they are an amazing investment for the summer. Several days this summer I have gone from running errands to going to the beach, and ended my day going out for dinner all with the same face of makeup on thanks to setting spray! After applying all of your makeup, all you have to do is spray your face once or twice, and you can look forward to perfect makeup all day!

What are some of your summer beauty essentials? Let us know in the comments below!

The Overall Revival

At this point in the summer, I’m sure everyone knows that overalls are taking off as one of the biggest trends yet. They have become a staple in a lot of summer wardrobes (including my own) and are a piece of clothing that is so versatile. They have the ability to be dressed up or down, which is something every Fashionista wants this summer.

So Why Overalls? Let Me Tell You: 

Pairing overalls with a casual T-shirt and trendy sneakers is the perfect outfit for getting coffee with friends, going shopping, or attending summer classes. The main thing about overalls that most trendsetters love is the comfort level. Something great about overalls is that they can also be dressed up with heels, which can be the perfect day to night outfit. They are perfect to wear over a bathing suit for all summer beach vacations. You can also pair them with fun jewelry.

Ever since overalls have made a comeback, they have made so many appearances on the most fashionable people in the entertainment and fashion industry. They are giving so many of us inspiration for planning all of our fabulous summer outfits and also future seasonal outfits to come. If you haven’t already, invest in a pair of overalls; you most definitely won’t regret it. Wearing them might seem risky if you have not worn them since you were a child, but they are coming back in full force and are the perfect summer piece.

Long or short, overalls are a piece of clothing you need to add to your wardrobe ASAP. They are a trend that is definitely going to prevail for a very long time. No matter what your style is, overalls work for everyone.

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Winning Sweat-Proof Makeup

Want to win the makeup game?

Nothing beats a good tailgate on a nearly-fall weekend, except a great game day makeup look. You can hang out with friends and family, play some games, eat good food and maybe get a little too rowdy cheering on your alma mater.

Living in the south comes with football pride, but it also comes with bipolar fall weather and the potential to end up with mascara down your cheeks and blotchy foundation. Throughout the last three years, I have perfected the game day makeup look that does not budge! Here are my tips, favorite products and a fun, clean look you can bring to your campus party!

1―A Good Primer is Important.

I know, who wants to put icky silicone on their face, but this stuff works. My favorite silicone-based primer is the Tarte Poreless Mattifying Primer. Although, I have found that people like myself with oily skin need a cream-based primer. I also like to use acne cream for a primer on days when I have an extreme breakout. So, for game days, I gravitate towards a cream-based primer or an acne cream.

The Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot primer ($14) is my favorite because it is a mix between a silicone and a cream-based primer. It keeps a good base and is great for all day wear.

The primer looks thick but it smooths out very well for a flawless, pore-filled finish.

2―Pick A Foundation with Minimal Flashback and Great Coverage.

Nothing is worse than seeing a cute picture and your face looks like the Wicked Witch of the West. Finding a good foundation that will offer you great coverage, optimal lighting and won’t budge throughout your tailgating experience is hard. While some people opt for a high end makeup, I find that the drugstore has just as much to offer.

The L’Oreal True Match ($10) is my all-time favorite. It lasts all day, has great coverage and blends so well. Not to mention the price is so low! It claims to match to your skin undertones as well as skin color and it definitely does.

After you find your foundation, pick your favorite concealer and use it as you wish.

3―Find a Setting Powder that is Light but Does the Trick.

Okay, so setting powder can go horribly wrong if you’re not careful. You only need a light dusting to set it and make it work out.

My favorite is the Kick Ass Instant Retouch Powder from Soap & Glory ($16). It is light and doesn’t add or subtract any color from your face.

4―Use a Good Liquid Eyeliner.

Using eyeliner is not a must, but after you put on your eyeshadow sometimes you’re feeling yourself and for a full glam look, you need eyeliner. Using a crayon liner is a recipe for disaster when you’re trying to go for a 12-hour look. A liquid liner gives great definition, good control for application and precise lining ability.

My go-to liner is the NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner ($7). It is so black and so long lasting. Not to mention, for the price point it is awesome.

Look how black this color is!

Apply your favorite mascara and you’re good to go!

5―Setting Spray is a Must-Have.

No long-lasting look is complete without a generous dusting of setting spray. I never leave my house without it! It locks everything in place and protects against mascara washing off, foundation breaking up and eyeshadow wearing down.

The best setting spray I have found is the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray ($31, travel size $15). This spray doesn’t have an overwhelming smell and it does what it claims to do. I love it.

6―The finishing touch to your game day makeup.

Now that you have created your perfect game day makeup look, you can go for a cute game day face tattoo or leave it as it is! Pro-tip: Spray a little hairspray over the tattoo/sticker to give it long lasting sticking power. Go forth and cheer on your team looking fierce as ever!

Tell us which product you’re most excited to try in the comments below!

3 Reasons to Buy a Good Blazer

An ideal blazer is a unique thing to come by. Since blazers usually come with a negative connotation of being stuffy and uptight, it is important to know that blazers are anything but that. At the end of the day, a perfect blazer is almost as valuable as the perfect pair of jeans, and possibly even better, because this special piece of clothing is the most versatile thing you will have in your closet. These are the three most important reasons to own this archaic, yet lively, piece of clothing.

1—Blazers are versatile. Whether you pair your blazer with a crisp, white blouse, high-waisted jeans, and slingback flats, or a dress and heels, a blazer will always be the perfect piece of outerwear. Besides being able to wear a blazer with just about anything your heart desires, blazers can also go from day to night. A boxy blazer, blouse, skirt, and platforms can take you from your day at your internship to a night on the town with your best girlfriends. There really is a blazer for every occasion.

2—There are a ton of different stylesJust like jeans, blazers come in a plethora of different styles to fit your mood. For example, there are shorter, fitted blazers, like the ones pictured, and there are also longer, boxy blazers that provide more of a vintage, tomboy look, like this one. Although blazers are generally seen in darker colors such as navy or black, there are so many other colors and prints that blazers come in—very Cher-from-Clueless. You can really get one that fits your style.

3—Blazers are a timeless stapleTrends may fade, but blazers are forever. The proof is in the fact that they are, and have always been, an important staple. They are not just forever because they last a long time. Looks have come and gone, but blazers have always been in our closets and will continue to be there to support our every look. Although different types of blazers have reigned supreme during different times (can you say shoulder pads?), the blazer has always remained relevant.

No matter what your style, who you are inspired by, or where you shop, there is bound to be a blazer that fits your style and personality. You will always be rocking it, no matter where you are going or what you are doing, if you have your trusty blazer along for the ride.

Do you have a blazer that you absolutely love? Tell us in the comments below!

Forget What You Heard—Black is Still the New Black

As years come and go, the phrase “(insert color here) is the new black” is always repeated. But as I have come to learn, black is, and always will be, the new black. Black is a go-to color due to its slimming effect, how it’s easy to match, and it how can be worn in every season. Whether it’s because you’re not a color aficionado or you’re mourning the loss of your favorite The Bachelorette contestant, black is always here for you.

I chose to create this predominately black ensemble with my favorite black denim skirt, black sandals, and a black tank top with a black bralette underneath. I completed this look with a blue denim jacket to create a hint of contrast while tying in the denim pieces. Denim-on-denim is a huge trend this summer, and I can only hope it’s here to stay. Between all of the different denim washes, the possibilities for denim-on-denim are endless. We owe a shout-out to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake for showing us this trend.

One of my favorite details regarding this outfit is the open back feature of my tank top. It opens up the perfect opportunity to display my favorite black, lacy bralette. This peek-a-boo feature also adds a little flair to the outfit and helps keep me cool during summer days.

The black sandals also dress up the look but also transform this outfit from day to night. By taking off the jacket and adding some darker makeup, this outfit is great for a night out on the town.

The versatility of all of these pieces, as well as their ability to tie together, is what makes this outfit one of my favorites. So, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t always wear black.

How do you guys like to style your black-on-black looks? Post in the comments below some of your favorite tips!