New Ways to Style Military Boots for Fall

There’s no need to defend my feet from dirty trench water, because I stick to pavement and the occasional puddle. The only thousand-yard stare I have experienced is spotting a must-have item from across the store and instantaneously falling in love. What can I say? Military boots are just super cute right now.

PHOTO: Leana Concepcion

Originally created to withstand harsh weather conditions and mortal combat, military boots were made to be sturdy. Nearly indestructible, but definitely not cute. However, when chunky boots became a style rather than a necessity, the cuteness factor skyrocketed. Now anyone can purchase full-on glitter military boots, or even a pair with heels.

Combat boots come with a stately, traditional vibe. They’re structured, neutral, and classic. These shoes are popularly styled with jeans and a flannel; however, the possibilities are endless in terms of style. A baggy sweater or cropped T-shirt with chunky boots are also popular combinations. I wear maroon Dr. Marten’s regularly, and that slight pop of color adds so much spunk to my outfits.

For some Style Gurus, the masculinity of military boots is overwhelming; however, I think even the girliest of girls should give them a go. Boots look great with pants as well as dresses and skirts. Outfits should be chosen based on what you find stylish in your comfort zone. A flowery dress with boots is always a pleasant surprise in terms of street style.

Everyone loves a good guilty pleasure outfit. This summer, I lived in Birkenstocks. They’re the most convenient shoe for my everyday business. Once it gets colder and I replace shorts with sweatpants, I pair my Dr. Marten’s with acid-wash sweats and a casual shirt. It’s easy, comfortable, and appropriate in snow and rain; however, it looks edgy for a lazy day outfit.

Pro tip: do not settle on full retail prices. Dr. Marten’s boots are great quality but sell for well over $100 at popular stores or on the website. It’s important to check thrift stores before committing to a big purchase. In times like these, it’s also nice to have places like Plato’s Closet or apps like RetailMeNot.

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Additional photos by Leana Concepcion.

This Boot Style Will Make Even The Most Goody-Goody Feel Like a Rebel

Dr. Martens is by far one of the most iconic shoe companies that was ever created. Since the first boot hit the scene in April of 1960, it was a cultural staple through many generations and subcultures. As many of us know, the Dr. Martens boot was the signature item to wear during the punk movement in the 1960s and early 1970s. Since then, the shoe has transcended many different pop culture movements and become the perfect boot for many different styles.

To showcase how Dr. Martens can be styled outside of its typical, classic punk fashion, I teamed up with my best friend and fashion blogger for a modern punk photo shoot with a twist. We both wanted to exhibit our own take on punk while also channeling our black girl magic for a fierce, stylish shoot. We tied together the aesthetic of the punk culture by rocking our favorite pairs of Dr. Martens.

1—The feminine punk. Rekik took on more of a feminine approach to her punk-inspired style. She wore a black slip dress that catered to a more feminine, seductive side of punk and paired it with a black, floral lace cardigan which added a soft touch to her dark look. Sticking true to the punk style, of course, she topped this look off by wearing Floral Pascal Dr. Martens. Her choice of this floral boot polished off the feminine aesthetic that she brought to the punk style, and also added a punch of color to her cool look along with her bright orange mini shoulder bag. To accessorize and complete her look, Rekik wore a dark lip and flaunted silver rings which both stuck to the rock star spirit of punk.

2—The eclectic punk. I took on a more eclectic, abstract approach to the punk style, which is the aesthetic that I am most comfortable with. I had a great time styling this look while staying true to my natural style sense, letting punk elements shine through. I styled myself with a black-and-white abstract printed A-line dress, a cream backpack purse, and the classic black Dr. Martens. The dress was a big statement for this look, which spoke to the erratic nature of the punk culture and music. I also styled my natural hair in a faux mohawk, which was also an iconic style during the punk era. I also sported a black lip and a gold choker that played upon the chokers that were worn during the classic punk era.

No matter what your style is, I believe that there is a little punk in everyone. You can never be a full punk until you love your Dr. Martens as much as we do!

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WHAT TO WEAR: When You Look Good, You Feel Good

On any college campus, final exams echo cries of panic, depression, and all around stress. Coupled with the stressful atmosphere, come sweatpants, sweatshirts, messy hair, and quite possibly the absence of basic human activities. These include but are not limited to: failing to take showers at regular intervals, not eating at the right times, getting less than the recommended amount of sleep, and failing to exercise. Now, I am not criticizing finals attire, as I also know how it feels to neglect the gym for weeks, throw on that library sweatshirt, and study all day. However, when you look good, you feel good—right? This is exactly what this Fashionista has mastered. While everyone else was sporting their latest “I am too busy for real clothes” wear, her outfit screamed “wait, I forgot it was finals, because I am unusually and perfectly put together!”

Everything from this Fashionista’s hair down to her shoes works in synchronicity. Red is the main tone throughout her outfit, where it serves as an accent color, as well as a base. For example, red is prevalent in her shirt and Dr. Marten shoes, where it grounds her outfit as a base color. However, it also acts as an accent on the underside of her coat and in its trim. Her ensemble works exceptionally well because she only wears four colors: red, green, blue, and white. These distinct colors are highlighted by a geometric theme consistent throughout. Her boxy crop top is patterned with lines and shapes that complement the shirt’s shape. Additionally, her rectangular, and slightly oversize jacket pairs nicely with her cropped top, as it elongates her figure and fits nicely within the geometric theme. To further express herself, she wears funky mismatching earrings made of precise lines, circles, and triangles.

I even asked this Fashionista if she had more exams, to which she replied that she did! She also explained that her thoughtful outfit helped her feel better in this time of stress—how incredible! So, if you are nervous and anxious about your exams this semester, try and look your best. Even if you feel that you don’t have the time, it may help you focus, and even study just a little bit harder. After all, looking great, really can help you feel great!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Your Go-To Summer Look

Hi fellow Fashionistas!

It’s finally that time of year! It feels like yesterday I was wearing a parka and trekking through snow to get to class. Now, classes are over, I’m back home for the summer, and I finally don’t need to wear what feels like a 10 pound coat every time I leave the house.

The best part about spring and summer (as with any season) is the fashion. Having more free time means having more time to go explore new places! And we have to look good while doing it, right?

I ventured to New Hope, Pennsylvania, a cute town about an hour away from Philadelphia. New Hope is the place to be around Christmas time, with all the lights and holiday activities going on.

I know it’s not Christmas, but I decided to go anyway. New Hope is just as cute in the spring, with all of the flowers in bloom and cute shops to visit.

This Fashionista’s look had me in awe. Not only did it look comfortable and breathable (an important part of any outfit in those hot summer days) but it was also super cute and stylish. Her dress gives me music festival vibes, but also day-out-in-the-city vibes. It’s perfect for any occasion in the summer. Something that’s versatile and artsy is perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

You know what really tops off the look? Yes, if you also speak bad puns, you know I’m going to say the hat. It quite literally tops off the look. But bad puns aside, the hat adds that beachy, artistic vibe I love. Adding one of these wide brim hats is the best way to look like you’re ready for a day at Coachella. (One can dream, right?)

The final touches are definitely the choker and the shoes. I am a strong believer in chokers. I know some people think they’re weird, but I think throwing on a black choker is a surefire way to add some edge to your outfit, even if it’s only a little bit.

The Doc Martens are another thing I love about this look. Once again, along with the choker, they’re adding some edge. Wearing the dress with sandals would completely transform the look.

This Fashionista named her look: “The Musician’s Girlfriend.” Is she a musician’s girlfriend? No. Does she look like she is? Totally. And that’s all that matters.

BEAUTY BAR: Lovely Lilac

I’ve never been one to make a drastic change to my look, no matter how intrigued I am with how it could look. I’ve had my fair share of beauty obsessions, ranging from piercings to daring haircuts, but I’ve never been able to actually take the plunge. Pastel-colored hair has been one of these obsessions for a long time now, but again, I haven’t been able to take the plunge. Seeing this Fashionista’s hair felt like a religious experience, and it almost has given me the guts and inspiration I need to do something fun with my hair.

Colored hair isn’t for everyone. I can’t even bring myself to get highlights. However, something about pastel-colored hair just speaks to me. Clearly, this Fashionista agrees. It’s more exciting than just dyeing your hair a “normal” color, but it’s not as offensive to the eye as a bright color. I’m really into silver-y blue pastel hair, but lilac, like this Fashionista is rocking, is a close second fave. I’m even becoming obsessed with light, rosy, pastel pink hair now, too. I kid you not when I say this Fashionista has inspired me more than she’d ever know.

On top of her rockin’ hair color, this Fashionista happens to be wearing an ultra-stylish and cool outfit. It’s only fitting though, right? You wouldn’t expect to see someone with beautiful lilac hair walking down the street in a bland outfit. Double denim can often be a risky look (early 2000s Britney and Justin, anyone?), but this Fashionista’s tan sweater keeps things low-key. Anything too out there would definitely be reminiscent of early 2000s fashion. The denim jacket and jeans are in a more modern wash, which detracts from a Britney look.The short black Dr. Martens keep with the edgy, casual theme, and no accessories make sense given the statement making hair. All-in-all, I want this Fashionista to take me to her hairdresser ASAP, and I wouldn’t mind stealing her shoes, either.

STYLE ADVICE: The Secondhand City

I spent my last few days of spring break in Seattle visiting a friend, and I fell in love with the city. As an avid traveler who would rather spend her last paycheck on an impromptu trip to a new city instead of a new outfit, coming to a new place on the West Coast was inspiring, refreshing, even eye-opening. It’s a completely different atmosphere than both my college town of D.C. and my hometown of Atlanta, and not just because the city is perpetually under rain clouds (which actually isn’t as depressing as it sounds). The overall attitude of Seattle takes a full 180-degree turn from the other two towns, carrying completely different politics and mindsets that make the city unique. The laid back nature was visible in the countless number of local coffee and thrift shops, the grungy music scene, and, most notably, the fashion.

Style is something I immediately notice when traveling to new cities, like how Paris emanates effortlessly cool and New York is all about making a statement. Seattle definitely doesn’t fit in with the top fashion cities of the world, but it does carry an eccentric style that only Seattle natives can truly own up to. This Fashionista truly exemplified Seattle style, where comfort and sustainability come first but don’t necessarily take away from the look—they actually add to it! Knowing 95 percent of your outfit is thrifted is far more than satisfying. Secondhand shops, which are practically on every block in this city, are not only helpful to the environment and your bank account, but they also have some amazing selections that you couldn’t find at typical retail stores. They make the vintage look that everyone has been obsessing over for years attainable without having to overspend at companies who have this aesthetic, like Urban Outfitters. So let the thrifting begin!

To obtain a look that both fit in with Seattle’s fashion scene and also her own personal and playful style, this Fashionista paired a thrifted floral turtleneck under a (once again) thrifted linen slip dress that plays on the slip dress trend in a completely unique manner—no lace or velvet seen here. She completed the outfit with ripped black tights and thrifted Dr. Martens, a mix of grunge and practicality that perfectly resembles the values of Seattle. This is one of the reasons I’m already so in love with this place—its residents seem to all fit in with what they choose to put on their bodies, but their individual looks are so personal that it’s difficult to say they conform to the city’s trends. A fashion juxtaposition, I suppose?

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Textures on Textures on Textures

The tiny details of an outfit can really make something go from casual to extraordinary.

Take this Fashionista for example. She is rocking corduroy overalls, which are one of my personal favorite trends. But instead of adding a T-shirt beneath it, she instead chose a strappy bralette to wear underneath a mesh top. But that’s not where the details end! Instead of a plain black mesh T-shirt, this Fashionista decided to add a little more texture by choosing a polka dot mesh T-shirt. Who doesn’t love to sneak in a few polka dots here and there?

Since spring showers are upon us here in Manhattan, this Fashionista decided to add a jean jacket for a subtle pop of color to keep her warm while walking the streets of New York City. For added warmth and texture, she chose to wear a sheer pair of black tights.

Victoria Beckham once said, “I can’t concentrate in flats.” However, sensibility sometimes trumps all. As a finishing touch, this Fashionista chose to wear her favorite pair of Dr. Martens, so walking from class to class won’t leave her with aching feet.

But the details don’t stop there! This Fashionista totally rocks the smoky eye look while adding a hint of classiness by choosing to stick with a bold but fierce red lip. Add your favorite pair of earrings and you’re all set, just like this fabulous Fashionista!

The details of an outfit can truly elevate an outfit to a whole new level. So, don’t be afraid to be bold and get experimenting: You never know what may come of it!

WHAT TO WEAR: Grunge for Brunch

Brunch, the only time it is socially acceptable to order pancakes with a side of fries. Usually consisting of at least one photo of the food and an Instagram worthy selfie, brunch has become just as much of a trend as the grunge look. If you’re still enduring cold weather like New Yorkers, this trend can easily be adjusted for warmth.

Everyone always says history repeats itself, and this is definitely true when it comes to fashion. The edgy grunge trend was big in the ’90s and is making its appearance in the fashion world again. From graphic T-shirts to embroidered denim, there are many different ways to incorporate the rock inspired trend into your wardrobe. Mixing textures and varying darker colors is a big part of the grunge aesthetic.

This Fashionista is wearing her maroon Dr. Martens on her way to the best meal of the day, pairing the look with her favorite distressed, black denim and a skull and cross bones sweater. By finishing the look with a hooded leather jacket and some layered choker necklaces, she gives her outfit a put together feel and is ready to hit the food scene. What I love about the outfit is that by adding the leather jacket and Dr. Martens, she gives the otherwise matte outfit some shine. The outfit itself is not something that’s hard to achieve, but with the right amount of dark clothes and rock inspired pieces, anyone can put together a similar look.

Get out of your room, enjoy some brunch, and maybe consider adding a little edge to your look or wardrobe this season!

STYLE ADVICE: Accent Pieces and You

One of the largest untapped resources in everyday fashion is the accent piece. Accent pieces are essential to any Fashionista’s closet, and they bring life to stylish looks. The addition of a simple necklace, sweater, or watch can spice up a look in just the blink of an eye without breaking the bank.

Now, the first question that probably comes to mind is, “Where does one find an accent piece?” The answer is that they’re probably hiding somewhere in the back of a closet or at a local thrift store. There are two levels of repurposing that can be used when finding accent pieces, and it can conveniently be explained in two scenarios.

For the first scenario, think back to middle school days where, if the clothes weren’t talking highlighter, then you didn’t want to talk. That circa 2011 highlighter hoodie paired with an all-black T-shirt dress and some Converse can be the perfect look for an eventful day on campus.

In scenario two, this Fashionista is the perfect example. She is wearing an all black, mesh ensemble with black pants. She wore a super dope denim jacket and a pair of Dr. Marten boots. What automatically caught my attention from her killer look was her adorable pink watch. The chic look was a clear backdrop for her accent piece to shine thorough. This Fashionista said that she found this specific accent piece at a thrift store in Gainesville for an insanely cheap price.

In either scenario, accent pieces are not that hard to find. As long as you put a creative spin on it, something as simple as a plain red T-shirt can be an accent piece. It goes to show that there is accent piece equality for all.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Style Guru in Distress

Spring has come a few weeks early for many of us this year. February came in like a lion and out like a lamb! Although this is the result of the climate shifting and our environment crying out for help (yes, global warming is actually real!), the students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania soaked up the sun and took full advantage of these 70-degree days.

As much as I adore clothing and going shopping for new items, I have really cut back on what I buy and what brands I purchase clothing from. The fast fashion industry takes a huge toll on our planet, coming only in second place to the oil industry. To do our part as Fashionistas, we must do more upcycling with clothes we already own or even with garments we can buy at the local thrift shop! Not only is it fun to get creative and change up your look, but you are also making Earth smile with every item you are not tossing in the trash.

The look I chose on this sunny day is completely made up of clothing from thrift stores! I purchased my T-shirt at the local Goodwill and made it my own by distressing it and adding playful cut outs. I have plans to later acid wash it, but for now I am pleased with its turnout. My shorts were once a pair of super high-waisted mom jeans that I made in high school and are still a staple part of my wardrobe. As for my boots, I purchased those at a Buffalo Exchange and have had them for years!

I hope my look inspires more people to go and create new looks while also helping out our beautiful planet. The Earth is our home, and we must take care of it before it gets too late. Do your part, Fashionistas, and happy thrifting!