Brooklyn Bound—A Look Perfect for Summer in the City

Even though I’ve lived in New York City for over a year, I still enjoy finding new places to explore and returning to old favorites. This weekend, I made a trip to DUMBO, Brooklyn to check out the Brooklyn Flea and take in the Manhattan skyline. I recently purchased this Free People red maxi dress from a sample sale and this weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity to take it out for a spin.

I paired the dress with my favorite sunnies, a pair of circular, silver reflective shades. To match the sunglasses, I also wore silver jewelry including a few vintage bracelets and my staple rings and watch. Everyone needs a handbag to carry all of their stuff; I opted for this Chanel one, but you can find similar ones that don’t break the bank. To finish off the outfit, I wore a pair of black espadrille sandals complete with little silver studs to match the rest of the look.

It’s summer in New York CIty and this outfit kept me perfectly cool in the heat. Although, sitting on the subway with a bare back was less than ideal!


If you’re coming into New York City during the weekend, I definitely recommend making the trip to Brooklyn to explore the flea markets and food fests. The Brooklyn Flea features tons of vintage and antique items including cameras, clothing, knick-knacks, and so much more. Hungry? Choose from a wide selection of food stands featuring dishes from local vendors and restaurants.

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How to Style the Perfect Sunday Brunch Outfit

Sunday brunch is the best part of the week. It’s the time for you and your girlfriends to meet up, get some delicious food, and catch up! But it is also a time to show off your brand new outfit, and there is no better time to look on trend than when you are out with your friends. Staying on trend and looking fashionable can become expensive as trends die quickly and new ones are brought to life. But, don’t worry! These easy tips can help you look fashionable with pieces you already have in your wardrobe!

Accessorize Your Plain Outfit

Accessorizing a basic or plain outfit can repurpose it. It can go from casual to a night out style by using accessories. If you have worn an article of clothing before around this particular group of friends, then don’t fret! Adding accessories like dainty bracelets and necklaces can turn your casual dress into a cute ready-for-brunch dress. Watches and a white or black clutch or small purse to carry your phone and cards will tie the whole look together.

Adopt One Trend to Make Your Outfit Stand Out

This spring and summer, one huge trend in women’s fashion has been the off-the-shoulder look! These tops hang lower than the collarbones and show off a bit of cleavage if you’d like or you can have it hang a bit higher. You can wear off-the-shoulder tops for almost every occasion: a date, to the mall, to brunch, Sunday dinner with the family, and more.

Wear Strappy Sandals or Wedges to Have the Perfect Daytime Look

Summer is the perfect season to rock your opened-toe shoes, and sandals and wedges are a must for any summer time outfit. Brown and black sandals can go with almost any look and can be styled for daytime and even nighttime casual outings.

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The Only Item You Need to Survive the Summer Heat

At this age, unfortunately, we’re passed the point of being able to pull off denim cutoffs every day with sneakers and a spaghetti strap tank top all summer. No longer does summer entail of spending all day at the pool and all night running around town with your best friends. There are things to do and work to be done; however, the summer heat hasn’t changed despite the fact that our style has to. So how do we stay cool and still look professional? The answer lies in this summer’s biggest trend.

Flowy dresses have seamlessly made their way into every It Girl’s wardrobe since summer began. Not only are they easy to throw on, they’re also dressier than your regular summer go-to’s. Dress it down on the weekends with a pair of white sneakers or up with some strappy sandals when you’re at the office. Go with a simple pattern and gold jewelry to finish off the effortless ensemble. Trust me, in no time, you’ll be tossing out all your old cutoffs to make room in your closet for summer dresses.

Scroll down to see how these Style Gurus styled their favorite summer dresses.

Try accessorizing with a neck scarf (Photo via @fracturedaesthetic).

A bold pattern and color call for simple jewelry (Photo via @mariagleija).

A wide-set belt is a great way to add some shape (Photo via @katilyn_perry).

Wrap dresses are everywhere this summer (Photo via @marybordelon).

Red is our favorite summer color (Photo via @styleintheway).

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3 Ways to Style an Oversize T-Shirt Into a Dress

We all have at least one huge T-shirt in our closet that we keep around but don’t really know how to style. It’s usually worn as a sleep shirt or just as a baggy shirt with leggings. So, let me show you three simple ways to style an oversize T-shirt into a dress that you can wear for almost any occasion!

First, get an oversize T-shirt that’s large enough to wear as a dress. If the T-shirt has a design, you can wear it with the design on the front, or wear the shirt inside out. Next, bring the head hole of the shirt up to your chest. From here, you can create three different styles just by tying or tucking the sleeves. The best part about this comfortable dress is that you can dress it up or down with the addition of jackets, belts, and hats, so get creative!


1—The simple, strapless dress. This is the simplest, easiest look, and you can make it in less than 10 seconds. Pull the sleeves behind, and then just tie them together—that’s it!

Pair this look with a belt and denim jacket for a casual and comfy look you can wear any day. This is such a simple dress that it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the jacket, shoes, and accessories you decide to wear with it.

2—The front-tuck dress. First, take one sleeve at a time and fold it across your chest and up, just enough so you can tuck the full end of the sleeve into the head hole. This dress should create a “W” shape across your chest because of the seams of the T-shirt.

Wear some booties and a leather jacket to give this look an edgy vibe. You can also dress it up a bit with a kimono or cardigan and a necklace. You can rock this look even at, dare I say it, semi-casual events, depending on the accessories you wear. Play around with different colors and styles!

3—The pocket dress. You know the amazing moment when you realize that there are pockets on your dress? Well, you can recreate that moment by first gluing, taping, or sewing your sleeves so that there isn’t an arm hole. Then, push the sleeve inside-out through your shirt to create a pocket! This dress is a bit baggier than the others I’ve created, making it more breezy and perfect for a hot day.

A belt is perfect for cinching in the waist since this dress is not tied or tucked in anywhere. Wear it with a light jacket and a sun hat, and you’re ready for a fun day in the sun!

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The Perfect Brunch Outfit

When it comes to going out to eat and looking good while doing so, there’s a lot to take into consideration. First, you have to plan out where and what you want to eat, and whether it is going to be messy or not. I personally love eating BBQ wings, Mango Habanero wings, or wings dripping in Mumbo Sauce. Which means going out to eat and dressing a specific way comes with risk for me. However, I don’t let my cravings and messy food habits stop me from dressing my best every day.

One Sunday evening, I chose to go out to a restaurant called Soco. Soco is located in Brooklyn, New York and is well known for its love for Black Culture, and flavorful chicken and waffles. In recent years, chicken and waffles have become a common brunch courtesy that many restaurants have their own spin on. What I love about Soco’s chicken and waffles is the island flavor in the chicken. The wings are drenched in lightly spiced jerk sauce, which went hand-in-hand with the sweet funnel cake-like waffles. The perfect meal for brunch, if I may say so myself. The music and atmosphere made the experience even better. Eating wings to the tune of Kanye, SZA, and Kendrick Lamar is basically everything I want in a brunch experience.

I topped off this perfect brunch experience with a white dress and green velvet heels. Yes, I said white dress! I fearlessly wore white and ate wings covered in jerk sauce. My dress was a white, one-shoulder midi dress and I accessorized it with my with chic green velvet heels. This particular outfit is very on-trend and great for going out to brunch, church, an interview or even as a date night outfit. The one shoulder and tie up in the middle gave the dress versatility to be worn for many occasions. The green velvet lace-up heels were a signature touch, that called attention to my look and complimented both my skin and style.


Any look is possible for any occasion. You can wear the most drastic yet the most simplistic outfit anywhere and have no worries, as long as you do it with confidence!

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3 Ways to Style Your Old Dress

So, you have an old dress that you don’t know what to do with anymore. It’s not the time to part with it quite yet, but you’re getting tired of wearing the same thing repeatedly. How do you switch things up, you might ask. Luckily, I discovered a few quick and simple ways to change up your look without breaking the bank, by using accessories currently in your closet.

1—Add a statement necklace.

With the help of a bold necklace, the attention redirects to your neck/chest area much differently than a small necklace would. In this look, I’m wearing a necklace that was literally stuck at the bottom of my mom’s closet, but still looks fantastic paired with the dress due to the contrasting gold. Feel free to choose any type of necklace that you prefer. However, be aware that prints can be too distracting and clash with a large necklace, so try to stick with a solid color dress when using this option.

2—Add a kimono.

Since we won’t see cooler months anytime soon, kimonos are an alternative lightweight solution to staying a bit warmer when needed, as well as drastically changing the effect of your dress. I chose an embroidered kimono to add detail that the solid dress lacks. Kimonos come in all different patterns, textures, and solids, making them interchangeable with other outfits (and a closet essential).

3—Pair boots with bold earrings.

Thought combat boots were out? Think again. Dig out your old pair of favorite boots for an unexpected look that makes your legs look undeniably amazing. Balance the outfit with a pair of large earrings, such as hoops, to draw the attention from your face down to your feet. These accessories transformed this look into a more flirty, edgy appearance. Once again, the finished look stands out from the ordinary.

All three of these looks were achieved by simply going through my closet and thinking about which accessories could create a new statement for my old dress. With the help of absolutely $0 (just your best fashion sense), you too can find new ways to revamp your style.

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Hippie Summer Traveling

Whenever I think about the summer, one thing always comes in mind: traveling. At least, to me, that’s what summer means. I have all the time in the world to travel and feel free. I meet new people, try some new food, get a ton of photos, shop, and, of course, check out different styles and fashion trends. Traveling during summer makes me think of one very specific era: the Summer of Love, when hippies from all over the world were celebrating altruism, mysticism, honesty, joy, and nonviolence.

This style itself is very laid-back, very effortless, and open to choices. Because of that, it makes a great choice for an airport look or even a road trip. You can go with a maxi dress, plain or majestically decorated with colors, ruffles, and patterns that bring out an ethnic, boho vibe. Another great choice would be the classic tie-dye T-shirt, or any T-shirt for that matter, with bell-bottom pants or jeans. Most of the clothing in the hippie era was either handmade or purchased from thrift stores, so feel free to roam your local flea market before adopting this style.

Since it’s hot outside and your feet can easily get sweaty, wearing sandals is the number one option. Pick a pair of colorful sandals or neutral, bold, and more earthy colors. Sandals are comfortable and can easily lead the whole outfit in a different direction based on your choice. In the hippie era, both genders wore sandals, moccasins, or went barefoot. Women wore little or no makeup, with many going braless. Hippies often chose brightly colored clothing with Native American, Asian, Indian, African, and Latin American motifs being the most popular. Their clothes were, in general, loose-fitting clothes as opposed the tight and uniform clothing of the ’40s and ’50s.

Hippies tended to travel light, and could pick up and go wherever the action was at any time. A small purse is great for your day-to-day adventures, and even better, the crossbody bag. A backpack or a small sac voyage or weekend bag is great for traveling light and can fit more things than you might think. At this point, a lyrical quote from Lana del Rey always comes to mind: “Dying young and I’m playing hard… Drink all day and we talk ’til dark. That’s the way the road dogs do it—ride ’til dark.”

Will you be adopting the flower child look? How would you style it? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share your look with @CFashionista on social media.

An Easy Way to Layer Maxi Dresses

When summer approaches, you don’t necessarily think of layering, correct? I am also pretty sure a maxi dress doesn’t pop up in your head either. I have a solution for you and  I’m pretty sure you have in your closet, bralettes! There are so many styles to choose from and it’s super easy to wear them under a nice, loose, and breezy maxi.

The perfect way to show off your cute bralette in your floral maxi is by buying one that has a deep neckline; either a deep U or V. It’s a very easy item to put on if you are running late to your job or internship, but you look amazing wearing it. I am all about comfort in fashion.

This Fashionista paired some cute and simple accessories to go with her dress that goes perfectly. You can never go wrong with lace-up sandals, they give the outfit an extra accessory because of the lace-up detail on the ankle. Feel free to get them in many colors as well!

The best thing about a maxi dress is that you can wear it anywhere, you can use it as a beach/pool cover-up, wear it to work, or even just a night out with your girls. Just pair a cute pendant or dainty layering necklace, a nice crossbody, your favorite lip color and you are set, girl!

So remember, layering isn’t just for the fall or winter, you can do it when it’s 90 degrees outside, look stunning, and, most importantly, not die in the heat (isn’t that always the summer goal?)

How do you style maxi dresses for summer? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

The Off-The-Shoulder Trend

School has finally come to an end across the country, which means it is time to start planning your summer activities and outfits. This year’s top trend can be spotted in every store and across social media platforms, being styled by your favorite bloggers and celebrities. This summer, just like every summer in the past, if you aren’t wearing the It trend, you’re basically committing a fashion sin.

This summer’s trend, the off-the-shoulder look, is perfect to wear during warm summer days out with friends or during date nights at your favorite restaurant. From Olivia Culpo and Gigi Hadid wearing pretty ruffles and lace to Alexa Chung and Diane Kruger wearing high-fashion gowns on red carpets, you simply can’t go wrong any way you decide to style it.

Unlike most summer trends, such as crop tops and bralettes, to wear the off-the-shoulder trend, you don’t need the perfect toned body or to be a certain age, which is why this trend is popular among women of all ages.

This trend has been on and off the style watch from the 1800s to the 1960s, and now, in 2017. This trend has progressed from designer off-the-shoulder dresses featuring bodices, to  the sexy go-to look with midi skirts, and now, being the new cool girl street style, making it easy to put your own spin on the look.

What I love about off-the-shoulder tops and dresses is that you’re able to dress them up or down as much as you’d like. Whether you’re wanting to go casual and pair your lace top with jeans and sneakers, to planning your brunch outfit, pairing your dress with sandals and delicate jewelry, this trend is versatile and super easy to pull off. If you’re not really into the bohemian girly side of this trend, it is easy to put an edgy or tomboy spin on any of the tops and dresses, which is great for girls who don’t have a specific go-to style.

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4 Tips to Breeze Through the Gloomy Summer Months in Style

When it comes to the month of June and for those living near the coast, the weather often can be nothing super-summery at all. Take California for example, locals take pride in their “golden state” year round, but for the main month of June and some months following there is a slight exception in sunshine. Picture brisk mornings with a light mist, and afternoons that can get warm, but the wind never seems to withdraw. In other words, figuring out what to wear to be comfortable in the climate can get a rather tricky.

With rain or shine, love or hate, for June gloom and the windy times to trail, I have you covered in the outfit department. Keep reading on to find out my four favorite fashion tips that are simple, and stylish to incorporate into your everyday ensembles so that you too, can be one step ahead of the June gloom.

1—Give them the cold shoulderCold shoulder and off-the-shoulder tops are a perfect way to dabble in the spring and summer style feels, but still stay slightly warm. For those days where the weather can’t decide if it is hot or cold, these types of shirts are a great go-to. Not to mention, the shoulder exposure on both the cold cut and the off-the-shoulder tops are so sassy.

2—The blazer for the saviorWhen it comes to dressing for the gloomier summer days, the ultimate lifesaver is a lightweight blazer. I put emphasis on the lightweight while shopping around, because these blazers are comfortable, cute, and perfect for many different occasions worn year round. Layer it up or wear it simple, either way a light blazer is key to breezy summer weather, and cute for just another day of work.

3—Get the best of both worlds. A long sleeved dress is so ideal when it comes to staying up to trend while still being able to take on some chill factor. The best part is, your arms are covered, and legs are free to be, making for a wonderful ‘all in one’ outfit ensemble. Whether it is three-quarter sleeve or full length, this cut of dress seems to be the perfect fit and coverage to beating the gloom in glam.

4—Walk the wind in styleWith the weather forecast calls for sunny with a slight chance of wind all day, it can be a bit tricky to know what shoes will work best. My tip: be covered but still comfy. Coverage is key when picking out the right shoe to last all day as the weather varies so often. Whether it is a flat or heeled mule, lace-up sandal, or a cut out bootie these shoes all make for the perfect mix of summer and spring.

What’s your favorite look to beating the gloomy summer months in style? Show us your favorite outfit ensemble and tag @Cfashionista!