All the Outfits to Wear This Recruitment Season

With formal recruitment right around the corner, many girls wonder what they should wear for this important week. Outfits are crucial for recruitment because it gives active members in each chapter the first impression on every girl that they talk to. Wearing cute shoes or a sparkly necklace can make girls more memorable. Of course, outfits are not everything, but it is important to have a guide as to what to wear each day. I will be explaining what most girls wear throughout formal recruitment, and will also be giving tips and tricks for this amazing week.

At San Diego State University, the outfits get progressively fancier as the week goes on. On the first day, a popular outfit that I saw was ruffled shorts, floral off-the-shoulder tops, and sandals. Many girls wear rompers, jean skirts, and a nice top. It is also fine to wear a simple dress on this day as well. The active members in the chapters will be wearing jeans or shorts so it is fine to dress more casual. I would recommend saving your fancy outfits for the end of the week.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

As the days go on, girls wear wedges instead of sandals and classy dresses instead of jean skirts. On the third and fourth days, I saw long sleeve rompers, brown wedges, floral flare out dresses, and gold jewelry. The last night of formal recruitment is Preference Night and this is the fanciest day. You should be bringing out the most formal dress in your closet for this night. A royal blue dress with nude high heels would be a perfect outfit for the last day.

PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

It is important to remember that the outfits for recruitment should be classy and put together. Also, make sure that your shoes are comfortable to walk in. You will be standing in these shoes for long periods of time in all of the houses. Bring flip-flops or sandals with you for walking in between houses since they can be far from each other. I would also recommend bringing a makeup bag and body spray to touch up in between events.

Formal recruitment can be a stressful time for everyone, but in the end, you will find which chapter you truly belong in. Outfits for recruitment may vary from person to person, but it is always important to stay true to yourself and to still show your unique fashion style. I hope this article helps out anyone who is preparing for formal recruitment in the upcoming weeks. Best of luck, and I hope all of your sorority and recruitment wishes come true!

Have you gone through formal recruitment? What did you wear? Let me know in the comments below! 

Featured photo by Maddy Haller.

If You Wore Black All Winter, This is for You

When you think about summer, you think fun, bright colors, right? Well, some of us, including me, have spent the past fall, winter, and spring wearing black and really don’t see a change happening in the near future. We all know black is considered a “don’t” during these warm months, as it attracts heat and does the opposite of keep you cool. Black is the best color (or anti-color) to wear with almost anything. It can be dressed up, dressed down, and is easier to get away with than wearing white. However, wearing too much of it on a sunny day can leave you with either a nasty sunburn or a nice tan (if we’re staying positive). That being said, here are four ways to make black your new summer color without looking like Wednesday Addams.

1—Make it fun. Who said black can’t be feminine? Mix up your usual dark palette with some girly pieces that still use black as the main color. Try something like these patterned overalls, a lightweight floral dress, or soft shorts. When assembling the outfit around your patterned piece, stick to other solid colors and simple accessories.

2—Wear it with white. When done right, black and white pair together nicely in the summer. Wearing the two together creates a bold statement with little effort. Try a solid lettuce edge or smocked top with some white pants for a comfortable yet trendy post-beach outfit. You can also switch it up with white on top and black o the bottom. Keeping your colors simple allows you to play with accessories more!

3—Dress it up. Luckily, it’s easy to dress up black for any season, including summer. Whether you’re going out to a nice dinner or enjoying a night out with friends, black can still be your color of choice. Try finding a silky black tank top and wear it with shorts of similar material for a sleek and stylish look that still allows you to move with ease.

4—Wear it with denim. Black and denim have always gone hand in hand, as they look very good together. Try either a solid or patterned black top with jeans, cut-offs, or a denim skirt for an effortless look for all occasions. I’m a firm believer that less is more with denim, so keeping the accessories simple is important.

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Life Is a Party, Dress Like It

June 21st marks the end of school, the beginning of summer, and National Lily Pulitzer Day. Every year National Lily Day rings in the summer season with Lily’s signature collection in a wide variety of bright, colorful, patterns. In addition to highlighting the fun fashion that has been worn for generations, this day also brings attention to Lily Pulitzer’s admirable entrepreneurial spirit that allowed her to turn her love of resort life into a thriving corporation.

When Lily was just 21 years old, she and her husband Peter Pulitzer traded life in the Big Apple for endless sunshine in Palm Beach, Florida.  Life in Palm Beach brought all the glamour and fabulousness of living on a resort, as well as three children and a citrus grove. Lily liked to keep herself busy, and opened a juice stand using the produce grown in her husband’s orchard. While she loved running her own business and interacting with all her friends who came to buy juice, she always found herself spilling on her clothing. In order to disguise the stains, Lily created dresses in bright colors and intricate patterns. Once people saw her dresses, demand quickly grew. And when Jackie Kennedy, Lily’s schoolmate and First Lady, was photographed in a Lily dress, the Lily Pulitzer brand skyrocketed.

Lily Pulitzer continues to be a great success today because it brings the happiness and excitement of a summer resort to everyday life. To celebrate National Lily Day, I put together an outfit that captures the liveliness and excitement of summer. My top is a classic Lily Pulitzer, complete with one of her signature patterns in many bright colors.  Since the shirt was the focal point, I kept the rest of my outfit simple and basic. I did this by pairing my shirt with a pair of white jeans, and gold sandals. I accessorized with a Kate Spade bangle and pearl earrings.

How will you celebrate National Lily Pulitzer Day? Let me know in the comments below!

STYLE ADVICE: Spring, Into Summer

Say goodbye to all of those boring winter clothes and spring into summer with a romper like this Fashionista’s that is perfect for both seasons! Spring and soon, summer are upon us so bring on the florals, colors, and festivals! Rompers are so popular during these warm months because they are easy to wear and can range from casual to dressy. This pastel floral romper is no exception, it is perfect for a hot spring day and a cool summer night.

This Fashionista pairs her floral romper with her favorite pair of tan heels which kind of dress up the romper and would be the perfect duo to wear to an event such as a summer wedding. For a more casual look, you could add your favorite pair of sandals. The romper is form fitting on top with a loose flare bottom, giving it that effortless and summer chic look while adding shape to her figure. Kimono sleeves are in full effect for this romper and add life to this outfit. She accessorizes with a simple silver bar necklace to pull it all together.

With the emergence of warm weather comes new trends. Spring cleaning of one’s closet tends to bring in new warm weather apparel to life. Bright colors and patterns are once again loved, and can really boost your spring and summer wardrobe. I don’t know about you guys but, I am always super excited to swap my sweaters with tank tops. Let spring and summer breathe fresh air into your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. Can’t wait to see all of your rad spring and summer outfits!


STYLE ADVICE: Pretty in Pink

Warm weather and windy days have arrived on campus, and this Fashionista could not be more ready. With our spring schedules filled with events, concerts, and parties we have to have the perfect outfits for all occasions. Spring may not be my favorite season, but it definitely has some of the best fashion during the sunny days.

This Fashionista is wearing an outfit that is ideal for any formal or casual event. Her lightweight, chiffon dress has a beautiful pink floral pattern with a sophisticated style. These colors can complement any skin tone and be worn all spring and summer long. This high neckline allows you to avoid wearing any necklaces and have the focus be on your flowy dress. To show this neckline wear a high pony with a twist of hair around the band to make the style more complete. She is wearing simple, translucent dangly earrings with a hint of pink in them. Depending on where you are headed you can wear some strappy, sandal wedges like these or even some thin heeled stilettos. Taupe wedges work great with this light dress when you’re bound to be twirling around all night. Subtle make-up with a sharp black wing and a swipe of a peach blush will give you the flushed look while still looking natural. A nude lipstick like this Fashionista’s is a perfect pair or a bright pink can add some spice to your style.

You can never be overdressed so don’t be afraid to put on a dress and heels because we all deserve to feel beautiful. You can recreate this look or use this Fashionista as your spring inspiration as we head into the longer days and later nights of spring and summer!

WHAT TO WEAR: Cool and Collected for Class

Before this post, I had always wanted to feature an article on a FashionistI noticed on campus. Menswear is often difficult to stand out in because of the limited variation made available for men to wear. Most guys I see are able to pass off a decent outfit in jeans and a T-shirt. Regardless, although looking different is difficult to accomplish in the male fashion industry, pulling it off is that much more rewarding!

This month’s feature includes a Fashionisto I noticed on his way to class. It has often occurred to me that many college students rarely put effort into what they are wearing to class. Many of us would rather roll out of bed and show up to lecture in sweats. This is all the more reason why I pay the most attention toward potential fashion-goers on my way to class, which explains how I came across this Fashionisto! What struck my attention was his need to cater to street style, but mix it with the acknowledgement of being in an education setting, where street fashion meets a hint of business casual!

This Fashionisto pairs knee-slit black jeans with a navy and white colored baseball styled T-shirt. Layered on top is a black, water-resistant, Stussy jacket, which seems to be the staple piece of this fit. The outfit is tied together with a black baseball cap, worn backwards, which helps contrast the outfit from business casual to street wear. Additionally, the hat was colored black, similar to the most of the outfit, which helped maintain consistency in the look. The shoes, which indicated the most variation in this outfit, were brogues, carefully detailed along the corners of the shoes. These shoes are often spotted in formal settings, which is why this outfit is a smart example for class when you want to look fashionable, but also, professional enough for class. To finish the outfit off, this Fashionisto is wearing a classic, gold Timex watch, which is yet another staple piece for many street fashion followers!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Embellishments, Patches, and Pink

As Hubert de Givenchy once said,“Luxury is in each detail.” Even the smallest details can elevate a look. After all, details can help you both remember and visualize something, in this case a look.

Think of red carpets or your own wardrobe. Sometimes you might not remember the designer who created the look but you’ll remember that it was an emerald green dress with gold beading around the neckline and was paired with a metallic heel. Or the jewelry design and embellishments on a pair of heels. What a pop of color! That personalized embroidered jean jacket or those patches on your jeans. The metallic-toned heel on a pair of black booties. How about that black trim on your sweater? Or that statement necklace paired with a simple solid sweater or top. Really anything that adds something special to an already great look. The details truly matter!

This Fashionista’s blush pink look is perfect for any casual occasion. She wore a simple yet chic pale pink sweater with the French word “amore” patched on. The sweater which is neatly tucked in is paired with a pale pink skirt with embellished with small beads creating a checked pattern.

You always need a jacket in the city so she layered a maroon utility jacket to complement the pale pink. To top the look of she wore a pair of very trendy nude suede over the knee high boots. Her hair is perfectly curled and nails a painted a pretty shade of pink to match.

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Looks

The transition between seasons always leaves everyone a little bit confused. During the bipolar month of March, one could be found wearing shorts and sandals or leggings and a parka. I personally would rather be wearing a cute dress to try and summon the spring weather, no matter how cold it gets.

This color of this dress suits the season perfectly. The olive with a light acid wash is light enough to be springy but also dark enough that it isn’t too in-your-face. It makes for a fabulous and subtle pop of color.

A recent and very popular style is off-the-shoulder clothing. Both dresses and tops can be found in this style and make for a fun and flirty look. This style is a great way to show just the right amount of skin without looking trashy. The ruffle on the front of the dress adds for an extra feminine look. This particular dress has pockets (heck yes) which makes it not only cute but practical as well.

This Fashionista layered necklaces to give a little something extra to her look. Chokers of all types have made a tremendous comeback in today’s fashion world. The beaded choker and zodiac sign necklace add the perfect amount of sparkle to the look.

Open-toe shoes with a thick heel are a must have. They are multi-seasonal and go with almost anything. They can dress up a casual outfit or even dress down something nicer. The light tan color of the shoe really complements the green in the dress and completes the overall look of the outfit.

My favorite part of this whole look is the soft yet bright pink lip. She added color to her face without overdoing it. Bright and harsh lips are very in right now and are honestly not my favorite. I really like how she altered the lip color trend to her liking. Very soft, feminine, and springy.

This outfit is a great example of a transitioning spring outfit. I can’t wait to spot some more warm weather looks like this one.

STYLE ADVICE: Day Looks Conquered

Day looks are pretty tough to conquer. There are always the challenges of not trying to look overdressed for the daytime but not trying to look underdressed either. To me, it is like a balance. You have to know how much “dressiness” to put into your look but also being careful and not tipping the scale, and I think this Fashionista has got it down. Like I said, day looks are tough, but they are not impossible, and here are three tips to help you pick the perfect day look.

First, never underestimate the power of denim. Jeans can not only take an outfit to the next level, but they have the power to make us feel good. It is crucial when picking jeans to feel absolutely comfortable in them. There are so many different styles out there, and you will find that one pair that makes you feel like the sidewalk is your runway. For this particular look, dark jeans are a great way to feel dressed up.

Together with the perfect pair of jeans, you need the perfect top. You don’t have to wear something straight out of the Gucci S/S 17 Cruise Collection to get that dressed-up feeling. A statement blouse is a great essential to always have, ready to pull out on any day. No closet is complete without a signature piece. Color shy? Try a solid top like the one in this outfit. You’ll still get that bold look without feeling too flashy.

Lastly: accessories, accessories, accessories! For a day look, it’s best to keep accessories simple. I feel like bulky, flashy pieces are great for a night out, but not so much during the day. However, you can totally still have fun with them! In this look, all the jewelry was hot pink and it really popped against the white, even matching with her purse. With her shoes being a neutral color so as not to distract from the rest of the outfit, this Fashionista is ready for a day out and so are you!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Key to Simplicity

Happy Valentines Day everyone! In honor of this fun holiday I found a Fashionista who had a perfectly pink and classic outfit! Not only was this outfit superbly fitting for the occasion, but it had some amazing details in the accessories that are truly eye catching. This outfit is fantastically festive while still being easy and comfortable enough for the classroom.

She is wearing a blush pink dress with a tapered waist that is extremely figure flattering, along with a high neckline that keeps things professional for class and work. She paired a cardigan of the exact same shade of pink along with the dress, adding another layer that created some more visual interest while keeping things simple and classy. The cardigan on a more practical note added some warmth, since it can get chilly here in the bay area!

For accessories, this Fashionista had on a beautiful pearl and crystal statement necklace which kept to the classy and feminine tone she set for this outfit. The necklace also worked perfectly with the neckline of her dress, adding just enough dimension.

She also paired a classic leather bow watch that is the exact same shade as her heeled booties. The exactitude of the shades of leather complemented each other, drawing the eye from her wrist all the way to her feet!

This Fashionista’s outfit was very simple, but because of all the eye grabbing accessories, it was taken to another level while staying classic and chic. Take note from this Fashionista next time you’re trying to figure out how to upgrade a simple but classic outfit!