The 3 Types of Jeans Every Fashion Girl Should Own This Fall

Denim jeans have been a fashion staple for decades. What began as a clothing item meant to withstand rough working conditions quickly turned into something trendy and rebellious. During the ’60s and ’70s, the bohemian movement that was sweeping the nation claimed denim jeans as its own. After that, jeans adapted and evolved with the people who chose to wear them, as they continue to do today. Let’s take a look at three current denim jean trends for fall 2017.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

1—Frayed jeans

Frayed jeans have faded in and out of the spotlight over the years, with peak popularity in the ’70s. Fast-forward four decades and they’re back and better than ever. The fringe detail is sure to catch onlookers’ eyes; plus, you don’t have to worry about fraying the cuffs through wear-and-tear!

2—Two-tone jeans

This is a fairly new trend seemingly inspired by the patched jeans of the ’70s. One thing’s for sure, though: these color-blocked pants definitely make a statement. They come in many forms, with the color split down the sides of the jeans, at the cuffs, or even at the knees! The mix of light and dark denim is sure to make the average passerby do a double-take and is certainly one of the more “out there” trends this season.

3—Embroidered jeans

Quite possibly the biggest trend to hit stores this season—embroidered jeans—are, at least for me, a throwback to the days of bedazzled and ornate pants pockets decorating the back of every millennial’s flared jeans in grade school. Only this time, jewels and sparkles have largely been traded in for more delicate accent pieces, like flowers. You’re almost guaranteed to find roses or daisies on at least one pair of pants in any major department store. With pops of color and designs of varying intricacy, these pants possess a unique feminine charm and look as adorable as the wearer herself.

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Additional photos by Lex Kelly and Maddy Haller.

5 Favorite Music Festival Makeup Looks

Once music festival season is underway during the summer, it is always fun to push past boundaries and create new looks that can be fun, glam, and totally different than your everyday look. Here are just a few favorites that made an appearance this summer.

1—Bold Lips. Forget the nudes and subtle naturals! Bold, colorful lipsticks are the perfect addition to any makeup look. Adding glitter can amp them up even more!

2—Glitter. Instead of a highlight, use glitter. Whether it’s a cream or powder that is applied with glue, this iridescent look is sure to turn heads.

3—Paint lines. War face paint? Not quite. Festival face paint? Yes. Using a white or brightly colored and pigmented liner, it’s easy to create lines and designs on the nose, lips, and forehead.

4—Gems. With a little eyelash glue, applying gems to the face has never been easier! Use them above the eyebrows or on the cheeks to create symmetrical and asymmetrical designs that are bound to be unique.

5—Colorful combos. Color mixing and matching has never been better! Warm and cool toned colors can create a beautiful contrast and look great on any skin tone.


As the festival season comes around every year, it is always fun to see what styles have changed and what have remained. Although a majority of festivals take place during summer, these five makeup looks can be found at raves and festivals no matter what time of year.

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The Sunglasses You Need This Summer

’90s kids—it’s our time to shine. The biggest trend this summer is coming straight from the streets and Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid are leading the rebellion.

Aviators and wayfarers have been and always will be classics. I will throw on my dad’s Ray-Bans from the ’80s with almost any outfit. This summer, however, fashion is not playing it safe. Celebrities, models, and bloggers alike are bringing back the ’90s—and in the coolest way possible: tinted sunglasses.

When I first saw celebrities rocking this trend, I was a bit apprehensive. Yes, it was cool, but some trends are only meant to be seen on the runway and in print. The ’90s are a prime example of trends that were only cool on celebrities (sigh).

However, I knew I really liked this trend so I decided to pick up a cheap pair of sunglasses from Pac Sun a couple months ago.

“Forget the rules. If you like it, wear it.”

When I went to Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago with my friends, I paired the sunglasses with a denim jacket from Forever 21, a graphic T-shirt, a pair of striped pants from Brandy Melville, and a black crossbody from Rebecca Minkoff.

In my opinion, between the outfit and our set location, we could not have nailed ’90s grunge any better.


Tinted sunglasses are quite the statement piece. To avoid a fashion disaster, I stick to the following guidelines.

1—Tinted sunglasses are strictly grunge and bohemian. That being said, I will never pair the shades with a girly or preppy outfit

2—Wear a more neutral outfit. The ’90s were all about black, denim, and minimal print. When choosing my outfit, I stuck with a black graphic T-shirt, a denim jacket, and striped pants. Focusing on one statement piece and pairing it with more neutral pieces will eliminate any possible clashing.

3—Be confident! Tinted sunglasses will definitely turn heads, so when they do, be prepared to flash a smile that says “I own this!”

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3 Soft Grunge Beauty Looks for a Summer Switch-Up

If you’re like me, getting tired of the same hair color and styles happens pretty often. This summer, I’ve been experimenting with different beauty looks, one of those being soft grunge. Because I’m normally simplistic and girly when it comes to my beauty routines, I created these looks to change things up a bit. My inspiration for these looks come from all over: Tumblr’s soft grunge aesthetic, Ariana Grande’s hair ring look, the peachy makeup trend, and Pinterest ideas for hair chalk. All of this inspiration helped me create three unique and edgy soft grunge beauty looks for those of you who are looking to switch up your look.

Braids and Rings

I recently have been seeing hair rings everywhere but was nervous that this look was too edgy for myself. This Fashionista, however, completely rocks it. By channeling our inner Ari, we decided to go for this look. Hair rings spice up a simple French braid by giving it a trendy vibe. They’re super easy to put in and take out. This hairstyle is perfect for the beach, especially if you’re sick of that messy beach bun look.

Think Pink

Pink may not be the most “grunge,” but definitely fits the soft grunge style I am going for. I have used hair chalk many times and absolutely love it. It’s different, fun, and even easy to do, but the best part is that it’s not permanent. Sometimes it’s hard to commit to a crazy hairstyle, but because hair chalk rinses right out, it makes it easy to own a crazy look, even if it’s just for a day! This pink hair chalk was perfect for my goal of soft grunge beauty. All you have to do is wet the hair, apply chalk with gloves on, let dry, and apply heat (I curled my hair once dried).

Soften Things Up

With these intense hairstyles, I decided to soften things up with peach makeup. Peach eyeshadow is all the rage right now, and now I know why. It’s such a pretty color and looks so natural. It’s also perfect for the summer. To make sure our looks weren’t too edgy, the peach eyeshadow and lip we both have on softens the look up, ultimately creating the perfect soft grunge dimension between the hair and makeup.

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These Dark Elements Will Revamp Your Summer Beauty Routine

Summer beauty is an area where pretty much anything goes. People can wear everything from yarn to rhinestones to accentuate their natural features. There aren’t restrictions for an acceptable daytime makeup look anymore (although a red lipstick and dark shadow never go out of style). Though some of us aren’t avant-garde enough to wear appliquéd eyebrows or green mascara, there are ways to make bold looks more contemporary. This is what this Fashionista has done with her natural look, accentuating its soft, dark elements flawlessly.

Her look began with a clean base of foundation, post-moisturizer. After contouring her naturally strong cheekbones, she added concealer and a touch of powder bronzer to give her skin a faint glow. After using eye shadow palettes to touch her eyes up, she applied waterproof mascara to make her lashes pop and prevent any makeup mishaps.

This Fashionista’s strongest statement is her black lipstick. With many makeup aesthetics, darker lips can translate to a “goth” vibe and possibly project the wrong image. This isn’t the case with this look; using lip primer made her application of the lipstick smoother and the color more prominent. Paired with the shades of her dark and semi-dark products and silver slip dress, the created effect is more ethereal and romantic than “I’m with the band.” There’s a heightened element of edge, but it doesn’t overwhelm the look. Rather, it complements it to ensure it contains a variety of qualities. Its coordination with her shoes doesn’t hurt, either.

This is a makeup look that most people, with a variety of the same, similar, or different facial products, can wear from day to night. It has the perfect amount of boldness that it can be worn out to lunch, or when paired with the right outfit, a regular work day. When it’s paired with a more casual “going out” outfit, it’s ideal for adding an element of mystery to your ensemble whether you explore nightlife with others or on your own. Overall, it perfectly combines neutral elements to form a bold, current, and transitional look for everyone.

What fresh, new elements are you adding into your summer beauty routine? Let me know in the comments below!

If You Wore Black All Winter, This is for You

When you think about summer, you think fun, bright colors, right? Well, some of us, including me, have spent the past fall, winter, and spring wearing black and really don’t see a change happening in the near future. We all know black is considered a “don’t” during these warm months, as it attracts heat and does the opposite of keep you cool. Black is the best color (or anti-color) to wear with almost anything. It can be dressed up, dressed down, and is easier to get away with than wearing white. However, wearing too much of it on a sunny day can leave you with either a nasty sunburn or a nice tan (if we’re staying positive). That being said, here are four ways to make black your new summer color without looking like Wednesday Addams.

1—Make it fun. Who said black can’t be feminine? Mix up your usual dark palette with some girly pieces that still use black as the main color. Try something like these patterned overalls, a lightweight floral dress, or soft shorts. When assembling the outfit around your patterned piece, stick to other solid colors and simple accessories.

2—Wear it with white. When done right, black and white pair together nicely in the summer. Wearing the two together creates a bold statement with little effort. Try a solid lettuce edge or smocked top with some white pants for a comfortable yet trendy post-beach outfit. You can also switch it up with white on top and black o the bottom. Keeping your colors simple allows you to play with accessories more!

3—Dress it up. Luckily, it’s easy to dress up black for any season, including summer. Whether you’re going out to a nice dinner or enjoying a night out with friends, black can still be your color of choice. Try finding a silky black tank top and wear it with shorts of similar material for a sleek and stylish look that still allows you to move with ease.

4—Wear it with denim. Black and denim have always gone hand in hand, as they look very good together. Try either a solid or patterned black top with jeans, cut-offs, or a denim skirt for an effortless look for all occasions. I’m a firm believer that less is more with denim, so keeping the accessories simple is important.

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Summer Concert Outfit Idea

One of my favorite things to do during summer is going to concerts. Whether it’s a small band playing or a famous singer doing an outdoor show, you want to look trendy but comfortable. I am giving you the perfect outfit idea for a concert this summer.

There are a few things you want to keep in mind when you attend a concert. One of the most important things is making sure you know what the weather will be like. The temperature will most likely range from humid to hot, so it is important to not layer up a lot since you don’t want to be sweating. I also like to pick out my outfits according to the type of music at the concert. If it’s country, I’d probably dress more girly and use more color. On the other hand, if it’s a rap concert, I’ll most likely wear dark colors and stay edgier.

This Fashionista decided to keep her outfit simple but trendy. She wore a super cute flowy tank top from Urban Outfitters and paired it with a bralette which definitely complemented the tank top. Moving on to bottoms, denim shorts are the perfect piece because they go with absolutely everything. When it comes to shoes, you want to stay comfortable since you will probably be standing and dancing for a couple of hours. These ankle booties from H&M are the perfect shoes for a concert because it makes it easier to dance and stand for a long time, and your feet won’t hurt. Accessories always complete the look; this Fashionista added some cute Ray-Ban sunglasses and an Apple watch to finish off her look.

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One Scarf, 5 Ways

Have you ever attempted to leave the house, but feel as if your outfit is missing something? Some type of accessory that pulls the whole look together? Well, that happens to me more than half of the time and I tend to opt for a scarf. Scarves can be used in so many different ways and each wear makes the outfit look different.

1—The neck scarf. The neck scarf serves the purpose of adding more interest to the upper body. Depending on the scarf, it could be more of a statement or more of a completion to the look. There are many ways to tie the scarf around the neck, but here I chose to make it thick with only a little tie.

2—The belt. This is a good substitution for a belt or even just a pop of color. The look of the scarf instead of a belt seems a bit softer. You could use it as a belt over a dress or jumpsuit to break it up, but I chose to pair it with these jeans I cut from the thrift store.

3—The hat scarf. Sometimes I don’t feel like wearing my hat because it’s such a large piece, I feel like it can take over the whole outfit and be very noticeable if I wear it multiple times. I like to switch up the look a bit by tying a scarf around to add a different interest and outlook on it.

4—Around the bun. Your hair doesn’t actually need to be in a bun, but tying it around a ponytail or bun, for me, adds fullness and volume. Sometimes, instead of a scrunchie, I tie the scarf around it which can lift the ponytail or bun depending on how you style it.

5—As a headband. This one is my favorite. You can tie it as a headband, but it’s such a versatile look. You can tie it and hide the knot down by the nape of the neck, keep the knot, but place it on the top of the head (either in the center, or to the side), or you can tie it in a bow and show that it at the top, or pull the long pieces down to the nape of the neck and let them flow with the rest of your hair.

There are many other ways to use a scarf, such as an ankle ascot, on your purse, around a belt loop—the options are endless. They are also easy to find or make yourself. This one I picked up at the thrift store. I have a bandana I also picked up and I cut a 3-centimeter slit around each edge and tore the rest off to give it a distressed look. I use it the same way as my scarves.

Let me know how you like to incorporate scarves into your outfits in the comments below!

3 Ways to Incorporate a Bustier This Summer

A piece made popular in the 1950s, trendy in the ’80s, and worn by the likes of Madonna in the ’90s, the bustier corset is a trend that has been sneaking its way back to fashion since fashion week last September. From bustier-inspired body-cons to layering oversize shirts with a corset, these items have become a fashion favorite and one of many standout looks this season. It has become a personal favorite of mine and I have been able to manage numerous looks with it.

To give it an urban look, I paired my vintage mom jeans with the adored piece. Since the bustier is very fitting, integrating baggy denim gives it casual edge. Add classic sneakers for a laid-back look or heels for a night out.

For a boho look, a maxi skirt or palazzo pants would add a balance like no other. The bustier can be a little discouraging for girls with larger sets, but if you find the perfect fitting piece creating a balance in which you aren’t exposing too much, you will achieve a look that’s both sexy and sweet. This particular maxi has slits on the side, the light olive green tone complements the shade of rose of the top.

Keep your accessory choices creative. Tassel earrings have been a public favorite for a year now. I chose a bright neon colored set to add some fun to my outfit.

For the last, and most fun of the looks, layer up and play with different tones for a pastel blend. This look is the dressiest from the three. What is a summer 2017 outfit without unique sleeves? Layer a tie-up crop for a cute look. This funky cover up is awesome because of its sleeve formation.

The lilac tones of the skirt and top complement the bustier. The light denim mules are the icing on the cake and complete the outfit, giving it a late ’60s and ’70s vibe.

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The Risqué Trend Every It Girl is Loving

This summer our favorite starlets are stepping out in something most of us would never dream of. From Kendall Jenner to Bella Hadid, wearing lingerie as outwear is the latest It Girl trend. Toned down with jeans, simple with a sports bra, or unapologetically sexy and bearing it all, this trend can be showcased in a multitude of ways. Not only does this trend offer plenty of variety to match every girl’s style, it is the perfect way to elevate your go-to Friday night outfit. No doubt, this trend will have you updating your end of summer wardrobe with something you likely already have.

For my version of the trend, I drew from a more modest version of Bella Hadid’s sheer lace bodysuit and black jeans. I chose a thicker black lace bodysuit, making the look more wearable for something simple like dinner or girls night. I found mine at Forever 21 for less than $30, putting this It Girl look in a typical Fashionista’s budget!

While I have seen the lingerie trend often paired with heavily destroyed denim, I wanted to keep my look subtle with slight rips in the knee. To spice your outfit up a bit, either add a pair of heavily distressed high rise black jeans or a leather skirt. Finally, due to the nature of the outfit, I chose to keep accessories to a minimum with just a long, layered necklace.

While this look is often styled for a night out, it can just as easily be dressed down. Wear it Kylie Jenner style with a sports bra or flirty in baby pink. With the sheer versatility of this trend, it is perfect for every summer occasion (even brunch!).

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