The 3 Types of Jeans Every Fashion Girl Should Own This Fall

Denim jeans have been a fashion staple for decades. What began as a clothing item meant to withstand rough working conditions quickly turned into something trendy and rebellious. During the ’60s and ’70s, the bohemian movement that was sweeping the nation claimed denim jeans as its own. After that, jeans adapted and evolved with the people who chose to wear them, as they continue to do today. Let’s take a look at three current denim jean trends for fall 2017.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

1—Frayed jeans

Frayed jeans have faded in and out of the spotlight over the years, with peak popularity in the ’70s. Fast-forward four decades and they’re back and better than ever. The fringe detail is sure to catch onlookers’ eyes; plus, you don’t have to worry about fraying the cuffs through wear-and-tear!

2—Two-tone jeans

This is a fairly new trend seemingly inspired by the patched jeans of the ’70s. One thing’s for sure, though: these color-blocked pants definitely make a statement. They come in many forms, with the color split down the sides of the jeans, at the cuffs, or even at the knees! The mix of light and dark denim is sure to make the average passerby do a double-take and is certainly one of the more “out there” trends this season.

3—Embroidered jeans

Quite possibly the biggest trend to hit stores this season—embroidered jeans—are, at least for me, a throwback to the days of bedazzled and ornate pants pockets decorating the back of every millennial’s flared jeans in grade school. Only this time, jewels and sparkles have largely been traded in for more delicate accent pieces, like flowers. You’re almost guaranteed to find roses or daisies on at least one pair of pants in any major department store. With pops of color and designs of varying intricacy, these pants possess a unique feminine charm and look as adorable as the wearer herself.

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Additional photos by Lex Kelly and Maddy Haller.

Fashion Inspiration from the Yves Saint Laurent Exhibition

I recently attended the Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style exhibition in Richmond, Virginia. Yves Saint Laurent was a trendsetting designer that became a global phenomenon for his original and creative style. As he so wisely stated, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” He was a pioneer for models of color, and he wasn’t afraid to play with gender representation in his designs. Saint Laurent also popularized ready-to-wear high fashion. Here are some ways you can get fashion inspiration from his designs and incorporate them into your wardrobe.

PHOTO: Kristi Mukk

1—Primary colors. This trend is making a comeback, so get ready for bold and confident looks. If you’re afraid to play around with color, try bringing it into your wardrobe gradually by experimenting with accessories such as red shoes or a blue bag. I also love the look of a primary color paired with denim or black. For a more dramatic take, try scarlet or cherry red looks as they are trending on the runways this season.

PHOTO: Kristi Mukk

2—Embroidered and jeweled statement pieces. Embroidery has been around for a long time, but it has become a huge trend again recently. Choose an embroidered piece as the statement of your outfit and build the rest of your look around it. Whether it be an embroidered shirt, shoes, or jeans, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple. If you like making a statement, try jeweled or metallic pieces that will make your outfit shine.

PHOTO: Kristi Mukk

3—Color blocking. This mod shift dress is an iconic style from the ’60s. There are two ways to create color-blocked outfits: you can either choose complementary colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, or you can choose analogous colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Choose hues that are complimentary to your skin tone, and complete your look with neutral accessories.

PHOTO: Kristi Mukk

4—Menswear-inspired fashion. Saint Laurent created pantsuits and tuxedos that were tailored to women. Don’t be afraid to incorporate menswear looks into your style. When wearing a pantsuit, wear a feminine blouse underneath like the polka dot bow blouse pictured above. You could also experiment with a pantsuit in a feminine color such as the pinkish-beige ensemble above. Don’t forget to finish off the look with a stylish heel and feminine accessories.

PHOTO: Kristi Mukk

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How to Dress Like a Fashion Blogger

Women always wonder how fashion bloggers manage to look a cut above the rest when it comes to everyday style. We do have a carefully honed ability to put together intriguing outfits, but I’m going to share a few secrets that you can use too. Check out these five easy tips to make yourself feel like Chiara Ferragni or Amiee Song!

Pink Mesh, Velvet, and Denim Outfit

1—Look for pieces that are ‘funky.’ Instead of searching for yet another pair of basic blue jeans or plain white tennis shoes, the next time you’re out shopping, look for pieces that have some character. Buy jeans that have embroidery on the hip, or look for pink velvet sneakers to give your outfits more visual intrigue.

Floral Embroidered Mesh Top

2—Never wear the same outfit twice. Fashion bloggers look as though they are always wearing something new, but in reality, they are just good at mixing and matching their clothes to make them feel fresh. If you have a favorite embroidered mesh top, don’t wear the same bottoms or accessories with it every time. Try out new combinations and mix it up!

Yellow Sunglasses and Beach Hat

3—Add something. Coco Chanel used to say, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” We are going to have to disagree. Especially in the summertime, it’s easy for outfits to look drab and boring, so top off your ‘classic shorts and a tee’ outfit with a lightweight cardigan, a beachy hat, or some on-trend, yellow sunglasses.

Pink Sunglasses, Cropped T-Shirt, and Track Pants

4—Always put in the effort. No matter if you are going to your 8:00 a.m. class or making a quick trip to the grocery store, always put in a little effort. You don’t have to put in a lot, but you do have to put in a little. Instead of throwing on a headband and wearing baggy sweatpants, quickly put your hair in some braids, pair track pants with a soft T-shirt, and swipe on some tinted lip balm.

Lace Crop Top and Striped Pants

5—Clean out your closet. It’s difficult to create great outfits if you are still hanging on to a bunch of pieces that you do not love. Donate every piece of clothing you have not worn in the last year, and you will find that it’s much easier to throw together an effortlessly amazing outfit when you love everything in your closet.

The primary thing to remember is that you need to push your creativity. Look for inspiration everywhere—Pinterest, Instagram, people walking down the street! Try everything; you never know what top with what skirt will take your breath away. And finally, just have fun with it!

How do you manage to keep your style fresh and fashion-forward? Let us know in the comments!

3 Cool Ways to Wear Embroidery for the Working Girl

If you’re like me and every other working girl in America, choosing between work outfits and trendy summer styles can be hard. Although, life can be a little easier and a lot more stylish when using these tips for styling embroidery. There is a fine line between having a “young style,” and straight up dressing unprofessionally. Hopefully this article will give you some insight on how to rock summer trends and dress like a boss!

1—Business casual. A pair of lightly embroidered jeans is great for a casual Friday in the office. If you’re going to dress casually, it is better to show a little skin. A white button-down dress shirt or a ruffled blouse would pair perfectly with an embroidered pair of jeans. A detailed pair of pants gives the illusion of being more formal than they actually are, while still maintaining the comfort and style of a pair of jeans.

2—Formal. The best way to incorporate embroidery into a formal summer work ensemble is to pair a casual piece with a formal piece. This embroidered blouse matches perfectly with this formal blazer. To stay cool in this brutal summer heat, a breathable cotton blazer is the way to go.

Some accessories that accent embroidery are color blocked purses or shiny shades. When styling your summer work outfits remember to think of the whole picture. Do not focus on just one statement article of clothing, each piece that you’re wearing should play off of the others and highlight a different part of the outfit.

3—Informal. If you’re attending a company barbecue or going to a retreat team-building exercise, shorts or a skirt will be appropriate. To look presentable pair silk or cotton shorts with an upscale blouse. The best way to wear embroidery with shorts is on your feet! These loafers will take you straight from summer into fall because they match with everything.

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An Easy Way to Spice up Your Boring Denim

If you’re like me, you probably have quite a few pairs of jean shorts, but they all look similar. Basic light, medium, or dark wash with a few rips. Nothing that stands out. Embroidered pieces are beautiful, but often times expensive. Ever wonder a simple way to add that extra oomph? I will show you an easy way to spice up your denim and make it truly unique without breaking the bank.

Summer is all about staying fashionable with minimal layers. A simple way to make a statement without the intense heat is by using stitching to add designs to otherwise boring denim. This method, known as the sashiko stitch, is not only for adding texture, but also can be used to repair fraying material. An ancient Japanese method, translated to “little stabs”, is extremely easy to learn and adds a simple elegance to any clothing piece.

For this DIY you will need:

  • Shorts or jeans
  • String or embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or chalk

Before you begin to sew, mark with a pencil or chalk the design you’d like to add to your denim and your preferred placement. Doing this ensures that your pattern will look exactly how you want it and that your stitches stay straight.

Next, begin sewing small running stitches along the lines of where you just drew your design. Make sure the stitches aren’t too big if you’re doing a curved design, like a cactus, in order to ensure the lines don’t look choppy. Repeat with more colors if you’re using more than one.

To finish, secure off the thread with a knot, rinse off the pencil marks and viola! Your new Urban Outfitters-inspired shorts are complete! Style these shorts with a crop top and some sunglasses and you’re ready to take on the heat.

What embroidery patterns would you use to spice up your closet? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Dress for a Big Fat Indian Wedding

Que the gorgeous outfits, crazy relatives, sleepless nights, and pop the champagne because it’s time for a wedding! I am going to take you across the world to Jaipur, India and show you how weddings are really done. An Indian wedding is unlike any other typical marriage ceremony. If done traditionally, it is a week-long celebration filled with various functions to commemorate the union of two individuals. With each religious ritual, social event, and after-party comes a new outfit and look. Whether it be a sari (a traditional garment draped on a woman), a lengha (an elaborate long skirt and crop-top style), or even a western dress, the goal of any individual at these weddings is to dress to impress.

This particular outfit can be worn at the sangeet (a pre-wedding party), the wedding ceremony, or the reception. It is a sari, but with a modern twist. For many, the process of putting on a sari can be complicated because the abundance of the garment can make it hard to drape properly. If one can do this art, they are considered very valuable especially around wedding time. This specific sari is ready made, which means it doesn’t involve much drape work. It entails a white blouse, with silver embroidery, a blue skirt and a blue drape with silver rhinestones.

In having this type of sari, the process of getting ready becomes hassle free. Accessories, accessories, accessories—the epitome to any Indian look. This sari is accompanied with a pair of silver heels, blue and sliver authentic bangles, traditional silver jhumka earrings,and a simple bindi (a decorative sticker worn on your forehead). Regarding beauty, one important tip to keep in mind when traveling to India is the intense humidity. To tame our luscious hair for outdoor functions, any product of Frizz Ease is highly recommended.

A wedding in the Indian community, or in any community for that matter, is deemed to be the happiest of times for families to get together and mark the marriage of two individuals. Though we all make a fuss about what to wear at these events and the importance of our wardrobe choices, it’s really not about us; it’s about the bride and groom and the beginning of their new life together. These weddings bring families together, the party animal in every individual, and a sense of bliss to our lives.

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How to Wear a Maxi Dress In the Summer Heat

The maxi dress is still going strong this summer with various versions available at almost every store. However, as we make our way into the heat of summer they can sometimes become a little too much fabric wrapped around your body, insulating the heat inside of you. The perfect solution? A sheer maxi.

For this outfit, I paired the sheer maxi over a black, velvet tank top and high waisted denim shorts. I often see sheer maxis paired over bralettes and high-waisted shorts during Coachella season so this look will be sure to give you those festival vibes in your daily wardrobe. Whether you opt for a tank top or a bralette on top, the sheer maxi will be sure to keep you cool while making you look cool. I finished off my look with open-toed heels to help elongate the dress, but you could easily opt for a pair of sneakers to make the look more casual.

Having a sheer maxi dress in your closet is a great staple piece because it can easily transition from season to season. In the fall, just swap the shorts for your favorite skinny or mom jeans and the heels for booties. As winter sets in, pair the sheer maxi over a thin sweater and jeans to help add the warmth you will need. However you decide to style it, the sheer maxi is the ultimate versatile piece for your wardrobe that can be worn all year long.

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Summer’s In

Summer is here to stay and so are rompers. They have been a trend for the past couple of years, but this year, they are more than ever making a comeback.

Our Fashionista is wearing a pale romper with crocheted-like patterns. Whenever I visit stores like H&M or Forever 21, the first thing that catches my eye is always a blouse that has an embroidered pattern. These patterns can add a great deal of detail to a simple white T-shirt, thus being a perfect way to make this romper pop.

This Fashionista also sports a waistband that you can easily adjust to the perfect fit. Instead of having to put on a waist belt, the attached strings to the waistband can be tied to however loose or tight you want your outfit to be. Rompers such as this one can be worn anywhere such as to the park or to the city and are a great alternative to wearing the default style of jean shorts. Also, button-down shirts are something that ultimately completes this look. Going on a fancy brunch date with your boo is what a romper suits, but just throw on a light blue cotton button-down and the casual sets in, making this a look for just about anywhere, which is why rompers are the bomb.

This Fashionista dares to rock some nude wedge heels that bring out her inner Beyoncé. Nude is a great color to choose from especially when one is thinking shoes for the summer. Wedges are also great to wear as a summer type shoe. There are so many different styles of wedge shoes that come with various heel heights which make it easier to pick out than a regular high heel.Put on some sunglasses and keep your summer cool and chic with this classy look.

What are your favorite summer outfit ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

How Statement Shoes Can Take Your Outfit From Casual to Cool

I love summer fashion as much as the next girl. Sometimes it can be hard to make my outfits pop though, especially when all I feel like wearing is a bikini and an oversized T-shirt. Also, as the temperatures rise in the summer, the need for extra layers ceases to exist. This can sometimes leave summer fashion feeling too casual or plain since we can’t rely on a cute jacket or layered sweaters to heighten our looks. Not to fret, though, because I found the perfect way to spice up any “plain” summer outfit. Two words: statement shoes.

Summer statement shoes come in all styles and varieties, from colorful platform sandals with pom-poms to patterned wedges and everything in between. My statement shoes of choice to pump up my casual summer outfit on this warm June night were some boldly embroidered clogs. Yes, clogs. When I first heard clogs were back in style, I cringed a little thinking back to the fluffy tan clogs that I wore back in fourth grade. But, once I gave this embroidered pair a chance, I found out what the hype was all about. I love the patterned embroidery and the chunky heel and they’re surprisingly comfortable to walk in. I also love the versatility. They can spice up a simple outfit but also go perfectly with something more formal (I actually wore these same clogs to a wedding recently!).

While the shoes are obviously the stars of this simple summer look, the other pieces to this outfit are basics that every girl should have in their summer wardrobe. My cropped black tube top is open in the back and goes well with any skirt, a pair of shorts, flowy pants, or jeans. I love my floppy felt hat because it’s a chic way to keep the sun off my face in any season. The two-toned jeans are my personal favorite pair because they’re super unique and I love that they’re frayed at the ankles.

So, don’t shy away from bold statement shoes this summer because they’ll take any look from boring to fabulous. Show us your summer statement shoes of choice on social media! Be sure to tag @Cfashionista.

Embroidered Fashion in Florence

Ciao from Italy! I am so excited to be sharing with you guys all the way from overseas. I am currently studying abroad with my school in Florence, Italy, and so far it has been an amazing experience. Apart from all of the cultural experiences and inspiration, I have been learning a ton about Italian fashion and what it means to be made in Italy.

Since being in Italy the past two weeks, Europe has had quite the heat wave! I found a Fashionista who was dressed so fun and weather-oriented. The standout piece that got my attention the most was her super retro, vintage, embroidered jean jacket. She mentioned that she purchased it at a vintage fair in the uber-famous Pitti Filati Vintage Trade Show—how cool is that!

She paired this killer piece with a denim-on-denim look, which is one of my personal favorites. Her distressed jean shorts were also a cool vintage Levis find from a renewal shop in Florence. The fringed, distressed hem and pinned sides revealed just a little more leg while keeping her covered. They give the best coverage while also maintaining a cool, easy, and effortless appearance.

To keep it pulled together, she added a white criss-cross bandeau top and comfortable nude mules. I love that this shoe trend has stuck around for a while now; mules are the perfect throw-on piece that can really make an outfit. I know I’ll be keeping mine around for the next few months. To bring a few pops of intrigue to her outfit, she added a bright red lipstick, gold detailed jewelry, and retro tortoise shell round sunglasses.

What is your favorite trend going on this season? Comment below and let me know what you’ll be wearing all summer long