Here Are 7 Ways to Keep Up With New York Fashion Week

Store your one-pieces and get ready to break out your fall mules, New York Fashion Week is upon us! If you are like me, it’s the most amazing party that you’ve never been invited to (yet). The good news is that no matter where you are, you can be a part of the madness. If you have a computer or phone, you can keep up with all of the shows, looks, and events without leaving your bed or changing out of your PJs. Here are seven of my favorite ways to stay updated on NYFW.

 PHOTO: Lex Kelly


Check out the show schedule, full list of designers, label profiles, and previous collections on the official New York Fashion Week site. The site also features videos of the shows, venue information, and a blog featuring both fashion and beauty content.


The magazine giant has an extensive library of every collection ever shown during any fashion week, dating back to 2000. Vogue posts every collection as they are being shown on the site in addition to full reviews and details on who’s in the front row.

3—Vogue Runway App

The Vogue Runway app brings all of the perks of to your phone. The app also makes it easier to share your favorite looks with all of your Fashionista friends. So go check out every grand finale dress and bold beauty look you need for fall here!


E! is the official media sponsor of NYFW and has been for many years. While they have some online coverage, E! also hosts a TV special at NYFW where they usually interview designers, review collections, and tell us all about what’s hot on the runway.

5—NYFW Snapchat Story

For a super behind-the-scenes look, the NYFW Snapchat story always comes through. Also, front row guests will snap the shows while you follow along so it’s like you’re sitting right next to them!

6—POPSUGAR Fashion Week App

POPSUGAR has always been my go-to for finding new trends in fashion, beauty, and fitness. Now they have a new app that offers instant coverage of shows. Find interviews with designers and models for the full New York Fashion Week effect.

7—Follow Fashion Insiders

Finally, one of the best tricks I have for keeping up with New York Fashion Week from my cozy dorm in North Carolina is following the right people. Keep up with Snapchat stories and Instagram posts from designers, bloggers, magazines, editors, and models to get the inside scoop on the shows and events of the week. It’s almost like you’re hanging out with all of fashion’s most elite.

How are you keeping up with fashion week? Sound off in the comments below!

Additional photos by Maddy Haller and Valerie Cammack.

Fall Makeup Trends You Need to Know

As the weather starts cooling down, it’s time to ditch those glowing bronze summertime looks and opt for something deeper and more appropriate for fall. Here are a few of the makeup trends spotted on all the runways during F/W 17 Fashion Week, and how you can rock them.

1—Metallic lids. A popular look in F/W 17 was to swipe metallic eye shadow all over the lid. Common colors for shadow were jewel tones, such as burgundy, navy blue, and emerald green, similar to the Pantone Fall 2017 Color Scheme. This palette from NYX has a great mix of matte and shimmery shades in a variety of fall colors. My favorite way to wear this trend is to apply a metallic shade in the center of the lid with a wet eye shadow brush or my finger, and then diffuse it with a matte shade in the same color tone with a fluffy blending brush.

2—Vampy pouts. Models in wine-colored lipsticks made an appearance at several F/W 17 shows, such as Marc Jacobs and Valentino. This Maybelline lipstick was even used at Alice & Olivia’s runway show. Maybelline’s Color Sensational the Loaded Bolds in the shade ‘Midnight Merlot’ is the perfect mix of red and purple. I know this lipstick will be a staple in my makeup bag all fall and winter.

3—Dramatic lashes. The final trend seen all over runways this season was dramatic lashes. Twiggy-like lashes were seen at runway shows like Jeremy Scott and Chanel. The best way to achieve dramatic, doll-like lashes without the hassle of applying falsies is by applying a few coats of mascara. The Haute and Naughty mascara by MAC has two wands in one, perfect for achieving that dramatic lash look. The purple wand is great for your top lashes because the wand is much bigger, and the pink wand, which is thinner, is awesome for elongating and separating bottom lashes.

Which fall makeup trend are you most excited to try? Let me know in the comments below!

Internship Diary—New York Men’s Day

For the past couple of years, my dream job has been to work for a magazine, specifically a fashion publication like Vogue or Elle. After what seemed like endless applications with no response, I was starting to lose hope for the summer, seeing as that it was already mid-June. Conveniently enough, I happened to get an e-mail and land the summer internship of my dreams working for Kate Moodie, previous fashion and beauty editor of Vogue, Elle, Self, and Women’s Health. In 2014, she decided to start up her own digital lifestyle magazine called Mood of Living, which is focused on conscious living and high-quality lifestyle for men and women.

Unlike any other internship, I was immediately thrown into the culture and world of fashion. I was given the opportunity to attend press showrooms, collection previews, industry events, and New York Men’s Week, specifically New York Men’s Day.

New York Men’s Day

New York Men’s Day was an experience like no other. Upon entering, tons of fashion bloggers walked in and were being photographed by street style Vogue experts. Being a small town girl from New Jersey, I was in complete awe that I was in the presence of so many amazing and established people.

The event itself was split into several rooms—each room representing a different brand and showcasing either a presentation or a runway show. I attended the first half of New York Men’s Day and was able to see Body of Wild, Head of State, Bristol, Kramer & Stoudt, Daniel Hechter, David Hart, and Woodhouse. The images I’ve featured are from the latter four.

Although each room and each brand had a different theme, a common one I noticed was the return of the 1960s, each collection having culture embedded into every piece. Woodhouse had an airy and lighthearted approach by incorporating bright colors and inventive materials such as in the men’s’ rainbow, plastic overcoat. 

Other collections such as Daniel Hechter featured classic blazers and button-downs, highlighting the epitome of preppy boy meets the working man. Bright colors were also incorporated into this collection as well as David Hart’s collection such as reds, blues, and greens. These collections emphasized the ability of the modern man to gain traction in the fashion realm, adding vibrancy and a spin to the classic work attire.

Overall, New York Men’s Day was definitely one for the books. I learned a lot about not only fashion, but about the industry and the blood, sweat, and tears that go into creating a collection. I am beyond blessed to have gotten the opportunity to attend this year’s New York Men’s Fashion Week and I’m so excited to share my experience with all of you!

Do you have any exciting internship stories or experiences? Let me know in the comments below!

Let’s Make Lemonade!

Have you ever had a life plan set and it not go according to the plan? Well, I have. Over the past three years, I was a jewelry sales associate for Nordstrom. During the course of working for this company, I gradually began to gain interest in the company and everything about it.

This strive for more knowledge led me to interview for the Nordstrom Internship Program because it was in my plan to help me grow into the career I’ve always dreamed of. Unfortunately, I did not make the cut and was heartbroken. Little did I know, this rejection would lead to two internship programs that are more targeted to the career I want to pursue.

The two internships I now have an opportunity to participate and gain knowledge in are CollegeFashionista and a LikeToKnowIt Dallas blogger. In these two internships, I will gain knowledge about affiliate programs, communicating with other companies regarding collaborations, how to target an audience that best relates to me, how to brand myself in the way that is true to my beliefs, writing tips, and enhancing my photography skills

By the end of these two internships, my knowledge in the fashion society will be increased and lead me to fulfill my dream job. Through the entire interviewing and application process for internships, I thought there was only one internship that would get me to my goal. Being narrow-minded through that process was not ideal, but helped me understand a saying that I never understood, “When life gives you lemons you make lemonade.” Life gave me a rejection from my dream internship in order for me to have greater opportunities.

I was given two more lemons, CollegeFashionista and a Dallas blogger. I turned these lemons into lemonade, and am better off in the long run! Making lemonade has now provided opportunities that I never dreamed of achieving. Not only did I get to work a fashion market with a designer, but I will also be attending New York Fashion Week! Never give up your dreams. You might just find lemons where you least expect them.

What is your ultimate dream job? Make sure to comment down below!

This is Why Androgyny is the New Black

If there is one thing fashion has taught me it’s that borrowing from the boys is vital for any chic wardrobe. But, what happens when the boys borrow back?

Fashion is an advocate for pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to be artful. London Men’s Fashion Week S/S 18 is proving to be one of the most gender fluid Fashion Weeks to hit the runway and it is not disappointing.

When gender-blended shirts, man skirts, and exquisite makeup dominated runways this June, it left me questioning whether this is the future of fashion.

Experimenting with the ever-so rapidly blurring lines between masculinity and femininity in fashion, I was inspired to create a versatile look that anyone can pull off.

Androgyny can be ambiguous or it can highlight a fusion of masculine and feminine traits within one outfit. Whichever approach you take, it is important to remember that being comfortable and being confident go together. Do what makes you feel you can be the best version of yourself.

In this outfit, I wanted to achieve a simultaneous expression of both genders. To start, I chose a Forever 21 Contemporary Crew Neck Sweater in Black ($28), which I cropped myself. I love an effortless long sleeve crop top because they highlight the broadness of my shoulders, while maintaining vulnerability throughout the outfit by exposing my torso.

To make sure I was comfortable in this outfit I chose to pair the DIY crop top with my favorite pair of BDG Girlfriend High-Rise Jeans from Urban Outfitters ($79). They give you just the right amount of coverage. These jeans show how diverse denim can be by the cut off hems, slashed knees, frayed ankles, and the subtle bleach spots.

Madewell is my go-to store for all things androgynous, effortless, and unexpected. To exaggerated the length of my legs I opted for The Lucien Boot in Leather from Madewell ($100). The rich leather and not-too-high wooden heel allow this timeless shoe to fit into your everyday wardrobe.

Accessories are everything. I was so stuck on the two-inch wooden heel of the boot that I wanted to complement it. To pull this off I paired the shoe with my suede cap to add color and texture to this gender-neutral look. I have pale blue eyes so to avoid squinting every second I threw on my beloved Forget Me Not Aviators ($25). These sunglasses provide a feminine touch to my outfit, at the same time the aviators frame and strengthen my jawline and cheekbones.

To accent this look, I chose this White Zip Pouch from Banana Republic that doubles as a crossbody bag because it’s as flexible as this outfit. When you have a bag, it is important to make sure your outfit can function with and without the bag.

Where do you think the future of fashion is heading? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.


“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

Meryl Streep said this iconic quote on The Devil Wears Prada and I think she accurately describes how wearing floral always seems to trend year after year. Almost every brand features this timeless print in their spring collections.

For this look, I wanted to show my personal style as well as incorporate some trends I have seen on the runways of New York Fashion Week into my spring outfit. Beautiful embroidery has been featured in Gucci’s spring show. From shoes to bags, and even denim, the stitched detail is delicate, sophisticated, and eye-catching. I think that my skirt from PacSun embodies this style. I wanted the skirt to be the center of attention so I kept the rest of the outfit very simplistic.

I have also been loving off-the-shoulder tops for spring and summer as well. My maroon top is from Brandy Melville, and I think it’s simple enough to draw the attention to the skirt but the texture really adds to the look.

For jewelry, I wanted to include fun and colorful pieces. I mixed gold and silver metals to create a laid-back look. I added a blue and green beaded bracelet as well as my charm bracelet to bring out the colors in the skirt. For my earrings and necklaces, I added some minimalistic dainty pearls. Lastly, my brown gladiator sandals have been a staple in my closet since last summer. They are simple, comfortable, and go with just about anything.

Thank you so much for reading! I’d love to see any spring looks you create.

You Won’t Believe Who Designed These Incredible Looks

Fashion shows aren’t only for the big city and A-list designers. Numerous schools around the country host their own runways shows, showing off the talented designs of their students (aka the next generation of fashion). And these designs aren’t your typical student project. The creativity, craftsmanship, and talent of these students has you instantly transported to the runways of the world’s fashion capitals.

Check out these student designs from the across the country. And make sure you take note of their names; this won’t be the last you hear of them!

Central Michigan University

Designer: Holly Connor

Kent State University

Designer: Maame Amoah

Fashion Institute of Technology

Designer: Emily Jung

Savannah College of Art and Design

Designer: Nicole Rodriguez

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising 

Designer: Peivand Mirzaie

Did you just find your new favorite designers? Let me know in the comments below your favorite look!

STYLE GURU STYLE: The Cold Shoulder

When it comes to New York Fashion Week, it should be no surprise that a Style Guru, like myself, would treat it as a holiday. This semi-annual series of events brings in exclusive international fashion, leaving us all to bask in the glory that is Fashion Week. Last February wrapped up the first of the two, rounding up some of the top fashion trends for 2017. A look I loved seeing make its way onto the runway were cold shoulder tops. Popular in the ’50s and ‘60s, a cold shoulder shirt creates a flirtatious appearance while still covering your arm with a sleeve.

Taking inspiration from this year’s Fashion Week, I tried recreating the cold shoulder look by pairing my black Ink cold shoulder blouse with a pair of navy blue Express jeans and leather boots. While the cut and material of the blouse could have easily gone well with a different style of pants, the dark wash of my jeans created a versatile look perfect for both a day of class or a night out on the town. The open shoulders showed just enough skin to dress the blouse up, but not too much where it would clash with the simplicity of the outfit.

With blonde, wavy hair falling just below my shoulders, black is my go-to color for all things fashion. Long hair against a dark color like black sticks out nicely, allowing attention to be focused not only on my outfit but my hair and accessories as well. The brown trim on my black Michael Kors shoulder bag continued the flow of neutral colors in my outfit, creating an opportunity for a pop of color if desired.

With so many styles and looks, cold shoulder tops complement every body type. Though I loved the solid black design when I first laid eyes on it, there are numerous other colors and patterns to choose from. To complete this look, I matched each of my accessories to the gold found in both my boots and my shoulder bag. By keeping all of my jewelry in the same color family, my outfit remained simple yet timeless. My gold Michael Kors watch contrasted nicely against the black in my top and in my Kate Spade New York bangle and earrings. Though tall black boots go with almost everything and are a must have, next time I decide to wear my cold shoulder blouse, I might reach for my black, heeled ankle booties to dress up my look a little more.

For over 50 years, New York Fashion Week has been inspiring Fashionistas with its iconic clothing and international fashion. Although I have never been one to stray from casual trends, I took a risk with a cold shoulder top and absolutely fell in love with this #RAD look. You better believe I will be tuned into the next Fashion Week come September.

STYLE ADVICE: Dealing With Tricky Spring Weather

Spring is upon us! It’s so exciting to finally be in warm weather. With the upcoming sunshine comes the upcoming fashion, which, let’s be honest, is really what I am excited about. Hello, spring fashion week anyone? There are some killer trends this season—off-the-shoulder tops are huge again (honestly, such a relief because I went a little nuts buying them this past year), as well as bell sleeves, flare jeans, gingham, and, of course, florals! I’m still searching for a perfect pair of flare jeans that do not drag on the ground from my 5 foot 4 inch frame. However, fun fashion aside, April showers bring May flowers, so it is important to be prepared for every possible circumstance.

I know I have stated this before, but the trick is to dress in layers but mix them in with some warm weather essentials. This Fashionista rang in the new season with her fun navy and gold sandals. This outfit is obviously very navy heavy, which is always okay! Navy is one of those colors that is always in style. I can hear my mother laughing at me as I write this. She is the queen of navy blue. Anyway, I digress. Jack Rogers are perfect with simple cuffed jeans. Cuffed jeans, to me, scream spring. Funny how doing something so simple to a pair of pants can symbolize so much.

This Fashionista kept her look simple on top with a classic white tank top and long navy cardigan. This is where those layers come in! If it gets too hot, you can tie your cardigan around your waist or even shoulders for a very J.Crew-esque look. She matched her silver bracelets to her necklaces for some extra bling and also expertly contrasted the gold in her sandals. Metallics are also a huge trend for spring, so feel free to mix it up with metals! As long as it is kept subtle, mixing metals is very chic and fashion forward.

How To Stay Creatively Stimulated While Simulteanously Drowning in School Assignments

The most talented and successful people I know are the ones who can handle everything on their plates while still somehow being able to take on more, have interests, and stay sane. Whether it’s the people who have a full work day ahead but still find the energy to go to the gym in the early hours of the morning (gross), or the people who seem to hold executive positions in every organization they join (how?), these individuals define what it means to be a “multi-tasker.”

(Photo via @mar.elekes)

I talked a few weeks ago about pushing through the last semester of senior year, but no matter what year you are, everyone has been submerged in schoolwork without enough time to stay motivated with what you love to do. For me, I am obsessed with the fashion industry, and the aspects of what it takes to maintain a brand. At times I struggle to keep myself creatively stimulated, as I feel I do not have enough time to push myself to be even better at what I love.

While it may seem hard, never make yourself believe that you won’t be able to handle it. Don’t let yourself think that taking more classes, joining multiple clubs, or generally satiating your curiosities will hold you back. All of these things are aimed at growing as a person and, no matter how busy you are, there is always time for you!

Here are a couple of ways that I’ve beat the system, and have maintained my place as an intern, student, creative, and generally sane individual during a rough semester.

Keep inspirational websites bookmarked on your home screen.

To keep up with all of the current looks, runway styles, and industry changes, I keep important websites bookmarked on my homepage so that a good read is just a click away. For example, here are a couple of pages I have bookmarked and why:

-Favorite Fashion Shows- I have the Loewe Spring/Summer 2017, and Fall/Winter 2017 WhoWhatWear show bookmarked because some of the looks I saw seemed like outfit gold. When I’m thrifting or thinking of outfits to wear, I go back to these shows for ideas.
-My CollegeFashionista Profile- I keep this up here so I can look at past articles and have easy access to link it somewhere.
Vogue Runway App- Easy access to what seems like an unlimited archive of fashion shows is right in this app. During Fashion Month this year, I was on the edge of my seat to see all of the new looks being posted immediately after the shows. It was exciting to still feel like I’m a part of everything even though I’m sitting in classrooms at school.
The Man Repeller– This website quickly became one of my favorites over the summer when I started seeing Leandra Medine’s colorful looks on my Pinterest feed. The Man Repeller blog incorporates humor with fashion, which is a combination that I’m all about.

Follow a variety of fashion influencers/Instagram accounts. To stay inspired, you have to have constant content in front of you. If your calling is photography, follow some dedicated photographers who travel the world to find new shots and risks to take. If you’re into fashion, follow accounts of people who show daily looks so that you get a lot out of following them. Tumblrs are great for this too, since no one is as concerned about posting frequently. The more and account posts, the better!

Bookmark, bookmark, bookmark. If you’re an Instagram-obsessed freak like I am, then you’ve been utilizing the amazing feature that Instagram has recently added. I bookmark whatever and whenever I feel something sticks out to me. It will then inspire me for future outfits, articles, photoshoots, and more.

Maintain specific Pinterest Boards. This is the same idea as bookmarking things on Instagram, but it’s helpful to take posts that you’ve bookmarked and pin them to specific boards on your Pinterest accounts. Whenever I need inspiration, I can reference any crazy specific board on my account, from “Dresses Over Pants” to “French Vibes.” I keep all of the top pins in there, so I don’t have any problems finding them when I have a vision for an upcoming article or project.

(Photo via @daniellesmodernlife)

Keep up with past co-workers. I know school can make you extremely busy, but the quick texts sent back and forth with co-interns and former co-workers can really make a difference. If you need help writing your resume or LinkedIn profile, a co-worker will be the best person to turn to. Keep up your friendships because you never know when they can help you (or you can help them!)

Don’t be afraid to read new articles. When you’re out there looking for new ideas, start by opening any article that may not be in your area of expertise. We live in a very unique time when there is so much information out there that is instantly accessible. Give yourself some time to understand the fashion industry more than you may have before. Watch a documentary on Netflix, read commentary on the latest shows, and see what companies are on the rise. There is so much to explore to keep you intellectually stimulated on the internet, you just have to be the one to find it.

(Photo via @thatchiclex)

How are you staying ahead of the game this semester? Let us know in the comments below!