3 Fashion Career Myths You’ve Got All Wrong

Those of us seeking a career in fashion are often met with criticism about our decided path of life. Parents, mentors, and friends give us their bits of wisdom hoping to deter us from a career many people view as too risky. They have the best intention for us, but they have some of their facts wrong. Below, I cover three of these fashion career myths and the truths that bust them.

PHOTO: Layne Miller

1—The fashion industry is full of shallow people.

This isn’t necessarily true. While there may be some shallow people in this career field, it isn’t different from any other industries. Some people may be in it for shallow reasons, but most people want to make a difference in the field. There are a lot of ethical issues in fashion that still need to be worked on, and many people going into the fashion industry today have goals to change some of those issues. People are focused now more than ever on creating environmentally friendly clothing, changing the working conditions of the manufacturers, and diversifying those who participate in the industry.

2—You have to go to a fashion school to be successful in fashion.

On the contrary, all you have to do to be successful in fashion is have a passion for it and the drive to never give up. Plenty of big-name designers never went to fashion school and in fact majored in something entirely different. Refinery 29 did a short listicle of designers who did not attend fashion school. Some of those designers include Kate Spade, Giorgio Armani, and Chiara Ferragni.

 PHOTO: Amber Sudra

3—It is hard to make a living in fashion.

Isn’t that true of every industry right now? The job market is competitive no matter what industry you are entering so you may as well enter a career field worth being competitive in. Besides, the likelihood of making a living in the fashion industry isn’t really as bad as it seems. In 2016, Fashionista surveyed their readers to find out how much they make on average based on their position. They surveyed people who worked at companies like Prada to people who worked at companies like Macy’s and H&M. Overall, the average salaries wouldn’t leave you living paycheck-to-paycheck, even with NYC’s ridiculous cost of living.

What are some career myths you have encountered? Let us know in the comments below!

Additional photo by Kenia Viezcas.

5 Ways to Change up Your Wardrobe on a Budget

I get it. We’re college students; we’re on a budget. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like to stay on top of the latest trends and change up our wardrobe every now and then. And while some people love to blow their paychecks on a little retail therapy, I thought I would show you some ways to change up your wardrobe on a college budget.

PHOTO: Julia Michael

1—Go thrifting

I didn’t realize how cool thrifting was until recently. You can pick up some nice finds at thrift stores. But I’ll admit, as with any store, thrift stores (i.e. Goodwill) have their good days as well as their bad days. You just have to be willing to spend some time searching for the fun pieces that can help you change up your wardrobe.


2—Look for staple/basic pieces year-round

These staple pieces include T-shirts, denim jackets, and hats. It’s really any piece that you can effectively style all year long that will add so much simplicity—and trendiness—to your wardrobe.

PHOTO: Stella Fanega


Accessories can literally change any outfit. Be quick to respond to new and revived trends like hoop earrings, rings, bar necklaces, and charm bracelets. You’d be surprised what good deals you can find when you’re really looking. Budget tip: check stores like Forever 21, Francesca’s, and American Eagle Outfitters for inexpensive jewelry and accessories!

4—Shop at discount stores

This is a helpful tip for clothes and shoes! You can find brands like Steve Madden, Toms, Nike, and a whole lot more for discounted prices at stores like T.J.Maxx and Ross.

PHOTO: Maddy Haller

5—Re-do your wardrobe

DIY your wardrobe! This is a great solution for anyone on a budget. Go through your wardrobe and take an inventory of what you wear. Redesign the clothes that you don’t really wear anymore, and turn them into things you actually want to wear! For example, you can take a plain black pair of jeans and cut rips into the knees of them. If you want to take it a step further, chop the hem of your jeans and pull out the threads, instantly turning the jeans into a new pair!

Are there any other wardrobe budgeting tips you use? Let us know in the comments!

The Athlete’s Guide to Going-Out Attire

When you’re an athlete, you’re constantly on the go. Whether you are literally running to class or finishing up several sweaty (and smelly) hours at the gym before a night out, freshening up after workouts is not easy. In fact, our busy athletic schedules sometimes deter us from socializing afterward.

Being the Fashionistas that we are, however, we shouldn’t have to choose between working out and going out! Here are some quick and simple tricks every athlete should use when transitioning into going out attire.

PHOTO: Rachel Zuckerberg

1—Dry shampoo

While taking a full post-workout shower is ideal, time does not always allow for this to happen. Depending on how sweaty you are, you may want to rinse off your body—but, keep your hair dry! This is where the dry shampoo comes in. Rather than waste time drying your hair, spritz some dry shampoo over your tresses instead. To use, shake the bottle and hold it a couple inches away from your head before applying. If you hold it too close, your hair may look powdery. Aim the spray towards your roots, and try to get under the different layers of your part. The dry shampoo will soak up the grease from your hairline, and give you the volume that your workout took away.

PHOTO: Amber Sudra

2—Comfy shoes

There’s nothing worse than jamming your aching, post-workout, toes into a pair of pumps or stilettos—except maybe dancing in them afterward. Thankfully, there are many comfortable (and fashionable) shoe options that can be worn going out instead of heels. Athletes can opt for supportive shoes, such as lace-up booties or stylish sneakers. Depending on where you are partying, these may be better options anyway! Parties are known for being shoe-destroyers, so regardless of your athletic status, it is best to leave your favorite heels at home when attending a party.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

3—Sleek ponies

The ponytail is every athletic girl’s best friend. Chances are, you were wearing one during your workout—and, with a few tweaks, you can reuse the style at night. A ponytail is a great style for going out because it smooths away flyaways and even masks the appearance of greasy hair. Ponytails are a particularly trendy look at the moment and have even been worn on the red carpet by multiple celebs, including J-Lo, Blake Lively, and Reese Witherspoon. Additionally, pulling your hair back gives you more opportunities to accessorize. Try fun earrings or a bold lip color for some flare.

Whatever you put on, don’t forget to wear it with confidence! You’ve worked for it (literally).

How do you get ready on-the-go? Let us know in the comments or tag @Cfashionista on social media!

How to Make Your Outfits More Interesting Using Detail

Whether you’re going out to dinner or going shopping for the day, a stylish outfit is always important. No matter what outfit you put on, it should define you. An easy way to define yourself through your outfits is with little details or embellishments. A pair of pants or a cotton T-shirt is completely transformed when the slightest bit of pop is added.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

A trend that is taking the fashion world by storm right now is jeans with fringe at the bottom. This trend is something that everyone can rock because they are just another classic denim piece to add to your collection. These jeans can be bell-bottomed with crazy long fringe to make a statement, or they can be skinny jeans with a little fray on the bottom just to spice up your look a bit more.

Other types of pants besides jeans can also be used to make a statement using different types of detail. This can mean a patch on a pocket, a stripe down the side, or even an interesting material. These styles can be worn with an array of different shirts: a plain cotton T-shirt, a fuzzy sweater, or even a studded leather jacket.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

Belts similarly bring a boring outfit some attention. A studded black belt can turn an all-black outfit into a more chic look, while a colored belt can bring an all-white outfit some flair. A belt also makes a day outfit look more sophisticated and put together; blue jeans and a plain white T-shirt can turn into a whole new look when paired with an interesting belt. The details and embellishments that are part of an outfit are what make it interesting and unique.

Comment below to let us know what type of details you incorporate into your style!

Featured image by Kelly Rogowski.

Here Are 7 Ways to Keep Up With New York Fashion Week

Store your one-pieces and get ready to break out your fall mules, New York Fashion Week is upon us! If you are like me, it’s the most amazing party that you’ve never been invited to (yet). The good news is that no matter where you are, you can be a part of the madness. If you have a computer or phone, you can keep up with all of the shows, looks, and events without leaving your bed or changing out of your PJs. Here are seven of my favorite ways to stay updated on NYFW.

 PHOTO: Lex Kelly


Check out the show schedule, full list of designers, label profiles, and previous collections on the official New York Fashion Week site. The site also features videos of the shows, venue information, and a blog featuring both fashion and beauty content.


The magazine giant has an extensive library of every collection ever shown during any fashion week, dating back to 2000. Vogue posts every collection as they are being shown on the site in addition to full reviews and details on who’s in the front row.

3—Vogue Runway App

The Vogue Runway app brings all of the perks of Vogue.com to your phone. The app also makes it easier to share your favorite looks with all of your Fashionista friends. So go check out every grand finale dress and bold beauty look you need for fall here!


E! is the official media sponsor of NYFW and has been for many years. While they have some online coverage, E! also hosts a TV special at NYFW where they usually interview designers, review collections, and tell us all about what’s hot on the runway.

5—NYFW Snapchat Story

For a super behind-the-scenes look, the NYFW Snapchat story always comes through. Also, front row guests will snap the shows while you follow along so it’s like you’re sitting right next to them!

6—POPSUGAR Fashion Week App

POPSUGAR has always been my go-to for finding new trends in fashion, beauty, and fitness. Now they have a new app that offers instant coverage of shows. Find interviews with designers and models for the full New York Fashion Week effect.

7—Follow Fashion Insiders

Finally, one of the best tricks I have for keeping up with New York Fashion Week from my cozy dorm in North Carolina is following the right people. Keep up with Snapchat stories and Instagram posts from designers, bloggers, magazines, editors, and models to get the inside scoop on the shows and events of the week. It’s almost like you’re hanging out with all of fashion’s most elite.

How are you keeping up with fashion week? Sound off in the comments below!

Additional photos by Maddy Haller and Valerie Cammack.

The 2000s Trends That Are Making a Comeback

Everyone and their mothers seem to be rocking and enjoying the ’90s trends that have come back into style recently. But what about the 2000s? There are a few 2000s trends that have started to creep back into our wardrobes lately that even you probably forgot were trends during the early aughts.

Here are a few trends that I’ve spotted so far—and they’re surely not the last.

1—Tank tops with one thick strap and one spaghetti strap

This is one trend that I personally remember wearing as a six-year-old and thinking that it was the height of fashion. Several years later, the old becomes new again, and I have seen basically the exact same tank tops being sold at stores like American Eagle Outfitters.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

2—Track suits

Juicy Couture brought track suits to fame in the ’00s and set us all up for our love of athletic wear in 2017. Wearing a full athleisure ensemble would not be uncommon today, especially with Adidas, Champion, and Reebok street style on the rise. Juicy Couture is even making a comeback with their collection with Urban Outfitters.

3—Slip dresses

In the 2000s, a silky slip dress was all the rage, especially among celebrities. But in 2017 you wouldn’t be out of place walking around in a slip dress (silky or not). Just add a pair of mules and some simply layered necklaces, and you’re good to go!

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski


Wearing actual fishnet stockings were popular in the 2000s, but now a more popular style would just be to add a fishnet detail to your regular outfit. For example, fishnet socks that stick out of your sneakers, fishnets peeking out through ripped jeans, or seeing the top of fishnets pop out above the waist of your jeans.

5—Tank tops over T-shirts

This is something that I was guilty of wearing in middle school in 2009 to get around wearing a tank top without breaking dress code. This was still in style less than 10 years ago, which means fashion is coming back around to trends even faster than we can get rid of them!

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

6—Lace up jeans

This is not one I’ve seen a lot of, but I’ve definitely seen it. Stars like Hilary Duff and Christina Aguilera wore these babies back in the day, and stores like Topshop and Forever 21 are selling their own versions of them now. Both with laces up the legs and laces in place of a zipper.

What 2000s trends are you wearing this season? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

Why the Streets of New York City Are Like a Runway

The streets of New York City are like a fashion runway. They are shameless, vulnerable, and brave. The city’s members wear their outfits like a suit of armor, where people reveal—and conceal—their lives.

Fashion is more than accessible in the city, even when it comes to the more well-renowned events like New York Fashion Week. Simply observe the street style from the people who inhabit them. Skip the shows and take to the boulevards to see why I treat New York City’s streets like a runway.

I think street fashion is why I fell in love with New York City in the first place, but that wasn’t always the case. Being born and raised in the English countryside meant that small shops, roaming livestock, and golden fields of grain that went on for miles were all I knew. This left me intimidated by most urban settings. When my family decided to emigrate to New York, the city became somewhat of a challenge for me. Now I see it as something attractive and exciting, but there was a time where it was all too aggressive and intense. The cement streets of New York changed all of that for me.

If you are anything like me and find bravery in those around you (some call this being nosy), New York is the city for you. I respect how unafraid New Yorkers are when it comes to how they dress. They have a habit of taking risks in how they present themselves to the world; this confidence is something I’d like to see more in college fashion.

Since I started treating the streets like a runway, picking out an outfit has become somewhat of a ritual. When I choose an outfit there are five items in my wardrobe that I cannot take on the city without.


No matter the weather, sunglasses are necessary. There is a reason Anna Wintour is always wearing them.

2—A white top

I don’t think I have ever not worn a white top out (I have a washing machine).

3—Anything the color blue.

You’ll never catch me not wearing something blue—it’s my color. That’s it.


I’m always wearing some sort of denim. There are so many choices.

5—Ankle boots.

I’m a firm believer that I can accomplish anything in a pair of ankle boots. Plus, they go with everything.

As the fall semester begins, the streets turn into hallways and they become my catwalk. Remember, fearlessness surrounds us; it’s in the people, the clothes they wear, and of course, the streets we walk on.

Show us how you dress fearlessly! Don’t forget to tag us on social media at @Cfashionista.

All photos by James Chamberlain.

5 Thrifting Tips for the Fashion Girl on a Budget

I’ve always loved going to Goodwill and searching through racks upon racks of clothes to find the hidden gems. I bet you would never believe that I bought this velvet dress or this eccentric white clutch from Goodwill! Many people simply do not see the potential that lies in secondhand clothing from thrift stores or even the clothing they already own. So here are five tips to remember when thrift shopping to help you score high-quality pieces for a fraction of the cost.

Vintage Vibes in Downtown Little Rock

1—Shop in the right area. To get the most bang for your buck while thrift shopping, scope out the higher-end neighborhoods. Thrift stores in these areas are more likely to have clothes from big-name labels and made of quality fabrics due to the location of their donation center.

Vintage vibes in velvet

2—Hunt for quality brands and fabrics. The low prices of thrift stores can make it tempting to fill up your cart with impulse purchases. But before you buy that faux fur coat, remember that in the long run, high-quality clothes last a lot longer than ones made of cheaper fabrics. Be picky!

3—Look for stains and holes. Give each garment some serious eyeball for stains, tears, snags, or signs of over-wear. When I was a newbie, I came home to find my fair share of stains on clothes that I’d purchased from thrift shops. I know how disappointing it can be to discover after leaving the store!

Face minimal jewels and space buns

4—If it grabs your attention, grab it! Do a loop around the entire store, grab anything that catches your eye, and try it on. (You never know what might surprise you.) What you see is what you get, and you never know if it’ll be there one moment and gone the next!

Goodwill Eccentric Clutch and Embroidered Mules

5—Wash your clothes as soon as you get home. Before you wear clothes from the thrift store, you should always launder them carefully. Pay special attention to details like the armpit areas of a blouse and make sure to add plenty of fabric softener!

minimal jewels and vintage vibes

velvet dress and embroidered mules

Thrift shopping is my favorite kind of shopping because it is environmentally friendly, affordable, and ultimately the most personally satisfying because I feel like I defeated a challenge every time I walk out of there. When shopping secondhand, quality is always better than quantity. By taking your time and shopping for the best items, you can come home with items that look (or are) brand-new. The best part? Thrift shopping is almost always in your budget.

What are you best thrifting tips? Let me know in the comments below!

4 Tips to Enhance your Casual Style—Fashionisto Edition

Often, guys have the misconception that the only way to look nice and fashionable is if they dress up. However, you can be stylish in anything from joggers to suits. It doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you pay attention to the details. Focusing on small details will go a very long way and sharpen your casual style. Here are four ways to enhance your wardrobe.

1—Cuff your jeans. Rolling up your straight-legged jeans is a simple way to show extra details you miss when they are all the way down. It focuses your attention on a nice pair of shoes matched with fashionable socks. When the jeans are rolled, it allows you to show personal style and let a pop of color show underneath with stylish socks.

2—Men’s bags. The days of thinking it’s only socially acceptable for women to have handbags are over. Any gender needs a bag to carry essentials around in, so guys its time to trade out that old beat-up book bag for a leather satchel bag. Choosing a bag to carry gives you the chance to reflect your own style while looking professional. Remember to select a bag that’s durable and water-resistant!

3—Footwear. The key to any successful outfit is to always put your best foot forward. The “desert boot” is a staple shoe all guys should have in their closet. The boot is interchangeable and can be dressed up or down. Here, the boot is paired with the cuffed jeans to sharpen the casual look while keeping it comfortable. I recommend getting this boot in a versatile neutral color.

4—Watches. Add some arm candy to your daily wardrobe! Let’s be honest, everyone hates that one person who always shows up late to everything. Never be that person and add a watch to your daily outfit. A watch is a small detail that makes a huge impact on your look, and it easily enhances any outfit. If you prefer wearing light colored clothing, I recommend you choose a brown or gold watch. If you prefer dark clothing, go with a black watch.

Paying attention to the small details can make any drab outfit become fab. The four tips listed above will help you enhance any simple outfit while keeping your own style.

How do you embrace casual style? Show us on social media and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista. 

Bleach Tie-Dye—A DIY Twist on This Great Trend

Tie-dye, as we know it, has been around for decades—the colorful dyeing technique rooted in the hippie culture that thrived in the ’60s. However, similar dyeing techniques date all the way back to ancient times. My experience with tie-dye has been a long journey filled with rainbow-stained hands, crafting with friends, and super casual T-shirts. I’ve probably had at least one DIY or store bought tie-dye shirt in my wardrobe since elementary school—I’m no stranger to tie-dye.

But… this time I tried out a new (and improved?) method.


All you need are three things: bleach, a T-shirt, and some rubber bands. I got my plain black shirt from a thrift superstore, which is a great idea because it’s cheap and shopping at second-hand stores supports sustainability.

Just a little warning: I highly recommend doing this project outside and wearing clothes that you don’t really care about. This is especially true if you are messy like I am!

You take a shirt and simply pinch the part of the shirt where you want the center of the spiral to be. Then twist all of the fabric until the shirt is in a spiral and secure it with several rubber bands. Afterwards, grab the bleach and have fun with it!

Those last steps are where you can get creative—there are a bunch of other designs for tie-dye besides the traditional spiral, and the amount of bleach you pour on will obviously produce different designs as well.

This is the first bleach-dyed shirt that I have ever made. The design is closer to a splatter than it is to a perfect spiral, but hey the uniqueness is half the beauty of tie-dye! Next time I would add more bleach for a more prominent design.

This look is a little less hippie and a little more grunge, which I love. Plus, it’s one of those shirts that feels super soft and comfortable but has more style than just any old T-shirt. Not to mention that tie-dye has been trending lately in all types of products. So basically it’s like cheating but in a good way. You get to have a unique and cute top while feeling like you are wearing a shirt to sleep in. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

Would you/have you tried dyeing with bleach? Comment below or tag @Cfashionista to show us!