How to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe into the School Year

With summer’s end being just around the corner, everyone is starting to think about how they want to strut their stuff this school year. Picking a style to rock around campus all year is something that’s on the forefront of every Fashionisto’s mind. Luckily, you always have neutrals to fall back on. Black, khaki, white, gray, and denim are all great neutrals to incorporate into your transitional wardrobe. Plus, it’s so easy to add pops of color to outfits instead of trying to tone down the bright colors of summer.

One of my favorite summer to fall looks for guys is a pair of khaki pants. They are light enough for the end of the warm season, and the pants allow for a smooth transition into the cooler weather. Not only are the pants themselves great, but the khaki color is a great fall tone that can be paired with almost anything! This Fashionisto is rocking the khaki pants look. Keeping with the summer trend, he continues to wear his boat shoes, but keeps the tone neutral and not overstated. As he’s transitioning into fall, he brings out that white and denim layering look we all love for the cooler months.

You can bring this Fashionisto’s style into your wardrobe by layering a button-down shirt with a white T-shirt underneath. Finish off the look with khaki pants and boat shoes for a great back to school look.

How do you plan on transitioning your summer wardrobe into fall? We want to see! Show us on social media, and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

STYLE ADVICE: Neutral Spring

The climate will always play a factor in what we wear on a day to day basis. The clouds seem to have taken over the sunshine, hence why this Fashionisto went for the neutral tones in his outfit. Usually as college students, we tend to go grab our sweats and hoodies and head out to class. Since the semester is coming to an end, and you’re probably too busy focusing on finals or graduation, simply grab the most casual go-to items and head out.

This Fashionisto kept it simple and easy. Without much effort, he chose a graphic T-shirt from a local shop. He then paired it with light gray denim which has just enough distressed details for spring. This Fashionisto was even brave enough to wear white sneakers to match his T-shirt. However, if you don’t want to risk wearing white sneakers, I do advise picking another color such as gray or black. To add the finishing touches to his outfit, this Fashionisto wore his lightweight black bomber jacket and light brown beanie. He made sure to keep all his items in the same neutral tone family without wearing too much black or white. It balanced out evenly and perfectly.

You never know what’s to come in the Northeast between the gloomy skies and windy weather. So it’s a must that you stay prepared all while staying true to your style. This Fashionisto’s outfit took no longer than 10 minutes to get ready; next time instead of grabbing your sweats, go for your denim. Even casually dressing will put you in a positive mood to finish the semester off strong.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sliding Into Summer

Here in Western Pennsylvania, “springing” into spring and summer, is not the easiest thing to do, when the average temperature may only be around 50 degrees. However, you must take the days as they are given to you, and work with what you have. This Fashionisto does that, by incorporating fun, bright colors into his wardrobe, while maintaining the light spring feel. It is difficult to use season-appropriate colors, when the temperature makes you think winter is coming. Despite the harvest-colored accent, the white base in this outfit, is extremely important, as it livens the look up, and provides a fluid pop of a season-appropriate color.

The solid white points in this look, are not only well balanced, but also bring a light summer flair. It can be a challenge to look ready for summer, and not be freezing, but this is a great way to do so. The white sneakers prove you no longer have to trek through two feet of snow, the white cap can block out some warmer weather sun, and the white hoodie allows you to showcase any tan or lighter hair, that you may have already acquired. The cap also ties the white base, and the plaid flannel, together perfectly. The simple red embroidery complements the design of the flannel, while not overpowering it.

Many of the articles of clothing shown, are mainly solid. Adding a detailed and bright flannel, like this, captures peoples’ attention. (And what fashion loving person doesn’t want to make a statement, am I right?) It is important to note that the bright-colored clothing is located in the center of the body. This draws attention to the focal point of the look, and provides a well balanced, eye pleasing outfit.

Though it feels like summer weather should be here, the temperatures are still unpredictable, especially on the East Coast. Be prepared for whatever this life throws at you, and slide into the summer months with style.

WHAT TO WEAR: From Breezy Days to Freezing Nights

Here at Ohio University, school may be out, but the summer is still around the corner. Breezy spring days can turn into frosty nights with the flip of a switch, and knowing how to dress for that shift is crucial. This Fashionisto does just that, but incorporates his own fashion sense into his look, letting his smooth street style shine through.

Plaid shirts can go one of three ways: it could make you look like a lumberjack, like a Catholic school girl, or complete an outfit. The fabric is not too heavy, but will still keep him warm on summer nights. The colors are perfect for the weather, too. The tan tones make any pants a perfect match and warm the skin tone a bit so those of us who can’t tan—also known as me—can gain inspiration for what will work best. The blue draws out the ocean blue of his eyes, making them pop. The vest adds warmth as well as style. While not too large, it is still just big enough to keep him warm without looking like he’s hiding old school books in the sides. This one by Patagonia is perfect for transitioning season to season.

His pants draw in fashion. The fit is not too baggy, but just enough that they are relaxed while still being classy. For college men, finding pants that fit without being overly tight is hard, but this Fashionisto was able to do exactly that. When shopping, make sure to get a relaxed fit so that they can be comfortably worn lounging during the chilly summer nights.

The shoes are possibly the best part of this Fashionisto’s outfit. They are statement shoes, in the most masculine way possible. The leather is worn the perfect amount, the soles are clean, and the laces are still crisp. Having a pair of shoes such as these makes transitioning from day to night a breeze. A pair of shoes like the ones this Fashionisto has will become the perfect staple to any collegiate wardrobe.

Transitioning from spring to summer can be tricky. Going from daytime heat to nighttime chill can be super tricky, but by drawing inspiration from this Fashionisto, any outfit is sure to slay whatever weather possible.


During Easter weekend, I saw so many beautiful Fashionista’s rocking their dresses, skirts, long socks, and cute heels. But once I saw this Fashionisto—I just could not resist. I’ve never written an article about a Fashionisto, and this one in particular looked absolutely awesome in his Easter outfit.

The first thing I noticed about his outfit was how well all of his colors ended up tying together: the colors in the belt, the anchors on his button-down, and the deep blue of his shirt. This Fashionisto definitely knew what he was doing when picking out his outfit Easter morning. When explaining his outfit choice, he explained he didn’t want to under-do his shirt while trying to match with his belt, so he picked a top with the blue and white to match with his belt. Naturally, not to overdo the blue, he went with something dressy yet simple for his bottoms—khakis. And to complete his outfit, he went with a more casual shoe choice of these light blue Sperrys.

My main focus that totally drew me to this outfit, in particular, was his belt. I had never heard of FH Wadsworth until he informed of where he purchased his belt, and all I can say is what a hot staple! I cannot get over how patriotic of a clothing item it is, and it stands out in such a perfect way. He explained how it doesn’t need to be worn just as formal wear, either. He’ll wear it with a jean jacket on a casual day, or even a sweater in the fall. Once I ventured to the FH Wadsworth website, I couldn’t help but search one out for myself!

Altogether, the outfit was so inviting and interesting and I fell in love with how great this Fashionisto rocked this look! He was a natural born model for the photos as well, so it was a fashion win all around this Easter!

WHAT TO WEAR: Cool and Collected for Class

Before this post, I had always wanted to feature an article on a FashionistI noticed on campus. Menswear is often difficult to stand out in because of the limited variation made available for men to wear. Most guys I see are able to pass off a decent outfit in jeans and a T-shirt. Regardless, although looking different is difficult to accomplish in the male fashion industry, pulling it off is that much more rewarding!

This month’s feature includes a Fashionisto I noticed on his way to class. It has often occurred to me that many college students rarely put effort into what they are wearing to class. Many of us would rather roll out of bed and show up to lecture in sweats. This is all the more reason why I pay the most attention toward potential fashion-goers on my way to class, which explains how I came across this Fashionisto! What struck my attention was his need to cater to street style, but mix it with the acknowledgement of being in an education setting, where street fashion meets a hint of business casual!

This Fashionisto pairs knee-slit black jeans with a navy and white colored baseball styled T-shirt. Layered on top is a black, water-resistant, Stussy jacket, which seems to be the staple piece of this fit. The outfit is tied together with a black baseball cap, worn backwards, which helps contrast the outfit from business casual to street wear. Additionally, the hat was colored black, similar to the most of the outfit, which helped maintain consistency in the look. The shoes, which indicated the most variation in this outfit, were brogues, carefully detailed along the corners of the shoes. These shoes are often spotted in formal settings, which is why this outfit is a smart example for class when you want to look fashionable, but also, professional enough for class. To finish the outfit off, this Fashionisto is wearing a classic, gold Timex watch, which is yet another staple piece for many street fashion followers!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Nostalgic Fashion Pieces

Many Fashionistas/os are influenced by past trends from different eras and decades that they have either grown up around or admired. This Fashionisto has set on the trends of the ’80s and the ’90s. With iconic moments of classic Jordan sneakers, acid wash jeans,  windbreakers, bold colors, and bold accessories, these eras certainly had an affect on many millennials as a current trend. Influencers of that era inspired this trend to reemerge. The influencers of these  particular, bold trends are rappers, athletes, and socialites such as Russel Simmons, Will Smith, Kid n’ Play, and Michael Jordan. This Fashionisto used different attributes to add to his ensemble to make this look stand out. Having a very detail oriented eye keeps nostalgic pieces unique to a look when it comes to adding those particular pieces to an outfit or a wardrobe.

The details of this Fashionisto’s ensemble are numerous. They are added in the most  delicate way and compliment each other simultaneously without being too much. This Fashionisto wore a color blocked and patterned button up shirt with a windbreaker. He then added semi-acid washed jeans with high cuffs. The Fashionisto then added a pair of high tube socks and retro Jordan 5 sneakers that resembled the colors in his top and windbreaker jacket. The Fashionisto had accessories to pull this entire nostalgic ensemble together. The camp braided bracelet around his ankle and the gold earrings were very symbolic to the era that he portrays in his clothing choices. Overall, this look came together with very special and vintage pieces of the ’80s and ’90s eras. Pulling nostalgic pieces for an outfit can make the outfit unique and very detailed.

WHAT TO WEAR: Uptown Fashionista

I decided to take an adventure to the northern part of Downtown, Chicago to the Gold Coast where I found my Fashionista. The north side of downtown is known for people who are usually dressing up and keeping up with the latest trends.

What caught my eye immediately was how this Fashionista was rocking a leather jacket and high heels. The perfect combination, it was edgy but not too casual and not too much, all at the same time. Her sparkly shirt was attention grabbing but matched perfectly with her black on black ensemble. Sometimes when wearing sparkles or eye-grabbing shirts like the one this Fashionista is wearing, it can be overdone, but I loved that this outfit flowed perfectly together. Sparkles are always fun to add to an outfit especially if you are wearing mostly one color, like this Fashionista.  This Fashionista’s heels are to die for! If you ever want to add a little more to your outfit, heels are always the way to go! As long as they are comfortable! I also thought her lipstick completed the entire ensemble because it is as bold as her whole outfit. Red lipstick or any type of dark lipstick is the perfect makeup accessory when going out later in the afternoon.

This Fashionista bought her trendy black leggings, with multiple zippers on the front at Dry Goods. Her leather jacket can also be found at Dry Goods, she has had this leather jacket for a long time but she loves how long the clothes at Dry Goods last compared to other retailers. Her sparkly shirt that adds the perfect accent to her black on black ensemble can be found at Nordstrom. Those black open toe heels that are absolutely jaw-dropping and gorgeous can be found at Forever 21. She also stated that they are one of her comfiest heels she has ever owned. Lastly, her bold, red lipstick that lasted all day is from Urban Decay. Many of these clothing articles can be found in many popular retailers such as Forever 21 and H&M because they are currently in style.

I hope when you hit the town for a night out to a new city or town that you keep this rocking style in mind!

STYLE ADVICE: Fresh From Work to School

For a college student, life can get hectic running around and juggling several responsibilities on a daily basis. Many students divide their time between a job and full-time class schedule. Through it all, it is important to make sure you are looking and feeling your best for each commitment or occasion.

This Fashionisto was just coming to campus from his full-time job. Since it was a Friday, which are casual days at work, he was able to wear jeans instead of the usual dress pants. To maintain a professional vibe, he paired black denim skinny jeans with a blue button-down shirt also made of denim material. There is no better way to wear a button-down shirt than to have the sleeves rolled up—especially as we are in the midst of spring! This combination is a fantastic way to stay looking classy and put together for a casual day at work and then arrive to classes in style. The black and blue color scheme is calming on the eyes. The tan boots add a nice pop of color to the outfit.  Instead of wearing black shoes, this Fashionisto opted to go bold and wear a shoe color that seems like it might not work well with this particular outfit—but it definitely works!

Personally, I love the double-denim look of the shirt and jeans. This look is quite modern and fresh. We can learn from this Fashionisto that going straight from work to school without a wardrobe change is not only possible but that it can be done well. Sporting an outfit that is great for all occasions happening during the day makes life a little easier.

This Fashionisto also shared his biggest secret for keeping a fresh look throughout the day—hair products! He uses a hair gel every day before work to keep his locks looking clean and tame. Making sure your hair stays looking the way it did in the morning is key to looking your best while running around all day.


Last month I had the opportunity to go on a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, and Stockholm, Sweden. One of the most interesting things to me was seeing all the different ways people dress in comparison to back home. Neutral colors, simplicity, and versatility are huge components in the European fashion world. I was lucky enough to come across a Fashionisto who defines the art of neutral tones.

This Fashionisto is dressed in black, tan, and army green. Basically all the colors you will see over in Europe. In Europe, especially Denmark and Sweden where the weather tends to be colder, you will see a lot of layers. Danish and Swedish people love to layer up on neutral tones when walking on the streets. This Fashionisto does as well. Since there is a lot of walking to do in Europe, you have to be comfortable yet fashionable. As you can see, this Fashionisto did so by bundling up with a black peacoat and two scarfs: a black one and a black and tan one to enhance his wardrobe. To add color, he paired his coat with army green pants to fit in with the European’s neutral tones. Lastly, he added some comfy black tennis shoes and sunglasses to finish off the look.

Although this outfit may be simple, you would not it see regularly in the United States. That is why culture and traveling are so important because you get to experience fashion in so many different places. I am glad I got to partake in this European wannabe’s look because it truly masters the essence of European fashion.