How to Channel Your Inner Biker Babe

For many, including myself, the arrival of summer equates the arrival of some free time. Being away from school allows for the opportunity to do things you normally wouldn’t have time or energy for during the academic year. I myself have been slowly checking items off my summer bucket list. One of the said items was getting my motorcycle license. My dad has ridden bikes practically his whole life and being a bit of an adrenaline junkie myself, I couldn’t wait to learn to ride.

Like any good Fashionista, my next thought after passing the motorcycle safety course was an obvious one… what do I wear? Safety is incredibly important when riding a motorcycle. The proper riding gear is not only smart but in many cases, and in several states, it’s the law. So, the question remains: how do I wear clothes that are both safe and fashionable while riding?

For this outfit, I wore a black bodysuit from ASOS with some high-waisted track pants from Boohoo. I paired these with fishnet socks and classic Vans. I accessorized with some retro white sunglasses and a baker boy cap I thrifted from a local market. Finally, no biker ensemble is complete without a leather jacket—mine is a classic black moto jacket from Forever 21.

Keeping in mind that it is summer, I chose to wear a backless halter top bodysuit. However, when riding, it is important to wear both long pants and long sleeves to provide an extra layer of protection if you were to fall from the bike, which is where a leather jacket comes in handy. Not only does it go with everything, but leather is one of the most durable fabrics and could make all the difference if you get in an accident.

You should always wear closed toed shoes when riding for the same reasons you should wear long pants and sleeves. The more comfortable they are, the better, which makes a pair of Vans a good option. It is also recommended to wear boots or at least high-topped shoes since they will provide extra protection and support for your ankles.

When you aren’t posing for pictures like I was, it’s crucial to always wear a helmet, preferably a Department of Transportation-approved one. This means it meets the Federal Motor Vehicle safety standards. Unless said helmet also has a visor, which is a clear face shield, it is also wise to trade in the cool sunnies for a pair of shatter-proof riding glasses or goggles. Although many states do not require the use of a helmet when riding, it’s a good habit to get into. The last piece of riding gear you’ll need is a pair of gloves. Again, the idea is to cover vulnerable and exposed areas in the event of an accident.

Finally, a swipe of red lipstick isn’t mandatory, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. As the saying goes: put on some red lipstick and live a little!

Motorcycles aren’t for everyone, but knowing you can keep up with the trends while riding makes it less scary, right? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

We Can’t Help But Love This Trend That Takes Friendship Bracelets To The Next Level

If I had to choose the most valuable thing that I’ve learned from the two plus years that I’ve been interning with CollegeFashionista it wouldn’t be how to frame a street style photo or the key to increased Instagram followers. After all, these are skills that I could’ve picked up anywhere. The greatest asset that I’ve gained from my experience with CF, however, is the knowledge that common experiences, challenges, and interests can bring even the most distant people together. Sounds cliché right? “CollegeFashionista connected me with my best friends” sounds like a tagline written by a mediocre marketing team; but, in all honesty, some of the most important people in my life wouldn’t be there without the help of CollegeFashionista.

So what does this have to do with tattoos? Well, it just so happens that sparking new friendships isn’t all that interning at CollegeFashionista can lead to. In this case, it also caused these four former interns (hint: one of them is me) to get matching ink, and yes, I mean the permanent kind. So here goes:

Tattoos by @jason_tat2 at Black Fish Tattoo (39 W. 32nd St. #1205, New York, NY) 

Emily Ciavatta (@emilyciavattaa) and I met about a year ago when we were both marketing interns at the CollegeFashionista offices. Despite being from totally different backgrounds and having completely opposite personalities, we clicked pretty much right away. We both ended up back in NYC interning this summer and basically made a pact to do as many spontaneous things as possible. We had planned this big, eventful Saturday one week and had an open time slot that needed to be filled, so naturally, tattoos popped into both of our minds. Deciding to get a tattoo isn’t the hard part, it’s figuring out what to actually get that can be tricky.

We ended up getting matching champagne cork tattoos. I have this weird thing about champagne corks. I always save them. Since champagne is usually a celebratory drink, it seems fitting to try and remember the event at which you are drinking it. When we were trying to think up tattoos to get, corks seemed fitting. The corks turned out so cute and we’ll always have CollegeFashionista to thank for bringing us together and celebrate our friendship forever.

Tattoos by Juan Ortega at Mischief Tattoo (329 6th Ave. New York, NY) 

“Cece and I met while interning together at the CollegeFashionista offices last fall. We didn’t talk much at first. But then one day, we were sent on an errand together and after an hour in, we were ranting about our boy problems. From then on, we’ve been super close. We were sitting at work together on a Friday, deciding what our plans for the night should be but weren’t sure what to do. Cece brought up getting matching tattoos—super spur of the moment—and she chose the design and everything. We walked into Mischief near West 4th and got them.” – Megan Sharp (@n_agem)

“I’ve always loved the look of small, simple tattoos, and that’s something that Megan and I always bonded over. We decided one day that we’d get matching ones just for fun. We were working together one Friday and just thought of the idea to both get the word ‘doll’ on the backs of our necks. So, that same day we went and got them done. I love all my little tattoos because they each have their own meaning. Megan is one of my dearest friends, she’s my doll for life.” – Cece Giglio (@cecegiglio)

Would you ever get matching tattoos with a friend? Share your thoughts (or photos of your matching ink!) in the comments below. 

How to Incorporate Lingerie into Your Outfit

It’s now August and almost fall, though the hot weather still continues. It’s too hot to dress up, but I still want my outfit to stand out and not look too simple. During these hot summer days, I like to incorporate lingerie into my outfit. Wearing lingerie as an outfit staple is not a new trend. People have worn lace bralettes, lace bodysuits, and slip dresses in recent years. Since the phrase “free the nipple” is thrown around frequently, more women feel comfortable wearing no bras in public. A lot of models and celebrities started to show up in front of cameras wearing lingerie. Since then, women’s clothing stores sell a variety of lingerie that you can wear outside.

I personally love wearing lingerie as part of my outfit, however, I am not confident about my body and feel uncomfortable showing too much. For people like me, I recommend wearing a camisole with some lace. It’s not too different from actual clothes, and the lace and satin material will dress you up. Lingerie stores and even vintage shops have a variety of camisole with lace in different colors. H&M also has a cute camisole with lace at an affordable price, and the dark gold color gives you a mature look. This black silk camisole with lace from Revolve is a really useful piece too because you can never go wrong with black. In order to not look too sexy during the daytime, I would match this camisole with jeans or oversize casual pants.

I chose gray for my outfit because it will not look too sexy or inappropriate during the daytime. My camisole is from Victoria’s Secret, and I matched it with black jeans for a casual look. I also like finding cute vintage lingerie at vintage shops. It’s fun and cheap, and you can find unique pieces that no one else has. Lily Ashwell has a vintage-inspired camisole with lace in gray.

How do you wear your lingerie? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista. 

How I Found My Confidence

Growing up in the world we live in, we’re given a set of standards—how to dress, how to speak, how to carry ourselves. There are so many guides on “what men look for” or “how to lose 10 pounds in three days.” I’ve had my own struggles with these societal ideals of what makes a woman. Media constantly bombards us with what we “should” look like. After years of struggling with (and honestly, still working on) my confidence, I want to share how I grew into the empowered woman I am today.

I was born in the Philippines and have lived all around the world, experiencing the rich cultures in Asia and Azerbaijan. With growing up all over the place, I’ve heard so many different opinions on what makes a woman beautiful.

I’ll be honest, it took a long time before I could look at myself in the mirror and see any type of beauty. The things that stood out were my stretch marks, my round face, and frizzy hair. In high school, other girls seemed to know exactly what to wear and how to do their naturally smooth hair. They were fitter than me, more bubbly, and not awkward at all. Over the first few years of high school, I worked so hard to be more like them and to look like everybody else. I didn’t embrace my naturally wild and curly hair, my unique facial features, or my independent spirit.

College is really where I began to find myself. My first year went by smoothly. I made plenty of new friends and grew more confident in being myself as I met people from different backgrounds. I blossomed a bit more and fell in love with my personal style!

Now, my second year hit me hard. My personal life fell apart. I was left feeling so broken and low like I was in a deep pit. For months, I felt so worthless and unlovable with no motivation. It’s moments like these that we learn the most about ourselves.

Personally, I think struggles and low points in our lives are essential in growing as a person. They help us realize the ways we can improve whether in the workplace, in class, or with our personal relationships. Low points in high school drove me to excel in activities I loved (choir and academics). Being alone freshman year of college forced me to make friends with more people. Finally, my second year allowed me to realize my worth through a lot of self-reflection.

The best thing to come out of my struggles is that today I choose to be unapologetically me. Sometimes people see our Facebook posts or our Instagram pictures and make immediate judgments. Yet there’s so much empowerment in being your true self both online and in person. I share these pictures and my story with you today in the hopes that you’ll be able to fully be yourself! So that you will fall in love with the person you are. You deserve it!

How do you feel more confident in yourself? Comment below!

These Editors Get Candid About What It Really Means to Work in Fashion and Instagram DMs

The official CollegeFashionista podcast is taking the internet by storm! As a top ranked and noteworthy podcast on iTunes, we are excited to share with you more episodes and continue to provide unique content you won’t hear anywhere else!

We are lucky to have thousands of Style Gurus in our college fashionista community who contribute content, hone their creative skill set, and bring the brand to life on their campuses during their college experience. But what happens when they graduate?

We like to think that college fashionista gives our contributors the confidence and skills to go out and take the fashion and beauty industries by storm. Case in point? Maura Brannigan (Senior Editor at, Jen Mulrow (Assistant Beauty Editor at Glamour Magazine), and Olivia Muenter (Fashion and Beauty Editor at are three leading editors amongst their peers—and all former Style Gurus!

While these former Style Gurus are still only a few years out of college, they have learned a lot. Here are some takeaways they wanted to share:

  • If you know what you want to do the moment you step on campus, mazel tov! But in case you feel overwhelmed on not knowing, don’t be. All three of these ladies dabbled during college (premed; public relations; Latin; you know name it.) and continued to take opportunities, follow their interests, and ultimately land their dream positions.
  • Think landing a job after college is all or nothing? Think again. Full time freelance (which two of three of these ladies did) is an opportunity to work (aka make money), get your foot in the door of a company, prove yourself, and (hopefully) eventually transition into a full time employee.
  • Business relationships like friendships take time and must be fostered. Start relationships when in college to land to job post-grad. Start with a simple email or DM on Instagram. That way when the time comes to graduate, you have already planted the seed and have roots to work with.

Besides this sage advice, Maura, Jen, and Olivia gave us a glimpse into what it actually means to be an editor today, the value of relationships, and the magic of paper and pen in the latest episode of our podcast, “Office Hours.”

Whether you are heading back to campus, taking a coffee break, or unwinding in bed, you can access these “Office Hours” at your convenience. Check us out the latest episode and all episodes on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Get ready to get schooled in style (and learn a thing or two in the process).

Who What Wear Collection Pretty Much Created The Perfect Fall Wardrobe

As if you needed another excuse to go to Target, we have one for you. Who What Wear Collection just dropped the first part of their fall collection in Target stores and on and ladies, it is SO GOOD. (Yes, all caps are a bit aggressive but completely necessary for this one.) It’s the first of the installments; meaning this is just a taste of the stylish smorgasbord. (FYI the second installment drops August 13th). All new silhouettes, textures, prints, and best of all new fall trends.

We know you will already be heading to this retailer to stock up on dorm decor, beauty products, and probably 38 other things you may or may not need. So be sure to shop our personal favorites below, and check out the full collection at

A First Day of Look That Will Be Classmate and Professor Approved

 Who What Wear Woman’s Ruffle Poplin Blouse ($27)

Who What Wear Woman’s Paper Bag Trouser ($32)

Good News: The Perfect Day-to-Night Top Exists!

Who What Wear Women’s Plus Size Lace Bell Sleeve Ribbed Crew ($30)

A new take on a bell sleeve, perfect for layering to create a more visually interesting look.

Who Knew a Pair of Pants Could Single-Handedly Convince You To *Consider* Running?

Who What Wear Woman’s Wide Leg Track Pants ($30)

They did it once again with a second pair of track pants (insert praise hands emoji here). Seriously though, I live in my other ones.

You Won’t Be Sad To Take This Jacket Everywhere

Who What Wear Women’s Varsity Bomber Jacket ($39)

Your bomber jacket just got upgraded to varsity level.

Get Your Instagram Grid Ready

Who What Wear Women’s Deconstructed Jeans ($34)

When you can put three denim trends in one and it’s not over done, you definitely did something right.

Three Words You’ll Start Hearing Everywhere: Cool Girl Skirt

Who What Wear Woman’s Tie Skirt  ($24)

Mix up your basic white T-shirt and sneakers with this asymmetrical skirt.

Oh, Did I Mention The Shoes?

Who What Wear Women’s Ivy Collapse Back Loafers ($39)

The classic loafer is the perfect staple piece for any fall wardrobe.

Who What Wear Women’s Matilda Dip Front Heeled Mules ($34)

Who knew tops weren’t the only thing with a plunging neckline? The V-shape makes for a sexier shoe silhouette.

No, This Bag Doesn’t Cost a Bagillion Dollars

Who What Wear Women’s Mini Top Handle Handbag ($29)

Olive green is the hot color for this fall; incorporate it into accessories for a subtle pop of color. And the rounded handle? Yes please!

What’s your favorite from the recent Who What Wear Collection? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Speak Out With Political Fashion Statements

I have always known that I believed in equality. It seemed like such a simple decision to me. Why wouldn’t everyone want to promote love and equal rights? Who would want to stop anyone from embracing their complete selves? Over the past couple of years, I have realized that this type of acceptance isn’t everyone’s reality. There are people that believe that someone is unworthy because of their gender, sexuality, or race. We need to change that. I have started my journey to learn about these issues, and hopefully you will too.

I started by doing some research about the causes that I want to support. I came across websites like and and immediately related to the women that ran these websites and their stories. Many of them took their passion for gender equality and, similarly to fashion, used their creativity to connect and inspire their audience. Something about a group of creative women working together to make an impact made me spiral into a never ending google search to learn about the cause that I feel so connected to.

After the election, I knew that a lot of the causes that I supported were going to be put on hold at the very least, but after seeing my LGBT+ friends struggle I decided that being a silent ally wasn’t going to be good enough anymore. I always supported the community in conversations but I had never posted anything on social media or gone to any of the ally events on my college campus. I genuinely want to learn about the community, gender, and sexuality. I know that I will never be able to relate but I want to try and understand. I wouldn’t want a man who supported feminism to be quiet about it, so why should I be quiet about the other people that I support? I know now that by being quiet and standing back while the damage is being done, I am just a part of the problem. I want to take action. I want to talk to my senators. I want to understand.

Why can’t I use my passion to bring light to these causes? Fashion is one of the most influential medias on the planet—before you even speak to someone you notice what they are wearing. Trends can be started and spread all over the world overnight through social media. Fashion can start a movement without saying anything. So go support the causes that you love with a T-shirt or button and start conversations about these issues. We need to show that our determination to be heard will not be overshadowed by laws and distractions. They can’t take away our right to speak out with fashion.

If you know more information about these topics, let me know in the comments!

7 Ways to Channel Your Inner Girlboss

We all know there needs to be a few more girlbosses in the world. We already run things, and having the title is only fair. We already know what we want and what we’re good at, we just need to go get it; there is no set formula, but here are a few of my go-to girlboss tips inspired by Girlboss the Netflix original series about the founder of Nasty Gal.

1—Go vintage. In this case, bell bottoms. This girl boss is always in the mood for a ’70s trend piece. Pairing flare leg bottoms with a knotted top is an easy way to recreate a retro inspired outfit. My roommate was going to throw out these wide-leg angels, but I intervened and gave them new life. And now they are returning the favor. Be cautious though. Vintage pieces can be pricey, but a true girl boss always finds a deal.

2—“Steal” a rug. This 5×7 bohemian rug was a steal from Target for $90.99. It turns out area rugs make for excellent backdrops. Also, if you’re like me you didn’t have a rug in the living room until just now. Warning: they are heavy if you carry them overhead for long periods of time.

3—Take odd jobs. Whatever pays the bills… within reason. Jobs that supply health insurance are preferred, especially if you get a surprise hernia. From babysitting to American Eagle, from dog kennels to country clubs, don’t be afraid of what pays the bills and gets you to your goal. We gotta do what we gotta do.

4—Power naps. And I don’t mean short naps. I’m talking powerful naps for powerful people.The above-mentioned rug makes for an elegant napping blanket if you are ever feeling tired in the park.

5—Carb load.  Carbs are good for you. They should make up 65 percent of your daily food intake (health tip free of charge). Bagels are my go-to carb source, regardless of where I find them. Dumpsters are not off limits, but Starbucks is preferred.

6—Find your passion and make it a lifestyle. A true girlboss knows what she wants and doesn’t stop until she gets it. It may seem like hard work in the beginning, but it’s worth it getting where you want to go. And when you make get there, it won’t even seem like work.

7—Watch Girlboss on Netflix. It will bring these tips to life. This article will make a little more sense after watching, too.

What are your tips on channeling your inner girlboss? Share your best girlboss tips and vintage outfits on social media, and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista! 

5 Bad Beauty Habits And Exactly How To Break Them

No one intentionally wants to mess up their hair, skin, or nails. But we’re all guilty of having bad habits, especially when it comes to our beauty routine. You may be doing things unknowingly to your skin that are causing breakouts, fragile nails, and an unnatural look.

It’s hard enough to pinpoint the bad beauty habits that may be causing negative effects, but it is even harder to find how to break those pesky habits that you do without even thinking. However, don’t fear! These problems are relatively easy to solve with a little thought and effort. We’re breaking down some common bad beauty habits that you may have picked up and what you can do about them once and for all.

Sigma Beauty Baking + Strobing Brush Set, $84, Available at Urban Outfitters

There are two reasons this is a bad habit. First, you are putting saliva on your brush and then putting it on your face. Second, it may effect the way the product is applied to the face; if a powder gets moist, it causes a patch application.

How to break it:

Rather than blowing on your brush to remove excess powder, tap on side of container or swirl in your hand. Be sure to clean your brushes on a regular basis to avoid passing on dirt, germs, and natural skin oils, which are likely to cause breakouts and cause your application to appear muddy.

Skinfood Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil, $5, Available at Soko Glam

Filling in every inch of your brow appears harsh and unnatural. There’s also a good chance your brow product is too dark a shade. Overfilling your brows to completely transform the shape is a terrible habit to get into, and will cause makeup artists everywhere to cringe!

How to break it:

Take a look and find the sparse spots of your brow. This is where you need to apply the product. Use short, feather-like strokes, this will help mimic your brow hair for a more natural look. Try to follow the natural shape of your brow. It is also important that you constantly brush through the brow when applying product to avoid buildup.

Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder, $12, Available at Urban Outfitters

Trying to pop a pimple in hopes that it will speed up the healing process? Well you’re out of luck; you’re just making it worse. By doing this you break the skin, making the affected spot more irritated. While doing this, you are also spreading germs and bacteria from your hands that are hurting not helping your pimple.

How to break it:

Let it be! You’re just making it more irritated, with the potential of spreading the bacteria and forming a new breakout! Use a spot treatment to help reduce redness and will eventually vanish your pimple.

HOMEI Weekly Gel Top Coat Nail Polish, $10, Available at Urban Outfitters

Peeling your gel mani is the absolute worst, it peels off the top layer of your nail making it weak and more prone to breakage.

How to break it:

Don’t pick at your nails! If you need to sit on them to prevent you from messing with that,  then be it! If you know you’re the type to pick at chipped polish, do yourself a favor and get the gel professionally removed . Most nail salons will remove it for free, so you really have no excuse.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Resurfacing Micro-Exfoliant, $55, Available at Anthropologie

You may think you’re doing good for your skin by using a face scrub daily. However, you may be doing more harm than good. Over exfoliating can cause your skin to become red and can create small whiteheads beneath the skin.

How to break it:

Focus on only exfoliating your face 2-3 times a week. Use a gentle exfoliator, strong enough to remove your dead skin cells, but not too strong to where you are removing cells that aren’t ready, causing unnecessary breakouts.

What are your worst beauty habits? Comment below and we’ll help you break them in an upcoming feature!

Confessions of a Modern-Day Coupon Clipper and Mall Shopper

It all started in middle school when Hollister Co. and Abercrombie and Fitch were the rave. My mom thought their prices were insane because all you were paying for was the name. Yet, I insisted on buying all my clothes from there. I began to completely ignore the front of the store and go directly to the back; the clearance section. This was the start of my obsession to getting good deals, only becoming worse with age.

It is the most amazing feeling when someone compliments your outfit. It is an even more amazing feeling when you know you spend next to nothing on it. Whether you want to hear it or not, if you compliment my outfit I will tell you where I got it (usually Target, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Old Navy, and even JCPenney) and how much I paid. This is always followed by a wide eyed “How?” or “Let me go shopping with you, please.”

Well you’re about to get the inside scoop because I’m revealing my tips, tricks, and secrets to my savvy shopping.

Dress by WhoWhatWear, $17, from Target | Earrings, $4, from Burlington Coat Factory | Jeans, $15, from Old Navy

Don’t Be Afraid of the Hunt

Getting a good deal most definitely isn’t an easy task. Whether your scrummaging though the clearance section or digging through racks on racks at Goodwill, you’re going to need some time. Yes, sometimes pieces come out of nowhere and are right there in visible eye sight; well that was pure luck, chances are that’s not going to happen. Don’t be overwhelmed by the clearance section. Granted, I know it is most likely a mess, but it’s all part of the search. My only advice would be to go in with a clear mind and plenty of time. As for tips, know what you like, especially if you don’t want to spend the time digging. Scan the racks for fabrics, patterns, etc. that you like and/or stick out to you.

Jacket by Lucky Brand, $24, from Macy’s | Top, $4, from Goodwill

Don’t Limit Yourself to Zara and Topshop

Some of my favorite pieces come from places like JCPenney and Old Navy. Yes, I know you all of you just made the most disgusting look, especially when you read JCPenney. Don’t hate! JCP actually has decent brands with some gems, plus you can use coupons! This Bell Sleeve top for example was on sale for $19.99 from its $40 original price (basically all items are always on sale here). I had an additional $10 off $10 coupon bringing my total to about $10. Let’s just say I have the shirt in black and white and got them both for that price.

Top by Worthington, $10, from JCPenney | Crop Top, $10, Henri Girl

My go to place for pants? You asked for it, Old Navy. Literally all of my pants are from there! Whenever I wear their jeans I always get asked “Are those [fill in the designer brand]?” They were only six dollars on clearance. Oh and Old Navy has Super Cash and sometimes clearance is an extra 50% off. You’re welcome.

Top, $15, from Marshalls | Jeans, $6, from Old Navy | Shoes, $8.00, from Burlington Coat Factory | Earrings, $0.97, from JCPenney

Use Coupons and Sign Up for Newsletters

My friends give me a hard time for looking for coupons where ever I go. I know it’s a mom thing to do for a 22-year-old, but why not? There are apps you can use that make it so easy to find coupons. My personal favorite is Shopular. Basically, if you have a smart phone there is no excuse for not looking!

Top by WhoWhatWear, $17, from Target | Pants, $6, from Goodwill

Here is a breakdown exactly of all the coupons I use regularly:

  • JCPenney and Macy’s ALWAYS has coupons online or in their Sunday flyers, and you get more if you have a store credit card. You can find this for many big box or department stores.
  • Target’s Cartwheel app: Where you can scan you’re the items you’re getting as you go.
  • Shop at Old Navy certain days and get Super Cash and get $10 off $25 or more to redeem between certain dates.
  • Goodwill has sales too! Some days the entire store is 50% off (usually around holidays) and other times it’s a discount off certain color tags.
  • Ulta also always has at least a 15% off coupon for your beauty needs.

The Best Deals are ALWAYS in Store

They just are, you need to believe me on this one.Sweater, $8, from Target | Jeans by Levi, $8, from Macys | Shoes, $3, from Old Navy

What super saver tips do you have? Let us know in the comments below!