4 Simple Ways to Amp Up Your Summer Style

When summer comes around, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out ways to elevate your style for the heat. With new trends on the horizon and the new season in full swing, I’ve thought of some easy and simple ways to take your style to the next level. Fashionistas are always aiming to have the coolest, freshest look, and these ideas will achieve just that. The key to achieving an awesome summer outfit is all in the accessories, so check out the ways I’ve incorporated this summer’s hottest accessories into my outfit!

1—Fishnets. I was aiming for a grungy look, so I accessorized with a few bold items. The most eye-catching piece in this outfit is my fishnet tights. Layering these under any outfit can give your look an edgy vibe—not to mention they are extremely breathable, making them great for the summer sun. Yes, these were a huge trend in the winter, but I’m loving incorporating the fishnet look into summer looks as well. Stores are even selling cropped versions of these tights that come in a range of colors.

2—Hats. I utilized a reoccurring summer trend and paired my outfit with a black floppy hat. Hats make for an amazing summer accessory as they block out the sun, hide any frizzy hair from the humidity, and best of all, look fashionable! Hats are certainly on the come up and almost all stores offer a sizable selection to choose from.

3—Belts. Another trendy accessory I chose is a western belt. Many celebrities have been pictured wearing these, and they’re sure to add an extra touch to any look. Since they’re offered in many neutral colors, different sized loops, and a range of prices, you can be sure to find one that best suits your style.

4—Statement shoes. Statement shoes are all the rage this summer and can really complete a look. To finish off my outfit, I paired it with my favorite faux snakeskin booties. Although these were a staple in my winter closet, they look stunning paired with my summer wardrobe as well. Shoes that will catch everyone’s attention, from sandals to boots to sneakers, are sure to amp up your summer style.

This accessorized outfit is sure to attract some attention and show the world your inner Fashionista. Using these guidelines to incorporate more accessories into your outfits will certainly spice up your summer style!

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Dare to Wear Fishnet Stockings

There have been a lot of controversial trends this year. There are old trends making it back onto the fashion scene, and new trends emerging from nowhere. My absolute favorite trend the fashion world decided to embrace this year is the use of fishnet stockings. The fishnet stockings have been revolutionized from being an edgy hosiery garment into something that will fit into your everyday fashion look.

The fishnet stockings, when dated back, were considered to be overtly sexual because of the bold open-diamond design that reveals one’s skin. Well, that’s not a problem in the 21st century because they are now a part of mainstream fashion. Since fishnet stockings were spotted on the Kardashian/Jenner clan back in the fall of 2016, the world, bloggers, and the it-girls of Instagram have been mesmerized by them. In this article, I show a way to wear fishnet stockings and will give other tips on how you can style them.

For this look, I’m wearing fishnet stockings under ripped jeans with a black bodysuit. Bodysuits are a huge trend right now and will make your outfit absolutely incredible especially when you plan to tuck your blouse into your bottoms. For my shoes, I went with black boots. I don’t think one can ever go wrong with boots. The boots have an edgy and youthful look to them and I wanted to be sure I looked my age while putting together this outfit. If you are not comfortable wearing heels, then you can easily wear a pair of sneakers and you will still look great. In order for me to create the street look I wanted to achieve, I accessorized with a black mini backpack.

Wearing fishnets stockings with what would be considered a basic outfit is a perfect way to elevate your look. A basic outfit of a skirt and a T-shirt can be made to look edgy with fishnet stockings. A T-shirt dress paired with fishnet stockings can also help you achieve the ultimate street style.

There are so many ways to style fishnet stockings and it is impossible to do it incorrectly. I love that even though fishnets are one simple item, it does not limit one’s style in any way.

How will you rock the fishnet stockings trend? Let me know in the comments below.

2 Grunge Gems for Summer 2017

Quite frankly, I have been looking forward to writing my first post for CollegeFashionista and becoming a Style Guru for summer 2017. Just to tell you a snippet of myself, I am majoring in fashion at Ryerson University in Toronto, where I study art direction, typography, graphic design, illustration, and so on. I couldn’t be more excited about getting inspired and taking pictures of my friends who share the common love for fashion. Christie, a Fashionista with beautiful ombre hair and bold red lips, had pulled together a contemporary grunge look here—she was spot on with two major summer revivals: the fishnet and the choker.

Fishnets were made popular by the flappers in the 1920s, who were looking for stockings that allowed a wider range of motion so they could dance more freely. Today, the fishnet stockings don’t have to be shown in its entirety, and Christie seems to know their game. She was playing with the peek-a-boo effect by pairing her fishnets with a pair of stonewashed, ripped boyfriend jeans, so you could see the fishnets showing through the ripped holes and her waist, but were still present enough to make a statement and add a feminine twist. Style is all in the details.

Another piece that brings the grunge look together is the self-tie choker. The two tiny white pearls on the dangles add another layer of polish to her outfit. She pulled off a black crop top underneath the choker—black on black is the soul of grunge. She also accessorized herself with a set of black cuff earrings and rings and a metal-trimmed clutch. The look was finished off with a pair of black patent Dr. Martens boots that gleamed under the summer sunlight.

Mornings and evenings were still a bit chilly in the past few weeks in Toronto, so it was always a safe bet to bring a light jacket with you. Christie wore a dark blue crimped shirt that was a perfect fit to her color palette. Once buttoned up, she was ready to go on a late afternoon date. Versatility is your friend.

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Trend Alert—Fishnet Is Your Friend

With summer upon us, it can be easy to settle into a uniform of shorts and a top. While surely all of us will be donning those staples from time to time, adding a little flair to your summer ensemble can help you stand out and look extra on-trend. Cue fishnet. From Instagram models to stylists, fishnet is becoming a chic and modern way to add contrast to an outfit. This versatile trend is spreading fast, so whether you prefer a dressed down look with jeans and sneakers or an edgy way to amp up a look for a night out, fishnet gives you an instant cool-factor. Check out three ways to rock this sensational, easy trend!

fishnet mom jeans

1—Fishnets and jeans. Pairing fishnet tights with jeans is an easy but unique way to get a trendy look for those days when going casual is a must. Try pairing fishnet tights with high-waisted mom jeans for an understated yet surprising ensemble. For a grungier look, pair a cropped band T-shirt with some heeled booties or go more feminine with a cropped off-the-shoulder top and a choker. You can even rock these with some denim shorts and a relaxed sweatshirt.

fishnet off-the-shoulder

This Fashionista paired her fishnet with a cropped, off-the-shoulder black top and a gold choker.

2—Fishnets and sneakers. If you want a look that’s casual but functional, opt for the simple but fun fishnet socks. Slipping this little detail on with a pair of Adidas Superstars, Converse, or even mules can give your whole outfit an extra flair while remaining practical and simplistic. Pair with some cropped and frayed jeans or opt for rolled up mom jeans for a relaxed look that is perfect for summer!

fishnet sneakers

This Fashionista paired hers with Adidas Superstar sneakers and cropped denim shorts.

3—Fishnets and heels.  Slipping some fishnet socks or tights underneath a good pair of heels and a dress can vamp up an otherwise ordinary going-out ensemble. Try wearing ankle-buckling heels or simple black pumps with your go-to little black dress for a timeless yet en vogue look.

Go all-out with sky-high black heels like this Fashionista did or keep it comfortable with heeled booties.

Whether you want to go casual or play dress up, the fishnet trend has you covered! It’s sure to add a feminine, chic pop to your look. For an easy, year-round way to enhance any ensemble, fishnet is your new go-to.

Can you think of new ways to rock the fishnet trend? Comment below or tag us @Cfashionista on social! 

Get Tangled Into Knots and Nets This Summer.

With the beautiful weather coming around the corner, our dreams of tying the knot and tangling our toes in fishnets are back! Ladies, I am talking about breaking out your printed T-shirts, loose button-downs, and those T-shirt dresses hiding in the back of the closet. You know the ones—they lie between too short of a dress and too long of a shirt. Then go rummaging through your old Halloween costumes to pull out some fishnets. It’s time to dust them off because a great simple way to spruce up your wardrobe is simply by tying a knot and pulling on some netting.

Knotting 101

If you haven’t already purchased shirts pre-knotted then here’s a little tip on what shirts work best. The key is shirts that have a little give, so look for material willing to stretch. If that must-wear shirt won’t cooperate, try splashing a little water on the shirt, then twist and pull it and try to knot again. Certain shirts will not work for front knots but don’t be discouraged, simply try a side knot instead. You can never go wrong when using a T-shirt dress! The material is usually stretchy and you have plenty of fabric to work with. This styling tip is perfect for upcoming heat waves. You can show off just a bit of your midriff or go old school Britney in a tied button-down. Yes, this trend has been around for a while, but it’s just too good to leave out of your looks. Miley Cyrus herself wore a white bohemian, off-the-shoulder crop top with a tie knot in her VMAs performance. She has been revamping her style into a softer summer look for her new single Malibu. Trust me, tie that knot and add it to your summer 2017 playlist.


Fishnets are a needed add-on to your summer ensembles. While you may have your concerns about nets being too risqué, with the right outfits you can pull this look off without sending the wrong signal. Grab some of your favorite distressed jeans, pull on some fishnet stockings, and throw on your favorite top. Personally, I wear my favorite tie-knot, crop top, or a mesh shirt and let the fishnet’s waistband show. Instead of a belt, you now have the nets hugging your hips and accentuating your curves. If you want to stand out, try a fishnet catsuit! Yes, embrace a full fishnet suit under a cute dress or dare to be bold with just a bralette, letting the fishnet suit act as a mesh shirt. Pull on a skirt or some distressed jeans to complete the look. Fishnets can even help you spruce up your shoe style. Pick up some netted socks to wear with your favorite peep-toe shoes and give them an edgy look. Still on the side lines about netting? Then pre-netted jeans and shorts are the way to go. You can still have a little edge to your summer style without all the fuss and still pull off an edgy summer look.


With these two tips, your summer ensembles are bound to turn heads. Whether you choose to tie the knot with a classic T-shirt or pull on some fishnet socks to enhance your shoes, remember to enjoy the summer in style.

Will you tie the knot or tangle your toes in some netting? Know any tips to tying the perfect knot or another way to pull off netting? Show us by tagging @Cfashionista on social media.

STYLE ADVICE: The Thrills of Thrifting

Everyone wants to make heads turn when they walk out of the house every morning, but a majority of people cannot always afford the expenses of doing so while being in college. What better way to add a little vintage flair to your attire than checking out your local thrift shops for new finds and donations.

Thrifting is an easy way to add new pieces to your wardrobe and try out new styles without breaking the bank or your budget. The process of thrifting allows for one to use it as a platform for other fashion, there has to be a starting point somewhere, and what better way to jump out of the box than by jumping into racks of great deals.

From browsing for T-shirts as an excuse for an impromptu DIY night to grabbing the best fit of boyfriend jeans, thrift shops have a little bit of everything thrown into one giant mix. Break the barrier and cross over to the other side… of the store to be sure to get the best deal on those oversize men’s crewneck sweaters that everyone seems to love.

I, myself am a serious outfit repeater (Sorry Kate Sanders, I’m with Lizzie McGuire on this one) but with all of the clothes I have I am always looking for ways to make the outfit my own and give it my personal touch. Between classes, working and going out to maintain a social life, thrifting allows a grab and go approach to trying out new trends and styles. Want to try out a blazer but not sure how it will complement you? Head to your local thrift store and get one for $5 first.

Shown above is a forrest green snake pattern jacket found at my local thrift shop for only $5.50 which was used to pull together an entire outfit by adding a splash of color. Pairing something like this jacket with a bold statement chain makes for a simple but flashy look, which is sure to draw a little attention.

If you need any more of a reason to go thrift shopping think of all of the possibilities that you can mix and match for even just $20 and a little creative energy flowing.

Do not break the bank trying to break your boundaries, thrift instead.


It is hard for me to define my style because I have such an eclectic way of dressing. I feel like I have many different approaches to my personality, and my clothing reflects that. Some days I look like a complete girly girl with flowy pieces and floral prints, and other days I look like I just came from a rock concert. My “looks” are endless; in fact, when people compliment my style, one thing they always point out is my versatility. However, I always like to dress in a way that makes me stand out and I love putting different pieces together to create something uniquely my own.

One thing you will rarely catch me without is my jewelry. I’m always adorned with multiple rings and bracelets, and I don’t feel like any outfit is complete without them. I picked up many of my rings and bracelets over the years at antique shops and small boutiques, which makes them possess that special one-of-a-kind look. While fishnets have become a trend again, they have always been a part of my wardrobe. I paired them with my ripped boyfriend jeans, which I probably wear more than anything else in my closet. I am also wearing a colorful crochet halter top from an Australian brand called Rat and Boa, adding a plain white crop top over it to give a mix-and-match look to the outfit. Since I love to mix different styles and pieces together, I also wore some cute ruffle socks to contrast the sultry look of the fishnets. Finally, another staple piece of my wardrobe are my Timberland boots.

My hair is naturally wavy, but there was enough going on in this outfit so I decided to straighten it. I used a hair serum to keep it smooth, then I topped the look off with a bold lip. Even if I am wearing barely any other makeup, lipstick is something I never go without.

Although there are many different looks I could use to showcase my style, this outfit highlights some of my favorite staple pieces and shows off my wild-child spirit.

STYLE ADVICE: Sweater Dress Blessed

Many of my childhood memories of trips home to Saskatchewan consist of jubilant interaction with the enticing pompoms, bells, and baubles on my paternal grandmother’s perennially festive 1980s sweaters. I realize now that she had deliberately preserved only those of her garments most festooned with applique, beads, and sequins for the express purpose of providing wearable toys to her enormous brood of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This Fashionista, who dons a fabulous (and fabulously cozy) sweater dress from her own mother’s 1980s wardrobe, embraces a similar playful comfort in an ensemble that blends ’80s nostalgia with a late ’90s cool edge.

The secret to pulling something off is putting it on. Follow this Fashionista and wield that latent superpower while seeking sweet respite from the inevitably brisk spring days in store this season. Start with a statement sweater dress of your choosing. You can embody the essence of Molly Ringwald as John Hughes’s heroine, with something unabashedly pink, frilly and floral, or do like this Fashionista and embrace cooler, silvery patterns. Next, adorn yourself with a luxe combination of materials and textures. This Fashionista bundles up with a Wilfred scarf from Aritzia and a baby blue Minkpink robe from Urban Outfitters. For a ’90s goth queen bite, wear a pair of fishnets and square-toed chunky boots. Hers are acquired vintage from the Depop shop of Instagram fashion personality @karstinkle. She also dons a sleek choker by Shailee’s Craftin’, a locally made online jewelry company where half of all proceeds are donated to charity and no piece is more than $10.


The fun thing about fashion is that it is always changing. Different trends are always coming in and out of style, and I love incorporating new trends to spice up my own personal style. Lately, the ’90s are coming back in style with chokers and ripped jeans. The latest trend that is becoming popular are the fishnet stockings.

This trend has been becoming more and more popular as the season goes on. Fishnets were first seen worn on bloggers and celebrities and they are now hitting the streets and everyone is wearing them. The best thing about this trend is that you can dress it up for a night out or dress it down. You can wear them casually under a pair of ripped jeans, with a graphic T-shirt and sneakers like Adidas or Vans. You can also dress them up under a pair of high-waisted jeans with a cute crop top and booties for a night out.

I decided to go with more of a street style look and styled my fishnets in a more casual way. I wore them under light washed, ripped jeans and paired them with a plain black T-shirt and Steve Madden sneakers. I wanted to make my outfit a little edgier so I decided to wear a green, cropped bomber jacket over my T-shirt and a black choker to add some spice. I’ve been wanting to try out this new trend for awhile now and I finally found the perfect outfit to wear the fishnets with. They add the perfect amount of edge to a look and any Fashionista can easily rock this trend, whether they want to dress them up or wear them casually.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Getting Caught in Florals

Spring has sprung (at least in the U.S.) and I could not be happier. The warm weather makes me very happy and gets me excited for new trends. When I think about the spring and summertime, loose fitting clothes, comfy sandals, and florals come straight to mind. I try to stay away from cotton materials as they get too hot on my skin and tend to be uncomfortable.

We all love looking cute all year round, but I will always take comfort over anything. That does not mean I can’t be fashion forward. Look at this Fashionista: she encompasses comfort, style, and cuteness! She loves black clothing, as do I, but incorporating florals into her style is fun. Bright flowers on a black background allows for the floral to pop out. Plus, yellow is also an attention grabber. The dress is pleated by the bust and cinched at the waist, allowing for the shape of her body to show and flatter it nicely.

I have mentioned in my other posts my love for Converse shoes. They are the perfect way to express yourself and the adventures your life has taken you on. This Fashionista loves Converse shoes, especially her black ones, because they are comfortable and practical for everyday wear.

While spending my semester studying in Athens, Greece, I have been surrounded by new trends that I have never seen before. Europeans definitely have a different style than ours at home, but I think we can pull from each others’ styles and make a completely new one. A big thing I have noticed was the styling of fishnets. The most popular way I have seen fishnets incorporated into people’s styles is styling them under ripped jeans or cropped jeans where they can be exposed around your ankle. Fishnets socks are also fun where they can peek out of your boots or heels! It adds texture and variety into your outfit as well as bringing back a major trend from the ’90s.

Don’t be afraid to play around with new articles of clothing. You can find out that you love the way it looks and want to share it with all the Fashionista/os you know.

Throw some fishnets on and catch the spring florals!