5 Fall Athleisure Outfits to Get You Through the Semester

We’re all sad another semester has begun, bringing more stress and even less free time. There is some good news though, chunky sweater season is almost here! Fall fashion is one of my favorites; however, sometimes it takes too much energy to put effort into an outfit while going to class. The athleisure trend, seen on models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, is a lifesaver. Athleisure is a broad term that refers to any type of athletic wear worn in normal settings, such as work or class. There are many ways to be fit and fab, which include wearing items such as track pants all the way to tanks. Here are five pieces you need in your closet to dress down while still being trendy.

1—Distressed graphic shirt

When you see distressed clothing, you might think back to all of the things your mom said when you asked for your first pair of distressed jeans. However, these edgy and worn-in clothes aren’t leaving the fashion scene anytime soon. The best type of distressed is DIY so go get a large T-shirt or sweatshirt and start cutting.

Outfit Idea: Make your look a little bit edgier by pairing a distressed sweatshirt with a choker and biker shorts for those warmer fall days.


PHOTO: Julia Michael

2—Sports bra

Sports bras are an easy way to style a look and can be worn under a cut out T-shirt or jacket. They’re a better alternative to wearing a real bra and come in different designs and colors, so they are the perfect addition to any look.

Outfit Idea: Pair your favorite sports bra with a zip-up jacket, leggings, sneakers, and your favorite sunglasses.


PHOTO: Katie Yang

3—Denim jacket

The best athleisure look includes one non-athletic wear item. My go-to is a denim jacket because they are casual and comfortable. They also add a vintage vibe to your look. Distressed denim jackets will also add even more brownie points with the fit fall fashion community.

Outfit Idea: Pair a denim jacket with a light sweatshirt and leggings to create the perfect fall look.


PHOTO: Ali Bell

4—Track pants

People have been wearing track pants on runways and throughout offices because the item has been in style for a few seasons now. They are a cute and comfy option for those wanting to dress up their sporty look. You can wear normal track pants or get a tailored pair to spice up your business casual work outfit.

Outfit Idea: Track pants fashioned with a solid T-shirt and jacket.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

5—Sneakers, sneakers, sneakers

The best item to top off any athleisure outfit is sneakers. No matter where your brand preferences lie, every company is stepping up their sneaker game. Go shopping and find the pair that best expresses your style! Everyone knows an outfit isn’t complete until you find the right shoes.

Outfit Idea: You can pair sneakers with your favorite leggings and an oversized T-shirt.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

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Finding Balance in the New School Year

With school starting again, it’s easy to get swept up in the endless sea of homework, work, and extracurricular responsibilities. Let’s face it, everyday college life can often leave us feeling a little overwhelmed. I’ve compiled a list of four ways you can help keep your physical and mental health in check and find balance in a world full of pop quizzes and eight-hour shifts.

 PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

1—Find time to exercise

Exercise can quite literally help you find your balance. Even if you only have thirty minutes to spare, make sure you squeeze in some sort of workout. Whether it’s just going for a long walk or completing a complex workout at the gym, make sure you get that heart pumping and those muscles moving so you can reap the multiple mental and physical benefits exercise has to offer.

2—Try to cook as much as possible

Look, I get it; we’re all immensely busy, so cooking three square meals a day isn’t always practical. But I find that when I find the time to make myself an omelet rather than just tossing a protein bar in my bag, I tend to feel fuller longer and I feel a small sense of accomplishment knowing that I can do adult things like feed myself. When you cook for yourself, you also know what goes into your meal, unlike those tasty yet mysterious cafeteria and restaurant dishes, which often hide added fats and sugars. Along with your health, your wallet will also thank you for those home-cooked meals because fewer trips to McDonald’s (sadly) means more coins in the bank.

3—Make time for friends

Make time for friends.Even if it means just walking Catherine to stats, or grabbing a coffee with Sam when you have a second. Laughing with friends is one of the best ways to keep your sanity in this crazy college life. Although we’re all super busy, let’s make sure to occasionally put down the textbooks for a girls night out.

4—Find hobbies that interest you

I’m learning to play the guitar, and it has become a massive stress relief for me. While I’m playing, I clear my head so I’m not thinking about anything except how everything sounds. After, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever challenges may come my way for the rest of the day. Find time to do something you enjoy each day, whether it’s meditating, reading a book, or painting.

I’m sure we’re all planning on studying hard this semester and getting those As. Taking the time each day to practice self-care will keep us in the right headspace and physical shape to do just that. Here’s to the new school year; let’s crush it!

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Additional photos by Kelly Rogowski and Valerie Cammack.

These 3 Fitness Classes Will Help Relieve College Stress

Once school starts, one thing is for sure. Stress seems to become a constant presence. When the homework piles up and the late night studying becomes the norm, it can be hard to find the time to take a breather. In any case, it’s easy to get lost with all the things you have to do. In between buying groceries and dealing with all college has to offer, it is important to take time for yourself. Now the question is how to relieve stress? I have found that fitness classes are one of the best ways to relieve stress. Nothing feels better than sweating out the negative stress of the day. Even if you’re just looking for a class to spend an hour focusing on yourself, here’s three fitness classes to relieve stress.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski


Yoga is one of the best stress-reducing exercises. After one class of meditation and therapeutic breathing, you’ll feel like you blew out all your stress. Each class includes easy breathing exercises to refresh you from a long school or work day. In addition to beginner yoga, many studios have classes with heated rooms and even weights. With a wide range of class types to choose from, there is one to fit what you like. Invest in a cute yoga mat, and get ready to relax.


Looking for a way to sweat out all your stress? Cycling classes are definitely for you. Try a class at SoulCycle or check your university for student classes. Due to the fast paced movements and upbeat music, all you’ll be thinking about is cycling to the beat. Pack a water bottle and towel and get ready to sweat your worries away.


This class combines ballet, Pilates, and yoga for a unique fitness class. You’ll strengthen and tone your entire body in one class. After a long day sitting in classes or hunched over a computer, taking a barre class is the perfect way to stretch out. With songs you can sing along to, you’ll forget the project you’ve been stressing about all day. Don’t forget your gripper socks to complete your ballet barre look.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

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Additional photos by Kelly Rogowski.

3 Reasons to Maintain an Active Lifestyle This Semester

As college students, the many aspects of our lives on campus often come with overwhelming demands. You may have exams and assignments due for each class in one week and you still might have to try to find time to work a few shifts. Most days, it’s a struggle to breathe freely. Somehow we find the time to squeeze each of these important events into our already tight schedules, so why should we make excuses when it comes to an active lifestyle?

Like most things in life, it’s always a good idea to weigh things out from a cost-benefit viewpoint. When it comes to getting active, the cost is valuable time. Meanwhile, among the list of benefits are stress relief, an increase in energy, and overall balance, just to name a few. Setting aside an hour of your day just a few times a week can help make micromanaging the chaos of life much easier.

PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

Natural Stress Relief

When blocking out that hour of your day, don’t think of it as an hour of working out—think of it as an hour to yourself. Whether you detach from social media and school work to go for a nice walk around campus, grab a yoga mat, or hit the gym, focus all of your energy into that moment. Let your body’s chemistry take over for a bit and allow yourself to leave behind the insignificant tasks for a while. Once you’re finished with that sweat sesh, simply return to your duties with a more open, productive, and active mindset.

Energy Boosts

Contrary to popular belief, working out can actually leave you with more energy rather than tear you down. Setting your alarms just half an hour earlier can help make your day more productive rather than leaving you dragging your feet. Once you get that blood flowing (and maybe grab a cup of coffee or tea), you’ll be ready to throw on your favorite shoes and walk into that 8 a.m. class with a smile on your face and a little pep in your step.

Overall Balance

Designating time to workout helps you fall into a routine of healthy habits. Before you know it, you won’t have to force yourself to get to the gym or to disconnect; you’ll grab your gym bag on your way out the door in the mornings already pumped for that time to yourself. Staying active may even help you sleep better (and what college student actually gets enough sleep?) Think of working out as a midday reboot. Productive time to focus on yourself essentially leads to clearing and relaxing your mind, allowing you to slay the day with productivity.

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4 Things You Can Actually Do to Start the Semester Off Right

As fast as we packed our bags to leave campus for the summer, we’re back moving into our new dorms, putting up decorations, and prepping for the new school year. I always feel extra motivated to start the year on a good note. With these tips, you can start your semester strong and develop some habits to last you throughout the school year.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

1—Create a workout routine

At the beginning of the semester, create a workout routine and build it into your schedule from the first week of classes onward. You’re more likely to stick to it since it has been a part of your daily or weekly schedule since the beginning. I like to take a look at the classes my gym offers or schedule time to go with a friend to hold myself accountable! Whether you try a class or learn to fall in love with cardio, create a routine that works for you. 

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

2—Get a water bottle and stay hydrated

Remembering to carry a water bottle is half the battle to stay hydrated. Buying a cute water bottle at the beginning of the semester is a little incentive to stay hydrated every day. I love carrying my S’well bottle around with me, and because I bring it everywhere, I end up drinking water all day long.

PHOTO: Maddy Haller

3—Set up your planner or online calendar

This may seem obvious to my fellow Type A college students out there, but setting up your planner or online calendar is key to a successful semester. Write in any club obligations, meetings, or practices you have to attend as well as major due dates, exams, and any social plans you have. I love keeping my paper planner as a to-do list of my assignments and responsibilities and my calendar on my phone synched with everywhere I have to be (classes, meetings, gym etc.). Everyone has a different organizational system, but find what works best for you and stick with it.

PHOTO: Maddy Haller

4—Find something to look forward to

During a particularly stressful week, my friends and I like to plan a fun dinner or activity for the weekend to give us a reward at the end of the week. Whether it’s a shopping trip for some new fall sweaters, tickets to a game or concert, or just going out for a meal outside of the dining hall, having something to look forward to is a helpful motivation during those intense study sessions!

By creating a workout routine, remembering to stay hydrated, setting up your calendar, and making plans, you are a few steps closer to a successful semester inside and outside the classroom.

What are your favorite ways to prepare for a new semester? Let me know in the comments below!

Join the “Fit Glam” Fashion Trend with 3 Staple Pieces

Everyone knows that “fit glam” is becoming more and more popular these days, so why not take part in this amazing trend? Personally, I think that fashion and fitness colliding is one of the greatest things to happen in the fashion world. Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian are icons for this trend. Here are three foolproof ways to create an effortless “fit glam” outfit.

Zoomed out fit glam shot

1—Leggings! Is there anyone who doesn’t love a good pair of workout leggings? They are the foundation for a flawless “fit glam” outfit or any outfit in general. You can always go with a pair of black leggings, or try a pair with different designs and colors. Leggings come in almost any style you can think of, so don’t be afraid to step outside the box.

Close up shot of fit glam outfit

2—A baseball cap. It’s a simple and easy way to create the perfect “fit glam” outfit. Whether you plan to work out or not, baseball caps create a sporty look all on their own. Also, you don’t have to worry about a bad hair day which is an obvious bonus. You can rock a pony tail, a cute braid, or even a messy bun to add to the sporty look you’re going for.

3—Wear your favorite pair of sneakers. Your shoes can totally make or break your outfit, so make sure you wear your best pair. My favorite pair of Converse is my go-to for my “fit glam” outfits. Sneakers are the best way to stay comfortable while looking fashionable at the same time.

Full body fit glam shot

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5 Tips for Staying Fashionably Healthy

As summer races towards the finish line, so do the days of leisure and snacking. Going back to school means switching into a health routine once again and some of us aren’t ready for the sudden change. I have found a few simple steps to help ease into it, and with a little style!

1—Dress the part. The first step to switching back into a health routine—and any Style Guru’s favorite part—is finding adorable active clothing that any Fashionista would love. Kate Hudson’s adorable active line, Fabletics, is a new favorite for me. I love her variety of patterns and colors for every athletic shopper. Her products are created for different forms of activity—running, biking, yoga, and even just walking around campus. This brand of activewear is comfortable, affordable, and fashionable all in one.

2—Create a routine. The next step to take is to begin creating your actual routine. Basing your workout routine around classes and other extra curricular activities is key. I use an agenda to keep track of all of my important times and dates so I can create an everyday workout time slot. Starting a routine will allow you more opportunities to go to the gym. Going to the gym is hard, but finding enough time is even harder.

3—Drink lots of water. Another step is drinking water. Water is the healthiest thing for your body. Water keeps your skin hydrated and clear, and water keeps your body in balance. Investing in a reusable water bottle is the best way to keep track of the amount of water you are drinking, and to make sure that you always have some with you.

4—Workout with a buddy. Roommates, classmates, sorority sisters, and any other people on campus make great workout partners. I find working out with other people pushes me to work harder. The extra push during the middle of a workout is the best motivation, especially from another person with similar goals as you.

5—Set weekly goals. Setting a goal for each week is a great inspiration to lead you toward your end outcome. This not only creates a motivation for you, but also is a great way to accomplish simple tasks, or workouts to eventually achieve your final health goals.

Being a college student, I have found that a healthy routine keeps me focused during the year, and makes me feel confident. Staying healthy isn’t always the easiest or most fun, but it is the most rewarding in the end.

Do you have any tips to help stay fit during the school year? Let me know in the comments below!

4 Ways to Dive Back Into a Healthy Lifestyle After Summer Vacation

Lying on the beach, checking to see if your tan lines have become more defined every five minutes, and then realizing that summer vacation is almost over? Does this mean it won’t be acceptable to have ice cream as a daily snack anymore? Or for your only exercise to be balancing on a pool float and dancing at the nightly bonfire? Before the panic sets in, relax. You can ease your way back into a healthy lifestyle with these few simple changes.

1—Keep yourself accountable. Make a list of goals you would like to achieve and write them down on your phone or in a small portable notebook. Plan the habits needed to achieve them into your day and check them off daily, so you can start to build a healthy routine again.

2—Find a buddy. We all know that going at this alone can be intimidating, so find someone who has the same mindset as you and keep each other motivated. Scheduling a workout with a friend makes you more likely to follow through since they will be affected too if you cancel.

3—Meal prep. Healthy food is always easier to reach for when it is already prepared for you. Even if it isn’t full meals, having fresh fruit and veggies washed, cut up, and ready to snack on will keep you from reaching for more unhealthy options.

4—Don’t forget your mental health. School can be stressful, so it’s important to start dealing with your stress now. Try taking up meditation or yoga as a way to self-reflect and relax. Another way to let go of your stress is to write it down in a journal or find a solid support system that you can turn to.

Do you have different ways of getting yourself physically and mentally prepared for the intimidating school year ahead? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Balance Fitness and College

Finding time for regular workouts has always been a priority in my daily routine, but being a college student and balancing a healthy and active lifestyle can definitely be challenging. A little bit of exercise is beneficial for everyone, but most people, especially students, don’t have two hours to spend at the gym every day. If you’re a busy college student who just doesn’t know how to balance fitness and college, you’re not alone. Here’s how I’ve adjusted my healthy and active lifestyle and to fit into my college schedule.

Like everything else in college, planning ahead for your workout is so important. I’ve learned that if I don’t plan a time to go to the gym or to work out outside, I usually don’t end up exercising. I add my workout time into my daily planner or set a reminder on my phone. It’s also a good idea to plan your actual workout. If you’re new to exercising and need a plan written out for you, there are an endless amount of fitness Instagram accounts and online e-books available for purchase that will provide you with workouts right on your phone. My two favorites are Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide and Tone It Up. If you don’t want to spend the time or the money with that, here is my favorite short workout that I do multiple times every week.

High-Intensity Interval Training

Warmup: 5-minute jog

Sprints: 30-second sprint, 2-minute walk, repeat 10x (or as many as you can do!)

Cool down: 5-minute jog

High-intensity interval training workouts are my favorite because they are usually pretty short, but get your heart rate up and release stress. They’re also perfect to squeeze in on a busy day while still maintaining an active lifestyle. Along with doing high-intensity workouts, I love yoga and pilates. Most campus gyms offer free yoga classes for students, or you could explore the city your campus is located in and attend an off-campus yoga studio. Yoga has been so beneficial in releasing stress and lifting my mood, so I definitely recommend trying it out to any stressed out college Fashionistas.

Now that you have your workouts in your planner and some new ideas on how to workout, all you need is some new athletic apparel, which also serves as the perfect motivation to head to the gym and learn how to balance fitness and college in your own unique way. My favorite athleisure brand is Alo Yoga, and this black crop top is the perfect option for a high-intensity workout or a night spent on my yoga mat. So grab your favorite leggings, your running shoes, and a cute water bottle and start your favorite workout today!

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5 Ways to Up Your Fitness and Gym Game

Being active has always been a huge part of my life. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned different ways to maximize my fitness efforts. Last semester I hardly worked out, so this summer I’ve been making up for lost time and readjusting my gym routine. Through this process, I’ve rediscovered what makes a huge difference in my day-to-day fitness goals. Below you’ll find my top five gym game-changers (besides a pair of killer leggings)!

1—Pre-workout supplements. How often do you find the excuse to skip the gym because you just don’t have it in you? Enter pre-workout. The most obvious benefit of pre-workout supplements is the energy boost. This effect is from stimulants, which help motivate you to get moving and maintain focus during your workout. Some less known benefits of pre-workouts include quicker muscle recovery and metabolism-boosting elements. Caffeine, among other ingredients found in pre-workouts, helps boost fat oxidation, body thermogenesis, and metabolism. Overall, pre-workouts will greatly improve your physical and mental fitness performance in the gym and recovery afterward.

2—Bluetooth earbuds. Invest in a pair of Bluetooth earbuds or wireless earphones! They allow you to increase your range of motion without having to worry about where to store your phone. If you’re a runner, I recommend a pair of earbuds that are both sweat-resistant and feature ear hooks.

3—Training gloves. If lifting weights is your jam, I highly recommend training gloves. They help improve grip and protect your hands from callouses. 

4—Blender bottles. Blender bottles are awesome (I think I have close to ten at the moment). Whether you’re using it just for water or for blending, they’re designed to be completely leak-proof. If you’re looking to use blender bottles to take your shake game to the next level, they come with a metal spherical “whisk” that eliminates clumps of protein powder/pre-workout/whatever from your drink. The final products are smooth shakes without the blender mess!

5—Branch chain amino acids (BCAAs). When you engage in muscle-intense workouts, your body tears, and repairs your muscles, making them stronger in the process. BCAAs help improve muscle recovery by providing your muscles the building blocks they need to grow. It’s important to consume BCAAs (whether through protein such as chicken or through supplements) around your training session. This allows your muscles to get the fuel they need when they need it. There are three types of BCAAs your body needs but can’t produce, so it’s important to get all three types either through your diet or supplements. BCAAs are the most research-backed workout supplement, but I recommend doing your own research to make sure you properly incorporate them into your diet and fitness regimen.

What do you like to do to get active? Do you have other recommendations for upping your gym game? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista on Instagram to show off how you workout in style!