How to Slay Your Job Interview

College kids are constantly in a financial jam. We are always seeing new clothes we feel we simply can’t live without. We are constantly facing an inner battle within ourselves to decide whether we should spend our money on what we need or give into our temptation and purchase that cute shirt that’s calling our name. If you’re like me, you’ve decided to seek employment. With that said, I am here to give you guys a few tips that will help you slay your interview so that you can start rolling in the dough.

1—Dress for success. Appearance plays a major role. When you step into your interview, you want to make sure that you are looking the part. Your prospective employer should be able to take one look at you and think to themselves that you are a perfect fit. You can never go wrong with a classic all-black look, especially if it includes a blazer. Blazers scream professionalism, and you will turn heads. Also, be sure to add a pop of gold or silver jewelry, some super cute shoes, and you will be good to go.

2—Wear minimal makeup. Now I understand that we live in this era of wearing super heavy makeup with a lot of cheekbone glow, but that is not always best. You want to have on enough makeup to where it will be noticed, but you don’t want your shiny cheeks and dark eye makeup to distract the person interviewing you. Less is more, my friends. Neutral colors with a red lip are perfect. You can still have that wow factor without it being an overkill.

3—Smile, smile, and smile. Now that you’ve mastered the appearance aspect of an interview, your next focus should be your presentation. A friendly smile will carry you a long way. You can win over your employer in the first couple of seconds with your great personality. Just remember to have fun, be yourself, and smile, and you are setting yourself up for perfection.

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Jackets in July—Making Them Work Even in the Hottest Heat

If you are anything like me, you know that a jacket is your best friend. But what about when summer rolls around and the temperature is way above jeans and a cardigan weather? You wear it anyway.

It’s not sweater weather just yet, but a girl can dream. Making a jacket work in the summer sounds simple, but if I have learned anything at all from living in California is that nothing should ever be that simple. I believe that outfits should always show what you love and inspire others to wear what they love.

For this outfit, I styled high-waisted shorts with a white crop top for the basics. These shorts are guaranteed to give you legs for days—and maybe a bit of booty on one of those days. If you think a crop top isn’t giving your outfit enough edge, bandeaus or bralettes are great replacements.

Shoes should always be comfortable, but stylish. Flats are an easy go-to fix for this summer outfit. Personally, I think pointed toe flats give outfits a chic look, not too casual but not too over the top either.

Top off the outfit with a jacket, and don’t think that a fitted jacket is always the best. Try oversize jackets and roll up the sleeves. Wear it over your shoulders for a comfy look that will have everyone asking you about it.

Jackets come in all shapes and designs that may feel a bit odd to wear. Let your Fashionista run wild this summer and try styling your jacket a little differently this time!

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I Incorporated Indian Ethnic Wear Into My Wardrobe and the Results Were Amazing

Summer’s on at full blast, and new trends are cropping up everywhere. While the latest trends are always exciting to try out, it might not be as fun to show up at work or class wearing the same outfit everyone else is wearing. This had me thinking on what I could do to spritz up my wardrobe. Looking around, I found Indian accents lying unused in my jewelry box and my closet. I decided to add some glamour to my professional and everyday outfits with what I found.

1—Professional Outfit

The first outfit I decided to change a bit was my professional dress. I usually stick to blazers, white button downs and fitting ankle-length trousers. But the ubiquity of the outfit was killing me. I decided to keep the iconic white button down, but I got funky with the rest of my outfit. I complemented the structured T-shirt with flowy black and white palazzos. The black and white color scheme kept the outfit from being too loud and distracting, but allowed a change in form that still caught the eye.

I kept the jewelry minimal with a light diamond necklace and earrings that lent some elegance to the outfit. I also added a black leather tote to the ensemble that’s large enough to take your laptop and other essentials you’ll need for a productive day at work. The nude heels kept the focus on the bottoms. The added height kept me from looking like I was drowning in the pant’s material.

2—Everyday Outfit

Going to class or out with friends is a great time to express your fashionable side and have fun with your outfit. There’s no canvas ready to be painted quite like the outdoors. For my everyday outfit, I decided to go with a royal blue tunic. I gave it a casual vibe with a pair of light-wash ankle-cropped jeans. I added a flowing lace vest from Forever 21 for extra oomph and texture, adding to the already flowy feel of the tunic.

I paired the outfit with an embroidered set of royal blue juttis (Indian slippers) to really give that ethnic look. The shoes can be exchanged with a pair of embroidered flats for just as much drama but a more modern vibe or an office look.

The jewelry was where I really brought out some quirky pieces. The dangling earrings were silver with hints of turquoise that brought further dimension to the blue outfit. They also complemented the embroidery of the shoes.These accents helped me have fun with my outfit and remain comfortable with soft fabric The juttis were flat and great for a day out, and I felt prepared with the backpack at my side.

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How to Leave a Lasting Impression at Your Next Interview

You are filling out endless job and internship applications, feeling a never-ending despair slowly creeping up your spine when suddenly, your phone starts to ring. Finally, your perseverance has paid off; you have been selected for an interview with one of the top companies you applied to. You are feeling great until it suddenly hits you: what do you wear to an interview?

When thinking about professional attire many think of bland and boring ensembles, but with this outline, I am going to show you how to look trendy while still being professional.

Your face and your fashion choices are among the first things that are observed when you enter the room for an interview and can leave a lasting impression, so you want your first impression to be a great one. I derived my look from the current trend of cut-out shoulders, shift dress silhouettes, and light fabrics for summer. Finding the company policy on what workwear is appropriate can also prove to be a helpful guide when deciding between business casual or more formal attire.

The black cold shoulder dress is a very fashion-forward item in this moment. This piece does not need much in the way of jewelry and the hemline is not too short, which is one of the reasons why I like it so much. The ruffle detail around the upper chest and at the top of the sleeve with the higher neckline gives the dress enough detail in the front that large necklaces would clutter the neck. I did, however, add the silver watch with small crystal details as my chosen jewelry statement piece. You can never go wrong with a good timepiece. Black Coach flats provide the finishing touch from head to toe while also adding another flash of sparkle with the metal logo across the top.

Walking into an interview with a bulky backpack or pulling a ruined résumé out of a small purse is never an ideal situation. My go-to choice for a handbag that will still allow me to bring what I need for the interview is a black leather tote. This bag is large enough to fit a folder comfortably inside along with a planner that I like to take notes in during my interviews. This bag looks sleek and is my modern and feminine spin on the briefcase. My outfit is monochromatic because the company policy where I was interviewing has work attire set for three colors and black is one of them. When you are styling your interview outfit feel free to add a colorful statement necklace or colored sweater to bring a little pizzazz to your ensemble.

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Follow This Guide for Easy and Fashionable Road Trip Style

Being stylish when on a road trip can be a difficult thing to do. It’s important to stay comfortable when you’re in the car, but what happens when you make a pit stop at a cool location with the perfect backdrop for Instagram? Having a cute yet comfy outfit makes for a picture perfect post while being able to stay comfortable in the car. Here are some neat tips that will help you to stay stylish on the way to your destination.

1—Rompers. Wearing a romper is a great way to look stylish and be comfortable at the same time. Don’t want to wear a dress or jeans? Rompers are the way to go! Rompers are versatile, trendy, and can be worn from day to night. To maximize comfort, pick a lightweight and soft fabric like cotton or linen. Make it casual by wearing it with sneakers or to dress it up, pop on some sandals and jewelry. Also, rompers can easily be layered with jackets or sweaters for chilly nights.

2—Backpacks. Bringing a backpack is an easy way to have a variety of items that you may need within arms reach. Its medium size makes it perfect so that it fits right at your feet in the car and its many compartments makes it easy to organize! Also, backpacks are easy to carry because they let you have both hands free to do other things.

3—Sunglasses. Yes, I know being tan is great and all, but it is extremely important to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Wearing sunglasses is a stylish and simple way to protect your face from the sun. Also, they will block the sun while driving!

4—Comfortable Shoes. Wearing comfortable shoes is imperative to safe driving on your road trip. Sneakers, flats, or slip-ons are the best bet when road tripping.These options are great because you don’t have to worry about them coming off when driving like you do when wearing flip flops or sandals. Sneakers are a good option because they go with almost any outfit and are perfect when walking around at any pit stops made on the way. Flats and slip-ons are also cool because they take any outfit to the next level.

5—Water Bottles. Reusable water bottles or thermoses are perfect for staying hydrated! Whether you need water to cool off or coffee for that extra caffeine boost, a cute travel mug is ideal.  You can represent your school, favorite band, or TV show with a customizable bottle to show your flare and personality or keep it simple with a marble printed or jet black bottle. 

Following this guide for road trip fashion will help you go on your trip in style and with ease!

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WHAT TO WEAR: Simple, But Personal

Finding and developing your own style can be a challenge, but once you finally understand what your inner self is obsessed with, creating outfits can be the greatest adventure.

How do you learn what you really like and not just follow what the latest trend is? This is one of those questions that probably every Fashionista has asked themselves. Do I really like this color or is it because Kylie Jenner has worn it a million times? It’s kind of hard to answer that question. How do you know the difference? Well, to be honest there is no mathematical equation that gives you the answer. You just sort of have to be very honest with yourself and true to your own likes.

For example, in high school everyone wore Vans, which I think are awesome. However, they don’t really represent my style. So, instead of giving up on the popular trend, I went and bought a pair of Dr. Martens. I was the happiest girl even though I lost count on how many times I had to explain that I was not gothic. I just liked my amazing new boots.

Your clothes and accessories should add to your personality, and should make you more you and less of everyone else. This is what I realized while encountering this beautiful girl. Her outfit is very simple, however, it still brings out the best in her, and she radiates glamour everywhere she goes.

For this hot day in Miami, this Fashionista decided to wear a cute floral dress that is rocking all the spring vibes. She paired it with some beige flats with little metal designs on them and a versatile, yet stylish, Michael Kors black tote. She also kept her makeup simple with a great brown lipstick that completes her look.

Never let society dictate what you like or dislike; be true to yourself!

STYLE ADVICE: Cheetah Girl

With the academic year winding down, it’s time to start preparing our wardrobes for the summer internship season. Whether your workplace has a business professional or casual dress code, I think we can all agree it’s important to look cute everyday. A simple way to change your everyday work wear is to mix prints. This Fashionista’s outfit shows just how effortlessly mixing prints can be.

The key to mixing prints is to make sure all of your prints share the same color scheme. The fastest way to have a fashion flop is by mixing too many prints with too many colors. The goal is one cohesive look not a mix of five different ones. This Fashionista for example kept it simple with a neutral color scheme with the colors black, tan, and white.

Her striped shirt is originally from Mango, but was purchased at Buffalo Exchange. The quarter length sleeves are perfect for those times when the office gets a little chilly. Black dress pants are a must for any internship.This Fashionista’s pair, purchased from Target, fits her perfectly.

Some internships have you running circles around the office for hours. And while a cute pair of heels sounds like a good idea in the morning, your feet will not be happy with you by the time 5 o’clock rolls around. This Fashionista made the smart choice and opted for a pair of flats for her workday outfit.

Cheetah printed flats have become a staple piece in a lot of people’s wardrobes. It is so easy to dress them up or dress them down. Plus, they look fierce no matter what. You can find cheetah flats almost anywhere at almost every price. These flats were purchased at Target for only $5. In this look this Fashionista’s patterned flats mix perfectly with her striped shirt. The black stripes of the shirt tie in the black from the patterned flats nicely.

When you’re mixing prints it’s sometimes best to let the clothes speak and have the accessories take a back seat. This Fashionista kept it simple by adding a pair of pearl earrings and a silver chain-linked necklace from H&M. To add a fun pop of color for spring, this Fashionista applied her favorite bright pink lipstick from CoverGirl.

Until next time you can find me strutting into the office rocking a pair of cheetah flats ready to take on the work day.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Broke and Boujee

As the semester nears its end, I find myself eyeing my closet with disdain, and longing for a shopping spree. However, living in Kirksville, Missouri, home to Truman State University, a lonely JCPenney, and a failing shoe store means that my shopping excursions are limited. Being a broke college student doesn’t help my situation. This leaves me with the task of pulling unique outfits together using pieces I’ve owned for a while, as well as the occasional desperate online buy.

The outfit featured here is an ensemble that can be easily modified using items from any closet. The bodysuit I am wearing is a piece I ordered (or more accurately, convinced my boyfriend to order for me) online from Forever 21. I originally thought it was made with a mesh material, but was surprised, and eventually pleased, to find that the material is actually a lightweight stretch cotton. The floral print is a sweet nod to spring and warm weather but the black base color tones the energy down a bit. Bodysuits are great because they’re super easy to pair with other items, and they eliminate the repeated tucking in situation that shirts and blouses bring about.

I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing them with high-waisted jeans, but these tend to make me feel compressed and look like I’m two feet tall. Moreover, my strong devotion to crop tops has made it difficult for me to embrace a variety of pants that aim solely to hide belly buttons. Instead, to better highlight my waist and curves, I paired the bodysuit with my favorite low-waisted jeans, a medium wash skinny jeans from American Eagle Outfitters. I love the fit of these pants and their durability; American Eagle Outfitters jeans never fail me. The shoes I chose are a pair of simple beige flats from Target. They are the second pair of this shoe that I have purchased and subsequently worn to death. Unfortunately, they will soon need to be dumped, but they served me well for this outfit and countless others. I highly recommend investing in a pair of similar shoes that never fail to be comfortable and chic.

Any bodysuit can be used to replicate this outfit, and making slight changes to the look can make it relevant and stylish regardless of the season. As the weather warms, you might choose a bodysuit with short sleeves to replace the warmer option. Try incorporating one with a pattern or bright colors during the summer to bring more energy to your look. Jean shorts and skirts are also a viable substitute for skinny jeans as the temperatures start rising.

Take note of these simple tips and you will be looking put together with minimal effort (and funds) in no time at all!

STYLE GURU STYLE: From Winter to Spring

Spring is finally here and the weather is finally showing it! As I assume I am speaking for most of us Fashionistas, I have been beyond excited to be able walk to class lately without having to wear a parka and big chunky snow boots. The only downside of the weather is that in the morning it is still a big chilly, and by noon it can be up to 80 degrees. I can’t help but jump straight into wearing my new, more colorful spring clothes. I usually am able to layer by throwing on a leather or jean jacket in the morning. Carrying a piece from your winter wardrobe, the leather jacket, into the spring makes the transition much more casual. I personally can never jump straight into wearing shorts and tank tops.

I thought this outfit was the perfect no-fail season transitioning outfit. The eyelet lace top is a statement piece that can easily carry the outfit without being too overbearing. The bell sleeves with ties is my favorite accent. The two-tone jeans are a trend that I have been loving! I bought these not thinking I would wear them often, but I’ve gotten so much wear out of them. My favorite part of the ensemble is the lace-up blue flats. They add a perfect amount of color for the beginning of spring, and as a bonus they are extremely comfortable. I kept the accessorizing to a minimum with just a few rings.

I wore this out for a girl’s night and dinner with a few my friends. It was casual, but I feel as though this outfit could be easily more dressed up with a pair of heeled booties and a fun handbag. Just as it could be dressed up, it can also be dressed down. Throw on a pair of sneakers, grab your backpack, and you are good to go to class! I can’t wait to put together more colorful, fun outfits for this season!


If you’re anything like me, you love plaid. Like love. If that’s you, it’s my pleasure to share this Fashionista’s outfit of the day. Even if you’re not a plaid lover, you can still stick around.

As you can see, this Fashionista is rocking the plaid flannel with a simple black tank top underneath. Her distressed jeans most definitely make the cut—get it? They’re the perfect touch to this rather classy outfit. Her black ballet flats are absolutely adorable and perfect for a beautiful spring day. She finishes off the outfit with some pretty gold accessories, including a bold necklace and a pretty charm bracelet.

This Fashionista’s outfit is very laid back and chill, and that’s one of the main things I like about it. Sometimes I find it difficult to look nice on Fridays (make that weekends) spent at school. There are no classes, and really, not much to do. So why dress up?

The thing is, you don’t have to dress up super fancy to look nice. You can do what this Fashionista does! She uses basic pieces to create a classy Friday look, which I love! Think about it: you can wear a plaid flannel, which most of us probably own; a tank, a pair of jeans (you can DIY distress them, if you’d like), a pair of flats, and some gold jewelry to make the outfit come together. When you think about it, the jewelry is what makes the whole outfit pop. Imagine that—it’s all in the details, baby!

I hope you enjoyed this Fashionista’s Friday style. It definitely inspired me and made me appreciate the power of basic pieces, as well as staple jewelry, and what they can both do for an outfit.