Chic in the Workplace

As a lover of all things fashion, I like to make sure that I look chic at all times. The summertime is always a hectic time for me in my professional life as I run around applying for internships, jobs, events, etc. I have many go-to looks for various types of professional settings that range from casual to formal.

My secret to looking chic and professional is putting together clean and stylish basics together to achieve a flawless minimalistic look. I am a huge fan of pairing skinny dress pants with basic tops to create a casual professional look. I paired my favorite pair of skinny suit pants with a basic beige shirt. This is my go-to formula for casual professional wear.

When I want to dress up and make my attire look more formal, I like to wear darker colors. I put together a pair of black dress pants and a basic white T-shirt to dress up my look. The contrast of the black and white makes the outfit seem more professional, even though it’s just a few basic pieces.

I also added a blazer to the outfit as a way to make it even more formal for more special occasions. For all of the outfits, I paired them with a pair of basic black dress shoes.

Accessorizing is a very important part of putting together looks for me. For these looks, I like to pair them with unique accessories that will add a pop of pizzazz. A belt with a cute design can be a great standout piece for an outfit of basics. I love this belt because the fabric gives it an interesting texture which makes it even more unique. Plus, it has ducks on it. Who doesn’t love ducks?

I also like to add a bit of bling to my outfits. A simple gold bracelet can always make an outfit more chic and classy. I paired my outfit with this vintage gold bracelet.

Looking your best means feeling your best. When you feel your best in professional settings, you can have the confidence to do your best.

What are some of your favorite go-to styles for professional wear? Let me know in the comments below!

The Italian Lifestyle

This summer I had the experience of a lifetime at summer study abroad in Italy. Coming from a small town in North Carolina, the fashion was a culture shock. The American style of sweats and T-shirts most college students are used to was not an option. The main location that my study abroad group stayed in was a small village with an abundant of elder locals. T-shirts and Nike shorts were seen as inappropriate and underdressed. I’m going to further address three staple fashion pieces to pack when traveling abroad to add to your outfit to embrace the Italian lifestyle.

A staple fashion piece you can dress up or down that I found myself living in was my jean jacket. You’ll also see a lot of native young adults wear oversize jean jackets. Another extra accessory that you can use to dress up any outfit is a simple small scarf that can also double as a headband.

Another key fashion piece you should have when traveling around Europe is a hat! A great hat can transform an outfit and add personality. Hats also great for you’re skin and hair which is a bonus. I bought the hat in my picture in a small market in Italy. This hat is simple, so it can go with many different styles of clothes. This gives you an extra reason to wear it more often.

The last item that I would recommend bringing is eye-catching earrings. Pom-poms are in this year. I’ve noticed them trending on different shoes, bags, and necklaces so why not earrings? I purchased my earrings on the Amalfi Coast. If you were traveling abroad, what are the must have fashion items you’d bring on your trip?

If you were traveling abroad, what are the must have fashion items you’d bring on your trip? Let us know in the comments below!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Business Attire on a Budget

Something every teacher and parent tells you when you’re in college and/or looking for a job is that you need the right attire. What they don’t tell you is how much it all costs. Since you’re on a budget already you don’t want to have to drop $300 on work clothes, right? I definitely don’t, so I looked into some inexpensive stores that sold good looking business attire.

Let’s start with my top. Believe it or not I got it from Rainbow! Crazy right? This retail chain has a whole section for business attire like blazers, button ups, etc. All ranging from five dollars (how much my top was) to $25 in price making it really easy and inexpensive to find good quality pieces. This next one may or may not come as a shock to you. The pants I’m wearing I purchased from Old Navy. Their line of “Pixie” pants serves as a great parallel to slacks. The best part being I got them for $25. I never thought of either of these stores as a place to get business clothes; the best part is you can still put your own style into them. For example, I cuffed my pants because 1) I’m a little short for the pants and 2) I feel a little more comfortable in the sense that, yes, these are work clothes; however, I don’t feel so uptight wearing them. Lastly, my booties were a bit higher in price but worth the investment, costing $30 on sale at Macy’s.

Try to look into these places the next time you find yourself shopping for some good looking business attire without spending a rent’s worth of money at J.Crew or New York and Company.

STYLE ADVICE: Individualistic Innovation

Through the use of a stunning formal ensemble at a student-organized fashion gala on campus, this Fashionista challenges the notion that a creative “do-it-yourself” or D.I.Y.-inspired look couldn’t rival an expensive ready-to-wear formal gown. This look demonstrates her ability to stand out and earn recognition from the notable alumnae present at the annual networking event.

Boldly, subtle, creative initiatives define this look, most visibly striking first through the bodice of the gown. In this region, a white button-down blouse is cleverly wrapped around its wearer’s upper body, seamlessly collaborating with the floor-length skirt below to create the impression of a one-piece full-length gown. By ensuring the shades of white between the blouse and the skirt are the same, this Fashionista reflects her professional attention to design details. Finally, the curvature of the blouse supports and accentuates her natural figure to flatter and define her shape in a way that reflects her personal fashion skill and passion for design.

The D.I.Y. outlets of this design are not only present in her gown, however, but are still strikingly visible in the details. Small, silver studs and other earrings contrast the dreaminess of white lace with a simple, industrial, metallic appearance. Perhaps offering the most distinction among these is the dangling safety pins, which have historically served as an icon in fashion for solidarity among rebelling subcultures in opposition with major forms of government or accepted societal norms. Through the utilization of this signature piece, this Fashionista demonstrates a clear understanding of both deliberate fashion decisions and the aesthetic contradiction that makes an ensemble like this one as striking and compelling as it is.

The D.I.Y. elements of this look are paired with a voluminous two-textured skirt and elegant tan ankle-strap heels that sustain the ensemble’s overall warm tone. This Fashionista ultimately utilizes a combination of D.I.Y. and ready-to-wear pieces to create a finished ensemble that reflects the power of balance and opposition in the creation of a look that kills its competition. It reflects her individualized sense of style, flatters her figure, and demonstrates her attention to detail and knowledge of fashion.

Whether networking at a professional event like this one or heading out to a fun, formal event on campus with friends, this Fashionista recognizes her full potential—and makes sure you see it, too.


Well everyone, it’s formal season on college campuses across the nation and whether you have your own or you’re going to one, picking the right outfit is always the most important part. If the formal you are going to is more formal or more casual, there are so many options; just be sure to pick something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

This Fashionista’s formal outfit is to die for. She went for a super trendy look with the romper and the long skirt attached. This look is so fun and flirty and is perfect for the event. Her sleek straight hair flows with the lines of the skirt but keeps all the focus on the outfit. The nude heels add for a classic and chic touch while still adding the glam effect and height she needs to keep the skirt off the ground. Keeping the tones going to her eyes, she wears a gold and gray smoky eye tying the whole outfit together from head to toe. This romper is perfect for those spring nights where it might be just a little chilly, so the skirt and sleeves help keep you warm while still looking formal and fun for a great night out! Adding some simple accessories like gold stud earrings, a bracelet, or a long drop necklace adds some sparkling tones to the whole look—and who doesn’t love a little sparkle?

This outfit is a great option for any kind of formal event one might be headed to; it’s fun and easy to move in while super chic and different. I hope you find inspiration from this look to create your own fun and floral formal look to rock out in.


It is that time of the year where it is finally getting warmer. Stores are lining their walls with shorts and tank tops. What we have been waiting for since mid-November is finally here, spring! Apart from florals being one of the ‘groundbreaking’ trends for spring, one of the new trends this spring is light khaki. Khaki is the denim for spring, it goes with everything and gives off a lightweight, elegant look. This Fashionista shows us the perfect example of the Khaki Kraze that is going on this spring.

This Fashionista pairs a khaki skirt with a black lace-up top for a sophisticated, formal look. The look she gives off is professional, which is perfect for presentations in class or for a more informal interview. This khaki skirt could also be paired with just a black and white stripe T-shirt, stripes being another trend this spring, for a more casual look. She paired her skirt and blouse with a strappy sandal, another go to this spring. Strappy sandals are comfortable, easy, and great for any occasion. They’re very easy to dress up with a sundress or skirt and just as easy to dress down with a pair of denim shorts.

This coming spring is all about looking elegant and doing it flawlessly. Get the natural, lightweight looking color of khaki in your closet today to keep up with springs growing trend that will soon be in everyone’s closet! Check back next month to see what else to craze over this spring!

Photos From This College Senior’s Last Formal Will Make You Feel Feelings

End of year formals are right around the corner as the end of term begins. While finding the right outfit for the dress code can pose its own dilemmas, getting ready the day of is an event in its own right. After searching for dresses, picking the best Pinterest eye look to copy, and delaying our process of getting ready to the last minute, my friends and I went to our last formal this past weekend.

It was a bit bittersweet to think of us closing this chapter in a few months—our formal is the beginning of a long set of ceremonies to come. Taking the opportunity to have unique experiences is so important, especially if you find yourself also finishing school this year. These small moments spent with friends, especially doing things out of the ordinary, are always sweet memories.

All crammed into one bathroom while doing up each other’s necklaces and taking photos on our phones, my friends and I took the evening to make getting ready for our last formal an unforgettable one. Check out below to see how we got ready in preparation for your own big night and make sure to celebrate the little joys in spending time with your friends.

5:45 pm

After promptly forgetting something behind at my place, I arrived (again) at my friends’ apartment a bit behind schedule. Start things off by doing your make up first—I find it’s always easier to pull your hair out of your face when you haven’t done anything to it yet! We all lended a helping hand in some way or another by doing each other’s brows or helping blend each other’s eye shadows properly.


Once we got our make up done in (almost) record time, we tackled hair—blow dryers, irons, and hairspray were all out in full force. While I would have liked to do an up-do personally, I’m unfortunately not Jen Atkin and certainly did not have enough time. We all stuck to our strengths and curled our hair in the styles we know suit us best.


After zipping up our dresses and putting our shoes on to break them in, we decided to take a few minutes to get photos before heading out. We’ve all been obsessed with Insta cameras in the last year; I like taking individual photos of everyone on special occasions with mine. There’s nothing wrong with preserving the moment you’re in! You can still be present, but sometimes having a few polaroids to hang on your wall will help you to remember the night in years to come. Plus, you definitely want a record of your look from that night, right?


We arrived later than we should have, but laughing over our collective struggle to get down the stairs in our heels was more memorable and getting those last selfies were more important. We made up for missing hor d’oeuvres by snagging some dessert, then danced until our feet hurt. Forgetting about all of our schoolwork coming up and sitting around a hall table talking, it was our little moment of escapism.

It’s always to your benefit to let go for a night and take a shift from the norm of university life. Pausing for a moment to spend some time in a shimmery outfit with friends for one night will imprint itself on your university experience, all you need to do is just get ready.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Breaking Rules

Toothpaste and orange juice. If you’ve tried it, you know what I’m talking about. We’ve heard it all before, some things just don’t work together. In like manner, it was somewhat of an unwritten rule that one should never wear the colors navy and black together. In graphic design it represents horrible contrast, an indecisive decision that calls for attention and creates noise.

I love it. My dear fashion mongers, that’s what expressing your style is all about. In many ways, I feel that counter-culture is key in introducing the next big thing, which is especially true in fashion. While once upon a time wearing navy and black would brandish you as oblivious démodé, that is not always the case now.

Over the past few years, wearing navy tops with black bottoms has steadily become more fashionable, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s funny to think that I was programed against seeing these two colors work together. There’s a synergy that is almost palpable whenever I see someone tactfully pulling off a navy and black color scheme. My brain has become cognitively rewired, and I’m anxious to discover new ways to implement this color scheme in what I wear.

If you’re like me and love to wear black tops with bottoms, wearing navy and black is a familiar (yet foreign) execution of something fresh and novel. On your next outing, rock a navy Tommy Hilfiger shirt and black jeans combo. Trying new things is fun, and I encourage everyone else to consider wearing navy and black if you haven’t already. Who knows, it may very well become your favorite thing to wear.

In this issue, the homie is wearing black Converse II’s, something I’ve recently just discovered myself. With a subtle sophistication, the shoes is a great choice with any navy top and black bottom combo. Suffice it to say, I’ve added some Black Hi-top Converse to my own wishlist.


Floral print ensembles create an effortlessly beachy look without leaving your sweet Tennessee home. Summer dresses are easy on such hot days, and are perfect for nearly any occasion. This Fashionista perfectly styled this outfit for a night out for sushi with the girls. Free People has some of the cutest floral dresses for any season, and it just so happens to be this girl’s favorite store. This floral dress is perfect for summer because the light color will highlight your sun-kissed skin. The pop of color is a perfect accent for accessorizing any look.

Lately, me and my girls have been loving the look of exposed, lacey bralettes. In strappy summer dresses and tanks, the perfect bralette can add a little spice to any outfit! This Fashionista accented her outfit with a simple pair of sandals. I am loving the single pearl necklace and beaded bracelet that complete this fresh and fun look!

Let me end this post with a little blurb on summer beauty trends. For me, beachy waves seem to be impossible to achieve, but would you believe this Fashionista came straight from the pool with hair like this? Can I get a #goals. For you other girls with straighter hair like me, I recommend a natural salt spray to achieve some wave.

Now I’m craving some pool time, so I will catch you guys and gals later. Stay rad!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For a classic summer look, wear your favorite flower print dress.”


Looking at how fashion evolved over time, women’s fashion has definitely seen the biggest change. From decade to decade dress lengths changed, color choices changed and even hair trends changed (sometimes even more drastically than clothing choices) but formal looks stayed classic and beautiful no matter what decade it was.

Growing up my mom would always tell me, “Tiffany, one is never over-dressed—others are just underdressed.” Thanks to my mom’s saying, I have used that in every occasion in life—especially when it came to prom and formal events. Formal events give you the chance to dress up and feel like a princess for a day, so this Fashionista definitely liked having the chance to do that once again.

This Fashionista is rocking this beautiful sea foam green maxi dress with some nude heels and minimal accessories. This dress is so elegant and simple, making it easy to wear for any occasion. This dress’ focal point is the unique halter-esque neckline which substitutes the need for any necklaces. Accessories are not always needed to dress or spice up an outfit, especially if the main focal piece of the outfit already has everything ready to go.

For a formal event, heels are normally a must because they dress up any outfit without really trying. Nude heels are a staple item in any girls closet due to this fact and also because they match with literally any clothing piece in the history of fashion. Nude is like black—you can wear black with anything and you can also wear nude with anything.

One Simple Change: Want to bring down the formality of this outfit? Pair it with a comfy jean jacket and some strappy sandals for a perfect summer vacation look.