Must Have Trends for This Fall

School is coming in hot. Say goodbye to relaxing afternoons by the pool and a wide open schedule. Instead, it’s time to get hyped for snoozing alarms, color-coordinated notes, and all nighters. There is one thing that really gets me motivated to head back to campus besides seeing all my best friends… and it’s shopping! Seriously though—I’m one of those people that sits online for days shopping for all the latest trends and comes up with an exact list of all the must haves for the year… I suppose that’s just expected from a girl who dedicates her whole college career to researching and designing clothes. This is definitely my “thing.”

After quite a few miles logged walking from one end of the mall to the other and stalking some Italian women while in Italy this last semester, I have compiled a list of what I believe are the most popular trends for Fall’17 below. Please check it out and strut through campus if you dare… here’s what you need to find.

1— Grab some of your spring florals and add them to the cycle this fall. Layer them with subtly patterned jackets and dark colors.

2— These loafers came out of nowhere. Do yourself a favor and invest in a pair. They are so comfy, easy, and look great with any type of pant leg.

3— Bring on the cropped, wide leg trousers. Zara has many variations of this style. Also, every single Italian woman was wearing these last semester. Trends hit Europe first and these Italian ladies know what they’re doing. These pants are more comfortable than sweatpants.

4— Find some fringe. I made these earrings myself (super easy and cheap).

5— Red, red, red! Taylor Swift was just a few years early for this trend. Whether it’s just a pop on your lips or your entire shirt, you are definitely going to want this color to be part of your wardrobe.

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DIY Fringe Jeans in 5 Easy Steps

I absolutely love keeping up with trends, even if I know they’re only here for a moment. What I don’t love however is breaking my bank account on things that aren’t classic staples I’ll keep around. One of my favorite trends currently is fringe jeans so I’m going to show you how to make your own on a budget with stuff you probably already have laying around.

1—Gather your materials. For this project, you’re only going to need a few things: a ruler, a pair of scissors, a piece of chalk or chalk pencil, and a pair of your preferred jeans (I used a pair of skinny medium wash American Eagle Outfitters jeans).

2—Remove the hem. It’s as simple as it sounds, simply trim off the hem from each ankle of the jeans, making sure both sides are equally lined up.

3—Mark it up. Now you want to take your ruler and measure up three inches from the bottom and draw a line with your chalk.

4—Cut some strips. You can make these as wide or thin as you want, but I found it easiest to measure the width of my index finger and cut the strips accordingly.

5—Wash and Fluff. Throw your jeans in the wash (this will create the base of fluff that will become fringe out of your strips), when they first come out they might just look like fuzzy strips, but as you pull the pieces apart they will start to spiral and make fun little twisty pieces of fringe.

This DIY is so easy even the artistically challenged can do it and it’s super fun! I had a blast making my own little fashion statement and I know you will too!

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Bohemian Vibes All Summer Long

Summers are full of beach days, ice cream, concerts, and of course bohemian outfits. Many Fashionistas love to channel their inner flower power throughout the season by putting together floral prints, gladiator sandals, and layered jewelry. The light and airy feel of a bohemian style is a relief in the hot, summer sun that we all know and love.

The true queen of boho, by far, is Vanessa Hudgens. All of her Coachella outfits and her street style is full of light clothing, fringe, and jewels. She also embraces the natural beach wave hair trend that follows the “boho” theme. Her looks are a great inspiration for young Style Gurus like this one. My sister loves to embrace the free spirit vibe that the bohemian style gives off. You could wear this kind of look anywhere—to the city with your friends, on an afternoon date, and even a summer concert.

I put together a light, floral blouse with her favorite pair of denim shorts, and then layered with some trendy jewelry. The floral print is a staple piece to any boho Style Guru’s closet.

Accessories are also a big part of bringing together a bohemian vibe. Layers of bracelets or necklaces are a common look. My sister made her bohemian style trendier by pairing a long gold necklace with a cut-out choker. The pair makes the cutest combination. She also added a light brown pair of gladiator sandals, which are another staple piece. Of course, every Fashionista needs a funky pair of sunglasses to throw on with any outfit before his or her day begins. I also adore this fringe crossbody bag. Fringe is the most popular detail that many Gurus focus on finding for a boho outfit.

As the summer continues, try and find your inner flower power with floral patterns and funky accessories. You’ll feel as though it’s Coachella all summer long!

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Midwest Style for an East Coast Girl

Everyone knows the East Coast girl, the West Coast girl, and every girl in between have their own distinct style. However, it is easy to identify that a girl living in New York City probably wouldn’t be looking like they just came from a day on the beach like a Malibu girl would. Yet, I love to be bold with my style and wear pieces inspired by different cities and locations around the U.S. because it’s unique, fun, and I have an appreciation for a variety of different style ideas.

For this look specifically, I chose to wear vintage, Midwestern-inspired pieces of clothing for a day. An East Coast summer can be back and forth with the constantly changing weather. Meaning it is necessary to pick an outfit with pieces that are versatile. The caramel felt hat is not too oversize but added just enough shade for my face in the middle of what was a warm day. I paired that with an off-the-shoulder top that added pattern and definition to my outfit. Now, to truly bring out the Midwestern vibes, I wore a light pink necktie. I have never worn an accessory like this, but it really made me feel that I was simply taken out of Virginia for a day and put on a ranch in Colorado.

To say I am obsessed with fringe is an understatement. My favorite piece of the entire outfit is easily the light brown, felt mini skirt with a flower pattern and fringe on the side. Like the necktie, the fringe on the miniskirt gives the outfit that Midwestern touch and turns an ordinary outfit into something exciting. I threw on a light pink leather jacket to add a bit of color to the outfit and to coordinate with my necktie and other accessories.

Overall, the outfit successfully made me feel as if I were living in a different city and area for a day. One of the best things about fashion and clothing is that it can make you feel whatever you feel like being on a certain day. Clothing can inspire you, make you feel more confident, and for me, make me feel like I can enjoy the styles of other places in the world without even having to travel. For all you Fashionistas out there that love where you live, embrace your local style and also be inspired to wear clothing from different places with their own unique influences.

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Effortlessly Cool Summer Outfit Tips

This summer I wanted to amp up my style for summer nights to achieve something fun, yet effortless. For this outfit, I was personally inspired by classic rock and thrift store finds (go Seattle college kids!). I was able to create an affordable, comfortable, and casual summer look. Everything in this outfit is second hand and very versatile.

I started this outfit with a great pair of comfortable jeans: 505 vintage Levi’s. Attention, ladies! If you have curves stray far away from the 501 Levi’s you hear everyone raving about. I became so frustrated with never being able to find a good pair of vintage Levi’s that were flattering and comfortable. One day, a vendor mentioned to me that 501’s were originally made for men, and therefore they have no room for girls with curves. My world changed, and since then I’ve been able to find so many more jeans! After I bought this pair, I cut them to right above my ankle to give them a raw hemline.

I threw on a graphic T-shirt to finish up my base look. I then added this blue suede jacket, which is a statement piece and the key to making this look work. The key to spicing up a basic look is to add a great statement piece. Choose pieces that inspire and excite you! The pop of color is exactly what this look needed. My favorite parts of the piece are the fringe and the collar. To finish off the look, I found these cheetah booties that a friend had handed down to me. I often stay away from patterns, but a pair of cheetah shoes is like a great friend who will never let you down; they go anywhere and can rock with anything! Lastly, I threw on these round sunglasses from a local consignment shop. This look has character through each individual piece.

I have three tips for creating this effortlessly cool summer look. Firstly, use comfortable statement pieces that really show a side of your personal style. Wear statement pieces in your everyday outfits to change it up and make things more exciting. A fun jacket with embroidery, fringe, or a fun color is a good choice for a statement piece. Don’t be afraid to wear statement pieces! Secondly, pick pieces that fit. I learned that I tend to compromise my comfort for clothes that are too small in certain areas just so I can achieve the look I want. I realized that finding clothes that fit me will instantly make my outfits look better (this means finding flattering jeans). Lastly, a great pair of cheetah shoes will never fail you. If you shy away from patterns, this is a great way to add some into your wardrobe.

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My Summer Fashion Essentials

The summer months can be hectic for every Fashionista.  In the last few weeks, I have been extra busy adjusting to post-graduation life and applying to jobs. I also just got back from a three-week trip to Europe. During this time, I’ve noticed a few staple pieces I’ve been grabbing frequently from my closet.

One color I’ve been drawn to this summer is yellow. More specifically, I have become obsessed with mustard yellow and chartreuse. I’m wearing the Deep Plunge Strap Detail Cami from ASOS in chartreuse. I love this top because its color gives my outfit life, and makes it stand out. Chartreuse and mustard yellow are the perfect go-to colors for summer, and they can be seen everywhere right now. The Cami in Pleat With Ruffle Neck from ASOS is another top I love in this color. This is a great blouse for a night out or dinner with friends.

Another essential summer piece for me is a denim skirt. I have found myself in a denim skirt almost every day over the last few weeks. In this post, I’m wearing the Denim Low Rise Pelmet Skirt in Bleach Wash with Rips from ASOS. I love denim skirts because they are easy to throw on whether you’re going to the beach or the store, and they dress up an outfit.

My essential accessories this summer include a hair scarf, sunglasses, a double buckle belt, and a fringe bag. I love a hair scarf because my hair is usually very messy in the summer, whether from the beach or just rolling out of bed. This accessory takes my messy bun from bedhead to cute beach bun. I also love this accessory because it can double as a neck scarf, which is a popular trend right now. My sunglasses are the Ray-Ban round metal sunglasses in gold/green, which I never leave the house without.

A belt is a great way to dress up any look and pull it all together. This double buckle belt helps to keep my blouse tucked in, and it highlights my waist. It also adds glamour to the look with its gold buckles. Fringe is my go-to when looking to add more detail to my look. I have been reaching for a fringe bag all the time lately because it brings a bohemian flair to my outfits, which is something I always like to incorporate into my personal style.

For shoes, there is one pair I can’t live without this summer: my black slides. The black slides I’m wearing in this post are the London Rebel Flat Mule Sandal from ASOS. Black slides can be found anywhere right now, making it easy to pick up a pair. I love these sandals because they are comfortable, easy to throw on and add chicness to an outfit. This combination makes them my essential shoe for summer.

What are your summer fashion essentials? Let me know in the comments below.

5 Outfit Ideas to Beat the Heat This Music Festival Season

Music festival season has finally hit and we could not be more excited. Music festivals are full of music, dancing, and fun, but of course, you need to look cute while attending. We all know being outside in the sun is hot and tiring, so here are five tips to beat the heat this festival season.

1—Comfortable Shoes. 

Music festivals call for long days on your feet while dancing and walking. The most important part of your outfit is your shoes. I opted for some cute sneakers that, in fact, have holes in them, which allowed my feet to breath while still being comfortable and still stylish.2—Sunglasses.

With the hot sun, sunglasses are a must. Sunglasses can make an outfit; therefore, I chose a trendier pair to add some color.


It is a given that a lot of dancing happens at music festivals. That is why I love carrying a backpack instead of a purse. This backpack is lightweight, which helps with the heat and allows for hands-free dancing.4—Put Your Hair Up.

Music festivals are the perfect place to try trendy hair styles because anything goes. I chose for two low buns to keep my hair out of my face and the heat away from my body while dancing.

5—Small Accessories.

Small, lightweight accessories will complete the perfect music festival outfit. I added a small belt to my look to bring the whole outfit together. This lightweight accessory adds style while not adding any additional heat. I love this double buckle belt, but you could also opt for a necklace, bandana, or some bracelets.

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How to Style Fringe Hem Jeans This Summer

What has been in your wardrobe for ages and is still not outdated? Denim! Although, one thing that is outdated with your denim are your seams. Say goodbye to the seams on your jeans. Adios clean-cut hemlines; we want frayed finishes on our pants.

You’ll never have to worry about denim going out of style, only the style of denim being outdated. Denim has the options of being flare, straight-leg, or skinny. Now we add the fringe hem to our list. It’s such a fun way to add a little edge to your jeans (literally).

There is a constant pressure for the fashion-conscious community to alter conventional styles and produce unique varieties. We want to stand out in a crowd full of boring jeans. We all know the smallest details can really make a massive difference to your outfit. These raw yet craftily frayed seam lines look effortlessly casual but still add an edge to your overall ensemble.

Searching these jeans on the internet, you’ll see way too many DIYs on how to make your old skinny jeans or flares into these fun jeans, but not enough tips on how to style them. I’m here to fix that.

This Fashionista is showing you how to slip on some summer sandals or kick back with more casual Converse. Both of these shoes are ankle high, extending the length of her look. Both ensembles are also paired with an off-the-shoulder top, a great summer look for any hot day. The sun hat and lemon top combo is a fresh and exciting way to dress up the fringe hem jeans with sandals. The striped top and cat-eye sunglasses show a more laid back and cool look.

Regardless of which trend you prefer, or even if you dislike the trends completely, denim is making a serious statement. This timeless piece of fabric is never going to go anywhere, and it will continue to offer you the versatility and unique quality you need.

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Flirty in Fringe

Trends come and go just like the seasons do. We find ourselves latching onto them as quickly as we drop them. We’ve seen it all. From shirt dresses, to off-the-shoulder tops, and even mini denim skirts, fashion bloggers and A-list celebrities have been caught rocking these trends just like we have. Everyone has their favorites from year-to-year, but the recent return of the ‘70s-inspired attire has me putting this as my go-to look. This Fashionista hit the nail on the head with her groovy sense of style. I totally dig it!

It can sometimes be a challenge to make an old trend up-to-date and fresh. Her use of the ‘70s tie-dye pattern in the top and fringe texture in the scarf add depth, while the cool tones in the white and blue shades make this look easy on the eyes. She decided to tuck in her top to accentuate her waist, add dimension, and break up her pieces. It’s important to remember that mixing colors, patterns, and textures can be fun and eye-catching in any look, especially when recreating an old trend.

While it would be an easy pick to grab a pair of flared jeans, she decided to modernize her look with white joggers. Her personal touch has this Fashionista on top of her style game. Her tan, suede lace-up flats add a fun twist and addition to her outfit. Instead of picking a chunky heel to match the ‘70s go-to shoe, she went with a current trend to complete her look. Mixing decades is another great way to give your ensemble character and a fresh appearance.

Trends change in a blink of an eye. It’s what makes fashion exciting! From decade to decade, we find iconic looks to recreate in the future. Fashionistas/os always know how to make it their own. They are the kings and queens of style personalization.

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Striped Matching Set

One thing that I love about my hometown of Seattle is that, although it may have a reputation of being a rainy city, its best kept secret is the amazing summer filled with lots of sunshine. With summer right around the corner, it is time to break out all the warm weather clothes that have been sitting in the closet for the past few months. For most of us, the new season also gives a perfectly valid excuse to go shopping! This Fashionista nailed the perfect spring to summer transition look and definitely gave me some major outfit inspiration that I felt like you would all like, too!

Let’s first talk about her adorable matching set, which consists of a light blue striped crop top and pants. I don’t know about you, but versatility and the number of times I could potentially wear a garment are always my top priorities when I go shopping. With a matching set, you can wear the top and bottom together or separately, creating a total of three outfits! Besides that, I love the ruffle detailing on the top and the elongating vertical stripes. They add a nice touch and help create dimension.

The accessories are truly what tie the outfit together. This Fashionista paired her attire with a brown fringed bag with gold chain detail. She also slipped on some light brown caged sandles and topped it all off with a soft gray hat. The accessories draw the eye up and down and add a cute, thoughtful touch.

If you find yourself in need of some summer outfit inspiration, let this Fashionista lead by example with her perfect outfit for the warm months ahead!

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