BEAUTY BAR: Serving Lavendar Face with Dark Streetwear

This Fashionista has the sporty street look down. Thanks to the long length of her jacket, she appears to glide across the ground as she moves. This all-black ensemble is giving me some serious goth girl vibes. But her makeup is the icing on the cake.

She accessorizes her dark garments with lavender eyebrows and a matte lipstick. It pops! Matte lip color is everywhere, thanks to it’s long lasting capabilities and variety of color. Before matte was invented, I was constantly reapplying throughout the day, no matter what the brand promised. The velvety finish it gives goes with almost everything.

Gone are the days when your eyebrows have to match your hair. Colored eyebrows are a simple way to create an original, new beauty look and add some contrast. Her eyebrows are blonde so she didn’t need to use a base, but if yours are darker it’s recommended to achieve this look. They can then be filled in with powder eyeshadow or a eyeshadow pencil. You can even use a couple colors for an ombre look, and add a finishing touch with some colored mascara. The lavender tones also make her iridescent choker stand out more. Chokers are an easy way to add some color to your outfit.

Her sleek, longline jacket came from the menswear section. Don’t be afraid to cross over to the other side of the store—you may find some key pieces with a comfortable fit! I’ve loved longline jackets this season because I think they spice up any outfit underneath and give you a more official look. They can also add a bit of class, especially when worn draped over the shoulders. Underneath the jacket she is wearing a simple, two-stripe jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are versatile, with the ability to be dressed up or down. They also work well on many body types. This athletic look screams woman on a mission to me.

Atop her head, this Fashionista’s plush, black fur cap adds some softness to this solid outfit. Fur has been everywhere from coats to purses and shoes, but this is the first I’ve seen it on a hat. For her feet, the classic Superstars added some contrast, yet continued on the stripe trend. All black is an easy way to always look on point.


While abroad during the Easter holiday, I came across this Fashionista. Her outfit immediately caught my eye for its fabulous mixing of trends and monochromatic color scheme. For this Fashionista, shades of gray were the way to go. She perfectly added metallic pieces to play up and complement her outfit’s tone.

Velvet has been a coveted trend in recent seasons as have skirts in general. Velvet is an ideal material to add a bit of texture to any outfit. It looks great whether the skirt be long or short, or even as an accessory like a choker. This Fashionista wore a flowing velvet skater skirt that was soft to the touch and gave off the prettiest shimmering effect.

She continued the texturized feel with a fur tank top. Fur is also one of those trending elements that have been making their way into all sorts of pieces. In this case, her fur tank top will keep her cooler during the warmer months that are thankfully approaching. My personal favorite fur clothing item is actually an accessory. I have been obsessed with slides, but even more so with fur slides. I’ve been eyeing a few pairs and I cannot wait to get my hands on them! I love the playful vibe that fur slides give off, but I’m even more excited for the comfort that comes along with it.

This Fashionista topped off her outfit with a silver choker, continuing the metallic pattern and tying the whole look together. I think it’s safe to say that chokers are a trend that are here to stay. I’m totally okay with that because chokers serve dual purposes in my wardrobe. They can supplement an already killer outfit with a touch of jewels or act as a statement piece with bold coloring or fringed texture. I’ve been loving elaborate chokers with beads, feathers, and texture of any sort this season. They have a tendency of instantly making every outfit cooler.

With summer approaching, I dare you Fashionstas and Fashionistos to experiment with some rad, trendy, texturized pieces and make them the statements of this season’s fashion!

Here’s How To Really Dress Like a Celebrity on a College Budget

There’s no doubt that celebrities often have enviable wardrobes. The current generation of It girls and guys are usually clad head-to-toe in designer brands just to go grab coffee or hit up the corner store. Their OOTD shots are usually hard to miss on your Instagram feed and while they often look too good to be true, stealing their style isn’t as hard as you think.

The laid back and casual looks most stars wear can be easily replicated in your day-to-day life—excluding any ridiculously high heels or more maximalist looks. Take some inspiration from your favorite celebrities and their street style, just like our Style Guru’s have in their day-to-day looks. After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery—and it’s even better on a budget.

Pretty in Pink

Gigi Hadid celebrated her birthday this past April in a floor-length pink duster—the now 22-year-old’s Millennial pink statement was paired with a white T-shirt and blue denim. As summer approaches, integrate a lightweight duster into your wardrobe to wear on top of skirts, denim, and of course, shorts. (Photo via @baileyttaylor)

White Out

White bubble sunglasses are back in style again after young fashion icons, like Rihanna and Harry Styles, have been spotted recently sporting the dramatic frame. Rihanna’s comfy and chic look contrasts the style, while they add bold detail to her relaxed athleisure look (Photo via @n_agem)

Fur For Spring

A light shearling jacket is perfect to keep warm as the temperatures fluctuate in the spring months. Alexa Chung kept warm at the airport with her own variation on the style—layering this fluffy piece on top of denim or leggings with a relaxed graphic T-shirt creates an effortless look. (Photo via @beedurst)

The Blues

While we all may not be able to attend Coachella, borrowing some style ideas from one of the best-dressed attendees is definitely possible. Selena Gomez‘s powder blue sundress was much talked about after a photo of her and The Weeknd was snapped. Integrate the color into your own flirty skirt ensemble for a fun summer look! (Photo via @taysim1)


ALL IN THE DETAILS: Grunge With a Side of Glam

While studying abroad, inspiration comes from many different places: students travel from all over the world to one place, tourists surround you, and you are immersed into a brand new environment. I have always said that it is important to experiment and step out of your comfort zone, and this study abroad experience gives people the perfect chance to do so.

Today’s Fashionista is a model back in the U.S. and has a lot of fashion and beauty knowledge due to her exposure through the modeling world. We debated on what type of outfit to use for this month’s post for a few hours and finally decided to pair two completely different styles together—grunge and glam. She said that the main focus of her look was her shag vest but that she was nervous pairing such a feminine piece with ripped jeans and combat boots.

To me, pairing such unique pieces together gives an outfit more personality and makes it so much more “Instagram worthy.” Not a lot of people experiment with their outfits in this way, and even though this outfit is different, it’s extremely easy to recreate with pieces you already have in your closet. With a rare or uncommon piece as a focal point for your outfit, you have the chance to work with many other unique pieces to complete it.

All you need to recreate this look is a fur or shag vest, a ruffled blouse, your favorite ripped jeans, some cute and comfy combat boots, and accessories to top everything off.

Textures will be your best friend and don’t be afraid to mix and match and try something new. Experimenting is the key to fashion because if you experiment, you will have the chance to find out what your style is really about.

WHAT TO WEAR: Fur for Her

That summer heat on your face is a mere memory in the Southern Hemisphere. The cooler change has swept under our feet without us even knowing, and, most importantly, without our wardrobes “winter-ready.” In a time of seasonal change when you want to rock your everyday jeans and singlet combo but it’s a touch too cold to wear alone, there is one thing you can always rely on.

A fur jacket is the perfect blend of comfort and beauty. Fur is in the history of fashion. The many ways you can wear it exceed any satisfactory level. Fur turns up in every season and collection, whether it be in clothes, on throw pillows, earrings, key chains, heels, slides, luxe handbags, pom poms, scarves, purses… you get the point.

This Fashionista shows how this one piece can add a whole lot of warmth and style to an outfit—something that you can have and keep in your closet forever. On top of her raw-hem black jeans and mesh singlet top, she shows off how cozy she is in this black rabbit fur swing jacket. Just when you think that’s all the fur for her, this rad look is finished off with some beautiful pony hair loafers. Wearing fur is an individual choice, and while some may not agree, there are many faux fur jackets for a cheaper price that can give off the exact same look!

Rugged up in an all-black look, some may search for the color in her outfit. Her natural look starts with Ellis Faas foundation, which defines her complexion and skin. It is a more dewy foundation, meaning that it hydrates, smoothes, and leaves a naturally luminous finish rather than matte look. To brighten up the natural makeup look and the whole all-black outfit, this Fashionista wears a Bobbi Brown red lipstick to tie together the fierce fur look.

When you’re in doubt about what to wear during the confusing months of changing seasons, just remember you can always clear the blur with a touch of fur.

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Cool, Crisp Tones in the Big Apple

It is finally springtime, and with the nice weather comes spontaneous trips to the boldest, loudest city: New York City. New York City is only a short distance from my college campus, yet I have never had the chance to explore it, the whole year. When I arrived in the Big Apple, I was greeted with soaring skyscrapers, lively commotion, and of course tons of Fashionistas. One Fashionista in particular caught my eye with her relaxed, carefree style. The cool tones of her outfit perfectly matched the glistening, gray buildings and her lightweight fur coat was a great spring staple. This Fashionista brought instant glamour and coolness to the city sidewalk.

Starting with the foundation pieces of her look, this Fashionista rocked a pair of classic, ripped black jeans with cuffed hems to set the color palette of the outfit. She then layered an olive green tank over a thin, knit, black tank to add a dose of warmth and a shot of another color to the mix. While the foundation pieces were key to the look, the main standout piece was her lightweight, cream fur coat. The fur coat was a casual touch with a hint of sophistication that elevated the whole look from simple to show stopping. While her clothing was crisp and cool, her accessories really tied the pieces together.

The Fashionista wore steel gray and white slip-on Vans on her feet, to accent the rest of her accessories. She also wore delicate silver jewelry on her hands and neck. Her silver plated necklace had the coordinates of the small beach town she called home. While her silver, midi rings also represented her love for the beach with turquoise stones and wave inspired structures. The final touch was her black, grey, and silver tortoise, cat-eye sunglasses that bore all the colors of her outfit.

My trip to New York City brought me delicious food, memories, and stylish pieces at unique stores. Most importantly it brought me a chance meeting with this amazing Fashionista. Her relaxed, cool girl style and show stopping outfit, gave me endless inspiration for the warmer months. Her ability to mix darker colors like black, olive, and grey with beachy, fun accessories was very notable. This Fashionista and her look  showed that spring weather is the perfect occasion to mix edgy pieces like ripped jeans with fabulous, fuzzy accessories like a cream fur coat!

STYLE ADVICE: Bold and Unique

It is an amazing opportunity for me to introduce to everyone an outfit that I am obsessed with from a phenomenal Fashionista. I had a chance to come back to Minnesota and visit the University of Minnesota after one year and a half moving to the West Coast. It was already March in Twin Cities, but the weather was still pretty chilly there. This late-winter outfit of a “U of M” student totally caught my attention for her glamorous and fashionable outlook.

At first glance, I wouldn’t expect this Fashionista could pull off this glamorous look elegantly like the way she did on a school day. Her edgy, yet fancy coat absolutely draws people’s attention to her outfit. It’s a black button-down jacket which has soft feather/fur attached on both sleeves and its bottom half part. Rocking this jacket lets her look just like a celebrity going to school because of its glam and attraction.

In addition, what she rocks on her feet totally amazes me. She wears a pair of black leather ankle boots with delicately designed mini studs. She revealed that they were her favorite Wendy booties in black from Gray City. There is one element that pops her entire outfit off, which is her leopard-print crossbody purse. The vibrant color of her faux fur bag lets it become a statement piece of this look. This Fashionista believes her beautiful purse, which she got from Milly, is very easy to go with almost every outfit look. Furthermore, one final piece that helps to put this entire look together is her chic and exquisite snake ring that she got from a fashion boutique in Texas. This unique ring expresses her special and personal taste through this look.

This is one of the looks that really caught my attention because of its strong impression and uniqueness. I can’t describe how much I loved her style, because I just couldn’t stop adoring her outfit. There is one thing that I have learned from this Fashionista is being fearless in selecting a school outfit. Don’t be afraid that people might stare at you; you might not know the fact that they’re staring because they’re admiring your bold and unique fashion taste.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: All Black Everything

It might be spring soon but that certainly does not mean that black is going out of style.  Especially when walking downtown with friends, there’s nothing like a black monochromatic outfit says bad and bougie or should I say bourgeois. This is the perfect outfit for a day in the city or a night out with friends.

Mixing and matching different materials when choosing a monochromatic outfit is essential. Pairing the leather skirt with a jersey top and a touch of fur worked really well. The top definitely tones down the skirt making this ensemble wearable for many occasions. This outfit could not be complete without a pair of zip-up ankle boots to make a striking yet subtle look. The whole goal is to try and look like you aren’t even trying and this Fashionista sure knows how to do that.

Thanks to the accessories, this Fashionista has a little bit of an edgy look that is a mix between city girl and biker chic. The belt and the necklace match perfectly and are the main details that turn this look into an edgier style. The belt is particularly interesting with two buckles making it unique and stand out.

Not only do the accessories give this outfit that cool girl kind of style, her high, slicked back ponytail also adds to this look. While we are on the topic of beauty let’s not forget about the makeup! This Fashionista chose light, nude colors for eyes which is a nice natural touch contrasting from her darker outfit. Although she chose a light-colored eye, she wore a bright pink lip color that complemented her eye makeup and skin tone but it also added a nice pop of color to add a more girly touch.

STYLE ADVICE: Fur-alicious

Our sparkly white runway is finally melting into green. Unfortunately, it is still not warm enough to completely shed our layers, leaving Fashionistas with the constant debate on whether or not to wear a coat.

My favorite saying tells us, “Forget the rules: if you like it, wear it.” However, I do have one rule for the spring season that answers the coat debate: wear layers! As the summer sun plays hide and seek with us, temperatures jump throughout the day. The key to this game is to have your outfit consist of light layers that can be put on and taken off, without ruining your look.

This Fashionista kills the game and does so with my favorite trend of the season: fur. She creates her look by pairing trendy pieces together and layering up to stay warm. Distressed black jeans are a perfect item to have in your wardrobe. The edgy pants can be worn in nearly every season and can be thrown on for both casual or dressed up looks. This Fashionista styled them with a classic pair of booties and simple black top. To break up the pieces, she added a belt and tied the look together with a chunky purse.

An all-black outfit is classic; however, as spring fills our runway with color, it is fun to do the same to our wardrobe. This Fashionista spiced up her look by contrasting the black pieces with a light pink fur jacket, a perfect color combination for transitioning into spring. The jacket gave the Fashionista a trendy layer to stay warm and took the look from simple to bold.

Wild and unpredictable weather definitely makes spring the trickiest season to dress for. The weather app can advise you on what to wear, but in my opinion, if you fill your spring with layers, fur, and pops of color, you’ll be set!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Mid-Winter Daydream

Everyone is excited when their birthday comes around. Deciding what to do, where to go, and how to dress. Having a birthday during the winter months can be difficult when it comes to dressing up. Temperatures can dip below 30 degrees, putting party dresses out of the equation. However, with the spike of warm weather, one could get lucky and get the opportunity to dress like it is another season. Although my birthday is in February, which is usually freezing cold, the day of my birthday outing was filled with warm weather. Instead of wearing multiple layers of clothes, I was able slay on my birthday in something less seasonal.

On this particularly warm day in February, I wore a champagne-colored crushed velvet mini dress. The dress was sleeveless, so I accompanied it with a faux fur bomber jacket. On my feet, I wore sparkling gold platform heels. I chose gold accessories to accentuate the color of my dress. I prefer to wear my hair natural, so to finish this look, I did a twist out on my hair.
I chose this outfit because it shows off my personality; I can be quite feisty, and I believe this outfit expresses such. Velvet and fur are a stylish and trendy combination, so I decided to experiment with it for my birthday. The jacket worked especially well because it cooled off as it got later into the evening, and I continued to stay warm. The heels were very comfortable, so I was able to walk around in them for a while without being in pain. Natural hairstyles look better when accompanied by hoop earrings in my opinion, which is why you will always see me wearing hoops whenever I am rocking my natural hair.
To sum things up, do not let a little cool weather keep you from looking your best on your special day. You might even get lucky and end up having a warm winter day like I did!