My All-Time Favorite Denim Jacket

Denim jackets have always been around; sometimes they are an essential piece while other times they are more of a unique piece you can add to a look. Honestly, right when denim jackets were making a comeback, I went everywhere to find a unique one. I was looking for one a little oversize and retro, but I wasn’t lucky enough. I literally looked in every single store and tried every single piece but I just couldn’t find what I was looking for.

A few months later, my oldest sister was cleaning up her closet and she had two big plastic bags sitting outside of her room full of clothes she was going to giveaway. She asked me to look inside and see if there was something I wanted to keep and so I did. I opened up one of the bags and I found this vintage denim jacket that she wouldn’t take off back in the ’90s. You cannot believe how happy I was when I found it because it was exactly what I was dreaming of. Plus, it fit perfectly and from that moment on, there is no outfit of mine that doesn’t include my all-time-favorite denim jacket.

Some of my friends were crazy about it too and looked online for my jacket thinking it was brand new, but when I told them the story, they were so disappointed.

I remember being 10 or 11 years old when I was “rocking” the denim jacket trend for the first time, but the trend faded. So now that I’m officially living in this trend, I try to wear it all the time in different and fun ways.

I have even worn it with fancy outfits at night; this sounds risky, but somehow gives my outfit an edgy vibe and I like that. Also, it has been great during this summer when it gets a little chilly at night and obviously it is going to be my go-to piece for the fall.

Even though this is my favorite denim jacket, I have found more favorites. Some skinnier and with a different tone of blue, which has helped to have a million more options to pair it with. This has also given me the chance to add patches and pins to them. Denim jackets are such a fun and huge trend and I’m so glad they are here to stay.

How do you rock your denim jacket? How far have you taken this trend? Let me know in the comments below!

How I Upgraded and Updated My Denim

Denim is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe and serves as an easy throw-on piece. Whether you’re wearing distressed jeans with a white T-shirt and Adidas sneakers or with a silk cami and heels, denim is incredibly versatile and can work with any look. Recently, however, I found myself in a style rut as I realized my tendency to throw on my favorite pair of jeans with a T-shirt every day. I didn’t want to abandon denim, but rather utilize this versatile material to change-up my look. Here’s how I did it.

First and foremost, I did my research. Fashion is a personal, individual statement, but relies on our ability to translate all the content we absorb into our own look. My starting place was to check out brands that I’ve found to be trendsetters in denim. I looked at recent campaigns and releases from Madewell, Levi’s, and Frame. From this research, I discovered not only new styles of jeans but also denim being used in atypical ways from dresses and skirts to belts and other accessories. Having been introduced to lots of new ideas and feeling quite inspired to pursue new looks, I used the little money I have as a poor college student to purchase something new, while mostly reincorporating pieces I already own to produce my new looks.

My first look was a lightweight and light wash denim jumpsuit with a front cut-out and airy, cropped legs. This outfit embodies summer weather with the light and movable nature of the material, while still looking like denim, typically known for being stiff and sturdy. This element of duality adds so much interest to this easy throw-on look.

Next, I pulled from the very back of my closet (also known as the clothing graveyard) a medium wash denim dress, more characteristic of denim due to its non-stretch nature. Although this hasn’t been a dress I’ve gravitated towards in years, when paired with a pair of trendy round, mirrored sunglasses and black suede mules, the dress takes on a new, more contemporary life.

Last, but certainly not least, I pulled out my favorite pair of denim to show how jeans can be elevated just by the use of accessories. I paired my medium wash skinny jeans with a pair of ankle-strap, cork sandals, a flowy, white silk top, and a simple updo. Simply changing my hair and shoes took an outfit from day to night and from cute to chic.

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The One-Piece Still Rules

When I think of the one-piece swimsuit, it really throws me back to those awkward middle school years when my mom thought I was too young to be prancing around in a bikini. Well—thanks to the makers of fashion—those once coveted one-pieces we all used to wear as little girls are back in full force. Personally I found it hard to hop onto this trend; I mean, who wants to be reminded of their “brace face” days and get those awful tan-lines. But soon enough, like every other trendy Instagrammer, I got on board.

Recently while shopping around and doing much stalking of all my favorite bloggers, I finally decided to hop on the wagon and buy my first one-piece suit (well…since the 4th grade…)! The one I chose is from J. Crew—with such a bold summer print I instantly knew I had to have it. The low black and spaghetti straps also give it a bit of edginess since the print is young and fun.

I paired the suit with my absolute favorite Panama Hat from J. Crew. This hat is a necessity for every fashion-lover, considering it looks good on everyone. If you are wanting to be a little less bold with your one-piece a classic stripe or fun solid color can help tone things down a bit.

Summer is coming to a close, but the warm weather will be around for a little while longer! So hurry up and go get that swimsuit that you’ve been dying to wear all summer! I can’t wait to see everyone’s favorites so make sure to tag me and @CFashionista on Instagram!

What are some of your favorite swimsuit brands this season? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Survive Summer Heat in Style

With school out of session and road trips planned, it’s time to kick off summer in style. Whether you’re spending your days at the beach working on that summer glow or exploring beautiful neighborhoods in your favorite city with your best friends, it’s important to make the most of your summer without letting the weather stop you.

This past week in Chicago has been blazing, a heat wave unique to the Midwest for the middle of July. Many spent their days lounging around rooftops or binge-watching the latest season of Orange is the New Black in the comfort of their air-conditioned apartments. The summer heat can often make it challenging to dress stylish, especially when you’re trying to avoid looking like a hot, sweaty mess, but Kenjeà—photographed above—made summer style look so effortless.

This Fashionista didn’t let the summer heat stop her from wearing this gorgeous, rose-colored maxi dress while exploring the West Loop in Chicago. This ethereal maxi is great for summer because it allows for a lot of movement with the slits on both sides, it’s perfect for a day in the city or even a trip to the beach, and that rose quartz color—how can you not be obsessed? I love that she paired it with lace-up sandals and a beautiful statement necklace, creating a look that’s simple yet chic.

Don’t let the heat intimidate your style this summer. Instead of throwing on your favorite pair of shorts and that Rolling Stones T-shirt you’ve had since high school, try a colorful maxi with these three must-have accessories for summer: a layered necklace, a radiant highlighter, and as always, a gorgeous smile. 

What is your go-to outfit for the summer? Let me know in the comments below!

The Tastiest Berry Bowl Recipe For Your Summer Snack

Looking for a healthy, yet sweet snack that will satisfy your appetite in the summer? If so, a mixed berry bowl is exactly what you need. This easy-to-make, delicious treat can replace one of your meals as a healthy option in the summertime. Prepare it for breakfast or lunch and feel good about your healthy, yet tasty decision. Not only is this mixed berry bowl full of nutrients and amazing flavor, it takes less than ten minutes to make. When you know you will not have time to make yourself breakfast in the morning (probably from hitting “snooze” too many times), you can even prepare your ingredients the night before to make it an even speedier process, all while tasting just as incredible.


  • 1 cup frozen mixed berries
  • ½ cup orange juice or almond milk
  • ¾ cup vanilla yogurt
  • ½ banana
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter, almond butter, or sunflower butter (optional)


  • ¼ cup blueberries
  • ¼ cup strawberries, blackberries, or raspberries (or a combination)
  • ½ banana, sliced
  • 2-3 scoops of granola
  • coconut shavings (optional)
  • sprinkle of chia seeds (optional)
  • a drizzle of honey

Here are the steps.

1—Combine. Combine mixed berries, orange juice or almond milk, vanilla yogurt, banana, and honey, into a blender. Then, and your choice of peanut butter, almond butter, or sunflower butter. Blend until it’s a thick, creamy texture.

2—Pour. Pour mixture into a bowl.

3—Prepare. Prepare the strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and banana by cutting them into pieces (or prepare the night before and refrigerate).

4—CustomizeCustomize the bowl by adding desired toppings.

The great thing about a mixed berry bowl is that you can customize it to your liking. Go ahead and subtract or add whatever you like! It is your chance to create based on your flavor profile. Although there can be many different variations, one thing stays the same—you are guaranteed to be feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day full of energy after this delicious snack.

Let us see what kind of mixed berry bowl you invent! Show us a photo on social media, and make sure to tag @CFashionista.

The 6-Step Workout Guide to Achieve Your Dream Summer Body

The beginning of summer we are motivated to eat healthy, workout daily, and achieve our “ideal summer body.” However, we often drift away from our fitness goals from fear of not knowing where to begin. The days of fear are behind us! Below is an easy workout guide and tips to help reach your summer fitness goals.

These six workouts can be done anywhere, anytime. Working out isn’t restricted to only the gym; these workouts can be done outside, at home, or in your hotel room on vacation! Summer is a time of traveling, but shouldn’t stand in your way of a healthy, fit, lifestyle.

To get started all you’ll need is a yoga mat, a stylish sports bra to beat the summer heat, and a swanky pair of leggings and you’re ready to start working out!

Here is the Six-Step Workout Guide

Exercise 1—30 squats, three sets

To ensure you don’t hurt your knees, stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips, pushing the weight into your heels to relieve any pressure on your knees. Make sure you squat at a 90-degree angle 30 times, take a small break in between each set and repeat twice more for best results.

Exercise 2—Planks

To achieve best results for this exercise, when holding this position place your hands directly under your shoulders, toes on the ground squeezing your glutes and engaging your core. Hold this position for 60 seconds. For a more challenging workout try side planks on each side as well!

Exercise 3—15 lunges on each leg, three sets

Lunges are a great way to tone the front and backs of your legs, however, often people don’t do them correctly. While lunging you want to keep your body straight, core engaged, step forward with one leg, and bend until both legs reach a 90-degree angle with your weight in your heels.

Exercise 4—15 push-ups, three sets

Often we fear the words “push-up,” but it’s a great exercise to target your entire body at once. Can also be done on your knees or toes as long as you complete three sets of 15 push-ups.

Exercise 5—15 glute bridges, three sets

Glute bridges are a great way to tone your core without having to do a sit up. In this position you want to lie face up to the floor, knees bent, palms pushing down on the ground and hips pushing up into the air squeezing your glutes at the top. Do 15 reps of glute bridges three times for best results.

Exercise 6—30 scissor kicks, three sets

Scissor kicks are a great exercise to reduce belly fat and tone up. The constant movement of leg motion burns calories up fast. Do 30 reps take a 30 second break, then keep going to get your dream tummy.

Starting your workout journey can be tough, and scary at first, but with the guidance of this workout guide your confidence will grow in no time!

How do you feel about this workout guide? Let us know in the comments below!

The Art of Being Authentic

In a world full of social media, we would rather share our thoughts on Twitter than express how we really feel to a friend. Posting a picture of your trip or the party that you are at on Instagram is more important than actually enjoying the moment. Being authentic and being who you really are has become more difficult nowadays.

Where does authenticity come from?

Authenticity comes from within. Some people are born with it, while others just become authentic because of the experiences they have gone through. But there is something that can make you authentic: not caring about what people think about you. When you stop caring so much, you feel confident about yourself. And authenticity comes from confidence.

Let’s be honest, how many times have you changed your outfit just because your friend/partner did not like it? Even though you loved it? Or deleted a picture on Instagram just because it did not get enough likes? That’s the problem. We care so much about how people on social media perceive us when the most important thing is how we perceive ourselves.

Yeah, sometimes it is good asking for advice or opinions when you are not sure about something, but everyone thinks differently. Thinking differently makes you authentic in a world full of wannabe people.

Being true to yourself

Dress how you want to dress, post whatever you want on social media without caring about what your friends or followers would think. Stop being harsh on yourself and embrace who you are. In the end, you need to have a good relationship with yourself, right? You are the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

What makes you authentic? Let us know in the comments below!

The ‘Gossip Girl’ Lover’s Guide to New York

Hey Fashionistas, CollegeFashionista here; your one and only source into the popular locations of ‘Gossip Girl.’

For any ‘Gossip Girl’ fan, New York City is the place to come. Anyone who has been obsessed with the show or has just binge watched the entire season (like myself), would love a glimpse into the scandalous lives of Manhattans elite’s favorite locations. Explore some of the shows most popular hot spots this summer in this ultimate ‘Gossip Girl’ guide!

Grand Central Terminal | 89 E 42nd St.“Spotted at Grand Central, bags in hand: Serena Van der Woodson.” Let’s start where it all began; The all important pilot scene is perhaps the series most memorable – Serena Van der Woodson enters Grand Central Terminal right before her unexpected return to the Upper East Side. (Season 1, Episode 1)

New York Palace Hotel | 455 Madison Ave.Home to the Van der Woodson’s – the Lotte New York Palace Hotel is an icon in the ‘Gossip Girl’ series. The moment you arrive at The Palace, you will feel like you are walking on set of ‘Gossip Girl’. The restaurant GILT was located in the hotel, and was well-known for being featured in a scene where Serena enjoys a grilled cheese sandwich with truffles. GILT is now closed.

Metropolitan Museum of Art | 1000 5th Ave.  Spotted: Mean girls versus Jenny Humphrey”. The “MET steps” is home to many of your favorite ‘Gossip Girl’ scenes. Enjoy a lunch on the steps like Blair and her minions for the ultimate GG experience. Although the show makes it seem as if the museum steps are just across the street from the school, in reality, the locations are many blocks away (25 minutes away to be exact.)

Museum of the City of New York | 1220 5th Ave.The exterior was used in the television series as the entrance to Constance Billiard School for Girls and St. Jude School for Boys – where all the gossip and scandalous drama began.

Dylan’s Candy Bar | 1011 3rd Ave.Dylan’s Candy Bar is not only the largest candy store in the world, but it is where Dan accompanies Vanessa while buying Nate an anniversary gift of sour gummy worms. (Season 2, Episode 15)

Babycakes NYC | 248 Broome St. Remember when Dan drops his Thanksgiving pies when he stops Serena from getting hit by a car? This is your stop for a sweet treat along the way! Babycakes is now Erin McKenna’s Bakery. (Season 1, Episode 9)

The Humphrey Loft | 15 Washington St. BrooklynTake a step out of Manhattan and into Lonely Boy’s world, famously known as the “loft,” home to the Humphrey’s. This scenic location was used as the exterior of the loft, while the interior can be found at 455 Water Street, Apartment #6 Brooklyn, whose exterior was not quite impressive enough.

The Archibald Townhouse | 4 E 74th St.Check out where Nate spent his childhood, before his family lost everything, and where he secretly slept when his family had nothing. Don’t try to get a glimpse of the interior though, unless you want the cops called on you by its current residents!

Empire Hotel | 44 W 63rd St.Used in later seasons after Chuck Bass decides to invest in the hotel, after cashing out his share in Bass Industries. Not to mention it’s an actual New York City hotel you can stay in and offers GG themes cocktails!

Henri Bendel | 712 5th Ave.Remember the scene where Blair was dreaming of her “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” worst nightmare? Dream no more, the famous Henri Bendel store on Fifth Avenue is where it all took place! Henri Bendel is a favorite shopping destination on ‘Gossip Girl’– many dresses and accessories used on the show come from here, including both S and B’s prom dresses.

Barrio Chino | 253 Broome St.Barrio Chino is a featured location on ‘Gossip Girl’ during a flashback scene where Serena stumbles out of a bar on Thanksgiving and bumps into Lonely Boy. (Season 1, Episode 9)

Bethesda Terrace | 72 Terrace Dr. One scene we were unsure was going to come, but waited for season after season: Chuck and Blair say ‘I Do’ in the series finale. This scene was shot at the beautiful Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, which was home to many other scenes throughout the series. (Season 6, Episode 10)

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Summer Florals

The warm weather has finally arrived, and it’s time to pack away all the jackets, and bring out the bright florals. The sun is out longer, the days are warmer, and it’s time to start working on that tan. Florals are definitely my go-to piece in the summer because they reflect that it’s a bright, happy time of year.

This Fashionista really went for that floral look by wearing a matching two piece set. The floral top can be worn two different ways. It can be worn how this Fashionista styled it, or it can be worn off the shoulder. This Fashionista could have chosen a different pair of bottoms to wear, but I love how she paired it with the matching bottoms. I think matching sets are the perfect summer look because they’re very effortless, but still show that you tried. I also enjoy two piece sets because they are very versatile and can be mixed and matched.

Chokers are very in this season. I love how she paired this look with a very simple choker so it wouldn’t take away from the outfit. This Fashionista purchased her choker from Charlotte Russe, but different styles of chokers can be purchased at almost any retail store. I personally think chokers are a great styling piece because they’re so versatile. Chokers can go from being bold and elegant to small and simple, which is why they can be worn with almost any outfit. 

She finished off this look with a cute pair of open toed chunky heels. This was a perfect way to dress up the outfit, while also still keeping it simple and effortless. The chunky heel makes the shoes a lot more comfortable and easier to walk in. This is the perfect outfit for going out to brunch with friends or a day trip into the city.

Are you following the floral trend? Let me know in the comments below and tag @Cfashionista in your posts.

Trend Alert—Fishnet Is Your Friend

With summer upon us, it can be easy to settle into a uniform of shorts and a top. While surely all of us will be donning those staples from time to time, adding a little flair to your summer ensemble can help you stand out and look extra on-trend. Cue fishnet. From Instagram models to stylists, fishnet is becoming a chic and modern way to add contrast to an outfit. This versatile trend is spreading fast, so whether you prefer a dressed down look with jeans and sneakers or an edgy way to amp up a look for a night out, fishnet gives you an instant cool-factor. Check out three ways to rock this sensational, easy trend!

fishnet mom jeans

1—Fishnets and jeans. Pairing fishnet tights with jeans is an easy but unique way to get a trendy look for those days when going casual is a must. Try pairing fishnet tights with high-waisted mom jeans for an understated yet surprising ensemble. For a grungier look, pair a cropped band T-shirt with some heeled booties or go more feminine with a cropped off-the-shoulder top and a choker. You can even rock these with some denim shorts and a relaxed sweatshirt.

fishnet off-the-shoulder

This Fashionista paired her fishnet with a cropped, off-the-shoulder black top and a gold choker.

2—Fishnets and sneakers. If you want a look that’s casual but functional, opt for the simple but fun fishnet socks. Slipping this little detail on with a pair of Adidas Superstars, Converse, or even mules can give your whole outfit an extra flair while remaining practical and simplistic. Pair with some cropped and frayed jeans or opt for rolled up mom jeans for a relaxed look that is perfect for summer!

fishnet sneakers

This Fashionista paired hers with Adidas Superstar sneakers and cropped denim shorts.

3—Fishnets and heels.  Slipping some fishnet socks or tights underneath a good pair of heels and a dress can vamp up an otherwise ordinary going-out ensemble. Try wearing ankle-buckling heels or simple black pumps with your go-to little black dress for a timeless yet en vogue look.

Go all-out with sky-high black heels like this Fashionista did or keep it comfortable with heeled booties.

Whether you want to go casual or play dress up, the fishnet trend has you covered! It’s sure to add a feminine, chic pop to your look. For an easy, year-round way to enhance any ensemble, fishnet is your new go-to.

Can you think of new ways to rock the fishnet trend? Comment below or tag us @Cfashionista on social!