WHAT TO WEAR: Girl’s Night Out

Sometimes getting dressed in the morning is a struggle when you know you will have to wear the same outfit all day and into the night. If you have school, work, and plans with the girls later, going casual with your outfit for the day is key. If you know you will not have time to go home and change, all you need to do is throw a pair of heels and a statement necklace into your bag for later and you’re golden.

This Fashionista’s romper is perfect to modify from day to night. She chose to wear a black romper with lace detailing on the sleeves. While a romper is a casual piece, it is an easy piece to dress up. Her loose curls and “my lips but better” lip color choice keep this look on the more casual side for the day time.

This Fashionista chose to wear a pair of deep red heels that not only dresses up the romper, but also add a classy element to the look. Her stone necklace adds an elegant flare and is perfect to wear during the day and into the night.

While this Fashionista chose to wear heels during the day, you can always swap them out for a cute pair of ballet flats or even a pair of lace-up sandals with a smaller heel. If it gets chilly at night, you can also add an oversize blazer to keep you warm while still keeping the look classy and elegant.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to pop on a red lip to complete the look for the night. A liquid lipstick is perfect since it is made to stay in place for hours. And there you have it, nobody will ever have to know you didn’t have time to go home and change for the night.

WHAT TO WEAR: Don’t Mesh Around

With the warm weather coming and going, at least here in Ohio, switching your wardrobe from winter to spring can be difficult. One day it’s 70 degrees and the next day it’s snowing, so learning how to pair both seasons together can be challenging, but this Fashionista is here to help!

Even though it’s on its way, spring (which means pastels) doesn’t mean ditching the black and neutrals because we all know black is the best color. This Fashionista took full advantage of this by rocking the all-black look for a night out. She paired her classic high-waisted black jeans with a black mesh body suit which are both trending right now. She then topped it all off with an olive green bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are perfect for any occasion on a breezy day, whether it’s running errands or going out to dinner. They are lightweight and a key staple piece to your wardrobe. Wearing all-black can be risky, so the pop of olive green ties the outfit together, and is my favorite part of her outfit.

When it comes to accessories, she kept it very cool and simple. The black velvet choker complements her black suede booties for that dressy, effortless look. By adding the choker and booties, it dresses up the outfit, making it perfect for a weekend night out with the girls.

Who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up? I know I find any reason to get all dolled up, and so should you! With the nice weather coming, a night out with the girls is the perfect answer to anything. This Fashionista is guaranteed to turn heads with this edgy, yet simple look.

WHAT TO WEAR: Back to the Trendy Basics

Everybody loves a girls’ night out, and if you’re anything like me, you take hours getting ready and trying to find the perfect outfit. It’s stressful finding the right outfit and you’re always thinking, “what is everyone else going to wear?” and “what if I’m over or under dressed?” It’s even more stressful knowing you’re going to take a million pictures. My first piece of advice, a quote that I live by, is, “You can never be overdressed or over educated.” My second piece of advice is to wear something that expresses who you are while being comfortable. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all bought a pair of those super cute heels that we try to wear out even though we know they are way too tall!

This Fashionista is dressed and ready to go for her GNO. She chose to go with a basic, but trendy look that is very comfortable. Bless the designer who designed bodysuits in the ’80s, and even more praise to the designer who brought them back and, in my personal opinion, made them much more appealing for today’s trends. While they might be just as much of a pain as rompers are when it comes to having to use the restroom, I think we can all agree it’s much more comfortable and easier than tucking shirts in. Now to go back to this Fashionista’s GNO look, she chose to wear the oh-so-trendy lace-up body suit from Forever 21, paired with leather leggings from Express. I love the striped pattern on the bodysuit paired with the sleek look that the leather leggings have. She topped off the look with lace-up heels to tie in the lace-up from the bodysuit.

I love how her look was basic, not over accessorized at all, and very affordable. I promise it’s okay to leave the choker at home every once in a while, and stick with the trendy basics!

WHAT TO WEAR: Galentine’s Day Date

February is often seen as the month of love, and I see that as an opportunity to show all of my relationships some extra attention and love. I decided to hit State Street with some of my friends for a Galentine’s date night. This article is all about getting dressed up for yourself, feeling good, and celebrating with your best friends. Whether you go to dinner, hit the town, or spend the night watching movies, this holiday about having fun and celebrating your relationships.

For this date night, dinner at a trendy new sushi place, this Fashionista picked out a fun and sexy outfit. She decided to wear a soft gray maxi dress with a high slit and high-heeled snake skin mid-calf boots, all tied together with a small clutch. She kept her makeup light and easy, wearing a bold and deep red lip, and wore her hair straight, yet still wild. This outfit is perfect for a girl’s date night because it’s all about keeping simple and sexy. It has the perfect amount of bold and understated beauty.

Valentine’s Day has a big history and sometimes a lot of negative connotation for being a hallmark holiday. However, I find that over the years Valentine’s Day has evolved a lot. People have began promoting a lot of self-love, as well as love for our friends and families, not just our romantic relationships. So, instead of throwing a pity party for anti-Valentine’s Day, go ahead and celebrate all of your important and healthy relationships, and always add a little bit of style when you do.

STYLE ADVICE: Looking Good for Yourself

As some say (or the single ones say), Valentine’s Day is just another hallmark holiday created for people to waste money on chocolates, roses, and cheesy cards. Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t all that bad though, if anything the single should celebrate being single. Nothing screams happily single more than Netflix and chilling all by yourself with a box of chocolates by your side.
No one needs a significant other in their life on February 14 to make them feel special. I have found that I am happier spending the day with friends. “Galentine’s” day is better than the original Valentine’s Day, if you ask me. After all, what is better than a bunch of girls getting together to overeat, give each other makeovers, and watch sappy romances on Netflix? Way better than waiting around for a boy to buy you roses!
My friends and I are obsessed with makeup (we call it ‘beating our faces’). So, this “Galentine’s” Day, we got dolled up for ourselves. Pictured, is a makeup look my RAD friend created on herself. The look she is wearing is a soft look that gives winter vibes. The color on her lips really gives it that extra pop to make you want to look further into the look. This Fashionista is wearing cosmetics from brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Colourpop, Urban Decay, Too Faced, and Tarte. Along with her amazing makeup look, she decided to wear something more casual, but still stylish looking. She is pictured wearing a sand colored sweater, black leggings, and black booties that are super cute.
So what are you waiting for? Grab a bunch of your girlfriends and plan a “Galentine’s” day/night! Don’t forget your makeup bag and camera!


As a girl who lives in New York City, finding what to wear to go out can be a hassle. It all depends on if I’m walking or taking a cab to my destination. If I’m taking the subway, I’m wearing flats to save me the embarrassment, but if I’m taking a Uber I’ll most definitely wear heels. Uber is a mobile app cab service that people use nationwide to get themselves cabs.

In the photos above I’m dressed in an opened toe, low heel shoes because I’m taking an Uber to my destination. Based on my observations females who live in Brooklyn or the Bronx from the age group 18 and older are unable to walk in particular heeled shoes for the whole night. So they’ll buy designer sneakers such as Giuseppe, Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Prada or Louis Vuitton so they’ll be more comfortable. They’ll wear them with distressed jeans or a nice bodycon dress that will complement the shoe. Although I am from Brooklyn, I have a different type of style, and I wouldn’t wear a pair of designers sneakers with a bodycon dress.

After I figured out what I was wearing on my feet, the next step is to think about what outfit I want to wear for the evening. If I’m going to a club or a party I usually wear a cute, sexy midi bodycon skirt with a beautiful blouse or crop top. But if I’m going to an event such as a fashion show, a small gathering, or a rap concert, I will wear something stylish and comfortable. In the photos above I was going to a fashion exhibition on 28th street so I decided to wear a long sleeve denim shirt from H&M with distressed light blue jeans from Necessary Clothing and a shearling coat from Topshop. This outfit is considered a semi-casual but also stylish look.

WHAT TO WEAR: Night Out on the Town

When it comes to occasions, there are certain outfits and styles that work better than others. This particular outfit is perfect for an array of occasions. It is more of a dressed up look than a casual one. While it could work for class or just meeting a friend for lunch, this outfit is perfect for a date night or a night out with the girls. It is casual but is still classy.

Let’s break down her look. She is wearing a pair of black skinny jeans. This is an item every girl should have in her closet, because black skinny jeans are great for every occasion. She wears a black-and-white flowery top. Since the jeans are close-fitting, adding the loose-fitting top is the ultimate combination. With a lot of black and white, a bit of color will make the outfit pop. She then adds a red jacket to add some color. The jacket, along with the shirt, make the outfit more formal. The jacket also makes the outfit more edgy. To make this outfit complete for her night out, she adds a pair of heeled booties and a black purse.

Who doesn’t love a night out? Any time I find an excuse to dress up, I dress up. With Valentine’s Day in February, this month is filled with excuses. This look is perfect for a night out with friends or a date with a special someone. Along with the cute outfit, her hair and makeup is done to complete the look. She is sure to turn heads no matter where she goes!

WHAT TO WEAR: G.N.O. Edition

As Carrie Bradshaw said, “When life gets confusing, sometimes there’s only one thing to do: Attend a fabulous party.”

Preach it, Carrie. As 20-somethings with jam-packed schedules, constantly studying, working, and always on the go, life starts to feel like a game of keeping up with the chaos. Monday mornings blur together with Tuesdays, next we conquer the Wednesday hump, then advance to Thursday, and finally, all of a sudden, life slows down for just a second. It’s Friday night. It’s time for a night out on the town with the girls.

Picture this: all the gals together at a posh venue, dressed to the nines, chatting, laughing, gossiping, dining on sushi, and sipping cosmopolitans. For just that night, the stress of school, work, and that confusing life, vanishes. Cheers to the relief and the thrill of a G.N.O.

Wondering about what to wear for this Friday night out on the town? What is dressing to the nines? What are the fashion do’s and don’ts of a G.N.O.?

Do play dress up! A girl’s night out is the perfect excuse to wear that metallic silver or jet black leather top that is hanging in the wardrobe, just begging for a night out on the town. Pay homage to your inner Kate Moss with fishnet stockings layered underneath distressed boyfriend jeans. To accessorize, carry a spiked and studded clutch, channeling Lady Gaga’s ultra bedazzled Super Bowl ensemble. What’s dressing up without fishnets, feathers, metallic, or sparkles? We are all born superstars, right?

Do take a fashion risk. You may be skeptical to add the white shaggy faux fur coat over top the bold, trendy tank if this were a date night. Mix and match textures, patterns, and striking color palettes. Plus, you will not have to worry about towering over a date, so finish off the outfit with sky-high stilettos or chunky heel booties, and stand tall. All pressure is off since tonight is just the gals. No need to fret if your look is too casual, too fancy, or too outrageous.

Don’t show up in a suit, blouse, or any business or professional attire that screams, “Came from the office.” Remember that it’s Friday, and your work life is separate from your personal life!

Don’t carry with you any baggage. All the essentials will fit perfectly in a dainty clutch; I.D., cash, cell phone, and lipstick. Forget the tote bag, leave the laptop, turn off all email notifications, and mentally switch yourself to weekend mode. Try to minimize scrolling social media, texting, excess snapchatting, and any other use of technology. Really, the only time you need the cell phone is to capture pictures with your entourage… to later upload to Instagram, of course.

Do party on! Take Carrie Bradshaw’s advice: Attend a fabulous party.

Is it Friday yet?

WHAT TO WEAR: Friday Night Fun

Friday nights. They’re the night we look forward to all week, they’re usually filled with fun, friends, and fantastic fashion. But, sometimes picking out the perfect cute and comfortable outfit can be tricky. That’s why when I saw this Fashionista’s killer look, I knew it would be the perfect example on how to be casual and comfy, while still looking killer.

The secret to picking out an outfit like this one is having a statement piece. One part of the outfit that really pops out from the rest of the garments keeps you looking interesting while still being casual and not too overdressed. This Fashionista’s statement piece is her plaid shirt. The plaid pattern is mostly black and white, but it has some subtle hints of red that adds a nice little pop of color. The shirt is also off-the-shoulder, which gives her look a hint of playfulness and emphasizes that she’s ready for some fun! The drape of her shirt flows and is fun, which gives her outfit another cute detail. I absolutely love how cute and simple her over the shoulder crop is, I might just have to go buy one myself!

Now, the rest of her outfit is all the same color, black. This can be something that makes the outfit lose its effect, but this Fashionista made sure to incorporate it in a way that kept the outfit looking fresh and exciting. The skinny jeans give her a slim, tall silhouette that really makes her look like a rock star. Plus, black skinny jeans are so in right now. Her shoes, while simple, are a very nice touch to this outfit. The heeled booties are a trend that does not go out of style, and they are still comfortable enough to walk in on a night out. The black velvet choker is an extremely hot item right now, because you can wear it with almost any look and you instantly become edgy. Finally, her bag is an amazing detail to the outfit. Not only is it a fabulous bag on its own, but it’s also a Michael Kors. A black MK bag will forever be in style and extremely gorgeous. And it will add a fabulous touch to any look you want to pair it with.

WHAT TO WEAR: A Night Out with the Gals

It’s February, and that means Galentine’s is coming up! No, not Valentine’s Day, but Galentine’s Day—a day to celebrate your gal pals and friends. Some of you may have wanted to celebrate this holiday with your friends but haven’t thought about what to wear to this celebration. Have no fear, I have some great advice this month from this chic Fashionista.

Now, here is a little background on Galentine’s Day for those of you who have not heard of it. It occurs on February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day. This day is celebrated with your best friends—usually your gal pals, but everyone is welcome (check out Parks and Rec for more info). You can go out with your friends or stay in for a more relaxed night. But, what ever you do for Galentine’s Day, you want to make sure you look your best (you know you will be posting this on Instagram). This Fashionista picked a cheetah print bodysuit paired with black skinny jeans, a distressed jean jacket, and black ankle boots. For a pop of color, she went with a burgundy lip stain. This is the perfect outfit for a night on the town with the girls or a relaxed get together.

As you pick your outfit for your Galentine’s Day get together, think about what is comfortable and stylish. A bodysuit is perfect because no matter how much dancing you do your shirt will not get untucked. Now, since it is February, it’s still cold out, so throw on a hip jacket to add some flair to the outfit. This Fashionista distressed and bleached her own jean jacket to give it a personal touch. To finish the outfit off, pick a pair of comfortable bottoms. Whether that’s your favorite pair of skinny jeans or a rad skirt, make sure to pick what is true to your style. This day is all about celebrating you and your friends, so wear an outfit that expresses you. Let us know what you wear this Galentine’s Day and tag CollegeFashionista in your photos!