3 Colors You Should Try If You Only Wear Black and White

If you’re anything like me, black and white are staples in your closet. They are your daily uniform in your anything but drab life.  To others, it seems somber and unexciting, but let me tell you, when you find that perfect pair of white linen pants to go with that flirty black top you’ve been dying to wear, no outfit can make you feel inferior.  But what’s a girl to do when her beloved black and white ensembles don’t fit the occasion? Well Fashionistas, that’s what I’m here to help you with.


Navy will always be my favourite black alternative.  It’s a very versatile color but also gives just the right amount of depth and interest without looking too flat.  It’s one of the closest colors to black so you still get the elegance factor of the dark hue but will keep you a little cooler in the spring and summer months!  As pictured above, a navy jumpsuit is the perfect addition to every brunch-loving Fashionista’s closet! Mimosa, anyone?


Bright colors tend to scare me off so this next color is an excellent pink alternative.  Pastel pinks have been a major trend this year, but if you aren’t into that type of intensity, Quarry is your best bet!  Quarry can be described as a washed out, pastel pink with a gray undertone.  It is very light and pairs greatly with all the other lovely white and black pieces you already have.  Personally, I love styling this knitted top with a crisp pair of white shorts or pants to really capture the true tone of the color while also keeping it light and clean.


Gray has become so popular amongst home design experts, so it’s only natural that it’s peaked its head in the fashion world.  This all-round shade has made its way into my closet a few times now and it’s starting to become one of my favourite staple shades (especially in this blouse).  Because of its variety of intensities and undertones, anyone can find the perfect gray to complement their style.

Do you have a color suggestion for all of us committed black and white Fashionistas? Comment below!

STYLE ADVICE: Breaking Old Fashion Rules

When I was younger, I remember my mother was always following the “fashion rules.” She didn’t wear white after Labor Day, she didn’t mix prints, and she matched her bags with her shoes. The one rule that stuck with me for the longest time was not mixing black or gray with brown. Growing up, I would never mix these neutrals and thought the fashion icons would look down on me and scorn me if I did. As the rules started to change, I slowly eased away from them and broke out into my own style. To this day, I’m still not quite confident in mixing browns with other neutral colors. Fortunately, I found a Fashionista who has become my new inspiration as she effortlessly mixed gray, black, and brown.

This Fashionista stuck with the staple pieces and is wearing a nice pair of ripped, black jeans and a black leather jacket. Since these two pieces are black, they elongate her height while still looking relaxed. For her gray tones, she has a low cut shirt that adds a touch of softness to counter the jacket. Her socks have thick stripes that add dimension. She brings in hints of brown with smaller details including the brown combat booties and leather choker. Her styling has created a perfectly balanced outfit that breaks the old fashion rules.

This outfit is perfect for an everyday basis. The ripped jeans and brown boots keep it casual for running errands, going to class, or meeting up with some friends to study. The jacket and choker add a trendy edge, giving the whole outfit a unique look. Clearly, it is possible to be on trend while also breaking some old fashion rules.

I hope this look can inspire you to break some of your own fashion guidelines and step out of your comfort zone. Some rules are meant to be broken!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Silver Touches for Spring

It’s already time for transition season again, Fashionista/os! In New York City, March temperatures can range from the chilling 30s up through beautiful 60s, making it the ultimate month for “weather confused” outfits. If you’re anything like me, part of you wants to cling to your cozy winter sweaters while the other part wants to debut your spring wardrobe and finally show some skin. In either case, dressing for class or a day out during this time of year can prove to be difficult as we make the transition from winter to spring.

This Fashionista has nailed the perfect outfit for this month filled with unpredictable weather. This off-the-shoulder sweater is a great top option for March as it keeps you warm while still showing some skin! If you find it too warm for a chunky sweater, try opting for a tight, stretchy cotton off-the-shoulder top to pair with your skirt. The black corduroy skirt adorned with silver buttons is an adorable touch that is a great choice for this time of year. Black suede over-the-knee boots are a classic way to polish off the look. With warm weather on the horizon, this Fashionista is taking advantage of her last chances to rock these boots in the chilly weather.

The many silver touches in this look are sleek and cohesive, serving as a nice complement to the black and gray tones of her outfit. As shown above, this Fashionista chose to rock silver buttons on her skirt, alongside an array of silver jewelry including a watch, rings, bracelets, and a simple necklace. Because all of these pieces are of the same shade of silver, they do not clash and look sophisticated paired together. She completes her look with a crossbody bag in this spring’s hottest shade: blush pink.

Despite the unpredictable NYC weather lately, this Fashionista has paired the perfect pieces with silver details to create an adorable spring transition look. Her outfit full of cool tones has an ultra-chic vibe, and dainty touches of silver are tastefully stacked alongside a pop of color with her bag. Though you may find it difficult to dress during in between seasons, just remember that combining unique silhouettes, such as the miniskirt and off-the-shoulder top above, with cohesive accessories will always make for a stylish look!

STYLE ADVICE: Girl on the Go

College students are now more career obsessed than ever. This is especially true for those of us who are wanting to get a foot in the door in the fashion industry. Running around campus for class and the city for internships, even during our free time we’re busy looking for locations to shoot outfit pictures. With her hair up in a high bun, I spotted today’s Fashionista wearing an outfit perfect for the girl on the go.

This Fashionista wears a mixed media waterfall coat as the main focus of her look. The gray and olive tones make a great alternative to the usual black that most people own. The leather sleeves add some edge and the oversize draped collar gives the coat character. Waterfall coats can look flirty when worn open in the front or more sophisticated when tied with the belt.

Underneath she wears a simple olive green T-shirt with solid black leggings. On her feet she sports her favorite pair of Everlane slip-ons. Black slip-ons are another great alternative to the classic ballet flat and are super comfortable for every day. The pointed toe gives a trendier look while the white foam soles create a subtle athleisure vibe. For accessories, this Fashionista keeps it simple with a black choker and oversize glasses.

The next time you have a busy day ahead of you, throw on a statement coat and a chic pair of shoes to stay comfortable and still look put together. Leather slip-ons will allow you to walk for hours and a gorgeous coat will make sure you look great doing anything. Throw your hair up, put a pair of glasses on, and get work done!

BEAUTY BAR: Snow Day Smokey

As a child, the best part about the snow was always the possibility of a day filled with sledding, snowmen, and most importantly, no school. Once you get to college, you’re more than likely going to be found wrapped up in the comfort of blankets, pajamas, and hot chocolate in your dorm room when those snow days actually roll around. But when the last snowstorm hit, this Fashionista had another idea.

Instead of spending the day binge watching her favorite Netflix series, she took the extra time to play around with makeup and ended up creating this sultry yet subtle smokey eye that was perfect for this winter day. She smoked out her classic wing and lined her waterline in a dark blue for a twist on a classic look.The pop of glitter on her eyelids glistened just like the fresh coat of snow, which was a nice touch. Can one really go wrong when it comes to glitter, though? She finished off the classic look with a bold lip in order to tie it all together. To recreate this twist on a classic, try using gel eyeliner or eyeshadow for your wing so that it is easier to smoke out. You could also try intensifying this smokey eye by adding darker eyeshadow to help transition from day to night.

To complete the look, this Fashionista decided to go for an outfit with lots of layers in order to keep herself warm, yet still stylish. By adding a pair of black tights, she was able to introduce her favorite summer dress to the snow. Opting for the dress also allowed her to showcase her Japanese socks, which not only perfectly framed her outfit with gray accents but had an inspirational message for onlookers to appreciate. A chunky scarf and beanie also topped the list of this Fashionista’s snow day essentials.

The next time Mother Nature decides to surprise you with a day off from classes, think twice about spending the day in front of your laptop. Instead, take the time to do the things that you wouldn’t normally have much time for like reading a book or revamping your makeup routine for a new go-to look.

STYLE ADVICE: Monochrome Never Monotone

As young men and women of the 21st century, we have all been influenced in some way by the Kardashians. After stepping onto the fashion scene in 2007, we have been blessed with their fabulous outfits and watched very closely on Keeping Up with the Kardashians as their styles have evolved and (thankfully) matured. While some of us might not like to admit it, but we have all looked in our closets at least once and have asked ourselves, “What would Kim Kardashian wear?” That must be what this Fashionista did before picking out this super cute ensemble. The Kardashians are notorious for wearing monochromatic outfits from all-white couture on the red carpet to lounging in all black workout outfits. And kudos to the Kardashians because they can rock these looks like no one else can.

Taking a page out of Kim K’s book, this Fashionista wore a comfy, cable knit, gray sweater from Nordstrom and paired it with ripped, black jeans. She completed the look with suede, heeled booties because the Kardashians are never above wearing heels at all times. Seeing this poncho styled this way with the black jeans inspired me to try pairing more dark pieces together. It looks more chic now than punk rock–which I used to think. And wearing all one color is now totally acceptable, as one of my often go-to outfits consist of all-black pieces.

So my advice to all of the Fashionistas out there is don’t be afraid to show your dark side. We all have one, so bring it out and pair it with a fabulous accessory. And when taking photos for your daily #ootd Instagram or Snapchat post, use a bright background, like this super cool graffiti-covered pier. The bright colors of the graffiti make the dark colors in the outfit pop a little and not look so bland. So the next time you are struggling to pick out an outfit, just think “What would a Kardashian wear?” and you will have your outfit.

STYLE ADVICE: Just a Pop of Color

Neutrals are a must in everyone’s closet! Whether you are going to class or going out for the night, neutral colors always end up in an outfit somehow. It allows you to style your outfit in your own unique way and even add a little pop of color to spice it up!

This kind of outfit is my go-to; a simple sweater, your favorite jeans, booties, and a hint of color is the way to go. This Fashionista decided to pair a gray turtleneck sweater with a classic pair of black ripped jeans. For shoes, she wore a pair of comfy, black zip-up booties. Booties are really in right now and an easy way to tie your outfit together. It gives you the, “It looks like I tried, but I really didn’t” look and I’m really loving that at the moment!

Now for the fun part: a pop of color! This Fashionista chose to add a maroon floppy hat to add a little extra to her outfit. You can add a pop a color to your outfit in so many ways, such as a fun pair of shoes, statement piece jewelry, or in this case, a super stylish hat. This gives you the opportunity to show who you are through your outfit and how unique you are. This Fashionista also kept her jewelry fairly simple by adding a few rings and a couple of bracelets.

Getting ready in the morning can be much more fun than you think. Being able to put together an outfit that shows who you are is so intriguing to me. Now go to your closet, pick out a top and bottom, and add a little pop of color with your shoes or accessories! Get creative and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone a little bit. Be bold, stand out, and have fun with your outfit!


Creating a fashionable look is quite literally “all in the details” (no pun intended). The way a Fashionista puts her pieces together can make or break the outfit. It is important to pay attention to subtle details like lip color or buckles on your shoes in order to tie an outfit together.

The trend of mixing gray and gold has been on the rise in interior decorating and has now transferred over to the fashion industry. This Fashionista did a perfect job of mixing the two colors. She perfectly accessorized with gold accessories. Instead of using an overbearing gold statement necklace, this Fashionista went with a subtle rectangular bar pendant necklace. The pairing of this necklace with a gold-cased, diamond stud makes the gold pop. Her heather gray ribbed turtleneck is also downplayed by the navy blue vest. Her solid gray frost boots do, however, bring out the darker shades of gray on top.

The great thing about this look is that the eye is drawn down the body because the gold accents create a continuous line. The gold buttons on the pockets of the vest as well as the gold zipper create the perfect combination laying over the gray turtleneck. The gray boots are also accented by bronze buckles, but when paired in combination with the gold accessories, they have a more golden hue. This Fashionista accessorized with gold literally from head-to-toe and rocked it!

This Fashionista’s lip color also matches her nails. This adds a pop of color to contrast the cooler tones of the rest of her outfit. The combination of the warm tones from her lipstick and nail color and gold accessories soften the look. Always pay attention to the details because those are the factors that guide someone’s eye when they see a Fashionista’s outfit. Remember, the key to mixing gold and gray is keeping accessories subtle.

WHAT TO WEAR: Church Casual

Every Sunday at 11 a.m., Washington State University students have the opportunity to attend church on campus. It is the perfect timing because we have time to sleep in a little later, eat breakfast, and dress up a little. This girl never disappoints by what she wears.

I am partial to floral everything. I feel as if floral never goes out of style, no matter what season it is. Her skirt especially stands out because of its neutral tones. When shopping for floral, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Go for a long skirt, an off-the-shoulder top, or an oversize scarf that envelops your shirt.

You can almost never go wrong when pairing neutrals with neutrals, and this is no exception. Gray, brown, and black can easily look good together. In this look they are spaced out perfectly. Her gray sweater on top allows her beautiful face to stand out, the brown belt brings her tiny frame in, and the boots lengthen her legs.

Long socks under combat boots are a trendy way to finish off this outfit. For a little more detail, she added large earrings to frame her face. Long, silver earrings are my go-to accessory, and I always notice when others take this trend into effect.

As for hair, waves are typically an easy style to achieve (especially for long haired girls). For a less wavy style, smooth mousse into hair and tie it into a loose, wet bun overnight. For tighter waves, smooth mousse into hair and tie it into two tighter wet buns overnight. In the morning, take the buns out and gently blow-dry. And bam, a casual church outfit is achieved.

STYLE ADVICE: Layering Without Sacrificing

Oh, winter! The season that seems to always limit the outward expression of our style with heavy, unflattering outerwear and clunky snow boots, however the cold season doesn’t necessarily have to bring fashion restraints. Thanks to the rise of puffer coats, faux furs, and beanies, you can easily display your style personality during those dreaded frigid temperatures. But if you live in the Midwest it sometimes seems like you experience all four seasons in one day, last week it was 32 degrees in the morning and 60 degrees by noon, which in that case layering is the ideal style strategy. That is exactly what this Fashionista did with her ensemble when I caught her walking home from campus.

She effortlessly layers a knit oversized turtleneck on top of a pleated metallic midi skirt. Her sweater is the perfect thickness for chilly days. If you want to replicate her look, but you’re in a geographic location with extremely cold temperatures, simply add an additional layer to the look. Experiment with different pieces to add contrast. For example, a cropped puffer coat would add warmth, be aligned with the latest trends, and make the rest of the outfit visible. I can’t forget to talk about how incredible this Fashionista’s accessories are. Her royal blue booties are life, and add an unexpected splash of color that matches her keychain fur ball perfectly.

This look is a triple threat. It keeps our Fashionista cozy for the weather, it beautifully displays current trends I’ve seen walking down the runway during fashion month, and it shows personal style that can be built upon with additional layers. If you feel like you’re running out of cold weather options this winter, or you’re bored with the “winter uniform,” of black leggings, L.L. Bean boots, and a long black puffer coat, shake up your style by layering pieces in your wardrobe. You won’t only be the chicest Fashionista on campus, but you’re sure to feel as good as you look heading into midterms!