All the Outfits to Wear This Recruitment Season

With formal recruitment right around the corner, many girls wonder what they should wear for this important week. Outfits are crucial for recruitment because it gives active members in each chapter the first impression on every girl that they talk to. Wearing cute shoes or a sparkly necklace can make girls more memorable. Of course, outfits are not everything, but it is important to have a guide as to what to wear each day. I will be explaining what most girls wear throughout formal recruitment, and will also be giving tips and tricks for this amazing week.

At San Diego State University, the outfits get progressively fancier as the week goes on. On the first day, a popular outfit that I saw was ruffled shorts, floral off-the-shoulder tops, and sandals. Many girls wear rompers, jean skirts, and a nice top. It is also fine to wear a simple dress on this day as well. The active members in the chapters will be wearing jeans or shorts so it is fine to dress more casual. I would recommend saving your fancy outfits for the end of the week.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

As the days go on, girls wear wedges instead of sandals and classy dresses instead of jean skirts. On the third and fourth days, I saw long sleeve rompers, brown wedges, floral flare out dresses, and gold jewelry. The last night of formal recruitment is Preference Night and this is the fanciest day. You should be bringing out the most formal dress in your closet for this night. A royal blue dress with nude high heels would be a perfect outfit for the last day.

PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

It is important to remember that the outfits for recruitment should be classy and put together. Also, make sure that your shoes are comfortable to walk in. You will be standing in these shoes for long periods of time in all of the houses. Bring flip-flops or sandals with you for walking in between houses since they can be far from each other. I would also recommend bringing a makeup bag and body spray to touch up in between events.

Formal recruitment can be a stressful time for everyone, but in the end, you will find which chapter you truly belong in. Outfits for recruitment may vary from person to person, but it is always important to stay true to yourself and to still show your unique fashion style. I hope this article helps out anyone who is preparing for formal recruitment in the upcoming weeks. Best of luck, and I hope all of your sorority and recruitment wishes come true!

Have you gone through formal recruitment? What did you wear? Let me know in the comments below! 

Featured photo by Maddy Haller.

Should I Rush a Sorority?: My Recruitment Experience

Hey, high school grads! Summer may have just started, but fall is approaching quickly. For some colleges, that means sorority recruitment time. Recruitment is an incredibly stressful time, as I’m sure you’ve all heard, but it is an incredibly rewarding experience. Some of you may be wondering if sorority life is right for you, and I’m here to help you out by letting you in on my experience.

My freshman year of college was a whirlwind of experiences and memories. I was homesick, but schoolwork had me busy. I began my first year of college cheerleading, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I had time for a sorority. I attend Miami University, a school where Greek life is incredibly prominent. If you walk through the center of campus without seeing a set of Greek letters, then you must be dreaming. I always thought that sorority life wasn’t for me, until the end of my first semester came around.

At Miami, sorority recruitment begins the weekend after winter break, so students have a chance to get used to college life for a semester before dedicating themselves to something as big as a sorority. So, about a week before the deadline closed, I made a spontaneous decision to sign up for recruitment. I went through three out of four rounds, had narrowed my choices down from eighteen to five, and was not feeling into the process anymore. I just didn’t feel like I fit into any of the last sororities I was considering, and the process was very emotional and stressful. So I dropped the rush process and spent the rest of my freshman year focusing on school and cheerleading. However, this was a decision I came to regret on my should have-been bid day, as I watched all my friends get their top picks and have a really exciting experience. I was homesick, and all my friends were hanging out with their new sisters.

Flash-forward to February of my sophomore year. Recruitment had come and gone again, and I was still feeling left out. My incredibly wonderful roommate mentioned to me that her sorority was doing Continuous Open Bidding, and that they still had some spots left. I jumped at the opportunity and went to meet the recruitment chair and three other girls. After meeting with them twice, they gave me a bid, and I attended my first chapter meeting the following Sunday. I met some of my new sisters, and I immediately felt at home. Since I’ve joined, I’ve been initiated and gotten the best big and grand-big (who were actually the first people I met at the meetings) in the entire world, and it all makes sense why it didn’t work with any of the other sororities the first time.

So if you’re still wondering whether you should rush, my advice to you is to at least try recruitment. If you end up not liking the formal process like I did, that’s totally fine, and you should do whatever you’re comfortable with. There just might be something special at the end of it!

Are you in a sorority? Let me know which one and why you love it in the comments below!

STYLE ADVICE: Spring Blues

For this month’s post we have some fresh fashion coming at you from your favorite frat boy (try saying that 10 times fast! Dare I even call him a ‘Fratshionisto’).

Now that the weather in the mid-Atlantic is sunny and has reached the mid to upper 70s, it’s time to break out the khaki shorts and spring blue button-down short sleeved shirts.

This Fashionisto rocks a chambray blue, collared button-down with white polka dots, sunglasses, a blue and silver time piece, and he looks ready to set sail in tan boat shoes (which are a must for fashionable frat men and non-frat men alike). The combination is the epitome of cool and is perfect for a ‘fratty casual’ look for day-to-day wear (and likely to get you a spot on the best dressed list) or can be donned at a more dressed up occasion like Sunday brunch or Easter with the family (as opposed to the cliche pastels).

The outfit can also be paired with tennis shoes or sneakers to make it perfect for an outside gaunt or catching a few innings on a Saturday. Some things you need to avoid to pull off a perfect frat casual look include socks with boat shoes and crazy patterns. You want people to notice you. When it comes to subtle patterns like stripes and polka dots, it’s still best to limit them to one article of clothing per outfit: be it a vest, shirt, pants, etc. The tiny polka dots on this button-down adds the perfect little detail to this outfit!

WHAT TO WEAR: Stylish Rattlers

Every Friday, students gather together for an hour and have a get-together in an area known as “The Set.” Every Set Friday there are vendors that come out and sell their products to students while a DJ sets a party atmosphere. During this time dance groups, fraternities, and sororities show off their famous strolls while everyone cheers them on. Also sometimes celebrity guests come out and surprise students.

It’s a way for new students to get acclimated into the school by showing them what FAMU has to offer. This tradition is something that has been done for generations at Florida A&M University. Set Friday is a way for students from all walks of life to come together and celebrate each other and our school. It is a way to unify the student body and to give student a break from the stress of school and personal life. During Set Friday many students dress up in their best school spirit outfits as a way displaying their school pride.

This particular Fashionista showed off her school spirit with class. To show school spirit she wore a FAMU T-shirt and paired it with a black tulle skirt. To keep it simple she added black leather heels. To add a little sparkle to her outfit she wore a silver diamond crusted heart necklace. The portraits were taken all around The Set, where the event occurs.  Her outfit was chic while still representing the orange and green school colors.

Let These 5 College Students Inspire You To Get Involved On Campus

Staying busy and getting involved are two major ways to make the most of the college experience! But where to start? How do you find your creative outlet?

For those of you who think being a college student is enough activity, think bigger and beyond the classroom. Check out how these CollegeFashionista Style Gurus are connected on campus and letting ambition pave the way to their future! 

In addition to writing weekly articles as a Fashion Editor for CollegeFashionista, Ally Scandolo makes her mark on campus and in her local community as Editor-In-Chief of The Strand, one of the student run newspapers at the University of Toronto! 📸 via @allyfrancesca

Isabel Gutierrez‘s grind never stops at Tulane University. As a Rockstar CollegeFashionista Style Guru, executive board member for AKPsi (a co-ed business fraternity), a career and personal development director for her sorority, Chi Omega, a vocalist in the TU Tones a cappella group, a Green Wave Ambassador (a tour guide for prospective students), and an employee at an off-campus sunglass shop called KREWE, I wonder if she has any time for some shut-eye! 📸 via @_isabel_gutierrez_

Not only is Rachel Park slaying the Instagram game and writing brilliant content as a CollegeFashionista Fashion Editor, but she is also a woman of many talents at the University of California, San Diego. Currently, she is the president of the Undergraduate Communication Society, which is the official liaison between the university’s communication department and it’s students. Her job description entails helping students network, hosting workshops for resume building, and running panels with professionals! Also, she is the Editor-in-Chief of Trend Magazine, a non-profit student run fashion magazine that unites different majors in a creative setting. 📸 via @therachelstory

Valerie Carmack is making the most of her Kent State University experience by taking advantage of the study abroad opportunities! As a student, this is a prime time to travel and experience what the world has to offer. So far, she has studied abroad in Florence, Italy where she visited six other countries! Now, Valerie lives in New York City where she interns as a Beauty Editor and In-Office for CollegeFashionista! 📸 via @valeriecammack

Rockstar Style Guru Sam Mandich also balances her time between being a Social Media Intern for CF and pursuing her passions at Fordham University! Although her university does not offer a dance minor program, she is able to continue her lifelong skill of dance and stay involved on campus through the Expressions Dance Alliance, a student run and student choreographed dance company at Fordham that organizes two shows per year. 📸 via @sammymandich

What extracurriculars are you involved in on your campus? Show us on social media and be sure to tag @CFashionista

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Man(tzouris) in Fashionland

Spiro Mantzouris, a creative Fashion Stylist with extensive project experience from concept to development; including styling, designing, photo shooting with a great eye for fashion. Currently the Brand Ambassador at Teen Vogue magazine. His adventures are reflected in his clothing which he describes as rock, funky and eclectic. Parsons is a huge chapter in his life.  “They helped me understand that styling can’t be taught even if you have the greatest teachers on the planet. You have to be born with it”.

Spiro is all over the place from outfit to outfit and uses his clothing to express how he feels. Usually, he loves to wear jeans and feel comfy. Two things greatly affect his style: mood and affect. His mood inspires the outfit choices he makes daily but more importantly, he considers what affect he wants his outfit to have for the day, situation, or event. Then he goes on to dress accordingly. “Today’s outfit is the outfit I love to wear mostly when we have a photo-shoot—ripped baggy jeans, a black knitted blouse, this gorgeous jacket—a gift from Patricia Fields’s private collection, ankle boots and my favorite hat”.

For me, fashion helps you express ‘yourself’ and therefore it should always be based on what you find interesting. “I’ve always been an aesthetic person, extremely picky about details”. Fashion should be seen as something that represents a rhythm but the steps we choose to move to the music with should be our own; we should move freely. Because seriously, nothing is as refreshing as seeing someone walk down the street in their own little world of awesomeness. Remember fashion is constantly fleeting while style is forever. Put down those trend enslaved zombie hands and become an admirable masterpiece.

To Go Greek or Not? Our Style Gurus Sound Off

So what’s the secret on Greek Life? Nationally there are over 9 million members whether that be a sorority or a fraternity. These Style Gurus let you in on their personal opinion of Greek Life.

Brenna Yeager

Alpha Phi

Why she went Greek: “I went Greek because I wanted to be involved in a tradition greater and more impactful than just myself. I wanted to be surrounded by like-minded women who are as passionate, if not more, about friendship, our community, and our future.” (Photo via @brdy94)


Allie Sarachene

Why she didn’t go Greek: “I didn’t go Greek because I’m already involved with so many things on Kent State’s campus, from writing for their fashion magazine “A Mag,” to being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I wanted to focus all the time I could to writing and blogging about fashion, and getting involved in more clubs of that nature.” (Photo via @alliesarachene)


Molly Bryant

Alpha Phi

Why she was nervous about going Greek: “Before deciding to go through the recruitment process, I had a negative stigma on the overall concept of a sorority. I always said it was something I would never be a part of, I never saw myself as a ‘sorority girl.’ Now that I am on the other side, I can confidently say that the typical sorority girl doesn’t exist and you get out what you put in. The idea may not be for everyone, but I think that many people would be surprised at how much they appreciate the community you become a part of and some of the amazing people you meet along the way. I am extremely grateful for the friendships and connections I have made through the Greek community here at Virginia Tech.” (Photo via @mollybryantx)


Suzie Baldwin

Why Greek Life wasn’t what she expected: “I joined because I thought it would be something I hadn’t experienced in college yet. I enjoyed it somewhat and met some pretty rad people in my short time being Greek. I basically had too much other stuff going on with my major to focus entirely on Greek life.” (Photo via @bohemianblondie)


Jordan Miller

Gamma Phi Beta

Her favorite part of being Greek: “My favorite part of being Greek is how there is always something fun to do. I always have a sister to go get coffee with, the house always has events planned like movie nights or date parties, there are just always things to do.” (Photo via @jordannnlee)


Rachel Gregson

Tri Sigma

What she’s received by being Greek: “I have received opportunities to plan events, raise money for philanthropy events, organize street clean ups, participate in other organizations events, and the opportunity to serve on our executive board to help better all of Greek life.” (Photo via @rachelgregson)


Ashleigh Angel

Her advice: “I think Greek life is such an interesting concept and would’ve done it my first two years of college if I would’ve known that I wouldn’t have had the chance to later on. I think it can be rewarding and know a lot of people who love it. I believe that it’s such a good way to meet friends and get involved in college. I know from friends that are in Greek life that it is a lot of work!” (Photo via @crayonstocouture)


Betty Lin

Delta Sigma Pi

Her advice: “If you haven’t checked out the Greek life on your campus, I highly advise that you do so. Also keep in mind that there are different types of Greek organizations such as professional and social sororities/fraternities and depending on the type of Greek organization you intend to join, the experience will vary.” (Photo via @bettylinn)



ALL IN THE DETAILS: “It” Accessories of Tailgate Season

Well, it is officially September, also known as the most amazing time of year for college students: TAILGATE SEASON! Yes, football is great and all but come on—when you attend a Big Ten college, tailgating is just as important as the game. Putting together the perfect tailgating outfit is what all of the hype is actually about. There is nothing better than being able to rep your college on game day and look trendy while doing so.

For tailgate season, it’s all in the details. Yes, you’ll see a million people wearing the same colors; cream and crimson, candy stripe leggings and the infamous IU “never lost a tailgate” T-shirt; but it all comes down to the accessories that make your outfit unique. When it comes to the newest “it” accessory for tailgate season, I have just one simple word: HipZips. Yes, these are fanny packs and yes, they are most definitely a necessity for tailgating at any college. HipZips are hand-drawn, trendy, and all around unreal for tailgating (you’ll never lose your phone again) and even better, I know the creative girl that makes them!

I paired my HipZip with a red bandana tied around my neck—because who isn’t obsessing over this look at the moment—and red face jewels. A bandana has the ability to tie any outfit together and make it look that much bolder. Levi shorts are always a must especially when they are paired with high-top red Converse and a red off the shoulder crop top from Free People. What better way to celebrate the first tailgate than with the perfect outfit?

So yes, our favorite time of year has begun and the outfits will continue to get better and better each game. With winter coming, oversize flannels and candy stripe leggings will take over the tailgating fields but the main thing that I always keep as a staple look for tailgates: accessories.


Every collegiate girl’s closet has that one dress that she can slip on for any occasion–church, her sorority’s chapter meeting, a date. For many of girls on the University of Georgia’s campus, a Show Me Your Mumu dress is a staple. The fun patterns, flowy silhouettes and overall ease make their pieces a busy student’s favorite clothing line. This Fashionista pairs her Donna Michelle Tunic in Lilies of Love with simple accessories to let the loud, floral print be the focal point of her look.

Instead of pairing the mumu with cowboy boots (which is perfect for game day) or simple sandals, this Fashionista’s wedges amp up the overall look. The OTBT Bushnell Wedges are extremely popular in Athens. The slight incline of the wedge and their incredibly comfortable sole make them perfect for any on-the-go college student.

In addition, her suede bolo tie necklace completes the easy-going, yet put-together ensemble. This Fashionista has a jewelry obsession, and actually made this necklace with suede and a few beads from a local craft store. By wrapping it around her neck and then letting the excess length hang, the necklace gives this Fashionsita’s look a trendy twist.

When it comes to the UGA campus, people are always trying to look their best and keep up with evolving trends. Since I have been in Athens, a Show Me Your Mumu dress has been the go-to outfit for any occasion. Don’t be afraid to play with the bright colors and bold patterns and do not be intimidated by the short hemlines, just embrace it and have fun!


September is such a big month especially for sorority girls. It’s recruitment month and at this time, we welcome our new members into their new home! So for back to school outfits, it is super important to sport our letters and show pride in whatever Greek life organization we are a part of. For this Fashionista and myself, that means the Delta Zeta letters.

Letters are the best ways to be comfy for class and still look put together. It is super important to look nice while wearing letters in order to give your chapter a good reputation and get some of the best PR. The best way to dress up a T-shirt is with accessories. Just add some cute ripped jeans and a ring, and you are set. The best thing about letters is you can order or make them in absolutely any colored or patterned fabric you can find, so they will always match any accessories you may have or any style you are going for.

This Fashionista matched her gold letters with a statement ring and bracelet. Her gold charmed and wishbone necklaces are delicate enough to pair with statement jewelry, and fit right in with the gold theme. If you are not a ring or bracelet person, a statement necklace would have looked just as great. However with bold jewelry, be cautious not to over do it. Choose one or two pieces to match and keep the rest simple.

Ripped jeans give off an easygoing vibe so you can never go wrong with them. This is the perfect outfit especially for those of you, myself included, who do not like to get up early enough to spend time on your hair and makeup. This Fashionista’s outfit is cute enough to look put together, and is casual enough that you wont have to pair with any crazy makeup or an up-do. Now, just throw on some sandals and you are set for that 8:00 a.m. lecture!