STYLE ADVICE: Work What You’ve Got

Bring on the heat. As we approach the end of the spring semester and finals coming up we tend to lean towards comfortable articles of clothing to get us through this stressful time. We are almost there!

This Fashionista finds inspiration through her love of music. She creates music and she likes her style to reflect that. This Fashionista loves her comfort when getting through those long days. Her personal style on a day to day basis consist of dark and neutral colors that adds a “chill” vibe to her style. She wears a graphic hoodie layered with a leather jacket to add to her grungy look. Dark wash jeans are her go-to item of clothing which goes perfectly with this look. She finishes this outfit off with classic Vans and a crossbody bag.

Now, on to the advice. We discussed how often at time this Fashionista’s challenges are figuring out what works for her. I think everyone has their own style that works for them. There’s no right or wrong way with your own style. Style is all about what your personality is like or what you’re comfortable in. I believe ones fashion choices are solely about them and not what others think is acceptable. As long as you are happy and confident in what you are wearing that’s all that matters. This summer wear what you like! Try new trends and experiment with whatever beauty or fashion trends you feel comfortable trying. Work with what you have and you may just create an awesome look.


Summer is here, which means we can all finally break out our fresh new summer wardrobes! For me, this means a healthy mix of neutrals and trendy pieces. Most of my plans for summer outfits include basics and statement pieces. I felt like these were both combined in this look, which makes great use of the color black but still contains lots of details.

I decided black would serve as a great neutral background for the rest of the outfit’s pieces. However, I didn’t want to just wear a plain black T-shirt and jeans. I noticed many short-sleeved sweatshirts at a variety of stores; however, I wanted one that had some edge and detail to it but was still part of the trend. I preferred this graphic sweatshirt over the basic ones I was seeing everywhere else. The Kurt Cobain graphic gives it a grunge edge, staying true to my personal aesthetic, and its monochromatic colors make it versatile for other outfits and color schemes.

I wanted to wear slimmer jeans for this outfit because the sweatshirt had an oversize look and I didn’t want it to give me a larger shape. These motorcycle jeans had a good basic pattern, and the pocket on the side with the longer canvas piece on the zipper was an additional detail I loved. The frayed parts added to the grungy effect and distressed look that I prefer for denim. The legs were also slightly long enough that I could stack them on my trusty tan suede boots without looking sloppy.

Accessories-wise, I wanted to have focal points on my arms, as I was wearing a short-sleeved top with a basic color palette and wanted to add something extra to it. The variety of chain, leather, and string bracelets gives the outfit an array of textures and the colors accent the outfit’s color scheme. All of these bracelets are silver or black, which highlight the black clothes as well as my tote bag’s handles and silver detailing. My personal favorite of the bunch was my larger charcoal chain bracelet, which is a mixture of gray and black. My sunglasses also had charcoal accents that matched this bracelet, and their monochromatic palette was an additional ornament to the outfit.

My camouflage tote bag is the real standout in this ensemble. Each season, there are themes centered on one distinct color. Olive green has been present on most runways recently, and the camouflage pattern is one that’s extremely versatile and exciting. Designers have made this pattern part of collections in a multitude of colors, sizes, and textures. I love this digitized camouflage because it stays on-trend while remaining exciting and fresh; it isn’t reminiscent of Aughts-era caro short patterns or a lighter, digitized camouflage of Army uniforms. The bag is also in a slightly bolder hue, with darker olives that give the pattern’s tan and black components more presence. The darker tan correlates with my boots; the silver and black complement my accessories and the rest of the outfit.

Size was important in this, too. Tote bags are extremely useful, as nowadays everyone has more everyday baggage to haul than ever. This one isn’t too large or too small; it’s big enough to fit my laptop, agenda, a couple of magazines, and any other essentials I’ll need for day-to-day activities or classes. Frankly, it’s just practical, and the fact that I found one that was so on-trend is nothing short of a fashion miracle.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Classy Past to Grunge Present

What goes around definitely comes back around with this current fashion trend. Walking around campus you’ll find the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and even ’90s are back! So it’s time to hit the vintage stores and do a little digging through mom’s closet because “backstreet’s back, alright!”

The vintage ’90s grunge movement has never looked better. Combine it with a chic Chanel look and you have the perfect outfit! Simple sweaters are definitely a top item right now. To kick your sweater up a notch you can get innovative with a striped, polka dot, or jean shirt to wear underneath! Oversize jean jackets are a great topper to any outfit, and adding some flare will make it one of a kind. The classic Chanel look back and painted jackets are so in and Fashionistas are getting creative and painting them on themselves!

This Fashionista has brought all aspects of past to present in her own unique style that is amazing. She found the perfect fun-sized vintage Levi’s jean jacket, with an incredible hand painted Chanel skull design on the back to add an extra attribute to the look! Her simple sweater from Forever 21 complements the jacket, but the detail stripe undershirt makes the outfit pop! Not to mention her fashion forward straight leg jeans from Zara are plain and subtle, yet keep the outfit sophisticated and focused on the trendy details. I love her black loafers, which add a touch of voguish ambience to her look allowing the outfit to become perfect to wear to class or an interview! The best touch yet is her addition of modern chic flare with her Chanel sunglasses that go perfectly with the jacket. This look can’t go wrong when the sun is out!

Turning the oldies into new goodies is what I love best. Stay tuned for more of my ideas on the rad new trends of this year!

STYLE ADVICE: Embroider Me Chic

Embroidery is a way to adorn fabric to make it more appealing by using needle and thread. In fact, the technique has been used since 30,000 BC. Throughout the world, embroidery has been seen as a sign of wealth or status for centuries. Today, the availability of an embroidered top at a decent price is easy to find. This style can be worn in various styles such as girly or grunge.

This Fashionista opted for the grunge look. She wore a black cotton T-shirt with kittens dressed as rabbits with carrots embroidered on the front, black combat boots, and distressed jeans. She rolled her distressed jeans so that they would cuff right above her boots instead of tucking them in.

Then, she accessorized the look by wearing a black choker, round sunglasses, a burnt orange baseball cap, faux leather backpack, and two low pigtails. The way she wore her baseball cap makes her be perceived as a cool girl who knows how to keep her chill. This Fashionista had her pigtails loose and let a few bangs hang down the side to frame her face. The key items that make her outfit grunge are: the combat boots, choker, and black top.

This week’s style advice is if you are a Fashionista who loves embroidery but not comfortable with wearing edgy clothes, I created more feminine option just for you. Exchange the black T-shirt for a white top with floral embroidery. Instead of wearing a black choker, opt for a gold wire choker with a delicate pearl in the center.

Cat-eye sunglasses are essentials for a girly girl; wear a leopard pair to mix and match prints. Pair your outfit with nude dancer lace-up ballet flats to continue the feminine look from your head to your toes. Ponytails are all the rave right now; style your hair with a sleek high ponytail and swipe on some pink lipgloss to complete the look.


I don’t know about you guys but, the revival of ’90s clothing has made me a very happy Fashionista! I especially love the ’90s grunge style. I really like how this style can be very effortless. As a college student, some days I don’t want to get out of bed, let alone get all dressed up for classes. That’s what I love about the ’90s style—all I have to do is throw on my jean jacket, grab a choker, and call it a day. Some popular ’90s styles that have made a comeback are platform trainers, oversize denim jackets, boyfriend jeans, chokers, velvet, and ruffled skirts. I love taking these ideas and trying to make them into a similar outfit of my own.

My idea for the outfit I am wearing was to try to stay true to the ’90s style, but adding my own grunge flair to it. I have a graphic T-shirt underneath my velvet lace top. I tucked my top into my favorite pair of oversize boyfriend jeans. Underneath my jeans, I added some more grunge fair by pairing them with fishnet tights. My retro reflective glasses are a fun spring/summer accessory. To add a pop of color to this pretty colorless outfit, I added my shimmery Kate Spade tote bag. My shoes are black booties that I love to wear because they aren’t too high, so they are easy to walk in. They also have fringe on the side, so it adds a little fun to my shoes!

The deal with the stylish looks from the ’90s, is that they can be found in many popular stores today, because of the recent comeback. Thrift stores are also a major player in this comeback. Some of my favorite ’90s style pieces come from thrift stores. If you decide to go with the ’90s style like I did, make sure that you make it your own. Whether you choose grunge or athleisure, find little ways to add your own flair and make your outfit fun!


Summer is coming and that means backless tops! Who isn’t excited to show off those tans and tats, I know I am! A trend that I love is backless and long shirts. You can do so much with the long shirts. You can throw leggings under them, some fun high waisted jeans, or even shorts. Hats have also been in my collection lately. Adding a hat to an outfit is an easy way to dress any outfit up.

This side tied silver top came from Tobi, and is a perfect summer top since it is lightweight and has an open back and ties on the side. It is very easy to throw any bralette under this top, or if you are a bit more daring, try a sticky bra to go with a naked back. The bralette I chose is from Victoria’s Secret. This strappy bralette added to the look of the strappy back of the shirt even more. Keeping things simple and cool, I picked out a pair of plain black high-waisted shorts from Charlotte Russe. I am always a fan of chunky black heels to wear with any outfit really, and these ones are from H&M and give quite the lift. Add some accessories like a choker and some sparkly bracelets to brighten things up just a tad. These sparkly snap bracelets and black choker are from Maurice’s. Like I said before, add a hat to any outfit. This black free fall Panama hat is also from Tobi.

For you grungy girls, this look is perfect for the summer. Even though they aren’t summer colors, black is timeless. You will be cool and calm for that warm summer breeze. Put your own style on this outfit and switch some things up with some of your signature pieces. Find some of your summer faves and incorporate them into your outfits in different ways.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Grunge With a Side of Glam

While studying abroad, inspiration comes from many different places: students travel from all over the world to one place, tourists surround you, and you are immersed into a brand new environment. I have always said that it is important to experiment and step out of your comfort zone, and this study abroad experience gives people the perfect chance to do so.

Today’s Fashionista is a model back in the U.S. and has a lot of fashion and beauty knowledge due to her exposure through the modeling world. We debated on what type of outfit to use for this month’s post for a few hours and finally decided to pair two completely different styles together—grunge and glam. She said that the main focus of her look was her shag vest but that she was nervous pairing such a feminine piece with ripped jeans and combat boots.

To me, pairing such unique pieces together gives an outfit more personality and makes it so much more “Instagram worthy.” Not a lot of people experiment with their outfits in this way, and even though this outfit is different, it’s extremely easy to recreate with pieces you already have in your closet. With a rare or uncommon piece as a focal point for your outfit, you have the chance to work with many other unique pieces to complete it.

All you need to recreate this look is a fur or shag vest, a ruffled blouse, your favorite ripped jeans, some cute and comfy combat boots, and accessories to top everything off.

Textures will be your best friend and don’t be afraid to mix and match and try something new. Experimenting is the key to fashion because if you experiment, you will have the chance to find out what your style is really about.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pleats, Please

The ’90s are back in and this chic Fashionista is slaying the game in this grunge, Clueless inspired ensemble. Now that it’s getting a little warmer here in SoCal, this is the perfect transitional outfit from winter to spring and summer. I love how she paired grunge with school girl chic and made it work so effortless!

The details in this outfit are really what ties everything together. Mornings here get pretty cold, so the long sleeve vintage bodysuit she wore will keep her warm, while still being comfortable throughout the day. The detailing put into this bodysuit is so beautiful! At first glance, it looks like a plain black mock neck bodysuit, but as you look closely your eyes go to the baroque velvet embroidery print to the dainty buttons. One of my favorite parts of this outfit is the pleated skirt because it reminds me of my private school days, where I would always get in trouble for wearing skirts that weren’t “uniform appropriate.” Being that I love hats but never find the will to wear them, I loved that she wore this cute wide brimmed fedora with western medallion detailing. The floral combat boots add an appealing element of cute and “don’t mess with me.” And who could say no to a good pair of Dr. Martens?

To tie everything together, I like that this Fashionista kept jewelry and makeup minimal with some simple winged liner, a dusting of shadow, and her nose rings. I love this outfit because she wasn’t afraid to mix textures with prints and different styles together!

WHAT TO WEAR: Campus Style With Edge

The best thing about campus, is seeing everyone express their own style with zero limits. For campus looks, they can vary from comfy oversize T-shirts to your favorite denim and band T-shirt. One day on campus, I spotted this trendy Fashionisto walking into the on-campus Starbucks. His edgy style and the glimmer of his accessories was truly eye-catching for an on campus look.

This look started with his destroyed, black denim. You can find jeans mostly everywhere, from stores such as Express. Destroyed denim can be found in almost anyone’s closet and are a staple piece for a simple look. He added the faded, yellow long sleeve shirt for an addition of color to the look. Both of these are pieces perfect for a casual, busy day on campus style.

For accessories, this Fashionisto added an edgy chain bracelet for a basic but noticeable look. In addition, chunky statement rings make the best side-kick to the thin bracelet. Men’s jewelry is a growing trend and can be found almost anywhere. If your style consist of a very casual, Urban Outiftters-esque feel, vintage statement jewelry is always a good idea when wanting to add fitting accessories. Round-lense Ray-Bans are taking over this season by storm, and are giving another dash at a vintage feel for any day to day outfit like this one. To complete this grunge look, he slid on his favorite, comfortable Vans for a day of walking. Any type of Chuck Taylor or tennis shoe would also be a great for this style.

I hope you find this look an easy go-to and can find your way to recreate this on campus look, your way!

STYLE ADVICE: The Secondhand City

I spent my last few days of spring break in Seattle visiting a friend, and I fell in love with the city. As an avid traveler who would rather spend her last paycheck on an impromptu trip to a new city instead of a new outfit, coming to a new place on the West Coast was inspiring, refreshing, even eye-opening. It’s a completely different atmosphere than both my college town of D.C. and my hometown of Atlanta, and not just because the city is perpetually under rain clouds (which actually isn’t as depressing as it sounds). The overall attitude of Seattle takes a full 180-degree turn from the other two towns, carrying completely different politics and mindsets that make the city unique. The laid back nature was visible in the countless number of local coffee and thrift shops, the grungy music scene, and, most notably, the fashion.

Style is something I immediately notice when traveling to new cities, like how Paris emanates effortlessly cool and New York is all about making a statement. Seattle definitely doesn’t fit in with the top fashion cities of the world, but it does carry an eccentric style that only Seattle natives can truly own up to. This Fashionista truly exemplified Seattle style, where comfort and sustainability come first but don’t necessarily take away from the look—they actually add to it! Knowing 95 percent of your outfit is thrifted is far more than satisfying. Secondhand shops, which are practically on every block in this city, are not only helpful to the environment and your bank account, but they also have some amazing selections that you couldn’t find at typical retail stores. They make the vintage look that everyone has been obsessing over for years attainable without having to overspend at companies who have this aesthetic, like Urban Outfitters. So let the thrifting begin!

To obtain a look that both fit in with Seattle’s fashion scene and also her own personal and playful style, this Fashionista paired a thrifted floral turtleneck under a (once again) thrifted linen slip dress that plays on the slip dress trend in a completely unique manner—no lace or velvet seen here. She completed the outfit with ripped black tights and thrifted Dr. Martens, a mix of grunge and practicality that perfectly resembles the values of Seattle. This is one of the reasons I’m already so in love with this place—its residents seem to all fit in with what they choose to put on their bodies, but their individual looks are so personal that it’s difficult to say they conform to the city’s trends. A fashion juxtaposition, I suppose?