If you're a music head like me, then summer means LOTS of concerts. Whether you like Drake, Rihanna or Vampire Weekend, it's likely you'll be attending a few concerts before the summer is out, so it's important that you dress comfortably for all the hours you'll be spending on your feet.

This Fashionista wore the perfect concert outfit to an outdoor event last week. Her T-shirt helped her be appropriately casual and still comfortable, while her high-waisted skirt and belt made her look glamourous as ever. The animal print flats she wore added that last touch of fashion to set her apart from the crowd. The best and smartest part of her outfit to me was her tiny cross-body bag. It's big enough to hold all the concert essentials like a camera, money, keys and a cellphone, but small enough to not get in the way while you're enjoying your favorite band. Additionally, it's best not to carry bigger bulkier bags to public venues. We wouldn't want to fall prey to other patrons with itchy fingers!

For a variation on this great look, try these high-waisted shorts or these classic Chuck Taylors. Also, choose from any of these great cross-body bags to stay chic and safe while concert-going.

Hint: Instead of the regular old T-shirt, wear your best band tee. That way you can support your musical idols and still look more glam than grunge.

TREND: Shredded Shirts

The deconstructed, 90’s punk look is super in style right now, and this Fashionista captured the essence of this trend. Her shredded shirt is unique and adorable, with a hint of grunge; it’s the perfect mix of cute and edgy. Although designers such as Rodarte and Raquel Allegra have featured the shredded look, it is easy and cheap to do at home!

First, take any cotton t-shirt and cut the bottom off, a little above the seam. Next, pick the area you want to shred; you can do certain strips like this Fashionista, or you can do the entire back of the shirt, or even just the sleeves. Starting at the edge of the area you want to shred, start pulling the horizontal threads loose, like this. You can either use a seam ripper, or your fingers for this. Continue pulling the threads down, and soon the shred will resemble a run in nylons. Repeat these steps wherever you want on your shirt! You can find other online tutorials with detailed pictures here.

Have fun with this look, Fashionistas! Soon, you’ll find yourself trying to shred every shirt you own.


FASHION NEWS: Fashion that Fights Back

On May 20th H&M, for the third time, launched an ad campaign for its Fashion Against AIDS campaign. This year’s collection was inspired by summer music festivals (think
Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza) and embodies the youthful, edgy, rock & roll, and free spiritedness of these annual events. For girls the look is all about being bohemian with a dash of grunge, glamour and ethnic touches. The line boasts denim hotpants and jumpers, patterned leggings, electric animal prints, maxi dresses paired with leather jackets, and plenty of tribal-esc accessories including layered on bangles. For guys the look is all about being a part of the band with an assortment of slim blazers, jeans, paisley vests and the key, the rocker’s hat. The ad campaign features fashionable celebrities such as Lou Dillion, Elizabeth Jagger and Josh Beech. What’s not to love about this collection?! And the best part about it… 25% of the sales will be donated to youth HIV/AIDS awareness programs. So get ready to rock out while you help out! That’s something all Fashionistas/Fashionistos can love.


photo credit: H&

Style Guru Bio: Danielle Haygood

Hello Fellow Fashionistas,

My name is Danielle Haygood, and I am a rising sophomore student at Syracuse University. I am majoring in SU's College of Visual and Performing Arts' Fashion Design program and minoring in Writing and Fashion & Beauty Communications in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. I am an avid writer and fashion forward kind of girl. Not only do I love to design, sew, and create, but I also love writing about anything and everything fashion related. I have written for the campus fashion blog as well as other fashion related publications. Ultimately, I would love to pursue a career in the fashion world — writing, or designing, or both.

I am originally from the super humid, super hot Houston, Texas, which is where I will be spending the summer and scoping out fashion trends and street style. My personal style contains a lot of dark colors (mainly black) and classy silhouettes. I am heavily influenced by nineties grunge style, but significantly interested in maintaining a very feminine appearance. As far as accessorizing goes, I love to overload on all-things metal. One thing that you will not see me sporting, however, is lots of colors. To me, everything is better in black…or gray. 

TREND: Grunge chic

Though it can be quite difficult to pull off, grunge style can be an ultra modish and chic look when it is done right. Destroyed denim, leggings, concert tees, vintage tees, plaid button-downs, Frye boots, and combat boots are just some of the care-free yet fashionable items that characterize the grunge trend. Just look to some pictures of the Olsen twins, Lindsay Lohan, and Rachel Bilson for some inspiration.

This Fashionista


I caught this Fashionista walking the streets of Iowa City sporting this stylish outfit to perfectly welcome the warm weather of spring. The Hippy Chic look has become a multi-seasonal style and is one of my favorites. Fringe, flow, and bohemian all together in one look, what could be better! Coming back to school following a week of warm weather I can declare that I am officially still on spring break mode. That is, my outfits are. Drapey dresses and skirts scream comfort and can be dressed up or dressed down. Accessories are a crucial aspect of this look; layering is a must and don’t be afraid to rock a statement piece necklace or bangles. Add a hobo bag for the full effect. I’m loving the brand Haute Hippie’s choices for spring but for more realistic budgets check out Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie. With concerts coming up like The Black Keys (April 9th at 8pm at the IMU) why not dress the part and channel your inner 60s fashion icon but this time a little less grunge and a little more glam!

Style On,


Let’s hear it for the BOYS…

How to get a fall tan without getting burnt? This Fashionisto’s tan may include some wrinkles on his jeans BUT his face will be free from those harsh UV Ray side effects. His golden sweater is an acceptable tan for fall and paired with those sand washed denim I swear he looks just as hot as a day at the beach.

Hint: Yes, that is a chain wallet this Fashionisto is sporting. No, this trend is not just for grunge skaters anymore.