How to Keep Hair Strong and Healthy

If someone were to ask you, “What are your must-have hair care products?” Would you know the answer off the top of your head? Some of us may know, however, the answer is based on our hair care experiences. No matter the hair type, texture, or length, we should all focus on finding products that protect our hair. Taking the time to research the types of deep conditioning products, shampoos, and more brings us closer to maintaining healthy hair and feeling like we should be featured in the next TRESemmé commercial.

Keeping up with hair maintenance can seem overwhelming. You’ve probably spent hours trying to find the right product that works for you. You even might have splurged a little more than you intended. While the same product may not work for everyone, I guarantee that understanding the following guides will definitely change your hair game for the better. Don’t worry, soon you won’t need a stylist to give your hair the extra pep in its step.

PHOTO: Odalis Uscanga


They say healthy hair starts at the root. While it may seem like a no-brainer, finding the right shampoo is essential. Pay attention to how your hair reacts seasonally and when it’s air-drying. Figure out what you want and need from a product. Do you want volume, shine, or moisture? Asking the following questions and probably with the help of your hairstylist can make a significant difference in your hair routine.

PHOTO: Odalis Uscanga

Deep Conditioning Mask

Just because you haven’t stepped anywhere near a boardwalk this summer doesn’t mean your hair didn’t get some damage. Color-treated or not, your hair deserves nourishment along with your shampoo. A deep conditioner contains small molecules that are intended to absorb into each strand and give moisture from the inside out (whereas a regular conditioner just sits on top of your hair). Depending on how much hair you have will vary on the times a week you will use a mask. Try using it two to three times a week and leave it on for about five to 10 minutes. Your hair will be thanking you soon.

Leave-in Conditioning 

Since we’re clearly on the topic of happy and healthy hair, using a leave-in conditioning spray work wonders on those locks. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a serum, spray, or cream—they all do the same job. You would use a leave-in conditioner once you’re fresh out the shower. Added to the deep conditioning, a leave-in conditioner won’t weigh your hair down. It’ll simply give you the added benefits of moisture, shine, and no frizz.


Oil is not your enemy. You need oils to fill up the cuticles that provide you with healthy hair. It’s so versatile! It can be used on clean or dirty hair. It will protect your hair from heat along with repairing those split ends. The way I recommend using an oil is by parting it into two sections. Start with one drop and run your fingers through and then for an even distribution use a comb (repeat the same steps to the second section). Always work from your ends up!

PHOTO: Odalis Uscanga

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Embrace The Curls—How to Take Care of Curly Hair

It’s safe to say that in most cultures, hair plays an important role in beauty and there is a constant drive to have good-looking hair. We even praise those with “good” hair, but what makes hair beautiful? Growing up in the Latin community, straight hair was the ideal and those with curly/kinky hair had pelo malo—Spanish for bad hair. I, along with many of the women in my mother’s family had pelo malo. Growing up, I would watch them routinely blow dry and straighten their hair. Following the example that was given to me, I learned to hate my curls.

For about nine years, I spent endless hours undergoing heat damage and spent my time researching ways to get straight hair—from heat-less methods to even chemical keratin treatments. I had hair envy to those with a “prettier hair texture.”

One day, however, I noticed how brittle and straw-like my hair was getting. It was not pretty, it was unhealthy. I took it upon myself to aim for healthier hair. This, of course, meant cutting eight inches off of my hair and starting new—saying hello to my natural curls.

Here are the three main ways I learned how to love, nourish, and embrace my curls.

1—Discover your curl type & experiment with products.
 Did you know that there are curl patterns? I sure didn’t. Curl types can range anywhere from 3a-4c—in other words, loose curls to tight coils. On one head you can have anywhere from one to three different curl patterns. Learning more about your curl type is very useful when determining what products work best for your hair. For example, a type 3a curl may be fine with a moisturizing leave-in conditioner, but a 3c hair type may need stronger products to keep their curls defined. Know that not every product will work for you! A major part of this journey is experimentation. There will be a lot of bad hair days before you can find your perfect hair day!

2—Follow empowering people. One of the most beneficial things that made me love my hair was following social media influencers who embraced their hair and were passionate about educating others on how to care for their hair. Seeing someone else passionate about their curls makes you feel confident and sure about yourself. A lot of the hair knowledge that I gained wasn’t from family members, but from spending hours watching and learning from YouTubers who had a hair journey of their own.

3—Patience is key. There have been many times during my journey that I wanted to give up on my hair because maintaining my hair took too much effort. Deep conditioning, wide-tooth combing and diffusing to achieve perfect ringlets often takes hours; however, if it wasn’t for my patience, my hair wouldn’t be as healthy as it is today. Now, my curls are dear to my heart and without them, I don’t feel like myself.

How’s your relationship with your hair? Let me know in the comments below! 

How I Saved My Chemically Damaged Hair in 7 Easy Steps

At the end of last year, I was on a mission to go from to go from black to blonde hair. After two highlight sessions and an all-over balayage, I was blonde, but my hair had suffered a lot of chemical damage. It was stretchy and gummy when wet and hay-like when dry.

I have adapted a hair routine that suits my bleached hair and I can confidently say that my hair is in good health (for a bleach blonde). Here’s how I saved my chemically damaged hair in 7 easy steps.

1—Be patient, My hair may have turned into cotton candy in the span of an hour, but it took weeks to see a positive difference in the integrity of my hair. Be patient and trust that the wait will be worth it because you can salvage most of your length.

2—Avoid sulfates, parabens and silicones. Most shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals that damage the hair. Once I was using sulfate, paraben, and silicone-free products, I noticed my hair was softer and had more volume.

3—Deep condition regularly. The first few weeks after my hair was bleached, I focused on bringing back moisture. I did several conditioning treatments with coconut oil and and Jamaican Black Castor oil. I like to use SheaMoisture Strengthen & Grow treatment mask and Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut conditioner which is great for detangling in the shower. Both of these products are sulfate, paraben, and silicone free.

4—Buy a microfiber towel. The fibers in regular towels create extra frizziness and breakage in the hair, a microfiber towel has softer strands. I got mine at Amazon for $10.

5—Stop using heat! Give your heat tools an extended vacation. Your hair will thank you. My hair would have burned off if I continued to use my flat iron regularly.

6—Find a no-heat style that works for you. Without my loyal flat iron, I needed alternatives to manage my mane. Braids became my go-to styling method. I french braid my hair after it is 50 percent dry and sleep on it. My hair is protected from breakage during the night and I wake up with frizz-free curls every morning.

7—Embrace your natural hair texture. I use to love how I looked best when my hair was straight, but in order to save my hair, I had to learn to embrace my natural texture. Now, I scroll through natural curly hair girls on Instagram who have been on this journey for years, and I look forward to the luscious curls I’ll have in a few years when I’ve gotten rid of all my chemical damage. For now, I embrace the curls that my braids give me and take notice of the small changes in my hair as it grows stronger.

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Say Goodbye to Brassy Tones With This Magic Product

Ah, yes. The balayage trend is still in full swing. We strive to achieve the icy blonde tresses taunting us on Pinterest and Instagram as we scroll. Combatting brassy tones in blonde hair is a major problem many of us face once we leave the salon. Proper upkeep can make our beloved stylists’ jobs easier and maybe even save you a little cash in the future. What college student doesn’t love that? But a better question is what’s the best way to beat the brass?

I tried countless methods to keep my “fresh out of the salon” blonde bright without damaging my hair and my bank account. Purple and blue shampoos were suggested to me to try, but they ended up drying out my hair. I found the money and energy I put into upkeep to be a complete waste. Major frizz and breakageas well as hair that was getting brassier each day, were my results. The worst part was this solution so many hair stylists swore by turned out to be no solution at all!

I thought back to when I used colored conditioners by oVertone for my bold, teal hair. These color depositing conditioners are the holy grail of hair care. They kept my hair bright and beautiful between salon visits and were easy to use. After a visit to my stylist, I decided to give both the pastel purple and pastel blue conditioners a try. I hoped to cancel out all brassy tones that would pop up in my hair.

It’s been almost three months since my last hair appointment, and my hair is healthier and brighter than ever. OVertone conditioners are vegan, cruelty-free, and contain no dyes, leaving hair refreshed and luscious. To tone your hair with these conditioners, first see which color would best suit your hair. Look at the color wheel— if you have a yellow blonde then purchase the pastel purple. If you have a more orange shade opt for the pastel blue. I like my hair on the icy, almost silver side, so I mix the two together. Just shampoo as you normally would and then completely saturate your hair with a diluted amount of the colored conditioner. Let it sit for a minute, and then rinse! It’s that simple to say goodbye to those stubborn brassy tones!

Do you have any special tips on up keeping your salon hair? Let me know in the comments below!

Recreate These Beach Waves for the Perfect Summer Hairstyle

Over the years, Fashionistas kept up with the summer trend of beach waves. This summer hairstyle can be worn all year, but it is most common during the summertime. When wearing that perfect swimsuit, this hairstyle can also have an impact on a person’s first impression. I love this look for many reasons. I personally have naturally wavy hair, so this hairstyle makes my hair relaxed, easy to manage, and smooth.

There are many ways to get this hairstyle, but the easiest way is to use a curling wand. I use the Remington Curling Wand because it is big and shapes my hair in loose, tousled curls. After curling your entire head, flip your head over and shake out those curls for one to two minutes. Flip your head back and see the finished product. This hairstyle is a popular trend for the summer and will not go out of style due to its stylish, fun, and easy reputation.

For the summer, the loose beach waves look great with some highlights. I get an ombrè done to my hair with blonde highlights, and I personally love it. Something to carry in your beach bag is a highlighting spray product. When coming out of the water, spray the pieces that you would like to be lighter. Results will come within the next day or two!

This natural hairstyle is perfect for that windy day at the beach and you are worried about your hair getting tangled and knotty. Also, it is a perfect picture opportunity! Find that perfect pair of trendy, sophisticated sunglasses and pair it with a hot swimsuit!

How do you accomplish the beach waves summer hairstyle? Comment below!

6 Things That Can Make Your Summer Unforgettable

Summertime is fun and relaxing, but sometimes it can get dull and boring, so it’s necessary to find new things to do to be busy and never waste any time! Here are a few activities you can do that can change your vacations or even your life.

1—Read a new book. Do some research and look for an interesting book on a topic you’ve never read before. It can be gratifying and also expand your reading horizons, and maybe, you will end up finding a new favorite genre.

2—Visit that place you’ve always wanted. It might be hard sometimes, but it is possible to visit that place you’ve always wanted to. Maybe there’s a town nearby where you live that has cool places, or there’s a beach that you always wanted to take pictures at. If you have some spare money and want to travel with your friends, plan a road trip so you can save a few bucks on gas and hotels.

3—Organize your closet. Summer vacations can get boring sometimes so this is a perfect opportunity to organize all of your clothes and accessories by colors, styles, or by season and create some good outfits for when you go out or go back to school.

4—Go eat in a new restaurant. Most of us have that one place that we’ve always wanted to go but the sense of familiarity, money, or no one to go with have all stopped us from eating in a new place, so this is the time! With more free time and boredom getting into your system, trying new things can be relaxing and fun.

5—Find a new hobby. Arts and crafts, sewing, painting, writing, and cooking can be fun and cheap but also informative! It is a good way to not get bored and acquire a skill that can be of use in the future.

6—Get a makeover. Summer season is the perfect time to renovate your looks and get a new hairstyle so you can go back to school looking different. Also, learning how to do your makeup in a different way can boost your self-esteem and change your image for the upcoming semester in school.

What do you like to do during the summer? Are you visiting any new places? What do you do on your free time? Let me know in the comments below!

Release Your Short-Haired Goddess

Hair is such an important part of our identity. Whether you have Rapunzel locks or been rocking the short hair ‘do before it was cool, getting the courage to chop it all off into a bob can be daunting.

When I did the deed of staring down the blade and cutting my hair, I had such mixed feelings about the whole idea. Here were some of my worries that might also be running through your head about getting the chop.

1—Am I going to look like a 4th grader with short hair? Leave your elementary school hair days in the past—short hair is a goddess’ haircut! Short hair is sassy, spunky, and is created for a grown woman. With a bit of product and maybe a curl or wave, take your look to a whole other level of sophistication.

2—What about all of the long hairstyles that I wouldn’t be able to do? The braids, the long flowing beach waves, ponytails? I will admit, I do miss a good dutch milk maid braid. Yet, only having to spend 10/15 minutes on my hair saves me time, tangles, and tears in the morning! I get more time to sleep in the morning—who doesn’t love that idea?

3—Besides cutting down on time and products, what else would be beneficial to shorter hair? When I had long hair, and I mean hair down to my hip, I got lazy with caring for my hair. I would skip going to the hair salon when I really should have gotten my ends trimmed—all in vain to get my hair longer. My hair is so much healthier now – I’ve noticed that my once dry strands are now replenished by my natural oils meaning less split ends! Here’s to healthy hair!

4—What if the hairstyle looks really bad? I will admit, short hair isn’t for everyone. Avoid this conundrum by doing your homework! I would do faux bobs to see what it would look like short. Look up what hairstyles go with your face shape. Bring tons of photos to your hairstylist as examples. Know if you want an even cut around or an A cut or whether you want layers or not. The more you go in knowing what you want, the more accurate your cut can be.

5—Why didn’t I cut my hair sooner? My thoughts exactly. Short is sassy. Short is an ultimate wardrobe change you can make, and it’s as easy as making a call to your hairstylist. I love my short hair, even though I thought I would never love going this short.

Your hair is one of your finest accessories that you can dye, cut, and create to your liking. Short hair adds a certain element, unlike any necklace or hat you will find. Once you go short, you will love your new found inner sass goddess!

Have you ever thought about cutting your hair? Have great short hair tips? Comment below!

3 Hairstyles to Spice Up Your Everyday Look

When you’re wearing a more neutral makeup look, sometimes you need to do a little somethin’ somethin’ to spice it up and make it feel more young and fun! With school right around the corner, natural makeup and an easy hairstyle are essential. For this look, I used the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette to create my natural eye look. My favorite way to amp up simple styling like this is by rocking a fun and fresh hairstyle with my more classic look.

1—The half up, half down. My first look is a pretty simple half up, half down look. I really like this look when my topknot is pulled up very high and styled messily, and it’s so much easier to create this way! Firstly, I sectioned off the top of my hair a bit above my ears, and then I twirl that section before twisting it around itself to create my half topknot. I left the bottom half as is with just my natural waves to make this look feel really effortless. Make sure you don’t forget to use some moisturizing lip balm to keep your lips soft!

2—The double braid. My second hairstyle is a braid with a twist. I started by sectioning off the top portion of my hair in the same way as the previous look; I then braided this section. You could do a French braid if you wanted to, but I chose to just do a regular braid. Then, I split the bottom portion of my hair into two sections and used these as my left and right sections of hair to braid my hair once again. So my first braid from the top section becomes the middle section being braided. This creates what I refer to as a double braid, which is essentially a braid within a braid. So cute, yet so easy to throw together in a rush!

3—The double buns. Finally, my last look is some fun little double buns. Miley Cyrus first made this look famous, but I like to keep it very messy. Split your hair down the center to create two sections, and then twist each section into a high bun. You can also wear these double buns low to create a more relaxed version of this style. Sometimes, I even like to do some small braids at the front of my hair before twisting my hair up into the buns to add some extra texture. Make sure you don’t forget your favorite black sunnies when you leave!

Overall, these hairstyles are very versatile, simple to create, and are great ways to spice up your normal look! Why wear your hair down when you can put it up?

How would you style these fresh and easy hairdos? Let me know in the comments below. 

How I Got My Healthy Hair Back

Our hair is loyal to us through the dying, scorching, bleaching, and everything else that we put it through. We put it through so much every single day yet it still looks like healthy hair! But why aren’t we as loyal to our hair as it is to us? We insist on using dangerous chemicals to “clean” our hair, which then begs the question: how clean is our hair really? If we’re just replacing our hairspray chemicals with shampoo chemicals, can we really consider our hair clean?

Aside from whether or not the product did what I wanted, I never cared about what I was really using. I mean, why would I care if I was getting the desired result? Well, about a year ago I got my answer. Each time I brushed my hair or rinsed shampoo out in the shower large clumps of hair were falling out. I realized that my hair was dry and the split ends were outrageous, even when I avoided using hot tools. My hair looked just as fragile as it felt, I decided that I had to do something to fix this.

A lot of research went into figuring out how to solve my problem. What did the words on my shampoo label mean? Why did my hair act the way that it did? And what kind of products could I use to fix the problem? Post-research, I came to a few conclusions. One, the products I was currently using on my hair were not cutting it, and two, to fix my hair, I could use a chemical-based or natural-based product. Meaning, ingredients designed in a lab or ingredients that I could read and understand could make up the products. The most obvious choice was to go with the natural ingredient base.

1—Rehabilitate healthy hair. First, repairing my hair of the damage that had been done over the years with a new shampoo. I opted for one similar to this one by AG Hair. It was important to me to find a company that didn’t test on animals and at least made an attempt to contribute as little harm to the environment as possible. AG Hair covers all of this, and the shampoo put my hair through a full rehabilitation.

2—Encourage healthy hair. Second, discover a conditioner that will replenish natural moisture to my hair giving it a healthy volume and bounce. Try RE:Coil by AG Hair! My hair has a gorgeous natural wave that had been missing for years because of my lack of care. I wanted it back and better than ever, so something to promote lively hair was desirable, to say the least!

3—Maintain healthy hair. Lastly, now that I once again had beautiful hair, I wasn’t going to let it get away again. I had learned that a major source of dry and damaged hair was washing too frequently. The solution: taking the dry shampoo route on days my hair seemed a bit too shiny. The one I fell in love with is similar to this AG Hair product. I love that you can’t tell I used it and it adds a bit more volume than some of the others I’ve tried!

Overall, searching for my healthy hair was a long process. Now I want to know, what are your favorite hair-repair products? Let us know in the comment section below and be sure to tag @CFashionista on social media!

3 Easy Hairstyles for Any Occasion

I recently got a haircut because I felt it was time for something fresh; a little change would do me good. Whenever I get a new haircut I like to play with it and see what fun hairstyles look good with my new cut. So, I did some research and these are three of my favorite hairstyles that I use on a short haircut, but would definitely work with long hair as well. These hairstyles work best on day old hair, as it has more grip and hold. If you cannot do day old hair, try a sea salt texture spray. I love these hairstyles because they are great whether you’re hanging out at the beach or out on a date.

This first hairstyle is very simple yet, elegant with a bohemian vibe to it. You start by parting your hair down the front in the middle of your head. Then, you grab the front section on one side of your head and braid it. The trick to getting a full looking braid is to loosen it once the rubber band has been tied. You do this by pulling the braid apart going up and down until the braid looks bigger. Now, braid the other section of your hair. After both section of your hair have been braided, then pulled, pull the braids back and use bobby pins to tuck your braid tails under the back section of your hair. And you are done! This hairstyle is super beautiful and easy.

This next hairstyle is a variation of the hairstyle above. This one is a little bit edgier and a great way to show off a cute pair of earrings. To do this hairstyle, you start the same as the one above. For this one, I like to grab a little bit more hair to make the braid even bigger. Don’t forget to pull the braid apart! After you’ve made the braid, all you need to do is pin it behind the hair in the back. This hairstyle also looks super cute with a detailed clip holding it back.

The third hairstyle is a great one for hot days when you want something cuter than a boring ponytail. This is a twist on the classic top knot. I love a messy top knot but adding braids makes it even better. To do this hairstyle, all you do is grab the top section of your hair and pull it back into a high bun. You then grab a small section of hair in the front under the topknot and braid it. Pull those little braids apart and pin them into your bun. Voila! Cute, easy and better than a ponytail.

What are your favorite quick and easy hairstyles? let us know in the comments below! and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.