How to DIY Your Own Embroidered Beach Hat

As a college student on a budget and a DIY queen, I always say, “Why buy when you can DIY?” In other words, why spend tons of money on something that is incredibly easy to make yourself, for half the price?

One of this summer’s must-haves is beach hats with bold statements or words embroidered on them. They’re all over social media, fashion blogs, online, and in stores. Of course, being a Style Guru, I just had to have one, but I thought that they were a little too expensive. I tried finding one on sale, but I had no luck. Finally, I decided to make one myself because not only would I save money but I could personalize my hat. I wouldn’t have to worry about it looking  “cliche.”

Here’s a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own embroidered beach hat:


1—A canvas or straw wide brim hat. I bought this one at Target, for just  $12!

2—A pencil or Sharpie.

3—At least one foot of thread, twine, or yarn (you may need more or less depending on the size of your letters and the length of your word).

4—An embroidery needle.


1—Think of a word or phrase that you’d like to put on your hat. I came up with the phrase “Shell Yeah!” to express my enthusiasm for the beach. Begin by lightly writing the words with the pencil or Sharpie in big letters, on the far right side of the back of your hat. For a shorter word or phrase, start the beginning of the word closer to the center of the hat.

2—Using your needle and thread, hand-stitch each letter.

It’s that simple! Now, go to the beach and rock your hat on with confidence!

The beauty of DIY fashion is that you can give your project a sense of originality, personalize it, and make it your own.

If you create your own embroidered beach hat, I’d love to see it! Share it on social media by tagging @Cfashionista!

The One-Piece Still Rules

When I think of the one-piece swimsuit, it really throws me back to those awkward middle school years when my mom thought I was too young to be prancing around in a bikini. Well—thanks to the makers of fashion—those once coveted one-pieces we all used to wear as little girls are back in full force. Personally I found it hard to hop onto this trend; I mean, who wants to be reminded of their “brace face” days and get those awful tan-lines. But soon enough, like every other trendy Instagrammer, I got on board.

Recently while shopping around and doing much stalking of all my favorite bloggers, I finally decided to hop on the wagon and buy my first one-piece suit (well…since the 4th grade…)! The one I chose is from J. Crew—with such a bold summer print I instantly knew I had to have it. The low black and spaghetti straps also give it a bit of edginess since the print is young and fun.

I paired the suit with my absolute favorite Panama Hat from J. Crew. This hat is a necessity for every fashion-lover, considering it looks good on everyone. If you are wanting to be a little less bold with your one-piece a classic stripe or fun solid color can help tone things down a bit.

Summer is coming to a close, but the warm weather will be around for a little while longer! So hurry up and go get that swimsuit that you’ve been dying to wear all summer! I can’t wait to see everyone’s favorites so make sure to tag me and @CFashionista on Instagram!

What are some of your favorite swimsuit brands this season? Let us know in the comments below!

Denim Details

The best current trends are about adding a subtle quirk to a classic. Just like these looks exemplify, amazing outfits are created by adding cool details to an overall simple idea. The result is a trendy and flattering look with interesting details that take the outfit to a whole new level.

This Fashionista is wearing Revice denim jeans with line detailing on the front. Star detailing on the back adds a trendy flair to a classic outfit.

Because the jeans are so funky and cool, this Fashionista just paired them with a white tank with lace and buttons, simple tan sandals, and a few accessories with pink accents for a pop of color. She chose rose lens Ray-Bans, a pink suede bag with fringe, and a white baseball cap.

It’s the little details that make this Fashionista look so stylish. Instead of a plain white tank, she chose a girly one with lace trim and buttons. Instead of a dull handbag, she chose a colorful one in a fabulous, trendy fabric: suede. One of my favorite elements of this outfit is the fringe on the bag. A little retro touch never hurt anybody. This Fashionista clearly agrees with me because she jazzes up the look with another retro allusion by sporting round sunglasses with pink lenses. Not only do the round frames pay homage to the ’60s trend of circular glasses, but the fun color enhances the look and coordinates with the bag.

My look features Seven For All Mankind slightly flared, two-tone jeans. Like the first Fashionista, I wanted my denim to be the star of the show, so I also chose a simple white tank. I layered it with a sage green canvas jacket and Adidas sneakers. Lastly, I added a silver necklace and rose gold choker for some bling.

The tank top ties in the front with a bow to add a cute girly detail. The addition of the canvas jacket in an unusual color adds another cool element to this urban yet feminine outfit. Finally, the layered necklaces and mixing of metals punctuate the look with a subtle quirky touch. These small details, in addition to my unique jeans, take it from dull to trendy and eye-catching.


The days of tops and blouses being the focus of the outfit might be behind us because statement jeans are currently all the rage. PSA: Denim on denim is no longer a sin if you pick the right pieces. This Fashionista and I both kept our jeans as the focus by featuring them as the sole piece of denim in our outfits. However, this Fashionista could switch out her white baseball cap for a denim one, like this simple Anthropologie cap, to make this look edgier and further embrace the present denim obsession.


Next time you’re shopping for jeans, look for a pair with unique rips, embroidery, different washes, or cool line work like these.


What’s your favorite way to wear denim? Let me know in the comments below!

Rompers—The Perfect Summer Piece

Summer is in full swing, and there is nothing but free time in the sunshine. July is filled with beach days and grabbing brunch with friends. What better way to dress comfy and stylish than a cute romper with some on-trend accessories? Rompers can be dressy or casual and can be taken to the pool or on an adventurous day out on the town. Rompers are also essential because of the variety of outfits you can create with them.

This romper is from Urban Outfitters and is printed with designs featuring sail boats and splattered vibrant lines. This is such a unique and vibrant piece to add to your summer closet. The color combination is sure to turn eyes. Strapless rompers like this one allow you to dress it down with a jacket or cardigan.

Strapless pieces complemented with neckwear of your choice allow the romper to come to life. Adding four necklaces to this romper created a lively vibe and gave the outfit even more intrigue. This Fashionista kept the jewelry neutral so as not to overwhelm the color palette. Sunglasses are always an important accessory for the summer. Wearing vibrant yellow sunglasses from Glow Glamazon gives a retro ’70s vibes and matches the outfit perfectly.

Girls always need bags to carry all their junk and lip gloss in! Enhancing your outfit is very simple by adding a bag that matches the colors in your outfit! This Fashionista adds a plain pink bag that highlights the romper.

Combining this outfit with these on-trend glitter rubber slides from Urban Outfitters gives this outfit a funky look. Activities during the day require comfortable shoes such as slides and adding sparkles gives the outfit character.

Incorporating the hat from Urban Outfitters, this gorgeous Fashionista adds a flirty warmth to finish the outfit off. This hat inspired her because it reminds her of a ’60s Bonnie and Clyde look.

Would you wear these vibrant colors together in one outfit as well? Let me know in the comments below!

A Fashionista’s Guide to the Beach

As someone who proudly is from New Jersey, I take day trips “down the shore,” as we say, to soak up the sun with some friends, splash around the crisp ocean water, lighten up my hair, and of course, take pictures. The typical beach-goer ensemble includes a pair of gym shorts, a T-shirt with your high school’s name across the front, and a pair of flip flops that you’ve owned since 1996, but I am not about that. My typical beach look involves a couple of outfit changes and a quick trip to the mall beforehand.

The most important part of any beach look is, of course, the bathing suit. As we all know, one-pieces are the silhouette of the summer when it comes to swim wear, and I am all about it. They are incredibly figure-flattering and come in so many styles with different necklines, cut-outs, and prints. My favorite at the moment has to be this rainbow striped one-piece with a low back. I can’t get over how fun the stripes are! Not to mention I feel so confident when wearing this, so it’s a huge win.

A casual dress is my second requirement for a fashionable beach look. Not only do they keep you feeling cool, they look so effortlessly stylish—all while keeping it totally comfortable. I usually opt for dresses that flow away from my body and tend not to have a waistband or any sort of defined shape, just like the dress I’m wearing here. The slip dress look is huge this summer, plus it feels nice underneath the blazing seaside sun.

As I mentioned before, flip flops tend to be a by-the-shore staple for most beach goers, but I always go for a pair of leather slip-ons. They make your look that much more put together and are wearable all summer long, too! And since we’re on the topic of accessories, I have absolutely loved wearing my beach hat all summer long. My face burns so easily, and my hat completely prevents that, along with looking super chic. I was always terrified of accessorizing with a hat solely because I had no interest in looking like a Jason Mraz wannabe but now I am all about the beach hat, and to be honest you should be, too!

What’s your beach necessity? Share it with me in the comments!

Sleek 2017 Summer Trends

Do you ever wake up on a hot summer day and immediately regret the fact that you have to put on clothes? No one wants to get out of bed and into clothes that are bound to hold heat while you’re already living and doing everyday tasks in it without a choice. Check out this super trendy and easy way to spice up your summer and stay cool, sophisticated, and alluring all at the same time.

Maxi dresses have been around for quite some time now. However, they are still an extremely popular, trending, and comfortable piece of clothing. That being said, they are one piece. When wearing a maxi there is no need for extra layers and sometimes no need to even worry about undergarments. This particular article is based on the comfort and stylish ways of throwing on a maxi, adding a few accessories, and being ready to leave the house in a flash!

There has been past controversy on whether or not the colors black and brown coincide with each other. Here I have put together an outfit that I believe would be an example of a way to avoid the conflict of the colors and create a look that is simple yet intriguing. This Fashionista is wearing a simple black printed dress with cut-out accents. In addition, she added brown as a contrasting color for her accessories; a sun hat, some bangles, Namaste bracelets, and a simple brown, strapped wedge.

What’s great about this summer look is that it can take you anywhere. This look is perfect for going to dinner, throwing on something in order to make a quick run to the store, going out for the day and running simple errands, and even vacation or the beach. As long as there is sun, this outfit is the one.

Do you like this trend and idea? If so, please be sure to comment and show us your own version of this simple look on social media! Also, don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

Color Craze

Coming home for the summer after spending my first year at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, I have noticed my style has changed. After moving to New York, I inevitably found myself wearing mostly black, edgy pieces and experimenting with a variety of different trends and styles. However now that I am back in my hometown Cleveland, Ohio, I am making some adjustments to my new style. One of my favorite things about fashion is how you can change your style at any given time. For me personally, I am always traveling and finding myself in a new city, so I like to make tweaks based on where I am and the atmosphere around me.

For this outfit, I have stuck to my staple black jeans, but decided to add more color. During the summer months, I like to incorporate bright colors to my typically dark wardrobe. However, one of the problems with color is incorporating it into your outfit without it becoming too overpowering. With this in mind, I chose this hot pink blouse in a solid color. The black hat adds to the look by making it more casual. Hats are a go-to for me in the summer and perfect for any bad hair day or even just to add a trendy touch to any outfit. The hot pink against the black hat and black jeans gives the outfit fun, summery vibes while keeping the outfit looking polished. My favorite aspect of the look is my floral printed loafers. Loafers are currently a huge trend and are said to be this summer’s sandal. Having the rest of my outfit solid and basic, the loafers give the outfit the colorful kick it needs.

This is a look that could be worn on a variety of occasions. The loafers could be dressed up and worn to work or another formal setting with a basic skirt or dress. The outfit that I have formed with them is perfect for lunch with friends or even a casual date.

How are you guys styling your loafers for the summer? Let me know in the comments below.



5 Tips on How to Style Floppy Beach Hats

The beginning of summer signals hot weather, long days, and Instagram feeds filled with outfits and trends just waiting to be tested. One of my favorite trends of this summer are adorable floppy beach hats with sequined messages. However, they can seem hard to style. That’s where a trusty little black dress comes in! Buy a cute hat and follow these styling tips and you’ll be set for a summer spent in style.

1—Start with a little black dress. LBDs are the perfect base for a beach outfit. They make for a swimsuit cover-up that’s equally great for going from the pool to dinner. A breezy dress will keep cool even in the heat and it won’t wrinkle in a suitcase. Little black dresses are the best for looking cute and staying comfortable while traveling.

2—Add the perfect hat. These hats are popular because they put a modern twist on a classic style. Find a hat with a message you love. My personal favorite is, “Hello Sunshine,” but the customization of these hats is what makes them fun.

3—Keep accessories simple. Since the hat is the focus of the outfit, you don’t need to pile on accessories. This makes it so much easier to go to the beach, take cute pictures for Instagram with your friends, and still be able to go in the water without worrying about losing jewelry.

4—Wear comfortable sandals. Find a pair of sandals that go well with the outfit but are still comfortable enough to walk on the beach. Your feet will thank you!

5—Be confident. The most important part of any outfit is confidence. Be confident that you can pull off those trends you always see on Instagram and you can! Throw on your favorite look, add your beach hat, and take tons of cute pictures with your friends. Out of all of these tips, being confident is the most important.

How are you going to style summer’s latest trend? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

How-To Style a Simple Beach-Chic Look

Have you ever tried to pull off a quick beach-chic look for a poolside gathering or a boating trip? It can be harder than it seems! In this post, I’ll show you an easy and stylish look that you can create using items you already own. But first, let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

This is my first semester with CollegeFashionista and I’m so excited to be a part of the team! I am a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati, studying finance and marketing. Fashion has always been a big part of my life and I’m looking forward to sharing my style advice and thoughts on fashion with all of you. I love being able to create a stylish outfit using must-have pieces and dressing it up with the right accessories. My style, in one sentence, can be described as Blair Waldorf meets Katherine Pierce; it’s glamorous, chic, classic and ladylike. I’m not one to go after all of the new trends, instead, I prefer to shop for clothes that will remain a staple in my closet for months to come.

Wearing a beachy look like this when going boating last weekend definitely made me feel like I was on vacation. It’s perfect for your next weekend getaway, pool parties, and family barbecues. Here, I am wearing a light blue striped romper, which gives you the perfect nautical edge while remaining casual. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to wear white and blue: the colors are not only perfect for being by the water but are also great for holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

I’m pairing this romper with my favorite fedora hat, which I love wearing anytime I’m out in the hot sun. As for the jewelry, a gold layered necklace and a stack of gold bracelets help me take this outfit to a more stylish level. The big straw beach bag really completes the look: it’s not only sizable enough to keep all my sunscreen sprays, water bottles, and a bathing suit together but also makes a fashion statement with its gold color and rope-like handles. I wanted to keep all my accessories gold, so for the shoes, I went with the gold gladiator sandals. The details are really the key to making this simple outfit look edgy and more fun.

Whether you are renting a boat for a day or planning a tropical vacation, this outfit is calling your name. To create a similar look, use a beachy romper like mine and spice it up with some jewelry, a fedora, and a beach tote.

How do you style your favorite summer look? Show us on social media and tag @CFashionista!  

How to Wear Neutrals Without Looking Basic

As a lover of classic, effortless style, I’ve been asked many a time how I manage to find inspiration from such a limited color palette. Now, neutrals (think: beige, ivory, black, and white) may not translate on the runway as glamorous, but they can be your best friend when mastering the art of street style.

My latest look, dubbed simple with a twist, is fun to look at and easy to follow. See what inspiration and advice you can gather from my step-by-step neutral-wearing rules!

1. Choose contrasting pieces.

Nothing says boring more than matching colors without a purpose. For this reason, you’ll have to put a little more thought into your dress-up time—think about what fabrics would photograph together nicely and which ones clash.

In my case, I paired structured Ink Denim jeans with a loose-fitting top while accentuating a textured Adrienne Vittadini handbag with synthetic fibers and felt from the shoes and accessories. Though the colors stayed plain, the look was anything but.

At the same time, don’t forget to edit your outfit. In the words of Coco Chanel, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Follow Mademoiselle’s minimalist style rule to hit that sweet spot between humdrum and noisy!

2. Mix it up.

You don’t have to take this as literally as mixing silver accessories with gold, but don’t forget to have fun with your clothes. Fashion is nothing if not experimental!

One thing I did to transform my look from cliché to slay was to roll-up my long sleeve Olive & Oak button down and tie it at the waist. High enough to raise interest but low enough that your 70-year-old grandmother wouldn’t judge, this refitted top now looked casually undone. I also wore a wool cloche hat from Target (pronounced Tar-jay by the cool kids) because I’m clearly still not over Downton Abbey.

3. Add a statement shoe.

Repeat this after me: Statement shoes are fun. Statement shoes never hurt anyone.

As for the shoes themselves, I highly recommend that you scour out pack-a-bag sales at your local thrift store before you even think about going near a Nordstrom or, heaven forbid, an actual designer store. These sold out Steve Madden leopard print wedges were originally priced at $119; I got them for roughly $2! (Granted, I had to squeeze them in a bag shared with two friends, but it was totally worth it.)

3. Go for gorgeous.

Whether you choose to go barefaced or bronzer-conscious, make sure that you step out of the house feeling confident, sexy, and proud of what you’re wearing! While you are always beautiful, a classy, neutral look can help to bring out that natural grace.

That said, I used Essence Cosmetics’ All About Chocolates eye shadow palette. Ranging from matte to shimmery tones, it was just what I needed to take my look to the next level.

Are you rocking the neutral look today? Snap a picture, and don’t forget to tag us @CFashionista on social media!