Meet the Square Silk Scarf—Your New Favorite Accessory

Have you ever felt like your outfit was missing something? Like you needed just a pop of color but didn’t know where to add it? Look no further, the square silk scarf is your new best friend. There are so many fun ways to incorporate the accessory into your wardrobe, but after plenty of experimenting, I’ve found the three best ones to make your outfit pop!

1—Headband. Simply wrap the scarf into about a two-inch section on the diagonals to make it as long as it can be, then tie it around your head. I like the tie to lie in the back, but for a more fun, casual look keeps the knot in the front and tuck the ends. This look goes great with ponytails, buns, and even braids and adds that extra pop of color your look has been craving!

2—Bag tassel. If you’re tired of using the same old bag, this one’s for you! Tie the scarf around the top handle of your bag, or just tie it on the strap like I did to give new life to your favorite purse. You can also change up the color of the scarf to go with different outfits, totally on trend!

3—Necktie. All you have to do is tie the scarf on the diagonal to get the most length out of it and wrap it around your neck. You can always adjust the knot to make it tighter or looser for a different look every time. The messier the better! Let the ends hang out to make it more like a bandana. Add a few necklaces and layer up, or just rock it on its own like I did. The necktie is the fastest way to add a chic touch to any outfit!

Are you also loving the square silk scarf? Found a unique way to rock it? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

9 Reasons Why Short Hair Will Be the Best Thing You Do All Summer

Summertime can be filled with adventures, beach trips, and endless relaxation. Or, it may include starting an internship in a new city. No matter what, summer is always an exciting time, filled with heat. Shouldn’t your hair be as adventurous and carefree as the summer? I’d say so. As someone with thick, plentiful wavy hair, I have spent years searching for the ideal hairstyle, and I think I have figured it out: pixie cuts.

I’ve compiled a list of reasons why short hair is the way to go for summer, and honestly for all seasons of the year.

1—The freedom. There is nothing as liberating as letting go of the hair on your head. Short hair feels lighter and simpler. You’re also freeing yourself from stagnation and beauty standards.

2—Natural hair. Depending on your hair type, you may be able to air dry your hair and go completely natural. This saves time styling, reduces heat damage, and hair product costs.

3—The options. There are countless ways you can style your hair even though you have less of it. Some think less hair equals fewer hair styles, but the flexibility in styling comes in a different way. Instead of buns and braids, there are tons of different accessories, such as hats and headbands to change up your look. Not to mention gels, pomades, and serums provide different textures and amounts of volume.

4—The showers. If you have long, thick hair, you know that showering can be a chore, taking forever for hair to dry or to get the shampoo out. Also, with shorter showers, you can have more free time (to play around with styling!) and a lower water bill isn’t bad either.

5—Less hair product. Less hair means you need less hair product on a daily basis. Suddenly trial size products feel huge. This makes traveling easier and lightweight.

6—The confidence. You can’t hide behind your hair, allowing you to feel bold and independent by selecting a style that so few people dare to try.

7—Repairing. You can get a fresh start and repair hair damage from dyes or heat. This is also a great opportunity to try out new hair colors because you will be able to cut damaged hair off sooner.

8—The gym. Having to do your hair for the gym is a thing of the past. You may still want to use a headband or bobby pin to push some bangs away from your face but the bulk of your hair can stay put.

9—Emphasizes your face. Now that most of your hair is gone, your face is no longer covered by it. That means your hair accessories will be highlighted. Also, your makeup and jewelry are brought to a focus, making the perfect opportunity to try some bold looks.

I hope that all of my trials and tribulations will come as a benefit to you. Have you ever considered a major chop? Let me know. Short hair has definitely won my heart (and head).

Bananas For Bandanas

I’m sure most people would agree that it’s always great to have an accessory in their wardrobe that is versatile. As someone whose personal aesthetic changes so frivolously, I love having clothes that can work for various different styles. One of my go-to accessories that I can change the style of quickly is a bandana.

Bandanas are one of my favorite things in my closet because they come in so many different styles and can totally enhance an outfit. One of my favorite style trends right now is overalls. They’re such a quirky fashion piece, and I love to pair them with bandanas. It’s a great way to take simple articles of clothing and make yourself stand out in a stylish way.

The outfit I put together is simple. I wore a basic black V-neck T-shirt, acid-washed denim overalls, a pair of Converse, and a blue paisley bandana. I chose blue because I wanted to highlight the blue in the denim, but any color or design would work well and still complement each other.

One of my favorite ways to wear bandanas is simply tying it around my neck like an ascot. It reminds me of the neck choker trend, but with more boy scout vibes. It’s a simple way to enhance the look of the overalls, much like all of the looks I tried.

Another way I like to wear bandanas is sort of in a faux-collar style. I take the bandana and tie it around my neck and tuck it under the color of my shirt. I like this style because it makes the look so classic.

Another look with bandanas that I like to sport is wearing it wrapped around my head. This is one that I typically wear when I don’t know what to do with my hair or if I’m having a bad hair day. It keeps your hair together and serves modern pirate realness.

Bandanas and overalls are super retro and are one of my favorite throwbacks, ’90s-esque looks to serve. Bandanas are such a fun accessory to experiment with to create different looks for different aesthetics. There are so many different ways to wear them.

What are some of your favorite ways to style bandanas? Let me know in the comments below!

Tips for Dressing Like a Trendy Tourist

Being a tourist in a new city can be a roller coaster of emotions, starting from being a nervous wreck to bouncing off the walls with excitement. New cities have so much to offer with so little time to take everything in, so here are some tips on dressing in the best way to make your trip a bit less stressful.

Warm weather? That means endless options for what to wear. A simple shopping trip means that a sundress and booties would allow for both comfort and style. If you are not a dress person, warm weather still allows the possibilities of shorts, cute tops, and rompers. If you want to add more spunk, you can throw on some flashy bright jewelry to contrast the colors of your outfit. Not only will that add more pop, but it will also bring together the entire look.

If your trip is a little more distance-oriented, be sure to wear shoes that are easy to walk in. It is common to think that you can rock the super cute pair of platform heels, but the truth is, if you are walking for hours on end, it’s best to keep those babies at home. Sandals and flats pair nicely, and more importantly they won’t kill your feet in the process.

Accessories, accessories, accessories. Nothing catches the eye like show-stopping accessories to add a little more glam. Grab a big floppy hat or a cute crossbody bag and be prepared to conquer the world. On bright, sunny days, a pair of flashy shades will  protect your eyes and also draw attention not only to your outfit but to your actual face.

When being a tourist in a new town, it is important to not overpack while sightseeing. Not only will you get tired of carrying everything, but it also leaves less room to carry all of the new goodies that you could be purchasing. Try and bring only the essentials, like a phone, a wallet, your favorite lipstick, and a camera for all of the amazing photos you are going to take. If you have to bring a bag or backpack, remember to try and pack lightly—you will thank me later on this one.

The most important tip to remember when being a tourist in a new area is, above all, to have fun. Take advantage of the opportunities that you have been given to see a new place. Appreciate the various different styles, cultures, and settings that you are exposed to and make them yours. Come back from your trip being a more knowledgeable version of yourself.

How do you dress for summer trips? Let me know in the comments below!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring It in, Ladies

All right ladies, lets spring it in. The transition from fall to spring on a college campus is never easy. It begins with figuring out the right outfit to wear. It’s hard to dress for the weather when it is hot outside, yet the campus thought it was a good idea to start blasting the air conditioner again. The best way to make this change a good one is to always cover at least one part of the body, whether that is by wearing pants instead of shorts or a top with a light jacket. Spring is weird, no doubt. Especially if you go to a school like CU Boulder, where the temperature goes from 30 degrees to 80 degrees within a 50 minute class period.

This Fashionista, however, was able to still look fierce in these awkward temps. Now, some of you may be a spring kind of person, but for those of you who are like me, you might not always feel so good about the in between. So, finding your base and showing your true colors is key. What this Fashionista is wearing is a great example of a way to do so.

The first step is to always stay true to your style. Second, you can never own too many pairs of flared jeans. I know this was a phase in the ’70s and ’80s, but the truth is that they should never go out of style. They are the most flattering pairs of jeans I own, and this Fashionista is rocking a  washed pair from Free People. Flared jeans are also the best for those 60 to 70 degree temperatures because they aren’t as restricting as most skinny jeans are. This is her base piece for the outfit. The pattern on her off-the-shoulder top is what allows her outfit to show off some style. Now that she has her cozy and temperature perfect outfit on, it’s time to add the details.

Her gold layered necklace goes with absolutely any outfit. It is perfect for allowing the fun aspects of spring wardrobes to be brought out! With a lot of details in one outfit, it is nice if most of them have a simple vibe. That brings me to her purple reflectors. I love any kind of reflecting sunglasses. However, purple seems to be making its way to this years spring colors. Her sunglasses allow the outfit to make a full statement of springtime.  Her last accessory is one of my favorites, the headscarf. In Boulder the wind seems to pick up in the spring, her headscarf keeps her warm and the off-the-shoulder top balances it out to keep her cool. Lastly, throw on a fun shoe, like her fringe slip-on, and you are good to go!

So, spring it in ladies! Don’t allow the frightening, complicated weather get the best of you. This is the time to play with color, texture, and add any fun details to brighten up the day even more!

STYLE ADVICE: It’s Okay to be Basic

Early morning classes are the worst thing for some and a breeze for others. Regardless of your ability to function as a human being in the early hours of the morning, everyone can admit some mornings are definitely rougher than others. We’ve all woken up and pretty much guaranteed ourselves that Beyoncé didn’t consider us when she wrote, “I woke up like this—flawless.”

It’s rough enough starting the day at what seems like an ungodly hour, let alone feeling like you can’t go on looking the way you do. But don’t panic ladies; there are ways to conquer these mornings. Grab your coffee, get that chin up, and charge the closet.

The best way to get past what seems to be detrimental to your being is starting with the basics. What are those go-to pieces you know are always there for you? Maybe those classic jeans and white top? Or what about that sweater that has honestly gotten you through your worst days? (You know which one I’m talking about). You can’t go wrong when you go for what always works.

Now, time to spice up your look. The basics allow for accessory freedom and creativity. What more could you ask for! Throw on some colorful jewelry, a fun pair of shoes, or my personal favorite, a wrap headband (also a great fix for a rough hair day). Now you’re talking.

This Fashionista conquered what started as a rough morning by doing exactly this. She went for the basics: classic ripped jeans and basic flowy top. She threw on her favorite go-to sweater and went for the quick hair fix with her favorite headband—which also added great color to the outfit. Topping off the look with her favorite jewelry and classic white Converse, she was ready to turn this day around.

Can’t let the morning get you down, so remember those go-tos and show the day who’s boss. If not for you, do it for Beyoncé.

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break Beauty

Cold weather and school work got you down? Hang in there Fashionistas, it’s almost spring break! Whether that means going somewhere warm and sunny or just being able to relax at home for a week, I think we can all agree this break is much needed.

I don’t know about everywhere else but in Blacksburg, the weather has been all over the place this winter. Some days it has been 70 degrees and sunny and others it has been freezing and snowy, so dressing for class is always a challenge. The outfit this Fashionista is wearing could be worn on a breezy day on the beach or staying at home and catching up with friends.

She is wearing a white lightweight sweater and light wash blue jean shorts with tan Birkenstock sandals. This sweater is comfy and I love how it flows when she walks. Underneath the white sweater, she is wearing a black detailed lace high neckline bralette. She then adds a black choker with a gold bead with her initial and then a gold necklace with an off-white sparkly gemstone.

To complete her look and add some texture and color, she put a coral and white-patterned headband in her blonde curly hair. I love how she pulled off this look with a lot of unique pieces. She matched her white sweater with the coral and white headband and her black bralette with the black choker. These pieces stand out because of her simple and cute denim shorts and tan sandals. This Fashionista looks fabulous and is ready for a day at the beach, all she needs is some sunglasses, sunscreen, and a fashion magazine to read while tanning.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dressing for Comfort

Finals week: it’s the week where everyone is inside trying to prepare for their upcoming final exams. The line at Starbucks is long, all the good studying spots in the library are taken, and everyone is getting up early and sleeping late. The fact that most of us aren’t putting on our best clothes is understandable; we’re just too busy and too tired. By this time of the quarter, we just want to be comfortable. However, this Fashionista was able to make her outfit cute without taking away the comfort.

The outfit includes three major details: the graphic on her sweater, bandana hair piece, and the shoes.

This Fashionista incorporates a nice, oversize sweater to stay comfortable during the final weeks of school. However, while this sweater seems pretty simple, the eagle in the middle of the sweater makes it stand out. Because she found this sweater at a thrift store, it is one of a kind. Here’s an oversize sweatshirt featuring some graphics and just a regular oversize sweater; either look will be perfect for studying.

My favorite part of the outfit is the blue bandana used as a headband. This Fashionista told me that she recently cut her bangs and in order to get them out of the way when she studied, she used the bandana to hold them back. I thought it added a nice look to her overall outfit. I definitely appreciated her shoe choice—as we enter the end of the quarter, most of us are tired of walking around wearing uncomfortable shoes. Not only are these moccasins cute, they are perfect for walking to the library to study for exam. They’re also easy to put on, so you’re able to get out the door fast and head to your next class.

This look is perfect for finals week—it gives her the freedom to express herself while still being able to get dressed quickly in the morning if she needs to study before class or if she’s running late.

WHAT TO WEAR: When You’re in a Rush

Do you ever have those mornings where you sleep through all your alarms and wake up in a panic? Yeah, I think we’ve all experienced this one. But not to worry, I’m here to give you a few tips on how to dress trendy even when you’re in a hurry.

To start off, if you’re rushing in the morning it can be especially hard to find time to style your hair. I saw this Fashionista showing off an easy way to style your hair quickly but with a bit of a twist. She put her hair up in a bun and added a headband with an eye-catching tribal pattern. The headband adds a fun aspect to a simple hairstyle. You can also show off your own unique style with the different style of headband you wear. Next, this Fashionista added a bold red kimono over her simple gray tank top and black jeans. It’s easy to throw on a pair of jeans and a tank top, but by adding a statement piece it can really transform the look.

Another great tip is the accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. This Fashionista really showed off her accessories in this look. She added an olive green bralette under her tank top to add a subtle detail. Also for her accessories, she put on multiple rings, varying the sizes to add a creative touch. She also has on some Alex and Ani bracelets and a simple gold bar necklace. Lastly, the shoes. Luckily the weather is beginning to warm up so it was easy for this Fashionista to throw on a pair of lace-up sandals. All the clothing she is wearing is from American Eagle Outfitters.

For us Fashionista/os, it is important for us to dress fashionable even if we’re in a rush. Another easy thing to do is plan your outfit the night before so you can just put it on in the morning and you’re out the door. Also, stock up on headbands and/or baseball caps so you don’t have to worry about styling your hair. Lastly, accessories are your best friend. Throwing on necklaces and bracelets can take an outfit to a whole new level. And with that, you’re out the door looking like you actually had time and effort to get yourself ready this morning.


Attention all Fashionistas, who are as obsessed with flowers as I am: this article is all about how you can deck yourself head to toe in those beautiful and fantastically smelling things! Let’s be clear, I definitely don’t mean real flowers, but you can still get the same gorgeous effect from this Fashionista’s springtime outfit.

Her dress is straight up gorgeous. It’s such a classy and trendy piece that demands the attention of everyone around. The print is fabulous and gives the wearer the ability to mix and match so many accessories with it. The neckline is the perfect amount of plunge that says “I’m totally fun and super trendy without being too showy,” and the wide bell sleeves give the look a boho vibe that gives this dress the option of being a casual piece as well.

Her floral accessories are both beautiful and they don’t distract at all from the print on the dress, they add to it perfectly. The headband and bracelet show that you can add specific items from a pattern and it will all flow together very elegantly. The trick is to stay small in size and similar in color. The headbands flowers are rather tiny compared to the print of the dress, and are a perfect color to match. The bracelet’s flowers are smaller than the pattern as well, and the golden color is a wonderful touch because it keeps everything in the warmer color range.

The necklace, shoes, and purse all add on to the many colors incorporated in the pattern of the dress, and add their own flare of style. The necklace helps trail the eye down the dress and onto the outfit as a whole. The bag is still large enough to carry all the necessities (lipstick, blotting sheets, wallet, etc.) while still being mature and trendy at the same time. It looks like it’s a purse for a stylish college girl and not a mom who has to haul kids’ essentials around with her. The shoes are extremely in season, and one of the top trends I see right now. The lace-up heel is a hot item to invest in, and I don’t see it fading away anytime soon.

This outfit is the perfect combination of boho, chic, and elegance. I hope you can get as much inspiration for this spring as I did!