All the Outfits to Wear This Recruitment Season

With formal recruitment right around the corner, many girls wonder what they should wear for this important week. Outfits are crucial for recruitment because it gives active members in each chapter the first impression on every girl that they talk to. Wearing cute shoes or a sparkly necklace can make girls more memorable. Of course, outfits are not everything, but it is important to have a guide as to what to wear each day. I will be explaining what most girls wear throughout formal recruitment, and will also be giving tips and tricks for this amazing week.

At San Diego State University, the outfits get progressively fancier as the week goes on. On the first day, a popular outfit that I saw was ruffled shorts, floral off-the-shoulder tops, and sandals. Many girls wear rompers, jean skirts, and a nice top. It is also fine to wear a simple dress on this day as well. The active members in the chapters will be wearing jeans or shorts so it is fine to dress more casual. I would recommend saving your fancy outfits for the end of the week.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

As the days go on, girls wear wedges instead of sandals and classy dresses instead of jean skirts. On the third and fourth days, I saw long sleeve rompers, brown wedges, floral flare out dresses, and gold jewelry. The last night of formal recruitment is Preference Night and this is the fanciest day. You should be bringing out the most formal dress in your closet for this night. A royal blue dress with nude high heels would be a perfect outfit for the last day.

PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

It is important to remember that the outfits for recruitment should be classy and put together. Also, make sure that your shoes are comfortable to walk in. You will be standing in these shoes for long periods of time in all of the houses. Bring flip-flops or sandals with you for walking in between houses since they can be far from each other. I would also recommend bringing a makeup bag and body spray to touch up in between events.

Formal recruitment can be a stressful time for everyone, but in the end, you will find which chapter you truly belong in. Outfits for recruitment may vary from person to person, but it is always important to stay true to yourself and to still show your unique fashion style. I hope this article helps out anyone who is preparing for formal recruitment in the upcoming weeks. Best of luck, and I hope all of your sorority and recruitment wishes come true!

Have you gone through formal recruitment? What did you wear? Let me know in the comments below! 

Featured photo by Maddy Haller.

Fall Fashion Trends—How to Work Nudes

Well, summer is coming to a close and fall is steadily approaching. You know what that means? The reemergence of nude colors. Now nude colors are hot all year round, and even though they are a fall essential, you can make them work in the summer as well. Beige used to be considered such a plain and boring color but is now considered understated. Nude colors are always great for outfits because you can either dress them down creating a chill look or you can dress them up creating a sultry look.

This Fashionista chose to sport an all-nude outfit pairing a knee-length nude dress with matching lace-up heels. She finishes off the look with a pair of pearl earrings which add just a touch of elegance. This outfit is perfect for the last days of summer and can be worn on a night out with the girls or a simple lunch date. The figure-hugging dress contains a small slit making it effortless, but classy at the same time. This dress is perfect for showing off the natural curves of this Fashionista’s body. The shoes add flair to the outfit, elevating the look up 10 notches. When wearing nude colors, not too much has to be done to make the look a head turner. It’s all about letting your confidence and natural beauty shine through.

To complete this look, I would apply a layer of clear gloss to highlight your lips and give your skin that natural glow. To dress this look up even more I would add a pair of gold hoop earrings and add a nude pink or blush pink duster coat or kimono.

This look is fun and proves that nudes are a staple trend definitely not going anywhere anytime soon.

Do you have any tips or tricks for wearing nudes? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Use the Versatility of Fashion to Your Advantage

A very special power that lies within fashion is that it gives people the power to be whoever they want. You can decide to be a bohemian, punk chick one day and a hip hop, vintage Barbie the next. Many people have a certain category of style they fit under, but fashion gives you the potential to be versatile and rock any and every style. I encourage everyone to dive into a fashion trend or category they aren’t familiar with; so of course I had to take my own advice. Lately, I’ve been bored with clothes so I decided to try out a style I’ve been neglecting.

I’ve been wanting to go for an edgy, sophisticated, girlboss look. So when I stumbled across this faded, black denim overall dress in Forever 21, I knew it was fate. It gives off an edgy, summer street style vibe. The patches and straps of the dress give it a hint of color, allowing you to match accessories or makeup. Patches are a popular trend that has been taking over in the fashion world. They instantly can take a piece of clothing from drab to fab, and they come in all different shapes, designs, objects, and colors. The dress is comfortable and loose, allowing you to take advantage of the summer breeze and beat the heat. This dress is definitely retro ’90s and reminds me of Tommy Hilfiger denim carpenter overalls.

To keep the edgy look, I traded in my usual style of Old Skool Vans for a pair of clear strap, lace-up heels from Fashion Nova. Nothing says girlboss like your favorite pair of little black heels. I paired this outfit with gold accessories to add a little street flare. I added gold accents to my ears, neck, and wrist to complete this outfit. I’m wearing giant gold hoops to match my giant Afrocentric hair, a gold star choker from Forever 21, and a dainty, feminine gold Casio watch.

Of course, your outfit isn’t complete without hair and makeup. These are your two most noticeable accessories. I fluffed out my curls with a pick to add volume to my hair. The bigger the hair the harder they stare! For makeup, I went with light coverage on the face and dramatic eyes. I used the Take Me To Brazil palette from BHcosmetics to add the pop of red on my eyelids and I used NYX Electric Blue liner for my waterline.

I absolutely love this look I created. I inspired myself to use the versatility of fashion and beauty to my advantage. Always try new things and find new ways to express yourself through fashion. You have a whole platform in front of you and you are the canvas. Ready. Set. Create!

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How to Look Stylish Effortlessly

With school coming right around the corner everyone wants to make a good impression. However, we know how hard it can be to get up for that 8 a.m., let alone to look presentable for it. Of course, you could just throw on an old oversize sweatshirt and leggings and call it a day, but if you can make it look like you spent hours getting ready without the effort, why not? Here are a couple of tips we’ve found to look like you tried without actually trying at all.

1—Lipstick. Lipstick is debatably the easiest trick of them all. By rocking a brighter color on the lip, it gives the implied idea that time and effort were put into the look. Additionally, bright lipstick draws the attention to your lips as the center of the look, leaving room to wear whatever cozy options you want to throw on without looking lazy.

2—Statement sleeves. Statement sleeves are a huge trend right now. Both tops with classic bell sleeves or tops with short, wrist flares can be just as comfortable as a basic sweater, but they still have a more feminine and refined vibe.

3—Dresses. Wearing a dress automatically makes people think you look nice for the day while only taking about five minutes to do it. Just throw on any dress, pair with a sandal for a polished look, and walk out the door.

4—High-waisted. High-waisted bottoms have made a huge comeback. Not only can they be more comfortable than low/mid-rise jeans, but they put the emphasis on your waist and thin you out. Once you find a pair that fits you perfectly, they’re a great option for when you want to look more dressy than you feel.

5—Short heels. Not all heels necessarily mean giving up your comfort to look cute all day. Many options including shorter, thicker heels can be super comfortable (and easy to walk in) while still changing the intrigue of your outfit to be posh.

6—Statement bags. If you invest in a bag with bright colors or a bold pattern, you can utilize it to be the center of your look. Keep the rest of your outfit simple with neutral colors, and let the bag steal the show.

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The Struggle is Real for Female Sneakerheads

Growing up, society tells girls that women are meant to wear heels. If a woman wears sneakers after a certain age, they are considered a tomboy and somehow less feminine. This was a very hard concept for me to overcome, as I was more self-conscious growing up and always tried to fit in with what was normal. At events like school dances, I would force myself to wear heels because that was what everyone wore. No matter how much my feet ached, I would wear heels because that was what I was supposed to be wearing.


As I got older and started to come to terms with my personal style, the idea of fashion norms started to become foreign to me. Why should I be restricted to a certain footwear just because of the gender I happen to be? Once I began questioning the standards society put on women’s style, my eyes opened to new forms of fashion regardless of the gender they were meant for. This is when my love for sneakers started to flourish, and I grew into the sneakerhead I am today.

Being a female sneakerhead is not easy, and comes with its fair share of problems. The biggest struggle all women face when going sneaker shopping is the idea of “shrink it and pink it.” Sneaker companies are stuck in the mindset that all women want to wear exceedingly girly apparel. Do not get me wrong—I love almost anything pink and sparkly— but that doesn’t mean that I also won’t rock a pair of classic Air Force 1 Sneakers. The main problem is that there isn’t the same selection for women when it comes to sneakers. Although buying shoes made for boys is an option, they do not always have the same craftsmanship at a lower price.

It is also extremely intimidating shopping for sneakers as a woman. The sneaker community is male-dominated and therefore can come across as slightly domineering when shopping at a store with an all-male staff and clientele. As stated before, many sneakers are made for men, therefore when a woman shops at a store made solely for sneakers, most employees cannot help but come across as more condescending.

Although the sneaker game is not as accepting of women, it has started to change over the years. With collaborations such as with Rihanna and Puma, the door has opened for women creators and lovers of shoes who have not felt as respected in a male-dominated world. Rihanna designs shoes for women while still being able to maintain comfortable, chic attire, something male designers seem to forget.

It is time for women to leave behind the judgment placed on their style and enter a world full of comfort.

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Remembering Jellies, A Modern Rendition

Remember jellies? Yeah, that strange fad in the early ’00s where people would slip sparkly plastic onto their feet. Well, that fad is back, but instead of pairing them with fluorescent pink Bermuda shorts and a graphic T-shirt, we are modernizing (they have heels now)! This is one of the most unexpected yet exciting fads to resurface. A great way to think of fashion, and keep an open-mind about it, is that it is like a pendulum. It is constantly swinging, reaching back into an era, only to revitalize and transform that era in the present.

Jellies have actually been around since the ’80s, but the early 21st century was when high-end fashion designers began to reinterpret them. For the most part, we can agree that it didn’t work out that well at first. I remember elementary school was loaded with them, and looking back, they had to go. But thank goodness, they’re back. After making that first big appearance in the early 21st century, crashing, and burning, designers have found a way to make them the perfect staple piece for any outfit, and here’s why:

1—They’re something different. You probably have about four pairs of suede shoes, and six pairs of leather shoes, but why not add in an eccentric new style to your wardrobe. Shoes already have the power of making or breaking an outfit. Jellies have that power with an additional pinch of uniqueness and guaranteed attention. Which brings me to my next point:

2—They’re an attention grabber. Their ability to stand out is not hindered by the fact that they are a mere plastic shoe. They sound underwhelming when represented that way, but their impact on an outfit is certainly far from it. When scanning a room full of people wearing similar shoes, jellies will be your wingman. They will make sure you get the attention you deserve.

3—They’re a conversation starter. Jellies can be the spark to a conversation with both those who know about them and those who don’t. If someone doesn’t know what they are or hasn’t seen them before, then this is uncharted territory! A whole new world of shoes that you just opened the doors to. Now you get to talk about them and perform the deed of sharing jellies with the world. However, if someone does know jellies, then they will appreciate the fact that you have brought back that style. Jellies have the ability to induce a sense of nostalgia, once childhood shoes, now matured.

4—They’re versatile. These are not a one-time-wear purchase. Jellies have many different attributes, which are brought out within different outfits, bold and casual. Its translucent appearance makes it an “unclashable” shoe, meaning you will never have to worry about patterns or colors. Whether you are going to class and wearing boyfriend jeans and a vintage T-shirt, or going out with friends and wearing a little black dress, jellies will make your outfit. Any outfit you think might be a bit too out there, jellies will give you that extra push of confidence to wear it. You will look that good.

5—Anyone can wear them. As much as this is a college-aimed website, do not limit yourself if you are younger or older. These shoes, as versatile as they are with clothing, are just as versatile with people. There is no age limit to what you can wear. Embrace that confidence, and show it to the world with your bold shoe choices.

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How to Dress to Impress

If you are a frequent reader on College Fashionista, you are probably a college student. As a college student there is one word you will hear more often than any other word. That word is internship. Internships are just the next step after being enrolled in college and is arguably, the most important step. So now that you have built and perfected your resume and have gotten that call back for an interview, how do you impress your interviewer?

Studies have shown it only takes seven seconds for an impression to already be made. In those seven seconds the first thing they will probably notice is your appearance and what you are wearing. Although breaking in the fashion industry is hard and creative jobs such as a graphic designer offer fewer restrictions, it is still important to be professional and wear something that looks thought out and planned. In the look I created, I decided to do a look that is more fun and colorful.

The pants I am wearing are appropriate because they have dress pant pockets. I chose to wear a patterned pair because they excite the look of the pants. Another great option is culottes.

A few other ways to add personality to your outfit is ruffles, bold colors or patterns. Remember to never wear anything too tight or too loose. Flowy blouses are always a classic piece to incorporate but a way to have fun with it is by choosing a button up blouse with a pattern. When finishing the outfit, it may be appropriate to throw on a blazer based on its length, fit and cut. Finally, I ended my look with shoes that are professional but provide comfort for a long day on your feet. Mules, loafers, flats and kitten heels are all great options.

Like I said, you have to not only dress to impress but also dress to prove you are organized and that you planned.

What are your favorite internship style options for a creative setting? Let us know in the comments below!


What I Learned from Carrie Bradshaw and Blair Waldorf

Patricia Field is a crazy, wonderful genius, who also happened to have trained mastermind, Eric Daman. If you don’t know, these two were responsible for the clothing phenomena of Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, respectively. I’ll go out on a limb and say that the shows have done more for fashion than even Dior’s remarkable S/S 17 collection. So, I set out to find some of the fashion rules followed by both sex columnists and Upper East Siders.

There’s no such thing as too much

Remember “The Ick Factor” from season six of Sex and the City where Carrie chows down on a Big Mac in bubblegum pink Oscar de la Renta? Or in the second movie where she strolls along in the crowded streets of Abu Dhabi in a full skirt, Dior T-shirt, and, of course, Manolo Blahnik heels? If we look at Samantha in the series, all of her ’80s-styled power suits exceed acceptable business attire. All the characters in Gossip Girl do a little too much, too: Blair can be comically preppy, over-the-top sequined jackets are a staple for Serena, and even Dan delves slightly too deep into hipster style. Patricia Field, the woman behind all these iconic looks, has always been eccentric herself—with bright red hair and a lot of accessories, it makes sense that the characters she and Daman dress always look over-the-top.

Always cultivate a signature style

Signature items may seem to be for icons, but aren’t we all a little iconic? Carrie’s necklace, Blair’s headbands, Samantha’s huge earrings, Serena’s heeled boots: All of these give the characters a sense of stability and comfort. While aspects of the outfits can change, their unchanging accessories leave impressions of their character. Eric Daman’s real-life signature style consists ascots, button-downs, and blazers. When the stylist of Gossip Girl follows a style rule, so do I. My signature? Two rings stacked on my right ring finger: One my great grandmother’s, the other my mom’s.

Flats are cute, but heels are forever

Fashion has been shifting toward flatter footwear in an effort to allow for stylish, long-distance escapades. While I love a good Oxford or ballet flat occasionally, I still stand by the pump precedent set by Bradshaw. Walking may be easier lower to the ground, but it is so much more fun four inches higher. Carrie Bradshaw is synonymous to Manolo Blahnik, and all the girls of Gossip Girl have some enviable kicks. Growing up with women traipsing around New York City with heels under their feet gave me the power to strap on my stilettos and be bold.

What did you learn about style from these fashionable shows? Let us know in the comments below, or share on social media and tag @CFashionista!

How to Shop Vintage Like a Pro

When shopping for all things vintage, I like to ask myself three questions: Will I actually wear this? Can I turn this into something else? Is it worth the price? If I answer yes to at least two of these questions, I’m sold! It can be a little difficult to find great vintage clothing with all of the fast fashion retailers that dominate our millennial culture. However, there are still many people who enjoy a great hand-me-down for a steal.

Living in New York City gives me a wonderful advantage because of its large variety of vintage stores, many of which can be found in Williamsburg in the lower parts of Manhattan, and for the more upscale piece, the upper west side. A few of my favorites are Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading Co.

Another great thing about shopping vintage is that you can sell what you no longer wear and use the credit to get new pieces. Granted, you’re not going to get back what you purchased for it, but it’s better than nothing. One of my favorite finds came from Buffalo Exchange. It was a faux, off-gray sheepskin vest, and as soon as I saw it I fell in love, and for $8 I couldn’t say no. I try to make a trip every season to a few of the stores to recycle my old pieces and grab some fresh ones.

Let me impart some of my wisdom for shopping at vintage stores from one Fashionista to another. First, always bring an extra bag. You know—those cute canvas tote bags in the back of your closet. Second, look to see what the market is looking for. If you are going to sell your clothes, see what the store is buying so that you can maximize your profit. Finally, have fun! Look at new styles. You might surprise yourself and find something you love.

This Fashionista is rocking her amazing, pink hair and her outfit is 100 percent vintage. She got all her pieces from different stores around the city. I personally love the denim-on-denim look with pops of color. Pairing a great button-down shirt with a pair of jeans or cut-offs and chunky shoes can be the perfect summer outfit. The best thing about denim is that it can be dressed up or down. Leaving the shirt open gives a more casual, relaxed look. Having it buttoned and tucked can give a more put-together look.

Okay Fashionistas and Fashionistos, I have given you some tips and my favorite stores. Now it’s your turn! What are some of your favorite places to shop vintage? Comment below!

Retro Style Revival from My Mom’s Closet

We all have heard our mothers talk about what they used to wear at our age, and we’ve all heard them tell us that everything comes back into style, so it was no surprise when we started seeing vintage style denim everywhere. Luckily for me, my mom had been cleaning out her closet and offered me a few denim pieces that she no longer wore. I’m not even kidding when I say I heard angels sing when I dug up this pair of jeans.

It was love at first sight with these acid wash Guess jeans. I quickly ran to squeeze in them, thinking of potential outfits as I was zipping the ankle zippers.

I wanted to keep my mom in mind when creating a look so I kept jewelry really simple with my gold hoop necklace because she always wears gold hoop earrings, and I paired it with a single gold strand bracelet that she gave me.

While keeping things simple, I wore black ankle-strap sandals. I knew these would give my look the extra “oomph” I was looking for.

For the top, I’m really loving the ribbed, lettuce edge tops that I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest and Instagram. Then, to add a little more on-trend action, I chose a top that was off-the-shoulder. The way this top sits on the shoulders gives me added vintage vibes that I loved. I totally felt Sandy’s Grease vibes during “You’re the One That I Want.”

Denim is one of those pieces you can style effortlessly and will always be in your closet. I never thought I’d wear acid wash jeans, but these were practically heaven sent.

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