All the Best Shows to Binge-Watch This Fall

Even though September is full of changes, adjustments, and growing schedules, it’s important to enjoy what free time you have. Personally, I love to watch—well, binge-watch—my favorite shows. Though not maximally productive, I believe that entertainment and storytelling are such significant parts of culture. You can gain a lot from decompressing with a sweater, a warm blanket, and a Netflix subscription. The following shows are my personal picks for chilling out while also getting into the spirit of fall.

PHOTO: Anna Coke

1—Gilmore Girls

When it comes to fall television, one of the first shows on my mind is always Gilmore Girls. The little town of Stars Hollow is the epitome of cozy—even when flowers are in bloom and the sun is shining. The tight-knit relationships of all the different characters mixed with a seemingly old-fashioned setting make for the perfect hot cocoa binge-watch session (with a cute mug, of course). Plus, Rory’s trials and tribulations with friends, school, and relationships often offer some pretty sound real-life advice.

PHOTO: Rachel Zuckerberg

2—Stranger Things

Second is the best, right? Stranger Things is the perfect addition to this list for a multitude of reasons. Not only is the show literally set in the fall of 1983, but the ’80s music, fashion, and overall vibe easily put the viewer in a mood most naturally paired with fall months. With season two set to premiere late this October, now is a better time than ever to put on some snuggly tacky socks and binge-watch. Stranger Things may be hyped-up to no end, but the hype is very much lived up to.

PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

3—Master of None

If you’re a fan of laughing in general, then there is no reason why this Netflix-original shouldn’t be on your to-watch list. Comedian Aziz Ansari and writer Alan Yang, the creators of the show, never fail to deliver hilarious moments without traditional set-ups and punchlines. Master of None is clever, charming, and straight up funny: the perfect combination for back-to-school viewing. There’s also something about the New York City setting that always makes me feel transported and inspired.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

4—The Vampire Diaries

Much like Gilmore Girls‘ town of Stars Hollow, The Vampire Diaries‘ setting of Mystic Falls provides a quaint small-town atmosphere that complements snugging-up this season. Of course, it goes without saying that the fantasy world of vampires, werewolves, and witches screams “Halloween.” Additionally, the outlandish drama of TVD’s core group of high schoolers often helps to distract me from any of my own problems or anxieties—even if just for 45 minutes.


What’s on your to-watch list for this season? I’d love to read your suggestions in the comments below! If you’re searching for other ways to get into the fall spirit, check out college fashionista’s Pinterest mood boards.

Featured photo by Jordyn Wissert.

A College Girl’s Guide to Creating an Inspiring Study Space

The fall semester is in full swing and it’s time to hit the books. Balancing your course load, internship, and personal projects is hard enough. But staying inspired to keep up the good work while trapped between those totally blah dorm walls? That’s a completely separate struggle. Before the semester gets too crazy, I encourage you to read these simple steps on transforming your dorm desk from bleak to chic. Creating an inspiring study space will help you in the long run, I promise.

PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

1—Organize, Organize, Organize

When you’re living that college life, space and furniture are limited. Often your dorm desk doubles as your study space, makeup vanity, and dining room table. While that’s perfectly okay, it can get super distracting. The key to avoiding the chaos is organization. Make sure everything has a specific place—from your contour brush to your biology notebook—and studying in your dorm will be a breeze!

PHOTO: Valerie Cammack

2—Get Planning

Similar to organization, keeping planning essentials on your desk is a must. With calendars, agendas, and other scheduling supplies at your fingertips you’ll be constantly aware of deadlines, upcoming events, and goals you’ve set for yourself inspiring you to get your work done.

PHOTO: Anna Coke

3—Liven it Up

No matter how organized your study space is, your cinderblock walls and bland wooden desk won’t be inspiring without a little décor. A major key to making your space perfect for those long hours of studying is decorating in moderation. One of my favorite ways to decorate my study space is with greenery. Plants keep your space feeling lively, but don’t add too much clutter to your desk. Pictures with friends, mementos from home, or posters of your favorite bands are other great ways to add pops of inspiration to your space without being too overpowering.

PHOTO: Anna Coke

4—Set the Mood

Hands down, my favorite way to make my space inspiring is by creating a mood board. Whether you choose to make a wall collage or bulletin board, use magazine cutouts or motivational quotes, mood boards are the perfect way to curate a collection of what is inspiring to you. Whenever you’ve hit a workload roadblock, you can take a quick glance at your mood board and feel instantly inspired.

How are you creating an inspiring study space this semester? Sound off in the comments below.

Featured photo by Jordyn Wissert.

The Back-to-School Bucket List You Need This Fall

School is officially back in session and fall is right around the corner. I couldn’t be more excited for the leaves to start changing colors, the return of football, and the fresh start that a new season brings. However, I know that getting into the swing of things can be extremely difficult, especially in college. That’s why I like to make a back to school bucket list each fall so that I can start the year ready to conquer whatever may lie ahead. It’s also a good way to make the most out of every experience! Whether you’re a new freshman, a graduating senior, or anywhere in between, you will want to make your own back to school bucket list. Here are the top three items on my bucket list.

1—Get a planner you’ll actually use

This may sound like a no-brainer, but I’m a firm believer that there are two types of planner users: those who use them systematically and those who don’t use them at all. I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to fall in the latter. I can’t bring myself to keep it updated as often as I need to or I don’t have “that much” going on a certain week, so I lose track, etc. Whatever the reason, I can never stick with it for an entire year. However, this year I intend to change that. I spent a long time choosing a planner I loved, and I’ve challenged myself to keep up with it and stay organized.

PHOTO: Anna Buckman

2—Try a class outside of your comfort zone

I am a communication studies major, who pretty much only takes communication classes. However, that’s not getting the full college experience, so I like to challenge myself to take a class I wouldn’t normally take. These have ranged from criminal justice to theater to psychology classes. Take advantage of all your school has to offer!

PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

3—Participate in a school function

I don’t know your school’s level of spirit, but at the University of Alabama, we pretty much live and breathe the Crimson Tide. Maybe you don’t have football, therefore, I encourage you to try something else. Last year, I participated in the Alabama Dance Marathon where we danced for 12 hours straight to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network! I grew closer to my city and my school and that’s something I think everyone should experience!

PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

Overall, the biggest item on my list every year is to make as many memories as I can and enjoy every single moment. College flies by in the blink of an eye; I remember thinking this even my freshman year. These four years are truly some of the most challenging, fulfilling, and life-changing. While they may not be “the best four years,” in my opinion, they come pretty dang close.

Do you have your own back to school bucket list? Share it with us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

3 Reasons to Maintain an Active Lifestyle This Semester

As college students, the many aspects of our lives on campus often come with overwhelming demands. You may have exams and assignments due for each class in one week and you still might have to try to find time to work a few shifts. Most days, it’s a struggle to breathe freely. Somehow we find the time to squeeze each of these important events into our already tight schedules, so why should we make excuses when it comes to an active lifestyle?

Like most things in life, it’s always a good idea to weigh things out from a cost-benefit viewpoint. When it comes to getting active, the cost is valuable time. Meanwhile, among the list of benefits are stress relief, an increase in energy, and overall balance, just to name a few. Setting aside an hour of your day just a few times a week can help make micromanaging the chaos of life much easier.

PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

Natural Stress Relief

When blocking out that hour of your day, don’t think of it as an hour of working out—think of it as an hour to yourself. Whether you detach from social media and school work to go for a nice walk around campus, grab a yoga mat, or hit the gym, focus all of your energy into that moment. Let your body’s chemistry take over for a bit and allow yourself to leave behind the insignificant tasks for a while. Once you’re finished with that sweat sesh, simply return to your duties with a more open, productive, and active mindset.

Energy Boosts

Contrary to popular belief, working out can actually leave you with more energy rather than tear you down. Setting your alarms just half an hour earlier can help make your day more productive rather than leaving you dragging your feet. Once you get that blood flowing (and maybe grab a cup of coffee or tea), you’ll be ready to throw on your favorite shoes and walk into that 8 a.m. class with a smile on your face and a little pep in your step.

Overall Balance

Designating time to workout helps you fall into a routine of healthy habits. Before you know it, you won’t have to force yourself to get to the gym or to disconnect; you’ll grab your gym bag on your way out the door in the mornings already pumped for that time to yourself. Staying active may even help you sleep better (and what college student actually gets enough sleep?) Think of working out as a midday reboot. Productive time to focus on yourself essentially leads to clearing and relaxing your mind, allowing you to slay the day with productivity.

Are you lacing up your sneakers yet? Share your favorite workouts with us on social media by tagging @Cfashionista!

10 Things Every Career-Driven College Student Needs in Her Workspace

Best-selling mystery writer Agatha Christie never had a single workspace. To work she only needed two things: a typewriter and a steady table. American poet Maya Angelou only worked from hotel rooms where she wouldn’t be found without a dictionary, a Bible, a deck of cards, and a bottle of sherry. For novelist Jane Austen, the family sitting room was her workspace. Austen would go on to pen a number of books in that room including Pride and Prejudice. The term “girlboss” was coined in the 21st century by Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, but it’s safe to say the women in history were girlbosses in their own right. They understood what they needed to be the most productive. Productivity is known to be linked to one’s workspace, so here are 10 things that will help you be a boss that gets things done.

PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

1—A bright space

Studies have proven that people are more productive when working in light-filled spaces. Natural light is always best, but a good old desk lamp will do the job.

2—An agenda

This is where you can plan your daily tasks, events, and appointments as well as track your goals. Deleting a task note from an iPhone will never feel as satisfying as checking it off a marble-patterned agenda.

3—Desk organizers

Never forget where your lucky red pen, sticky notes, or loose papers are. Investing in a multi-purpose pencil holder, paper trays, and file holders will save you time so you can focus on what’s important.

4—A concentration app

If you find your focus wandering, apps like Focus Booster can keep you in check. The app breaks down tasks into blocks that are often followed by short breaks.

5—A mood board or inspiration wall

It’s easy to get distracted, stray from your goal or vision, and then give up. These visuals will keep you in check, remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing, and motivate you to push through.

PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

6—Thank you cards

Handwritten thank you cards are an easy way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Whether you’re waiting to hear how an interview went or connecting with someone at a networking event, mailing out cards afterward is a great way to show you genuinely care.


Nothing says girlboss like a stylized desk. Experiment with colors, shapes, and textures to set the mood for your space.


Believe it or not, a little bit of green can go a long way. Studies have suggested that household plants in workspaces increase happiness and productivity. Terrariums can also be a fun DIY addition to your space.

PHOTO: Anna Coke

9—A water bottle

When you’re working this hard, nothing’s more important than keeping yourself in good health.

10—A relaxing candle

After a long day of hustling, you deserve it.

How do you stay productive in your workspace? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

How to Make the Most of Summer Music Festivals

One of my favorite aspects of summer is that it kicks off music festival season! I have always loved going to concerts whether I am seeing one of my all-time favorite artists or even someone I have never heard of. However, music festivals can easily be disastrous, so here are some of my tips for making the concert go smoothly while you have the time of your life!

1—A fanny pack. Wearing a fanny pack is going to be key for the festival. It is a hands-free way of holding what you need so there is less risk of losing anything. There are also many cute fanny packs out there that are very trendy.

2—Comfortable shoes and outfit. Most music festivals have multiple stages so expect a lot of moving around from stage to stage. Comfortable walking shoes can make your life a lot easier at a music festival. Being that it is a concert, you, of course, are going to want to dance. Make sure to wear shoes that do not have your feet exposed because they could be stepped on, and also, wear an outfit you can move around in easily.

3—Portable phone charger. This one is pretty simple. To ensure your phone does not die from all of the pictures you will be taking, bring a portable phone charger. Do not risk losing your friends with a dead phone or not being able to reach your parents or your ride. Plus, it fits right in your fanny pack!

4—Water. Before going to the concert, look up what you can and cannot bring into the concert. This ensures that you won’t end up throwing out something you thought you could bring. Most festivals allow a bottle of water or two to be brought in and refilled at stations throughout. Hydration is definitely key.

5—Ticket, ID, and money. These are three necessities because without your ticket you will not get in. Bringing your ID and money are precautions in case you need them for anything, just in case!

What are your tips for music festivals? Let me know in the comments below!

The Hidden Photo Gems of Old Sacramento

I’ve lived in Sacramento my whole life and it wasn’t until recently that I’ve learned to adore this city. I’ve seen it grow through culture, diversity, and community. This month I’ve decided to dedicate this post to a couple of great photo spots in Old Sacramento.

Old Sacramento is a historic section of Downtown Sacramento. Its riverfront attracted businessmen looking for opportunities and thus a commercial center grew in the area. What truly created the city of Sacramento was the Gold Rush in 1848. Now, Old Sacramento is a prime spot for a taste of Sacramento history and beautiful scenery.

My friend and I used these historical sites for an out-on-the-town photo shoot.

I’ve grown to appreciate the Tower Bridge, which connects West Sacramento to the Capitol. It looks beautiful both during the daytime and nighttime. To some, it may just be a bridge, but to fashion bloggers and photographers alike it becomes a perfect photo spot.

For this shoot, I wore a gingham two-piece set. I love how gingham has made its way up the ladder this summer. It’s the perfect summer print, turning old-school style into a modern-chic look. You can find the pants similar to ones I wore for this shoot here. I paired the pants with a crop top to create a two-piece outfit. Any gingham top works, however, try to make sure the top and bottom gingham prints are the same color. I wanted to dress up my look with a pair of block-heeled black sandals.

If you walk past the Tower Bridge, on the parallel side of Old Sacramento, you’ll see a ramp that takes you down to the Sacramento River. At night, it creates the perfect spot to view the illuminated golden bridge. During the day you’ll spot people on their boats, enjoying the river.

For all my Sacramento residents, what’s your favorite spot in the city? For all those who aren’t from Sacramento, what’s your favorite spot in your city? Let me know in the comments below.

Your Most Important College Relationship Is With Your Mental Health

I’ve always been a sucker for romance. I was mesmerized by the idea that I could find a relationship like you’d find in a typical chick flick or novel. But it turns out that as I closed the door on each of my relationships during college, I began to realize that I needed to create a positive, everlasting relationship with myself.

I know firsthand how hard it can be to take a step back and do things for yourself, so in case you needed some motivation, here are a few things you can do to end up in an empowering relationship with yourself!

1—Find people that make your life exciting. Put on some red lipstick and your favorite black dress, because it’s time for a girls’ night! Throughout my most challenging, eventful times in my life, I was fortunate enough to have my best friends along for the ride. Take this time to invest in friendships that are positive and complement your life.

2—Treat yourself. Sweep yourself off your feet! Enjoy a beach day, read an empowering book, or go to the spa. Do the things you love doing because you deserve to go the extra mile for yourself.

3—Embrace your flaws and enforce self-love. No one’s perfect, but in the end, there is only one you, and you have to embrace yourself for all that you are. If you take the time to step outside your comfort zone, chances are you’ll learn to dance your way through life like no one’s watching.

4—Celebrate your accomplishments. Set your goals high and work hard in everything that you do. Finally made cookies without almost burning your apartment down? Celebrate! Enjoy every accomplishment!

5—Travel. Buy that plane ticket! Throw on your favorite bikini and enjoy a vacation. There’s nothing better than adventuring in a new environment. Traveling allows you to open your mind and experience things outside of your everyday routine.

6—Learn to control your life. In the end, you are the director of your own movie, and ultimately you can edit it however you want. Control what you can control and let go of what you can’t.

I leave you here and hope that you’ll embark on this journey with yourself. Nothing is more important for your mental health or makes you more beautiful than being happy with yourself. Your happiness and confidence come from so much more than finding the perfect guy or girl. Listen to yourself and learn what it is that excites, motivates, and even scares you. Enjoy every memory and take every picture. Buy those Ray-Bans you’ve been eyeing and eat the food you’re craving! You are your own soul mate. Your life is what you make it, so why not make it amazing?

What is your favorite thing to do as a benefit to your mental health? Let us know in the comments below!

4 Must-Read Summer Memoirs

If you are an avid reader like me, then you have most likely read a lot of books over the course of your life. I work in a library and am always looking for new books to read. I want something that stands out, and separates itself from the rest. In this search, I have discovered a newfound love for memoirs. It can be eye-opening to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and hear about their experiences. Here are the four memoirs that I think everyone must read!

1—Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham. For starters, you may know Lena Dunham as the star and director of the hit HBO series Girls, or as an outspoken feminist during the election. In Not That Kind of Girl, she becomes much more than the labels she already adheres to. Dunham shares stories about her childhood, body image, and relationships. Written in the same witty satire as her controversial show, Dunham’s memoir will have you both laughing and crying.

2—My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward by Mark Lukach. In this tearjerker, Mark Lukach highlights the struggles he endured during his marriage. Out of nowhere, his wife Giulia’s anxiety spirals beyond normal. Being deemed schizophrenic and then bipolar, Giulia’s life moves into a psych ward after sporadic psychotic episodes. After recovering and returning home, Giulia returns to the terrifying instability she endured years prior. Lukach’s devotion to his wife and strength through the struggle that tests their marriage forms a book that tugs at your heart strings.

My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward Memoir

3—It by Alexa Chung.  Style icon and It Girl Alexa Chung’s novel is a must read for all fashion lovers. More than just a book on what to wear, Chung shares personal writings on various topics alongside her own photographs and drawings. It provides an insight into the life of a model, television presenter, and fashion designer. For anyone who is a fan of the fashion world, this memoir is a perfect fit.

4—A Work in Progress by Connor Franta. Before Connor Franta was a YouTuber with millions of followers, an entrepreneur, and founder of his brand Common Culture, he was just an ordinary teen. Growing up in Minnesota, Franta struggled with his sexuality. After coming out as homosexual, Franta became the person he was keeping under wraps. His creativity is depicted through his writing as well as in his beautiful photography that lines the pages. Franta’s decision to showcase his artistic passions and private struggles will resonate with each and every reader.

I hope you all are ready to jump into your coziest pajamas, grab a blanket, and open up one of my book suggestions! Whether it’s a rainy day or a relaxing vacation, there is always space for a good book.

If you read one of these, or find a page turner of your own, be sure to tell me in the comments below!

Finding Peace in a Sea of Stress

With summer almost coming to an end, school is right around the corner and so is your hectic schedule. Your number one priority should always be taking care of yourself. This includes being as stress-free as possible and having good mental health. I have found that I have a positive mindset when I take the time to find moments where I can spend time with myself. Especially in college, it is important to learn to take breaks from your busy schedule every so often. Below are a few suggestions of how to obtain peace in a world full of anxieties and stress.

1—Read. Reading is crucial when dealing with wellness because unlike with television, you are exercising your brain by processing words and complex plots. Even if you are not the biggest fan of reading, I beg you to head to a library or bookstore and find a book that you find interesting. I understand that trying to find a book can be difficult, but you can ask for suggestions from friends, looking through a bestseller section, or even finding book covers that stand out (yes, I just suggested judging a book by its cover). Once you pick up a good book, it will be hard to put it down. Plus, once you get wrapped up in a good plot, you forget about everything around you and can truly relax.

2—Play or listen to music. Music has incredible powers of healing; the right song can make you forget about all of your problems in no longer than 10 seconds. Whether you discover new music or listen to an old playlist, it is inevitable for a song to help distract you from the outside world. To further enjoy your music, try listening through headphones so that all external noises are tuned out.

3—Find something that puts you at ease. There are many potential activities that could fall under this category. I highly recommend trying out yoga or meditation. Finding a local class or YouTubing videos is a great way to start! However, these are not the only ways to put your mind at ease. Personally, sitting alone and watching the sunset has always been one of my favorite things to do. Turn off your phone, find a nice place to relax, and simply enjoy watching the sky as nature takes over. The positive side to this is that you will not spend money and the sun will never stop setting.

What do you do to keep a steady mind? Let me know in the comments below!