6 Tips to Help You Nail a Phone Interview

Phone interviewers may seem easier, but there are actually hidden tricks that will make you stand out. From start to finish, these are the six moves you can make to nail your phone interview!

1—The companyResearching the company shows you actually care about the position. Go to the company’s website and write down their mission, vision, and anything you think is noteworthy. Since you will be on the phone, you can take notes for any questions and give the answers to them throughout the Interview.

2—The interviewerFind out information about the interviewer. The easiest starting place is LinkedIn. I would search the name and the company to see who shows up. If the position title does not match, try a general Google search to find the proper spelling of your interviewer’s name. Once you find him or her, write down the degree they earned and anything interesting about their work history. I discovered that one of my former interviewers switched from theater to sales, while another former interviewer was in fashion with a brief stint in the oil and gas industry. If you find any current accolades, commend them for their success!

3—Your outfitGo over your notes and fix anything that could trip you up during the interview, then find a business professional outfit that makes you feel confident. Although the interviewer will never see you, dressing up will place your brain into a professional mentality.

4—Stand upAs soon as your phone rings, stand up and smile. Standing will help you sound better over the phone. The smiling will help you sound more cheerful when you say “Hello [Name], how are you today?” Keep standing throughout the interview in order to keep a proper and confident posture. 

5—Your questionsMake sure you ask the questions you wrote down earlier. Did you want to congratulate the company on a new move, acquisition, or award? At the end of your interview, ask the interviewer if he/she thinks you are a good fit for the team, company, or position. This will give your interviewer the chance to mention any concerns or say you would be a great fit!

6—Thank youAfter your interview has ended, send a thank you through email or mail. Mention that you enjoyed learning more about the position and that you look forward to hearing from him/her. If you didn’t ask in the interview, ask now about when you should hear back regarding the position. End it with a simple thank you or sincerely along with your professional email signature.

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Mean Business in Summer-Friendly Layering

How many times have you had to come out of your comfy and convenient “haven’t slept in days” college comfort zone look, to go the ever intimidating and competitive universe of job/internship interviews?

I feel like it’s important to realize we’re not putting on a costume; it does not mean it´s time to wear your mother’s improperly fitted pencil skirt or her kitten heels from the ’90s. The key is to make an impression, to find the perfect balance between your personal style and your professional persona. You have to stand out for only the right reasons, and you also have to look like you’re ready to own the place.

We often lose ourselves and what we want to represent to fit into what we think is appropriate attire, but, in truth, if we manage to be stylish, appropriate, and original, chances are you will be remembered and instantly respected. Be confident! If your goal is to be the CEO, dress the part, even if you’re in a cubicle.

It’s about mixing the most unheard of combinations and actually making them look cohesive. On this look, inspired by the Alexander Wang F/W 2017 catwalk, we’ve mixed a leather burgundy short dress, and layered it with a black double buttoned dress, to make it look like a coat. It’s important that the lengths of your skirts are long enough that it does not look vulgar, but short enough so that it looks proportionate and age appropriate (please just stick to below the knee or short, anywhere in the middle looks awkward). Note that these are two dresses, not an actually lined coat, which means this type of look is actually summer-friendly, at least when it comes to temperature.

In these settings, clothes are a canvas, and accessories are really what elevate the look. We paired the outfit with these statement black oxfords, and the always faithful Carey sunglasses.

Be mindful, but be clever, don’t try to just blend; act like you own every situation, demand respect, and don’t sacrifice your self-expression for the sake of the workplace. Chances are, if you do it right you’ll be majorly boosted!

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Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Interview Attire

Job interviews. You can pretend to like them all you want, but the truth is, no one really does. No matter how confident you are, everyone feels a few butterflies when preparing to meet a potential employer, especially when you know they’re bound to throw a few wild questions your way. Luckily, knowing you’re prepared is the best way to deal with those pre-interview jitters. One simple trick can help diffuse much of the stress and assure that you’ll conquer that interview with grace and poise. Ask yourself: WWAHD? That is, what would Audrey Hepburn do (or rather, wear)?

Audrey herself said “you can never be overdressed or overeducated,” and how right she was! This quote is especially relevant in prepping for an interview. In my opinion, one of the most stressful components of interview prep is deciding what to wear. So many people fear being overdressed, but isn’t it more embarrassing to be underdressed? Knowing you look your best not only boosts your confidence but paints a great first impression. Ms. Hepburn has a lot to teach us about the perfect interview outfit that’s both professional and fashionable.

1—A blouse and dress pants. This is probably the most classic form of interview attire. When in doubt, I highly recommend that this is your go-to. Add a blazer and neutral pump and you’re good to go.

2—A sheath dress. Dresses can be difficult, but a sheath dress is often the appropriate length and fit for an interview. Add a belt or a nice coat like Audrey to polish off the look.

3—A skirt suit. Nothing says girlboss like a perfectly tailored skirt suit. This is a great outfit to invest in because it will show you’re serious about a position.


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4 Tips for Achieving the Perfect Interview Look

It can be a scary thing to get your first job, especially when you are nervous and not sure what to say or what to wear. Following interview etiquette is quite important, but you also need to be sure that you have a great interview style. Be yourself though, because employers can tell when you are trying too hard or fake it. Here are some suggestions to help you rock that perfect interview style.

1—Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident. The best way to be successful in an interview is to go in with confidence. If you feel good about your outfit and abilities then your employer will see it as a reason to hire you. 

2—Make sure that you are covered up. You need to make sure that you are not showing extreme cleavage or looking inappropriate or offensive. Be you, but be classy at the same time.

3—You do not have to wear a suit. A suit is not a practical or comfortable option for everyone. Try to gauge what to wear for the interview based off of the company’s dress code. Most places just require business casual, so suits are not necessary. You could do dress pants with a cute top and cardigan or you can do really any kind of dress that you like. You could also do a dark jean and top combo or maxi skirt! So, fear not, you have lots of options for whatever your style may be.

4—Neutrals are a good option for any outfit. I would recommend using a neutral such as black, white, or tan for the cardigan, blazer, or whatever outer piece you prefer. Black is a key color to incorporate in any professional look because it adds a sleek, classy feel to your outfit.

The most important thing to remember is to be yourself and show your own style. Play around with different things and see what works best for you. Originality is key in showing you are an individual and employers will appreciate that. Do not stress too much about your outfit, but be sure to plan it because interview style tells a lot about you.

In these pictures, I used a dressier tank that I love with any outfit. I wore a white circular cardigan with dark jean capris and a sparkly sandal. To accessorize, I added some sparkly earrings. There are hundreds of different ways you could recreate this look. The tank has white stripes which add a touch of professionalism because it looks similar to pinstripes. The white cardigan matches the stripes and is softer than a black one. The capris are the casual aspect of business casual but are dark enough that they are not too casual. The sandals are professional but comfortable.

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5 Don’ts in an Interview

As a recent graduate, the idea of starting a new career is terrifying. The most difficult part of the job hunting process is the interview. As I have learned from countless professors and personal experience, there are a few things you should not do in preparation for your interview. Below are five suggestions of what not to do in an interview.

1—Don’t wear anything too revealing. Even though it seems obvious that it is not wise to flaunt your stuff when attempting to advance yourself as a professional, sometimes college students simply are not aware of what is appropriate to wear to an interview. To increase your chances of getting that dream job, avoid wearing clothing with cut-off sleeves, low-cut tops and dresses, short dresses and skirts, see-through clothing, or open-toed shoes. A nice button-down top is always a good go-to, especially in your most flattering color, paired with some slacks or a skirt, and a chic blazer. This look is quick, easy, and professional.

2—Don’t be late. The worst thing you could do on your interview is show up late. This automatically decreases trust and reliability from your potential employer. One major cause of tardiness to an interview is that the person does not know the location of the interview prior to the date. Most likely, your interview will be in an area that you are unfamiliar with. Looking up the location of your interview ahead of time will ensure know exactly where to go, where to park, and how long it will take to get there. This way if you get lost finding the location, you can contact the appropriate people to find the exact location of your interview.

3—Don’t make a bad impression in the waiting area. Employers will often seek the opinion of the receptionist or secretary about the interviewee’s behavior, gestures, and where their attention is directed. Actions such as fidgeting, slouching, pacing, and staring at your cell phone are being noticed and considered when reviewing you as a candidate for employment. As you patiently and nervously wait for your interviewer to call your name, read over your resume again, observe flyers or pictures the company has in the area, or even make pleasant small talk with the secretary.

4—Don’t underestimate the power of a quick Google search. A little research on the company can make a huge difference in your appeal to an employer. Employers expect applicants to be knowledgeable of the company’s mission and reputation. Simply being informed about a couple of the organization’s key unique traits could give you an advantage as they consider candidates.

5—Don’t be nervous. It is never easy to get those nerves calm prior to an interview. Nervousness can lead you to stumble, rush, and forget important points that you want to reach your potential employer. Smile, make eye contact, and take your time.

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Three Career Tips From a College Freshman

Having just finished my freshman year, I have spent the past few weeks reflecting on what I have learned over the course of this year, and thought that I would share some of the important lessons I have learned with all of you! I hope that this career advice can help you no matter where you are in life, whether you’re a college freshman or a college senior!

1. Don’t be afraid to participate— College is a door to a myriad of new opportunities. Freshman often fall second to the upperclassmen, which is understandable as the upperclassmen are preparing for graduation and their career. However, don’t use this as an excuse to be passive about your future! Don’t be lazy when it comes to your career, because if you can’t show your professors or employers how badly you want to be there, there will always be someone else who can to take your place. Immerse yourself in your career path; go see that guest speaker and take some notes, finish that extra scholarship, take that extra trip to go see a new exhibit. I know adding extra tasks to an already full course load can seem pointless and irritating, but trust me, going the extra mile can only help you on the road to success.

2. It is never too early to start thinking of the future— One of the most important lessons that I have learned is the significance of networking. Some of the best ways to network are at internships, career fairs and at special events or seminars. I know it seems pointless to head to a career fair after only being in school for a few months, but I say why wait! It is never too early to start networking and putting yourself out there. I can’t tell you how many internship fairs I went to this year where I was the only underclassman in the room; it was uncomfortable, but worth it in the long run. At every booth I approached, someone commented on how wonderful it was that I was getting involved so early on. Starting so early helps you build a large network and helps you practice valuable skills such as interviewing and resume building. Plus, it gives you an excuse to buy that cute business casual blouse you’ve been eyeing!

3. Be open to new possibilities— Before I came to school, I was a hundred percent certain that fashion design was the career for me; now I’m not so sure. The fashion industry is extremely large and multifaceted, so there are numerous possibilities and careers to explore. I also learned that I have interests that lie in other fields. College is your time to explore and discover, so don’t box yourself in! Be open to new opportunities, and if you discover that you might want to follow a new path, embrace it!

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Here’s What It’s Really Like To Be Interviewing For Fashion Jobs

Whether you’re looking for a summer internship or a full-time career, we can all agree that preparing yourself for any job interview is a difficult process. When it comes to the fashion industry, there may be a few more things to note before heading into that office building and selling yourself to, hopefully, your future employer. Curious to find out what those things may be? You’re in luck!

I got to chat with one of uber talented Style Gurus, Melissa Epifano, about her experience traveling to New York to interview with some of the top names in the fashion world (NYLON, Vogue, and more!).

Read on to discover tips on how to dress, what to research, and more things you probably didn’t even think of!

CollegeFashionista: Tell us a little about yourself!

Melissa Epifano: I am a junior in college but I’ll be graduating this year, which I’m incredibly excited about. I’m majoring in magazine journalism at the University of Oregon, and I’m interested in everything from fashion and lifestyle to biomimicry and linguistics!

CF: What made you decide to apply for internships in New York?

ME: I was born in Connecticut so my day trips to the city when I was little started forming my love for NYC. I’ve always had a craving to go back to the East Coast and, luckily, my dream career options are all over there.

CF: Which companies did you interview for?

ME: I mostly did informational interviews, but I was very fortunate that so many amazing writers and editors were willing to speak with me. I had the ability to meet with inspiring women from Nylon, CollegeFashionista, Teen Vogue, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, and Allure.


CF: How did you dress for these interviews?

ME: Dressing for these interviews was incredibly hard if I’m honest. West Coast style is so different so trying to shop for New York was frustrating. I ended up sticking with all-black and neutral outfits with minimal jewelry.

CF: How did you prepare for your interviews?

ME: I tried to do as much background research as possible whether it’s reading all of their writing, devouring the newest couple editions of the magazine, or delving into the new directions the magazine world is headed. It’s hard to prepare fully for a conversation since you can’t really tell what direction it’s headed, but being confident in your knowledge can help.

CF: What was the most difficult part of this experience?

ME: Confidence. I have a pretty low self-esteem so giving myself a pep talk to do my best and feel good about how things went was very challenging.

CF: What was one thing you found surprising about the experience?

ME: I was surprised with how supportive each person I spoke with was. Not that I thought they wouldn’t be, but they were so willing to give me resources and connections and offer a lot of advice.

CF: What’s one word of advice you’d give to other people who are interested in pursuing the same thing as you?

ME: Ambition. It will get you through anything and everything. Don’t give up no matter how many “no’s” you get. You can make it happen.

(All images by @melissaepifano)

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4 Fashion Documentaries That Will Change The Way You Think About Fashion

Like everyone, I love a good movie. However, recently, I found myself enjoying documentaries even more, especially when wanting to get a little more out of my Netflix binge. Like every Fashionista, I love everything that involves fashion and that includes films. But fashion is not just just pretty clothes and newest trends; it is about bigger social context; history; people and their visionary ideas. Fashion documentaries, when done well, can provide their viewers with great knowledge and such an exclusive insight into the world of fashion that would be impossible to convey in a magazine article.

So as start to set up your queue, be sure to filter in some stylish substance amongst the fluff. And in case you need some recs, here are four of my favorite documentaries that have changed the way I think about fashion.

‘Dior and I’

This documentary will take you into the world of the Christian Dior fashion house with a  behind-the-scenes insight into Raf Simon’s first haute couture collection. It will make you feel like being a part of the elite that experiences the process of creating the collection and all of the logistics of putting such a tremendous runway show only a few actually get to see in the real life.

(Photo via IMDb)

‘The September Issue’

If Anna Wintour is your spirit animal, this documentary definitely should be on your list to watch. The filmmaker takes you to the world where the biggest issue in Vogue’s history was produced as you are able to follow ups and downs of the editor-in-chief of the fashion bible and her team.

(Photo via IMDb)

‘Bill Cunningham New York’

It is a must see doc if you are a creative, photographer, artist, or any type of visual creator! This documentary is a profile of Bill Cunningham, an American fashion photographer for The New York Times, who was known for this street style photography works he has done in New York. Moreover, it is also a great lesson on how to look for fashion trends that happen on street runways.

(Photo via IMDb)

‘The First Monday in May’

If you love museums and the combination of art and fashion sounds perfect to you, this doc is for you! It allows you to follow the process of the creation and preparation of The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s most attended fashion exhibition in history called ”China: Through The Looking Glass.” It explores Chinese-inspired Western fashions throughout the lenses of Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton.

(Photo via IMDb)

What are some of your favorite fashion documentaries? Let us know in the comments below!


It may be winter and sweaters are in but that doesn’t mean the way you dress has to be boring. My favorite trend from spring/summer has crossed over into winter, the lace up top. As a junior, I’m constantly thinking about how to dress for the job that I want while displaying my personal style.

This Fashionista is a junior as well, majoring in fashion merchandising. When she graduates, she hopes to become a buyer for a prestige fashion company. She also shared with me the struggles of having to commute to school and dressing up for class. But, she finds the perfect balance between business casual and comfort.

While her days are quite long due to classes and club meetings, she pairs her oversize lace up sweater with black dressy ankle leggings together for comfortability. She doesn’t overshadow the details of her sweater by wearing delicate jewelry such as: a thin choker, midi rings, and stud earrings.

Staying warm and stylish during these cold days, she then turns her outfit into business casual with this perfect color blocked trench coat. I love the way she mixed up neutral tones and kept it simple without overdoing it. Her personal style definitely shines through. She topped her outfit off with a pair of simple black chelsea boots for a more polished look. This Fashionista is ready to conquer her next interview in the fashion industry.

It’s the little details that matter and make you stand out from the rest. Next time you get dress try utilizing a trendy statement into your business casual attire.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Personalized Professional

With second semester coming in full-swing, the pressure of landing a coveted summer internship or job is feeling very real. January is a time of resume editing, cover letter perfecting, and interview prepping, in hopes of being able to convey to a company how much you could rock your summer internship if given the chance! One of the nerve-racking aspects of this whole process goes back to the timeless question of “what will I wear?”. Then proceeding it with a drawn-out thought process of how you’re going to show your personal style while still keeping it professional. The perfect way to solve this problem is to start with your basics and capitalize on some outfit details that let your personal style shine through, just like this Fashionista did!

Her day-to-day look is usually very bohemian/rocker (think Rebecca Minkoff). She took that aesthetic and channeled it in to her outfit details to create a look for a professional function that allows her personality to shine through as well! She kept the base of her outfit neutral with some simple gray jeans and a short-sleeve cream blouse. Now with a blank canvas as an outfit she added layers with her long blazer and a statement necklace as the perfect stand-out accessory that helped to better express her personal style! Throw on some velvet booties for a finishing touch that will surely pop.

In an interview there is always that inevitable question “so tell me about yourself.” You have to pause and think about how to balance your professional and personal information to correctly depict the kind of person you are to this potential employer. Your professional outfit should be given the same thought process! Start with your professional base (neutral top and bottoms) and sprinkle in personal facts and details (shoes, jewelry, layers) to show off a well-rounded you! This Fashionista hit the mark with her details and shows off the perfect way to blend professional and personal for an interview day!