Gingham’s Multiple Summer Trends

Ed Sheeran hasn’t written a song about the timeless pattern… yet. However, Taylor Swift has made mention of some things never being able to go out of style. That is where gingham comes out and into summer magazines.

As a summer trend, gingham is the cherry on top of your favorite flavor of ice cream and it perfectly matches the classic summer movie aesthetic. It’s a timeless print that’s been placed on yearly repeat in my wardrobe since I was at least four. So trends, whether you love them, hate them, or hate to love them, all have their comebacks. The only problem is how to fit so many summer trends into so little time.

All-In-One Trend

To take the leap into the trend divide, you need to pull from summer’s seemingly everlasting vibe and get ready for experimentation, (sprinkling in a bit of retro flair never hurt anyone either).

The statement piece of this outfit and retro-ish vibe revolves around the gingham trousers. I paired the print with a crisp white blouse that has ruffle detailing to play with another big trend and stick with neutrals. To pull together the two pieces, I added a western-inspired belt which created a sharper line of contrast between the blouse and trousers. To top this outfit off, I added another big trend: a light wash denim jacket. It breaks up the lack of color and instills a more casual vibe. Finishing this look, my accessories all synced up with one another. The sandals were the most versatile, matching both my bag and glasses through hardware and trimmings.

And there we have it, more than one trend in a single outfit.

Trends are tricky, but worth it in the end. Go out and into the big bad world of trends; ‘gingham girl’ is a title still open for the taking. You never know, you might just have a song written about you. Have fun with gingham and any other current trends you try!

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The 3 Items Every College Girl Should Splurge On

You may be a broke college student, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve nice things. I have always lived by the motto that less is more. In this case, buying less that is higher quality is more important to me than purchasing more for less. Besides the obvious school necessities such as a waterproof backpack, laptop, and notebooks, I’ve curated a list of items that are worth the splurge.

1—Fall jacket or winter coat. First of all, I always splurge on is coats and jackets. A quality fall jacket or winter coat is essential when walking from class to class. My most worn winter coats consist of a long down coat from North Face, a navy wool and black leather BCBGMaxazria trench coat, and white and pink fur coats from Free People. My go-to fall jackets are my black leather jacket and my Sanctuary camo bomber jacket. These are all a little more money than a college student would most likely care to spend, but I promise you won’t regret it when you’re warm walking from class to class or out to dinner when it’s below freezing and snowing.

2—Skincare products. The second to splurge on is skincare products. Skincare is essential in college because of the increased stress. Being a college student is stressful. Keeping up with school work, finding internships, being involved in clubs, staying fit and healthy all while trying to maintain a social life can cause breakouts due to stress. Having the right skincare products and using them is key. Three products that I deem as necessary to a skincare routine is a cleanser, moisturizer, and a mask. I use iS Clinical cleanser and moisturizer. For a mask, I use the Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Mask. When I get overwhelmed with stress, I know I won’t breakout if I use these three products. Skincare products are expensive, but it’s worth a clear face.

3—Black heels. Lastly, splurge on that go-to pair of shoes. If you are going to splurge on a pair of going out shoes, black is the way to go. Black goes with everything, and always makes an outfit look put together. When I wear heels I wear the same two pairs. I wear basic black heels to formals, and I wear my Marc Fisher black booties to everything else. Since feet don’t usually grow once you’re in college, a pair of shoes is an investment that can last many years.

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3 Must-Have Denim Pieces for Summer

One of the most popular trends in fashion right now is denim. Everyone has that one staple piece of denim in their closet that they love to incorporate into their outfit. In the past, everyone’s staple piece was a pair of Levi’s jeans. Now, those trends are changing, a pair of jeans is no longer the only option. Closets are filling up with overalls, skirts, and of course, denim jackets.

1—Denim jacket. I don’t know about you, but my denim jacket is probably my favorite piece of denim in my closet. I love pairing my jacket particularly with dresses for the summer, but you can also throw it on with jeans, shorts, or anything you feel comfortable in! They are perfect for keeping you warm on a cool summer night in a stylish way. To make this outfit a little dressier, I styled my outfit with a pair of gladiator sandals.

2—Overalls. These have been making a comeback in the latest fashion trends. They are most known for their comfort and easy style. Here, I chose to wear a graphic T-shirt under my overalls to keep it simple and casual. I also wore a pair of Adidas Superstars to keep the look casual. Overalls are the perfect outfit to just throw on that you can dress up or down on a hot summer day.

3—Denim skirt. This is the perfect item to throw on during the heatwave we have been having! You can pair your skirt with a cute top and sandals or make your look more casual with a graphic T-shirt and sneakers. This month, I decided to make my look nicer with a plain black bodysuit and sandals.

Whether you want to dress your denim up with sandals or heels or down with sneakers, it’s the perfect versatile look to add to your outfit!

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Pin Game Strong

Lapel pins have made a huge comeback in the past few years. Buttons and pins have always been a thing among the punk crowd, but now even major fashion brands are hopping on the trend. Now, you can find a pin for almost everything from cartoons, musicians, cute animals, or your favorite witty slogan.

Pins can be styled in a variety of ways, but one thing is for certain—denim is a perfect backdrop, whether it’s a cap, vest, jacket, or jeans.

For the denim cap, I chose two larger pins. The crown states “queen of procrastination,” which describes me perfectly. There is also a hand “hang ten” pin, which is not only fun but represents an activity I like to do in my free time.

For the vest, I went all out. In addition to pins, I also decorated it with patches. For the front of the vest, several of the pins and patches represent places I’ve been or were purchased on a trip I’ve been on. They also show off some things I’m into like Sailor Moon, makeup, my favorite band, and activism with a Rosa Parks mugshot pin.

For the jacket, not only did I use pins, but I also decorated with mermaid shell studs and long spikes. Jackets have so much room to decorate, I can’t wait to get more pins and patches to fill it up. I hope this gave you some inspiration to spice up your life with the help of pins.

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3 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket in the Summer

Everyone has heard of the little black dress or a simple article of clothing that every woman has in her closet that is suitable for most occasions. This summer’s versatile piece is an oversize denim jacket. Perfect for breezy days or cool summer nights, the denim jacket allows you to be comfortable while not compromising your entire outfit. Whether it’s straight off a Forever 21 mannequin or from the depths of your dad’s closet, this one piece can be worn multiple ways for multiple occasions. Here are three different looks Fashionistas everywhere will be rocking this summer with a denim jacket.

1—Statement piece. Adding a statement piece can help transform this otherwise simple outfit into something suitable for day or night. The statement piece doesn’t have to be something large or colorful, just bold enough to dress up the plain white T-shirt and compliment the denim. Each accent ties the whole look together and makes you stand out in a crowd.

2—Midi dress. For those days that the weather can’t seem to make up its mind, a midi dress is a perfect pick. To complete the look, this Fashionista wears an oversize denim jacket over her shoulders to keep warm without overheating. The light denim also allows her to pull off brown accessories without clashing with the black dress. This look gives off a simple yet sophisticated vibe.

3—Matching set. Matching sets are definitely a trend you will see this summer, whether the pieces are worn separately or together. This Fashionista’s matching set consists of gray, white, and black striped shorts with a matching asymmetrical crop top. In this look, the denim jacket is used to make the outfit more casual and ready for everyday wear without distracting from the details of the set.

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How to Layer for Summer

Outside the window, the sky is blue and filled with pale, heavy clouds. The sun warms the glass, the leafy tendrils of trees float lazily in the breeze. Fast forward two hours later, and the scene outside the window has changed dramatically. Rain spatters the window, creating a steady thrum. The wind whips the trees’ branches around, the portrait of contentment ruined by a surprise soaking from above. The temperature has dropped ten degrees, the wind making it feel even colder.

This is known as a typical day in the Midwest—sun, rain and sometimes even snow. Dressing for the midwestern weather is a learning experience, and it takes some time to master. It’s best to layer like there’s no tomorrow. You can never go wrong with being prepared.

Some good pieces to layer with in the summer are flannels, button-down shirts, cardigans and light jackets. My favorite piece I use for layering is a denim jacket. It goes with everything, and denim is timeless. It’s also a great way to add a light but durable layer in warmer months.

I paired my denim jacket with black shorts and a black and white striped tank top. Throw on a pair of neutral block heels or sandals, and it makes for an outfit that you can wear anywhere. The accessories I added were delicate, layered gold necklaces and silver rings.

Another way to layer in the summer is to throw on a flannel. Flannels go with basically anything and can change any outfit up.

So next time you step outside and feel that unexpected chill, don’t panic, grab that trusty denim jacket or flannel and continue on your way.

What are your favorite pieces for layering? Let us know in the comments below. 

5 Things You Need in Your Closet This Season to Do Summer Like a Fashionista

We just passed the longest day of the year and summer is coming to the halfway point. In honor of us moving into the new month of July, I’ve put together five trendy pieces that every Fashionista/o needs for a stylish summer.

1—Overalls. Overalls are not just for farm kids anymore; these denim dungarees are amazing to own because they are versatile enough to fit anyone’s style. While you might not want to wear these when the weather gets too hot to handle, they’re perfect for cooler days or for when the temperatures drop at night. I like to pair mine with a tight crop top to balance out the boyfriend style bottoms.

2—Printed Pants. I am seriously in love with these leopard print pants. They are super high waisted and comfortable enough to be pajamas, but you can easily dress them up and wear them out as well. In the fall, these will be perfect to slip on and wear to class. Plus, they will make you look like you tried harder in the morning than you actually did. I am definitely going to buy a few more pairs in some different prints.

3—Band T-shirt. Band T-shirts always have been and always will be in style. This one was my brother’s that he got at a Black Keys concert we went to a few years back. My advice is to splurge on a band you actually like, instead of just choosing the first Rolling Stones T-shirt you find (unless you’re like, a die-hard Stones fan, in which case this is a super cute one!) It makes it more personal and it can be a conversation starter for someone with the same taste in music.

4—Fun Jacket. In my opinion, everyone needs a party jacket in their closet. A denim jacket is perfect for taking your day outfit into the chilly nighttime. This oversized jacket gives off major throwback vibes and feels fresh out of the ‘80s. I bought this coat at Goodwill and spruced it up by bleaching it in certain spots. If you’re not a person who loves to DIY, try this similar acid wash jacket.

5—Versatile Shoes. Everyone needs a pair of shoes that could easily be dressed up or down. They could be booties, sandals, or some casual heels. I got these Steve Madden booties at Saks Off 5th and they are my new obsession. The heels are low enough that I can walk around in them all day and they don’t make my feet feel like they’re going to fall off, but they’re fancy enough to wear out to a nice dinner. They’ll also be an easy transition into fall, maybe even winter with some socks.

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3 Ways to Wear Your Bomber Jacket through Summer

This past fall we fell in love with the ever-so-chic bomber jacket. It was easy to wear and worked well with everything—the perfect piece to take any outfit from just cute to an outfit worth talking about; We paired it with jeans and leggings, tall boots and booties; The bomber jacket paired well with a tank, a floral blouson or even a dramatic night-on-the-town onesie; We wore it for months, from the start of the fall semester until spring break. Now, it’s summer…and we’re looking for ways to wear the bomber all this season. Look no further—this is your definitive summer 2017 bomber how-to. Read on for my tips on how to style this look for summer.

The Graphic Tank and the Bomber Jacket

The graphic tank top trend is back and better than ever. Whether it’s a boyfriend’s, best friend’s, or simply one you bought at the mall, graphic tanks are everywhere. This classic look is effortless and it doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon—not that anyone is complaining. Pairing the tank with cuffed jeans and throwing on the bomber jackets gives you a relaxed look. It’s an on-the-go, running errands, at a bonfire look.

For an even more casual look, swap the jeans for leggings and the Converse for sneakers.

The Blouson and the Bomber Jacket

The top should be fun and colorful, while also helping to keep you cool. This look is best with dark shorts and simple, dark sandals. An effortless look with or without the jacket, it’s easy to stay comfortable no matter the temperature. It’s the perfect look for an afternoon adventure.

The Bomber Jacket on the Town

On summer nights out with the girls—or your man—bomber jackets can be worn in an unconventional way. Wearing a loud dress that speaks for itself is step number one. The bomber jacket shields against the chilly night air and adds flair to your look. The dress stands is the statement piece, and the bomber jacket enhances style, so simple shoes are a must. The end result? A fun, flirty look that’ll definitely turn heads, keep you warm against the chill, and make you look cool in the heat. It’s a fun look to take out on the town.

How do you wear your bomber jacket in the summer? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to tag @CFashionista on social media to show us your take on the look!

A Mid-Chilly Summer Night’s Dream

With the summer upon us, don’t put away your jackets just yet! This Fashionista shows you how to ride the cloudy days with her street chic style.

My Zara jacket fends off a cold hour but is thin enough to keep on when the sun comes out. Most of my summery jackets are loosely fit, enabling me to layer underneath but stay breezy. Throughout the classic camouflage design are triangular studs on burgundy patchwork, giving it a modern taste.

Statement necklaces are my favorite fashion accessory. They can transform any look and are a wardrobe must-have. A trend is to contrast them with toned-down or business shirts. Here, I paired my Bebe choker-esque piece with a relaxed white V-neck for a touch of glam. Since I have a jacket on, I wear a short-sleeved oversize top.

Another piece you may be tempted to shy from are jeans in favor of miniskirts or dolphin shorts. With the right type, the popular style are perfect year-round. Pick low-rise jeans with distressed tears to let your skin breathe. Closed floral Nike sneakers celebrate the summer but keep the rain out. Pair thin ankle socks with running shoes for lightweight flexibility. Absorbent fabrics are crucial to keep in mind. Therefore, when shopping consider chambray, linen, and cotton.

Any fellow bag lady knows the importance of a multi-use piece! Carrying all my must haves requires a medium-sized bag. To alleviate weight and keep it off my body, I hold the satchel with my hands or activate its thick shoulder straps. Furthermore, faux leather paired with a draped style give it a slick feel and ode to harsher winter months. Also, on the bottom there are metal studs to protect the exterior from wear and tear. More purses need to have these for the sake of financial value and avoiding dreaded puddles.

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Upgrade Your Basic Denim Jacket into Something Brand New

Denim jackets are one of the key clothing essentials that we all have in our wardrobe. Just like we all have our favorite leather jacket or any type of clothing that we find ourselves always wearing, we can’t get enough of it. Although sooner or later your favorite jacket will seem a little boring after constantly wearing it, and then you’ll feel like maybe it’s time to buy something new. Instead of buying an entirely different jacket, how about you just upgrade it using iron-on patches. In this article, I will show you step-by-step how I upgraded my favorite denim jacket using iron-on patches, and with the theme I chose to use for this little project.

For this DIY you will need:

  • An Iron
  • Jacket
  • Iron-on patches
  • Thin pressing cloth
  • Parchment Paper (this only applies if your patch is glitter)

Step 1—Lay out all necessary materials and position where you want your patches.

Before you begin any project, you want to make sure you have everything you need to create your upgraded jacket.

Step 2—Turn on the iron. Set it to “cotton” setting

Step 3—Prepare to iron-on patch. In case you choose to get a glitter iron-on patch then you’ll need this specific step. First, place the iron-on sticky side down onto the jacket, then take the parchment paper (make sure it is not directly touching the plastic) and press down using a moderate amount of pressure for 10 to15 seconds. Secondly, in a slow, circular motion, iron the entire iron-on design from edge-to-edge for 20 to 30 seconds. Once you’ve done that, let the patch cool down and once it’s cooled off, start by slowly peeling off the plastic to reveal your glitter patch!

Step 4—Continue to iron patches. Depending on the type of patch you choose to get, the way you iron will vary. For instance, if you choose an embroidered patch, then you’ll start by pre-heating your iron to “cotton” setting, then position where you want your patch, then cover design with thin pressure cloth, and finally press straight down for 25 seconds with constant pressure—avoiding any back and forth movements.

Step 5—Look over final details. Once you’ve finished ironing all your patches, make sure to check to see that all the patches have properly been ironed on, and in any case, you can go back with your iron for the ones that didn’t adhere properly.

Let me know in the comments below on how you would upgrade your jacket!