FASHION NEWS: I want Candy

This fall is a great time to play with makeup. As summer draws to a close it’s time to put away your bronzer and try out some of the bright, new trends in beauty right now. The 80s look is back with a vengeance bringing with it a sweep of super bright, bold hues on eyes, lips and cheeks. Normal beauty faux pas such as playing up all features at once, red eye shadow and neon hues are now very in line with the harem pants and bold shoulders going on in fashion at the moment. And after buying that jacket with the puffed shoulders and other key pieces, there probably won’t be much money to devote to make up. Which is why it’s so exciting that Wal-Mart (yes, that’s right) is debuting a line of Hard Candy makeup this month. The products will remain true to Hard Candy in quality and style (yay for bright colors), but have a discounted price of $5-$10 each. Stock up and pile them on with no fear.

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Let’s hear it for the BOYS…

Historically, vests were seen as a classical item in men’s attire, typically worn in a three piece suit set. Now you ask who today wears three piece suits besides from my brother (who rocks one pretty well) or an English gentleman embracing in his 1850’s heritage? This Fashionisto nailed this look down by breaking up the traditional three piece set and pairing his vest with casual denim and a rolled up shirt. Shopping the racks at Urban Outfitters for his next purchase, this Fashionisto sure knows how to pose modelesque!

Hint: While a vest does look nice when all buttoned up, I like the loose look of an unbuttoned vest combined with a casual v-neck tee. This style can be worn to class BUT be prepared to get second glances from those Fashionistas.

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WEEKEND FORECAST: You’re on my Fashion Radar…

It’s that time again – the weekend! So go out, have fun and look hot while doing it.

Did you like Britney Spear’s look in her Radar video? Well, I did. She definitely embodied a look that was weekend wardrobe worthy.

Believe it or not, she was completely decked out in Kohl’s junior brand, Candie's. All the way from her studded, fur vest to her sexy, tall boots. So if you want celebrity style this weekend, shop at the Bloomington Kohl’s to find great deals on some trendy pieces.

And if you are still looking for a place to strut your stuff, today at 8 p.m., N.E.R.D. is coming to the IU Auditorium.

Keep your style rockin’, Fashionistas! Because like Britney said, “edginess is a rush.”


This Fashionista was strutting down Grand River, listening to her iPod when I rudely interrupted her sunny day. But her purple skirt and neon sunglasses were drawing me in. Purple is a great color for this fall – wear a dark purple lipstick or get a plaid with some purple stripes. You can even get your own purple skirt here.

Fashionistos can pull off purple too, I like this heathered purple tee, paired under a sleek blazer.

Hint: This Fashionista was heading to MSUFCU, probably to get some cash and buy this acid wash hoodie to layer over her skirt this fall.

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Prior to the fall runway shows this year, lace conjured up two things for me: my great-Grandmothers musty attic and playboy worthy lingerie. But this time around the sheer fabric is getting things right with its unconventional pairings, such as this Fashionista’s Givenchy shoes. We love that she styled the sexy shoe with more casual daytime pieces, making the look less vampy and more playful.

Hint: Another take on the fabric we love is the look of a simple and sheer lace tank. To make the look less risque, choose a menswear blazer on top. You’ll show just the right amount of skin to pull off the top without looking tacky.

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The military jacket always graces the runway season after season in some form or another. This fall fashion staple has finally been perfected due to the inspiration of beloved icon, Michael Jackson. His signature jacket is now an item desired by every Fashionsta who aspires to have such individuality and shock appeal in their clothing choices like MJ. Recently featured in Lucky Magazine and a now an essential part of my very own wardrobe, this BB Dakota jacket is the perfect price, cut and overall flawless fall jacket while meandering to class this school year.

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TREND: Layers

With the varying temperatures East Lansing can experience within the first month of school, I like to layer. Cardigan on top of tank, blazer over tee. Warm enough for the mornings but then cool for the sunny afternoons. This Fashionista was all set for classes and with a quick removal of bag and cardigan she was ready to go out to the Peanut Barrel an celebrate her first day of classes.

Hint: Wear shorts with a bright hoodie or dress it up with a summer dress and cardigan. This is the perfect way to take Christina’s advice and use your favorite summer tank through the fall.

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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweatin’ Things Up In Style

It is obvious that being fashionable does not have to be uncomfortable with current street styles that every girl loves, like yoga pants. Now with fashion powerhouse brands such as adidas, Stella McCartney and Topshop debuting their recent collaborations, it’s obvious that fashion sweats are at a all-time high right now. Every girl loves a yoga pant and now it can look sleek and chic. Dressing for an occasion can now be comfortable and easy with this sporty look.

If you are similar to me, then you are a student juggling multiple classes, internships and probably a part-time job while trying to maintaining an appropriate office style. This means you are probably on the go 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can see celebrities, such as Cara Delevingne to Rihanna, taking these looks from this the runways and bringing them onto the sidewalks. When it comes to fashion and music, they always seem to influence each other in different ways, such as the hip-hop genre. This sporty and comfortable, but sleek style can easily be transitioned into menswear. I spotted this Fashionisto the other day when he was on the way form his job to his internship. His look is effortless and easy while being stylish and work appropriate at the same time.

How To: This look is a very chic and easy to recreate and make your own. I would start off by picking out a really great slim banded cuffed sweats from vince and throw in a pair of Nike Roshe Run sneakers. When it comes to your undershirt, keep it simple with this great basic from Topman and layer it with this quality leather jacket from AllSaints. The Jasper sunglasses from Warby Parker paired with the bleecker leather shopper from Coach that is a look that will leave people staring.