4 Denim Pieces That You Need This Summer

Denim is a thing right now. I just moved to New York and I have never seen such a variety of denim in my life. Below, you can find the four denim pieces everyone should add to their collection.

The Denim Jacket

I will say, I believe that everyone should have a denim jacket hanging in their closet. Adding a denim jacket can give any outfit a little personality. This pink denim jacket is my life. I try to justify wearing it with almost every outfit I put together. Denim jackets do not need to be boring or basic by any means. I do feel it is important to buy trendy pieces that are timeless or that can be paired with multiple pieces in your closet. With denim, there are so many options, colors, cuts, fits etc. To me, this pink denim jacket shouts personality and that is what is I focus on when I get dressed every morning; that I am staying true to who I am.

The Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are just like having a boyfriend without really having a boyfriend. They are fun and yet still give you comfort and support. It took me a while to hop on this train, but once I found the right pair, I was instantly hooked. I am in love and will probably never let them go. If you’re anything like me, you tend to stick with the styles and brands you love. I always wear (and by always, I mean rarely because I would rather wear yoga pants) dark denim with a skinnier leg. I made the jump to these boyfriend jeans mainly because of the stitch work on the side. It’s like the dark eyes on that cute boy—it really is the little things that make your heart stop. These little flowers, I am sure, were added just to give them that little something special; the perfect spark.

The Oversized Overalls

I almost made it out of the store empty-handed, but my mom was like, “you really do need those.” I looked down at these oversize light wash denim overalls and was like, “I look like a mom.” Granted, I set myself up for that look when I paired it with my Birkenstocks, but that’s a price I am willing to pay. I am all for comfort. I could sleep in these. The denim is so incredibly soft, and when I want them to be trendy and look a little nicer, I will grab my mules as I run out the door.

The Denim Skirt

A denim skirt is a must-have. What I love the most about denim skirts is they can be so simple, yet very trendy. What I look for in denim is a little trim or closure that will add to the personality of the garment, and for this skirt, it was the buttons that grabbed my attention.

What denim pieces can you not live without? Let me know in the comments below!

Travel Comfortably in Corduroy

Every summer, I make it a priority to travel at least once. I mean, we all deserve to treat ourselves after the stressful school year, am I right? As someone who normally takes extremely early flights, my airport style focuses on being comfortable, which means sweatpants and sneakers. However, for my fellow airport Fashionistas, I have the perfect outfit inspiration for you!

This Fashionista’s outfit is a great combination of comfort and style, while keeping in mind the fluctuating temperatures of airports. Her airplane printed T-shirt is the perfect top for the occasion and is also breathable in the humid summer weather. On top, she layered a black nylon track jacket. This jacket will absolutely keep you warm in the air-conditioned airplane. This jacket is also versatile and can be worn with a simple T-shirt during the day or with an edgy crop top at night.

Vacation is the time to pack your dark and heavy wardrobe away and unleash your bright and pastel colored outfits. My favorite part of this outfit is her pale pink corduroy skirt because it adds a stunning contrast when paired with the black and white elements. Although this skirt may not be everyone’s go-to piece of travel clothing, I encourage you to be bold and give it a chance. The material is extremely comfortable and soft, and it doesn’t cling tightly to your body. Wear your favorite pair of comfortable shoes because at a place like the airport, comfortable and simple shoes to slip on and off are essential. I recommend sneakers, sandals, or a pair of classic Converse.

From college campuses to Coachella, mini backpacks are another popular alternative to traditional purses. Because of their compact and small shape, they are great for travel and easy to store in tight areas. This Fashionista can easily fit all her travel essentials in this backpack while still having room to fit in bulkier objects. Everyone needs this super versatile accessory because it can go with an endless variety of outfits and occasions.

Can you believe that this beauty is only wearing three makeup products? Ditch the heavy foundation and focus on using lightweight makeup products to emphasize key features. Fill in your brows with a pencil for that effortless look and to add dimension to your face. To add some color and glow, swipe on pink blush. There’s nothing worse than chapped and dry lips during the summer, so don’t forget your lip balm. Not only do these products feel lightweight on your face, but they are also travel-friendly and TSA-approved.

Whether you go to the airport slaying in sweatpants or looking like you just walked out of a fashion show, be creative and wear whatever you feel the most comfortable in.

What is your go-to travel outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

How I Style Bright Shorts for Summer

Hi! I want to start off this post by introducing myself! I’m Alexis Chatman, a sophomore at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. I am from Cincinnati and am a retail merchandising and product development major, with minors in business and marketing. Last May I started my own blog, Cincinnati Sass. I have grown to really love writing and showing off my style, among other things, and knew this internship would be perfect for me!

Bright colors are always my go-to, especially in the warmer months. They’re visually appealing and evoke happy emotions! I have a few bright, fun shorts in my closet, and these are one of my favorites. I have had them for a while and they’re great because you can dress them up or down.

Along with these shorts, I just wore a simple white tank top and denim jacket. It was kind of hot this day, so the tank was needed! Later on in the day, I changed into a more relaxed white T-shirt.

This outfit actually started from the earrings. I got them last week and I immediately knew I wanted to wear them as soon as possible! I found some matching shorts in my closet and the rest is history.

I think this outfit is really easy and simple for summer. It makes you look put together but is actually rather effortless. You probably own a denim jacket, a white tank, and a fun pair of shorts already!

What bright colors are you loving for summer? Let me know in the comments below!

How To Style Double Denim

Hey, Fashionistas/os! That fashion trend that was considered so wrong? It’s actually so right. We’re talking denim-on-denim. Yes, double denim can be a bit scary at first—I didn’t know if I could pull it off myself, but then I realized it isn’t as intimidating as it seems. However, when it comes to this look, no one wants to relive the Britney and Justin denim duo outfit from 2001. Though this trend has been around for a while, when done right it shouldn’t have to leave anytime soon. Here are my best double denim styling tricks.

The double denim trend is and has evolved from the past and you can make it your own in oh-so-many ways. From office outfits to street wear, don’t be afraid to grab all of your denim pieces and see what you come up with. I love combining of the fabric, especially pairing just the right washes and fits. The appropriate way to wear this look is to pair the right shades of denim together. A lot of dark washes tend to look better on the bottom, while lighter colored shirts on top draw more attention to the body. Another aspect to consider is the fit of your outfit. The key to a good look would be to pair skinny jeans or any slim skirt with a fitted jacket or shirt. Pairing loose jeans and a shirt that doesn’t fit well isn’t the best style.

If you want to pair denim pieces that are similar in color, add accessories to your look. In my outfit above, I’ve paired a darker Tommy Hilfiger denim skirt that I thrifted along with a cropped denim jacket and a cream long-sleeve shirt underneath. Another option with denim is fraying each piece. I cut the end of the denim skirt so it could fray and give off a chic vibe. My denim jacket was also cut so I could crop it, which created a frayed look. My pieces were similar in shade, so I added some sunglasses and black booties. Don’t be afraid to add bold printed booties to this look either—a pop of color can always be considered. My ruffled cream shirt is tied in a knot in the middle to create a cropped look. I added a skinny black belt to my outfit which brought the whole look together.

I love styling denim because it won’t be going out of style for a long time. Double denim can be experimented with in many ways, but remember these tips when putting together your outfit.

I would love to see the way that you guys wear your denim. Share with us on social media by tagging @Cfashionista.

What I Learned About Fashion in the Fashion Capital of the World

I recently studied abroad in Milan, Italy with a focus on fashion business and supply chains. As you probably already know, Milan is world renowned for its role in setting trends and being home to infamous luxury brands (ever heard of Gucci, Prada, Armani, and Versace?). I couldn’t wait to compare American trends and style to Italian fashion, and I’m excited to report my findings today! Luckily, I also did some shopping in Milan so I could bring some Italian inspiration to the US!

The first thing I noticed in Milan is that trend and style are extremely important. Everyone (and I mean everyone) follows the trend once it’s established there. In contrast, in the U.S., we have many different variations of what we consider stylish. Think about style types such as preppy, hipster, grunge, girly, athleisure, etc.—all of these are considered fashionable in their own way. In fact, you could walk down the street and see an example of each one of these styles in a short time. This is not the case in Milan. Each person I saw there followed the basic uniform of dress as set by Italian trends.

So what is this uniform exactly?

Let’s go from bottom to top. First, all Italians wore sneakers! I saw all different types of brands, but I noticed the classic Adidas were the most popular. Also, I loved how many people added fun socks to enhance their look!

Next is the pants, my personal favorite. There is no shortage of jeans in Milan, and as an avid wearer of the boyfriend cut, I was in heaven when I saw that it’s super popular there. I also spotted mom jeans, wide legged pants, and even some dressier style pants. No matter what type of bottoms though, they all had something in common: they were all ankle cut. I think this is so appropriate and necessary to the trend, because it lets the sneaker and sock combo shine!

Lastly, you’re probably wondering how they finished the look with their tops, and it’s quite simple actually. The basic recipe is a plain T-shirt or tank paired with a cute jacket, which lets the look remain casual while being simultaneously trendy. I observed tons of different types of jackets, including jean jackets, bomber jackets, leather jackets, you name it! This is definitely the part of the outfit that the Italians were able to be most creative with.

Overall, the trends I learned about while studying abroad in Milan are so cute, and I’m glad I brought back some pieces that’ll let me style my outfits this way at home in the US! The sneakers, casual fit pants, and plain shirt with a jacket basic uniform are what all Italians wore; it’s a casual look that allows for tons of mix-and-matching for a comfortable and trendy look!

What elements of Italian fashion will you incorporate in your next outfit? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Make Denim-on-Denim Look on Point

We’re all fans of denim without a doubt. Let’s be honest: there’s always something made of jeans sitting in our closets. Most would consider it a fashion essential. That’s because this versatile material fits right at home with any style and truly is the people’s fabric.

Denim can go with anything, but when paired together, it can be equally as tricky as it is trendy. The decision to double up on this material can be hard. But I’m with the opinion that twice the denim can be twice as good for your outfit, especially when you’re going for a casual and comfortable look!

So then how does one move in the direction of denim-on-denim the right way?

First off, this outfit doubles up on worn, light blue denim, with both the jacket and jeans’ cuffs rolled. I feel that the softer, baby blue color pairs well with the summer season and naturally brightens up any outfit.

With an open jacket, a light tone shirt, or blouse can add another dimension of color without disrupting the denim. Furthermore, I’m a fan of all things camouflage and I think the washed-out camo shirt makes an excellent bottom layer. It does a great job of emphasizing the relaxed, cool sense this look has to offer.

I’m all about accents too. This outfit incorporates pops of colors, such as the purple-tinted sunglasses, all white slip-ons, and the cute patches located on different parts of the jacket. Although jewelry is absent here, earrings and bracelets are always reliable accents that you can use throughout this look. With accents like these, your outfit can pop in the right places, again, without taking away attention from the real star here.

Although lighter weight clothing usually accompanies warmer seasons, double denim outfits like this one can work for when the temperature cools down or when you’re hanging out. Whatever the reason, remember that a denim-on-denim outfit can work for anybody or any season. It can be done up and completed with the right accents.

What are your go-to ways to wear denim? Let me know in the comments below!

Frills and Stripes

Summer is a prime opportunity. It’s a solid three months of time for relaxation, tanning, and more importantly, reinvention. Almost all of my past articles have been centered around the hustle and bustle of college life, so this semester I am beyond ready to reinvent my articles in a direction geared more toward chill, summer vibes and of course, street style.

This outfit features some of my favorite pieces for this upcoming season as well as some of the only tones I’ve been rocking for the past couple of weeks. Some may call it boring, but I call it simple. So… let’s get to it!

I paired this classic, frilly off-the-shoulder white crop top with these blue-and-white striped high-waisted pants. To top it all off, I dug up this vintage oversize denim jacket (that was actually my mom’s in the ’90s)! and threw on my classic Stan Smith’s to put together the whole outfit. To accessorize, I layered a thin pearl choker with a longer chain featuring an inverted rose charm. The blue and white tones together are one of my personal favorite color combinations and a personal touch I really wanted to add to the outfit.

The colors aren’t the only things that I love about this outfit, though. I am obsessed with the different layers that each piece adds to the look—the crop top is fitted and feminine, the pants are flowy and fun, and the denim jacket gives the whole outfit that “boyfriend” feel while also adding structure to the look. Overall, this is perfect for those girly girls that don’t want to overdo it, something clean and simple.

I have a strong feeling this outfit will become a signature look of mine this summer and I can’t wait to share my reinvention with all of you! Are you trying out a new signature look? Comment below or tag @CFashionista in your photos! 

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Floral Accents

I can’t express how happy I am that summer is approaching! Classes and finals are coming to a close and I love nothing more than being able to walk around campus in a pair of shorts! I’ve been wearing and styling jeans for the past five months or so; because of this, it’s not easy to transition into styling shorts. Therefore, you can guess my excitement at spotting this Fashionista who knew exactly how to style her summer look, all the way down to the details.

The first thing that grabbed my attention on this Fashionista is her high-waist shorts, of course! They are a bit unconventional because they zip at the sides instead of the front! It makes for a really interesting detail and helps draw visual lines down her body overall making them very flattering. The blue hue of the denim is paired nicely with a subtle purple top. This Fashionista tucked the top into her shorts to make it ruffle a bit at her waist. This detail brings a feminine and sort of upbeat vibe that is perfect for summer. It’s also a detail that I never have even given thought to doing! I love it! Her light jacket has bold flowers printed all over it, which compliment the color of her top excellently. Overall, this detail balances the look by bringing some visual weight to the upper half of her body. Not only that super chic, but it also contributes to an overall summer theme.

It’s clear that this Fashionista took the time to consider each and every detail. She styled her shorts perfectly and totally inspired me to pay closer attention to details in my wardrobe! Now, I’m looking forward to many warm days full of wearing shorts and not worrying about school! Summer, here I come!

STYLE GURU STYLE: CollegeFashionista Evolution

The time has finally come for my very last CollegeFashionista article! My LinkedIn let me know that I just celebrated two years at this amazing platform, and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned. Not only has my writing evolved, but so has my style.

My very first STYLE GURU BIO featured this pink blazer. I used to describe my style as very classic, and I think that it still partially is. Now though, I’m not afraid of a low-cut crop top. I think that we should embrace our bodies, and I honestly got tired of constantly trying to hide mine. Be proud of your body, and flaunt it.

I also wear a lot more pink now. I never thought that I would be a pink person, but it started when I bought a pink blazer. A black blazer can come off too strong sometimes, and a nice pink one softens up your entire look. I even started wearing pink lipstick. This MAC matte lipstick in “Have Your Cake” was actually gifted to me as part of a CollegeFashionista Valentine’s Day gift exchange. I always get compliments whenever I wear it. I was worried that it was too bright for me, but I realized that it matched my personality perfectly. I also got into the choker trend. I made my own with materials from the dollar store. This pink bejeweled ribbon was the perfect choice for me.

One of the greatest fashion lessons I’ve learned from CollegeFashionista is to not be afraid of mixing colors. I might be wearing green metallic nail polish with my all-pink outfit, but I feel like I’m totally rocking it. Maybe I feel this way because the colors are a bit mermaid-like. Who doesn’t want to secretly be a mermaid?

I even finished this outfit by wearing ripped jeans. You usually won’t find me in destroyed denim because, as my friends describe always say, “you are so well put together” but I love these jeans. They make me feel confident, and that confidence makes me stand taller.

Thank you to CollegeFashionista for giving me such amazing opportunities as a Style Guru and as a Senior Editor. I love my CollegeFashionista Guru Gang so much.

STYLE ADVICE: The Thrills of Thrifting

Everyone wants to make heads turn when they walk out of the house every morning, but a majority of people cannot always afford the expenses of doing so while being in college. What better way to add a little vintage flair to your attire than checking out your local thrift shops for new finds and donations.

Thrifting is an easy way to add new pieces to your wardrobe and try out new styles without breaking the bank or your budget. The process of thrifting allows for one to use it as a platform for other fashion, there has to be a starting point somewhere, and what better way to jump out of the box than by jumping into racks of great deals.

From browsing for T-shirts as an excuse for an impromptu DIY night to grabbing the best fit of boyfriend jeans, thrift shops have a little bit of everything thrown into one giant mix. Break the barrier and cross over to the other side… of the store to be sure to get the best deal on those oversize men’s crewneck sweaters that everyone seems to love.

I, myself am a serious outfit repeater (Sorry Kate Sanders, I’m with Lizzie McGuire on this one) but with all of the clothes I have I am always looking for ways to make the outfit my own and give it my personal touch. Between classes, working and going out to maintain a social life, thrifting allows a grab and go approach to trying out new trends and styles. Want to try out a blazer but not sure how it will complement you? Head to your local thrift store and get one for $5 first.

Shown above is a forrest green snake pattern jacket found at my local thrift shop for only $5.50 which was used to pull together an entire outfit by adding a splash of color. Pairing something like this jacket with a bold statement chain makes for a simple but flashy look, which is sure to draw a little attention.

If you need any more of a reason to go thrift shopping think of all of the possibilities that you can mix and match for even just $20 and a little creative energy flowing.

Do not break the bank trying to break your boundaries, thrift instead.