My All-Time Favorite Denim Jacket

Denim jackets have always been around; sometimes they are an essential piece while other times they are more of a unique piece you can add to a look. Honestly, right when denim jackets were making a comeback, I went everywhere to find a unique one. I was looking for one a little oversize and retro, but I wasn’t lucky enough. I literally looked in every single store and tried every single piece but I just couldn’t find what I was looking for.

A few months later, my oldest sister was cleaning up her closet and she had two big plastic bags sitting outside of her room full of clothes she was going to giveaway. She asked me to look inside and see if there was something I wanted to keep and so I did. I opened up one of the bags and I found this vintage denim jacket that she wouldn’t take off back in the ’90s. You cannot believe how happy I was when I found it because it was exactly what I was dreaming of. Plus, it fit perfectly and from that moment on, there is no outfit of mine that doesn’t include my all-time-favorite denim jacket.

Some of my friends were crazy about it too and looked online for my jacket thinking it was brand new, but when I told them the story, they were so disappointed.

I remember being 10 or 11 years old when I was “rocking” the denim jacket trend for the first time, but the trend faded. So now that I’m officially living in this trend, I try to wear it all the time in different and fun ways.

I have even worn it with fancy outfits at night; this sounds risky, but somehow gives my outfit an edgy vibe and I like that. Also, it has been great during this summer when it gets a little chilly at night and obviously it is going to be my go-to piece for the fall.

Even though this is my favorite denim jacket, I have found more favorites. Some skinnier and with a different tone of blue, which has helped to have a million more options to pair it with. This has also given me the chance to add patches and pins to them. Denim jackets are such a fun and huge trend and I’m so glad they are here to stay.

How do you rock your denim jacket? How far have you taken this trend? Let me know in the comments below!

Vintage Vibes

Tell your mom to keep those old clothes because the throwback trend is here to stay! More and more, the ’90s and 2000s are becoming a big influence on today’s fashion. Vintage stores have become all the rave when shopping for denim and designer clothes. Whether it’s real vintage, or vintage inspired, people are going crazy for super cute throwback looks.

I love buying clothing from vintage stores and up-cycling them. I’m talking about big throwback trends like high-waisted mom jeans or shorts. I put cuts and rips in mine to add an extra trendy look.  You could have your own up-cycling party, cutting and ripping denim with all your friends! It’s a fun, fashionable, and won’t break the bank.

In the photo above, this Fashionista found an old pair of jeans in her moms closet, cut and ripped them, and turned them into an on trend, throwback staple!

Since mom jeans are so high-waisted, you can easily rock a crop top without it looking too much. Pair an off-the-shoulder crop with something high-waisted to add some vintage vibes to your look. You can also play with patterns to give your look some extra oomph! If mom jeans just aren’t your thing, you can also wear a high-waisted jean skirt to get the same throwback feel.

To finish off your look, make sure to choose the right accessories. In my opinion, doing that is what takes an outfit from drab to fab. Glasses with colored lenses are something I am loving right now. They add a vintage touch to an outfit without overdoing it. Whether red, yellow, or some other cool tint, colored lenses are making a comeback in many celebrities wardrobes.

One more accessory that can’t go unnoticed is the choker, my all time favorite ’90s throwback. You can wear a choker with every single outfit, and it always looks good, especially since there are so many different kinds. Vans sneakers are also making a comeback in 2017. Add a cool pair of Vans like the “Old Skool” to give your outfit an edgier look.

The vintage trend is something I definitely will be rocking in 2017. Let us know your favorite thing about vintage and throwback trends in the comments below!

Dare to Step Out of Your Fashion Comfort Zone

When following fashion bloggers on social media, it is hard not to see posts of outfits you wish you had, but never thought you could actually wear. In reality, all it takes is some creativity, a little of your own personal flare and most importantly you have to remember to have fun with it!

Changing up your day-to-day fashion trends can often feel like a daunting task. You never know how other people will react to your clothing statements. That can be the most intimidating aspect, in my opinion, when choosing what to wear.

So, to take on the challenge of stepping out of my fashion comfort zone, I searched through my favorite Style Gurus to find some top 2017 trends. When taking on a new trend, I always try to dress for myself. The most important thing for me is to love my outfit which leads to a natural confidence while wearing it. If you keep this in mind, the following trends won’t seem as scary.

1—Denim on Denim. I paired my acid wash denim overall dress with a black tube top underneath to keep it simple. A distressed denim jacket is thrown on over it to tie the jean on jean look together. For accessories, one gold and one black choker are layered with round gold rimmed sunnies. For shoes, I wore my black cut-out booties. The black and blue provide a nice contrast for a chic denim look!

2—Lace-Up. These lace-up pants are quite the statement piece. An oversized band T-shirt pairs perfectly, making the pants a little more casual and classy. I finished the outfit off by adding a subtly layered gold necklace along with these simple black heels, making this the perfect G.N.O. outfit!

3—Culottes. These culottes are the perfect transition piece that can go from day to night. Here we styled these flattering high-rise wide-leg pants with a white graphic T-shirt and plain white canvas sneakers. For jewelry, a simple silver medallion necklace is added. The use of black and white makes this a very classic, casual outfit.

4—Mix and Match. Permission has been granted by the fashion gurus and mismatching is in style! By utilizing pastel colors above, we were able to create a trendy, Instagram-worthy outfit. Pictured above we have a forest green sparkle mesh ruffle top layered with a black silk camisole and a maroon bralette underneath. This is paired with a pastel pink corduroy skirt, a light blue suede baseball cap, faux leather black maroon oxfords, and a simple thin black choker!

What is your favorite 2017 statement trend? Show us your personal style and how you dare to step out of your fashion comfort zone!

3 Wonderful Ways to Wear Denim

We all know that denim is one of the most iconic, quality pieces of fabric to ever be invented. Anyone who is anyone owns this wardrobe staple and wears it in their own special way, whether that is a denim jacket, choker, dress, bracelet, or a skirt. In the summertime specifically, there are three different styles I have identified that can be used throughout your outfit selections to beat the heat and turn a few heads while doing it.

1—Distressed denim skirtMy classmate and model for the day, Trevor Boyd, wears a white oversize Oxford shirt, paired with a black leather pouch bag and suede block heels to complement a medium blue denim skirt with various distressed details. We also added gold, royal-looking drop earrings and black wayfarer sunglasses to elevate the look even more.

This is a splendid example of how to use simple pieces to construct a look that is both chic and comfortable at the same time. Less is always more.

2—Low-rise cut-off shorts.

In this next look, Miss Boyd wears a black satin blouse with dramatic sleeves to bring an allure of full glamor into her summer palette. Paired with DIY low-rise, cut-off jeans along with silver metallic Adam Selman Stilettos, this look is the perfect juxtaposition of edgy and glam.

We accentuated these elements with a pair of elegant diamond cluster earrings, a black leather studded choker, and finally, a makeup brush bag to bring it all together.

3—Bell Bottom JeansWe decided to go for an easy luxury for our third and final look. The clothes themselves are rather simple—an olive green knit tank, classic Levi Strauss & Co. Wide-Leg Jeans, and a pair of chambray-colored, single sole block heels.

We elevated the look with subtle accessories that brought everything together—Boyd’s own monogrammed Louis Vuitton Tote, enormous gold hoop earrings, and an assortment of my own cuff bracelets.

Sometimes, if you focus on keeping the garments simple and of quality, the right accessories can carry the look the rest of the way. I hope you have gathered some serious inspiration to doing denim the right way in these warm times.

In what wonderful ways do you wear denim? Let me know in the comments below!

Ruffles are the Versatile Trend You Need to Try This Summer

Summer is finally in full swing, and I’ve got the perfect, versatile trend for all of your rooftop brunches, pool days, and weekend getaways. Ruffles are one of this summer’s hottest trends, but I’ll be the first to admit that incorporating this trend into your wardrobe can be a little intimidating. I’m here to show you how ruffles can be a simple, easy way to vamp up your outfits!

I always assumed that ruffles were way too girly, too voluminous, and too busy for me. However, after trying on this orange ruffled bodysuit from H&M, I fell in love. I realized that ruffles can be flirty, fun, and yet still chic. This bodysuit was the perfect way to ease ruffles into my summer wardrobe because of its simple cut. As for the “too voluminous” problem? I actually found these ruffles to be extremely flattering and slimming. Say hello to the perfect summer style staple!

So how did I style my ruffles to feel both comfortable and trendy? I paired the statement bodysuit with a simple high-waist denim skirt and black espadrilles to tone down the bright color of the top. I accessorized with round Ray-Ban sunglasses, two dainty bracelets, and a silver watch for the perfect casual, but cute, summer look. The best part about this outfit is how easy and comfortable it is while still being super on-trend. The ruffle details of the bodysuit instantly elevate the outfit and make any other statement pieces totally unnecessary.  

Whether you’re dressed down and rocking simple, delicate ruffles or you’re going for a more daring look with bold ruffles, this trend truly can be worn for any and every occasion. Bring on the ruffles!

How do you wear this trend? Show us on social media @CFashionista!

5 Ways to Rock Denim This Summer

Year after year, denim has always remained a wardrobe essential. Although the styles stay changing, there’s plenty of ways to rock a little bit of blue jean in any outfit. Whether it be your favorite pair of jeans, or something a little bit more outgoing like some trendy overalls, here are some of my favorite ways to style denim this summer.


The most common way to wear denim over the summer is most definitely some jean shorts. Try finding a pair of shorts with cool embroidery, or different patterns, to make yourself stand out! Also, I always love to throw on some Birkenstock Sandals with a casual outfit like this one!


When I was a little kid, overalls were always my go-to, and now they are back in style! I love to pair my overalls with a cute button-down and some casual Birkenstock Sandals to maintain the laid-back look!


Another easy way to bring some blue jean to your wardrobe is to buy a denim dress! These are super comfortable and look so stylish without even trying. To spice up any casual dress, try throwing on some nude heels or even a cute floppy hat.

4—Wide-leg pants.

Lately, the wide-leg pant trend has been slowly creeping back into style. A pair of faux-denim pants is such an easy way to bring back the ’90s vibe. Pair these pants with a bright-colored bodysuit for an easy pop of color!

5—Jean skirt.

Jean skirts are such an easy way to make any outfit casual but also extremely cute! My favorite thing about a jean skirt is that you can practically pair it with any top! I like to wear these skirts with a blouse, or a button-down, and a comfortable pair of sandals.

All in all, denim comes in all shapes and sizes, and this summer, it seems to be everywhere you look! Let me know your favorite way to style and rock your denim in the comments below!

If You Wore Black All Winter, This is for You

When you think about summer, you think fun, bright colors, right? Well, some of us, including me, have spent the past fall, winter, and spring wearing black and really don’t see a change happening in the near future. We all know black is considered a “don’t” during these warm months, as it attracts heat and does the opposite of keep you cool. Black is the best color (or anti-color) to wear with almost anything. It can be dressed up, dressed down, and is easier to get away with than wearing white. However, wearing too much of it on a sunny day can leave you with either a nasty sunburn or a nice tan (if we’re staying positive). That being said, here are four ways to make black your new summer color without looking like Wednesday Addams.

1—Make it fun. Who said black can’t be feminine? Mix up your usual dark palette with some girly pieces that still use black as the main color. Try something like these patterned overalls, a lightweight floral dress, or soft shorts. When assembling the outfit around your patterned piece, stick to other solid colors and simple accessories.

2—Wear it with white. When done right, black and white pair together nicely in the summer. Wearing the two together creates a bold statement with little effort. Try a solid lettuce edge or smocked top with some white pants for a comfortable yet trendy post-beach outfit. You can also switch it up with white on top and black o the bottom. Keeping your colors simple allows you to play with accessories more!

3—Dress it up. Luckily, it’s easy to dress up black for any season, including summer. Whether you’re going out to a nice dinner or enjoying a night out with friends, black can still be your color of choice. Try finding a silky black tank top and wear it with shorts of similar material for a sleek and stylish look that still allows you to move with ease.

4—Wear it with denim. Black and denim have always gone hand in hand, as they look very good together. Try either a solid or patterned black top with jeans, cut-offs, or a denim skirt for an effortless look for all occasions. I’m a firm believer that less is more with denim, so keeping the accessories simple is important.

How will you keep cool while wearing black this summer? Show us on social media by tagging @Cfashionista!

Why the Size of Your Jeans Shouldn’t Matter

This past summer, I had to do the difficult task of trying on all my shorts from the previous summer and finding that none of them fit. For any young girl in today’s society, this is a huge blow to an already sensitive self-esteem. For me, it really hit deep because I have always struggled with what I see in the mirror.

All my life I have been an athlete so my legs and arms were always more muscular than most girls. Bigger legs equal bigger sizes. This concept did not really hit me until about the end of sophomore year of high school. Society paints a picture of what the perfect girl looks like everywhere we look. Long legs, thigh gap, no acne, and definitely no imperfections what so ever. I always hated the way my bottom half of my body looked. My legs were bigger than most boys in my high school. I knew my love of sports, especially basketball, but there was nothing I could do about it. I remember going shopping for back to school clothes and convincing my mom that the size 4 and 5 jeans were not too tight and that I could sit down without losing the feeling in my legs.

Flash forward, my freshman year of college has ended, and I am not the same girl I was last fall. I did gain weight. Maybe not the dreaded freshman 15, but my clothes were tighter by the time move out time came around. It boggled my mind looking back because I did not eat pizza or greasy food every single day. I ate a ton of salads and fruit and always had my water bottle filled where ever I went. I even went the gym multiple times a week.  So why do none of my clothes fit? Sadly, I do not think I will ever have the answer to that question.

However, what I do have now is more body confidence than ever. A couple weeks ago, I was on the hunt for new shorts and jeans while with my mom. I was trying a pair of black jeans that I have been looking for forever. And to my demise, they were not the size 5 I was used to. I looked into the mirror and actually enjoyed the way I look. It hit me right there, the size of jeans does not matter. I am 19 years old, my body is still changing. What should matter is what kind of ice cream I am going to get with my friends tomorrow night.

I may never have a thigh gap or a size 2, but size should not matter; the confidence you have in yourself is what matters.

What are you most confident about yourself? Leave a comment below!

Embrace Those Chilly Summer Days in Style

We all know there are days during summer that do not exactly fit into our warm weather style. Depending on where you live, the weather can be 85 degrees one week and change to the mid-50s the next. I’ve found some great styling tips for chilly days that guarantee warmth, while still staying on trend.

I collaborated with Ashley, a Fashionista who really knows just how to pair clothing that will create a casual and comfortable yet trendy outfit for colder summer weather. She explained that it’s all about layering lightweight pieces to achieve the perfect cozy look. She started off her look with a cotton high-low shirt to give dimension and movement to the outfit. The next step is adding some sort of oversize jacket, like the jean jacket worn in this look. This created an edgy vibe while also providing warmth to the outfit.

As for bottoms, this Fashionista is all about being comfortable yet cute, so she decided to wear black leggings to keep her warm. The leggings are simple and work nicely with the flowy shirt and jean jacket. To keep the look focused on the upper body, she wore some black Frye boots to match her black leggings.

Time to accessorize! Accessories are so important when it comes to a more laid-back look. By adding accessories like a patterned scarf and a choker, you can make this look your own and really show off your unique personal style. This Fashionista wore a neutral patterned scarf with funky beads to tie together her top half. As for jewelry, she chose a beaded choker and a simple silver chain.

This look will have you set for planning your style for summer. It is easy to recreate while adding your own touch of accessories and clothing to make it your own. Looks like this one that are easy to add or subtract pieces from are key when it comes to chilly days.

Show us what you rock on those chilly summer days by tagging @CFashionista on Instagram!

The Perfect ’80s Revival Styles

Most of us, I’m sure, have heard from parents or family members about the big ’80s fashions from the big shoulder pads, animal prints on everything and where a denim jacket was a staple in everyone’s closets. It was hard to believe them when they said that’s what was in fashion, but surprisingly enough, these are all making a comeback this year.

Styles that were huge in the ’80s have already slowly been creeping back into our closets in recent months. We have already seen a huge increase in the wearing of denim jackets; styles range from ripped to acid washed and patched. I’m sure we have all, myself included, have made fun of old pictures of our family where there are huge shoulder pads in jackets and giant jean jackets with neon colors flashing all over. We were wondering what was running through their heads when getting dressed. Well, in a short amount of time, we could be taking on our own version of these styles. Fur jackets and fur vests made a comeback this winter, and fun furs that are brightly colored and non-form fitting clothing are around the corner for us. Metallic fabrics and gold lamé will be lighting up your closet, just like they had in the ’80s. A bold neon lip color to accent your mirrored sunglasses will have your face stand out from the crowd. With your metallic and furs, you will be pairing a wide waist-cinching belt to complete your look. Everything is becoming big again from your shoulder pads to your belts all the way back to the big ’80s hair. So get your hairspray ready and your neon lips plumped for this ’80s comeback year.

Along with these few ’80s-inspired styles, there are so many more ideas for reviving that ’80s fashion into the 21st century. To be honest, it will be interesting to see how bulky our shoulders get and how cinched our waists become.

Share your 80’s revived style and show us how you take a modern twist on these old-time fashions by tagging @CFashionsita.