The Trend that’s Back in Style—Patches

Who ever said patches were just for Girl Scout days? You may remember this fun, quirky trend from the ’90s and have probably noticed its latest resurgence in the world of high fashion, including lines by designers such as Gucci and Raf Simons. Patches are the fun loving addition to any outfit that could use more personality. Stylists suggest the best way to style these guys is to not go too over the top, and keep the rest of your outfit on the simple side to avoid clashes. This look is perfect for the outdoor music scenes of summer or as an added touch of spunk to any casual du jour fashion guru’s outfit.

Even though there is an enormous range of clothing with patches already on them in store, it’s additionally appealing to personalize your existing wardrobe yourself. A DIY has never been easier with the availability of iron on patches or even a simple sewing kit to reinvent clothes you had disregarded. (Bonus: you’ll never have to experience an awkward run-in with someone in the same clothes).

Styling Your Patches

Here are some ways I chose to style my patches.

For my first look, I styled this amazing embroidered jacket with a plain white bandeau and a deep red embellished wrap skirt.

Embroidered Denim Jacket Styled

Embroidered Denim Jacket Details

Next, I chose to style a loose white T-Shirt with an embroidered pocket with a laced up black skirt and added a pair of thigh high boots for some serious attitude.

Patch Pocket T-Shirt Styled

Pocket T-Shirt Embroidered Detailing

For another look, I combined these funky denim shorts covered in alternative patches and rips with a plain white T-shirt and a colorful bandana.

AMX Distressed Shorts Styled

Detailing of Distressed Denim Shorts

Lastly, I styled these decorative patched boyfriend jeans with a white bodysuit and some camouflage patterned Vans for a more laid back vibe.

Patched Boyfriend Jeans Styled

Frontal View of Patched Boyfriend Jeans Styled

At the end of the day, no matter how you style them, these embroidered patches will be sure to set you apart from the crowd.

The combinations with this trend are endless and certainly something we can’t wait to play around with even more. Let us know how you will be wearing the patch trend this season. Show us on social media, and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

White Jeans—The Perfect Summer Essential for Everyday

When I look at my summer wardrobe, for the most part, I see bright colors, patterns, and sundresses but sometimes they just take too much time to style. My go-to easiest piece of clothing this summer season has been my white jeans. I decided to style my white jeans four different ways just to prove to all of you Fashionistas that they are a staple piece for the summer.

White Jeans Look One

My first look is a super casual look. I love the all-white look not only for winter but for summer too! I paired this pair of white jeans with a boyfriend fit white T-shirt. I finished off the look with my jean jacket that is always shoved into my tote in case it gets chilly. My favorite part of the outfit is my gray block sandals. These are perfect to dress up the outfit. This outfit is a good day to night outfit, so wear it with sandals throughout the day and when it is time to go out, slip on the heels.

White Jeans Look Two

My second look is something completely different for me. I paired my white jeans with a gray high side slit T-shirt. I cuffed the jeans to lace up my chestnut suede sandals. To finish off the look, I once again pulled out my jean jacket and a simple knotted necklace. This outfit is perfect for an easy work outfit or a quick lunch with friends.

White Jeans Look Three

This next look is what I like to call my retail look. This is an easy work outfit for me. I paired my white jeans with a simple black off-the-shoulder blouse. I finished off the look with my pair of Jack Rogers jelly sandals. This is a quick outfit when you are running late but still need to look like you put yourself together.

White Jeans Look Four

This is my fourth and final look. This out of my four looks is most definitely my favorite. I paired my white jeans with my favorite shirt for the summer. My shirt is the Tess top from the Mimi Miller womenswear summer collection. I paired this outfit with my medallion gray heel and a matching medallion choker. This outfit is great for a nice dinner out or a quick weekend brunch.

How do you guys wear your white jeans? Let me know in the comments below!

How I Let Music Shape My Style

For those of us not going to any music festivals and are scrolling jealously through the feeds of those who are, we can still showcase our love for music. As for myself, I take a lot of my fashion inspiration from what I listen to. I might dress similarly to how my favorite singers dress or how their music makes me feel. If I’m in the mood to listen to Coldplay for instance, I’ll opt to wear something fun and colorful that day. As the genre of whatever I listen to always changes so does the style of clothing I wear.

First off, one of the easiest ways I express my love for both music and fashion is to wear a band T-shirt. I own several T-shirts adorned with my favorite bands and singers. I find them to be both stylish and comfortable. You can easily find them at the mall, thrift stores, or online. (I got this Florence + the Machine top from their official merchandise website).

The best part about T-shirts like these is that I can dress them up or down by how I style them. I opted for some blue high-waisted jeans. I also decided to wear some bright yellow platform sandals with the outfit to give the look some color. It turns my casual attire into something a little bit more dressed up. As for accessories, I am wearing a moon necklace and cat-eye sunglasses

Another way that I get inspired by music is to get outfit ideas from singers I like. Lately, it’s been Dua Lipa. She combines feminine pieces with sportswear. She keeps the hair simple and always wears a choker necklace. Whether I’m at a concert or just hanging out with friends, I still manage to weave music in my fashion choices.

Do you have anything that influences the way you dress? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Style Jeans for Summer

Summer is a time for dresses, shorts, and T-shirts, but some of us don’t like to have our legs out all day, every day. It can be hard to look cute in the humid summer months, and it’s even harder if you’re not a fan of shorts. Believe it or not, jeans are a great wardrobe staple in the summer!

Skinny jeans are on their way out, making way for funkier boyfriend and flare-leg jeans. Boyfriend and straight-leg jeans are perfect for the summer because they don’t cling to your legs and feel sweaty or restricting. Also, a ton of designers and stores sell cropped and ankle-length denim. These are also perfect for summer because your whole leg isn’t covered and you can wear cute lace-up sandals. Lighter washes are a good look for summer too. They are a great backdrop for colorful and patterned tops, and they brighten up outfits and make them look more summery.

It can be hard to find cute tops to wear in the summer months because it’s too hot to wear anything other than a bathing suit. Off-the-shoulder tops are perfect to wear with jeans to look cute and stay cool. Most off-the-shoulder tops are a looser fit, which is great because it doesn’t feel like your clothes are stuck to you. Linen and gauze-like fabrics are great for summer because they are breathable and add some texture to an outfit.

Chunky sandals are the perfect shoe to wear with jeans in the summer. They are really comfortable and easy to walk in, but still cute and trendy. Chunky-heeled sandals are also great because they are casual but can also be dressed up. They look great with jeans and a graphic T-shirt during the day, but you can also style them with jeans and a flashy off-the-shoulder top to go out.

How do you style your jeans in the summer? Let me know in the comments below or on social media, and make sure to tag @CFashionista!

How to Wear Flare Jeans for the Summer

When you think of summer, you think of dresses, bathing suits, and shorts. However, for those chillier nights, I opt for some fun flare jeans. Flares have been around forever, but this summer they are totally making a comeback. Here’s how I style my flares for the perfect summer evening look.

Like I’ve said in my other posts, jeans and a T-shirt is my go-to everyday outfit. For a fun summer night, I switched it up with a pair of flared jeans. These have stars scattered around so it adds some extra detailing to the outfit. I paired the jeans with a classic white off-the-shoulder top. With such a simple-colored look, I took to accessories to add color to my outfit.

First I added sunglasses. The California sun is always out, so my outfit is never complete without a pair of sunglasses. While my sunglasses are still white, the retro frame and textured material make them a standout piece. My favorite part of the outfit is my neck scarf. I found it at a vintage shop, so next time you’re thrifting make sure to check out the scarf section. The yellow and blue make it contrast my outfit and help accentuate my neckline with the off-the-shoulder top. My final accessory is a bag. The red bag pulls the look together, by being the standout pop of color the outfit needed.

When styling your flares, opt for simple tops but go all out on the fun accessories. The top will balance out your fun bottoms, but accessories will add the final touches to your outfit.

Tell us your favorite thrift stores in the comments below. Don’t forget to share your best vintage looks and tag @CFashionista.

How to Wear a Dress Over Jeans Like a Pro

Ever see those girls on Instagram who can effortlessly pull off the dress-over-jeans look? Me too. If you’re like me, you’ve been wanting to try this style but are nervous about how it’s going to look. Luckily for all of us, this trend is easy to pull off with just a few simple tricks.

First thing’s first, you have to pick the perfect pieces to pair together. Simple dress silhouettes work best for this. I chose a wrap dress from the Who What Wear collection at Target, but this look can also work with a button-down dress. Just button the dress down to the waist of your jeans and then let the rest flow. I find that midi and maxi lengths look best for this look.

Choosing the right jeans is also very important. I picked a pair of mom jeans from Topshop since they were fitted, cropped, and high-waisted. The wash is very standard as well. This is important when choosing your pair—pick a neutral wash with no distressing for your first try at this trend. I find that pairing simpler pieces together makes this look easier to pull off if it’s your first time wearing a look like this. If you’re wearing a bright-colored dress, black jeans would also work.

Shoes should be kept simple, too. A strappy pair of heels in a neutral color is perfect if you’re going for a dressier look, but if your dress leans more on the casual side, sneakers are a great—and comfortable—option.

Keeping your hair and makeup looks simple helps keep the focus on the outfit. Go for a little bronzer and a bright lip and you’ll be summer-ready.

If you’re wearing a wrap dress similar to mine, try tucking one side into your jeans. This will show off the jeans underneath. But if the fabric is heavy, you might have to keep retucking throughout the day. You could also leave it down like normal and wait for that perfect gust of wind to pick up the hems and blow them back. The good thing about this trend is that you won’t have to worry about any unexpected Marilyn Monroe moments.

How are you rocking this style? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

Denim Days

Regardless of what your grandparents might think, the holes in your jeans are intentional. No matter what season it is, a pair of jeans will always be a wardrobe staple. Specifically for this summer, ripped jeans are among the top trends. Whether it is going to the mall with your friends or going to a concert at night, this versatile piece is easy to wear.

Ripped jeans can be completely destroyed or just have a few tiny holes along the leg, the choice is completely up to you. For this look, this Fashionista wore a pair of jeans that only have holes in the knees. For the summertime, I think this look is going to be very popular because the knee rips are edgy while also casual enough to wear to hang out with your friends. Since the color of the jeans is a lighter wash, it is perfect to wear when the weather gets warmer! For this casual look, she decided to layer a basic white tank top with a black bralette underneath. Bralettes are still a huge trend we’ll see this summer since they can be added to any outfit as a minimal detail. Since it is summer, a simple two-strap black sandal was added to this outfit. Wearing a sandal opposed to a flip-flop will give your foot more support and look chicer.

To top off this outfit, we decided to add in some layered necklaces. Instead of adding necklaces, you could add in any accessory to complete this outfit depending on the occasion it is worn for. No matter how distressed the pair of jeans you choose is, adding in accessories will always help to complete an outfit and make it look more polished.

How do you wear your ripped jeans? Comment below!

Retro Style Revival from My Mom’s Closet

We all have heard our mothers talk about what they used to wear at our age, and we’ve all heard them tell us that everything comes back into style, so it was no surprise when we started seeing vintage style denim everywhere. Luckily for me, my mom had been cleaning out her closet and offered me a few denim pieces that she no longer wore. I’m not even kidding when I say I heard angels sing when I dug up this pair of jeans.

It was love at first sight with these acid wash Guess jeans. I quickly ran to squeeze in them, thinking of potential outfits as I was zipping the ankle zippers.

I wanted to keep my mom in mind when creating a look so I kept jewelry really simple with my gold hoop necklace because she always wears gold hoop earrings, and I paired it with a single gold strand bracelet that she gave me.

While keeping things simple, I wore black ankle-strap sandals. I knew these would give my look the extra “oomph” I was looking for.

For the top, I’m really loving the ribbed, lettuce edge tops that I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest and Instagram. Then, to add a little more on-trend action, I chose a top that was off-the-shoulder. The way this top sits on the shoulders gives me added vintage vibes that I loved. I totally felt Sandy’s Grease vibes during “You’re the One That I Want.”

Denim is one of those pieces you can style effortlessly and will always be in your closet. I never thought I’d wear acid wash jeans, but these were practically heaven sent.

Show us how you’re wearing vintage denim by tagging @CFashionista on Instagram!

Chilling on a Rooftop in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the perfect place to play with your style, because each part of the city has it’s own unique vibe. In Venice, Vans rule the world with skater-inspired style on every corner. In Beverly Hills, designer is the name of the game. Style Guru Cydney Critchlow is showing off her style in Downtown Los Angeles on the rooftop of The Standard Hotel.

Downtown Los Angeles is full of a mixture of working professionals and trendy millennials, which add a unique vibe to the city. The best place to grab a quick bite to eat, while checking out the city from above, is The Standard Hotel. Seeing a city from an elevated view gives you a whole new prospective.

Cydney’s outfit caught my eye with her slightly distressed look perfect for a hot California day. Her look inspired me to write a few tips on how to dress for chilling on a rooftop in Los Angeles.

Dress Light

It can get very hot on top of a roof with the summer sun beating down on you, so dress light. Whether that means light-colored clothing or a light fabric, dressing light is the perfect way to chill on a rooftop. Cydney’s top from American Eagle is perfect with its lightweight fabric and white color. Additionally, a white blouse or an off-the-shoulder top are other great options.

Wear Your Favorite Sunglasses

Not only are sunglasses super cool, but they are actually very practical for protecting your eyes against the sun. In fact, LA can be very sunny, which is why sunglasses are an absolute stable. I love a classic black pair or blue reflective shades as my sunnies of choice.

Be comfortable

Walking around a city all day can be pretty exhausting and hard on your feet, so wearing heels isn’t practical. Cydney paired her outfit with comfy slip-on sneakers from ALDO, the perfect shoe for city strolling and rooftop chilling. Try pairing your outfit with some comfy white Vans (the company actually got its start in Los Angeles). LA is all about that laid-back California vibe so you will fit right in!

Los Angeles is the perfect place to be this summer! Be prepared for those hot LA days by remembering to dress light, packing your sunnies, and staying comfortable. If you do manage to hit the West Coast this summer and happen to be around the downtown Los Angeles area, head up to the rooftop at The Standard Hotel. Not only is the food incredible, but the views of Los Angeles are amazing, especially when the morning smog burns off. I love LA!

If you are in Los Angeles this summer, be sure to share your posts on Instagram and tag @CFashionista.

The Ultimate Look for Those Simple Summer Nights

Summer is quickly approaching and temperatures are rising. My favorite clothing season is fall and it is hard to wear fall clothes during the summer. Luckily, summer nights are on my side.

When the sun goes down, the temperature cools making it easy to pull out my fall fashion favorites. This nighttime summer outfit is simple, yet a bit edgy as well. At the top, I have a gray Calvin Klein T-shirt that I absolutely love. It is comfortable, high quality, and basic. It is very versatile and I can wear it with many different outfits. Any gray T-shirt would work, though. Over my T-shirt, I have a plain black Nike hoodie just in case I get chilly when I go out.

At the bottom, I have one of my favorite pair of jeans. These light blue denim jeans have a nice stretch to them and the wash is perfect. They aren’t too heavy so they stay cool on my body and are comfortable throughout the night. On my feet are an essential pair of shoes I feel everyone should have. They are the “Sk8 High” Vans in “Black Suede”. I find myself reaching for these shoes day after day and they match with almost any outfit. Any black high-top shoe works, but these are just my favorites.

Last, but not least, the accessories. First, I have a simple camouflage bandana to add a little edginess to the outfit. On my wrist is a rose gold Michael Kors watch. It’s a small detail, but I think it works well with my skin tone and the colors in the outfit. A gold or silver watch would work as well. It just depends on personal preference and skin tone. Lastly, a simple shoestring I’ve used as a belt. This is becoming a huge trend in streetwear and I love it.

This is a great outfit for those cool summer nights. It is simple, versatile, and very customizable to what you already have. These are some of my favorite and essential pieces for going out at night during the summer.

What are some of your summer night essentials? Comment below!