This Fashionista is rocking the trend of boot socks; wearing socks higher than one’s boots has become a fashion phenomenon and has been seen all over the runway this past year. Boot socks create a very bohemian look, which is very relaxed and free-spirited. Boot socks are not only fashionable, but functional as they keep you warm in the colder months. Almost every college girl has their go-to pair of leather boots, so incorporating some high socks into that look is super easy.

While boot socks look fabulous on bare legs, they also look great layered up with leggings, jeans and tights. Boot socks look great when they are worn in neutral colors like black, grey and taupe, but are even better when worn in bright colors with fun designs as demonstrated by our Fashionista in the photo above.

These socks look great with combat boots, rain boots and riding boots, but the tricky part is making sure the length of the sock looks good with the length of your boot. For example, when wearing mid-calf boots, go for knee high socks and when wearing knee-high boots, wear over-the-knee socks.

If you need help finding some good pairs of boot socks, I’ve got a couple suggestions for you! If you have Hunter rain boots, I would definitely recommend purchasing the these Hunter socks that go with the rain boots. They fold right over the boot, and add a lot of pizaz. For regular leather boots, add these Free People Vintage Sweater Tall Socks.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Denim Fresh For Spring

You know that spring is finally here when you’re about to step outside in your parka and realize that you don’t need it anymore. The time has come to shed those incredibly heavy winter layers and opt for the lighter ones. Don’t worry, I know that we cant exactly go for the tank tops and shorts just yet, but on those sunny days, it’s outfits like this Fashionista’s that give us hope for the warmer days ahead.

What I love about this outfit is everything, first of all, but let’s start with the white jeans. White jeans are a staple in Fashionistas’ closets and a great alternative to the endless pairs of blue jeans we are victims to buying. White jeans are a must-have because they go with any color on top and virtually any shoe. This Fashionista chose to go for a nautical vibe by pairing a black and white striped long sleeve top with her pants. The white stripes in the shirt look great with the white jeans, making the outfit cohesive.

She added a layer with my next favorite item: the denim jacket. A denim jacket is another essential piece for your spring wardrobe. Denim jackets are great to layer over dresses, tank tops or long sleeves, and, like the white jeans, a denim jacket also goes with a majority of your wardrobe.

Spice up the look by mixing a patterned scarf with the striped shirt you layer underneath. Although this Fashionista’s outfit has a put together feel, the bohemian pattern keeps it from looking too preppy. Finally, wear a pair of fun colored sneakers with this attire. Because the outfit is filled with classic white, blacks and blues, a bright red shoe is going to stand out. If only this Fashionista had on a pair of aviator sunglasses, then I could have sworn Michael Kors had styled her himself.


Some may say the denim shirt should stay in the past as the classic work attire for cowboys, but it has now been reinvented for modern trends, providing a staple for your wardrobe. Denim shirts are versatile and timeless which makes it perfect to add to this season;s love for floral prints on just about everything.

Now, denim on denim sounds a little intimidating. Let’s be honest, no one feels like they can rock all denim, but I promise you it can and has been done successfully. The important key factor is to make sure the denim has different washes. This Fashionista is rockin’ the all denim look perfectly. Since the denim shirt and the denim pant are two completely different washes it creates an ensemble that is balanced just right. Another way to avoid looking like you are going are a cowgirl is to try different shapes of denim such as crop tops or even various cutouts in the shirt. Check out this denim shirt with unique cutouts from Chicwish.

There are many ways to wear the classic denim shirt.  If you are looking for a more conservative or professional look, throw on a fitted blazer. For a more feminine look, which is my personal favorite, pair it with a floral printed maxi skirt.  Check out this look from Chicwish. Feeling a little edgy? Wear a sleek leather jacket over it. Lastly, if you still want to look fashion-forward, yet comfortable wear some crazy leggings with a long denim shirt and flats.

See, the denim shirt truly is versatile. It is a piece to your wardrobe that will never go out of style and that you can most likely find in one of your parents closets or even at your local consignment shop!


Now that spring is here Fashionista/os all over the world want to bring out their flats and lighter clothing. For some that’s the case, but if you’re currently in the Midwest you can’t store away those boots and winter jackets just yet. Don’t let the calendars fool you, it may say March but it feels like December. Personally, I’m sick of the cold weather and just want to escape to the warmth but I just have to be patient and deal with the cold as it comes and goes. Spring is the start of wardrobes consisting of brighter colors and many pastels. Though it definitely doesn’t seem like spring, it doesn’t mean we can’t wear spring pieces.

This Fashionista pulled together an outfit that showed little spurts of spring. She had a dark pair of classic jeans from Gap paired with a simple off-white shirt from H&M. To keep her warm from the winter-like weather she slipped on a gray knitted H&M cardigan. It may be too soon and painful to bring out the flats and sandals so this adorable Fashionista made the smart and stylish decision to rock her black inexpensive wedged booties from Target. Both pieces of  jewelry gave her an edgy feel to her girly outfit. She added a gold Urban Outfitters statement necklace with an elegant, simple ring from Forever 21. This Fashionista created an edgy, city-chic look that is perfect for those who are stuck in winter mode and in need of some season change in their wardrobe.

Her shirt, jeans and accents of gold jewelry are the three main transitional pieces that are perfect when the weather starts warming up. When spring starts to roll around, adding more color, a lightweight cardigan and flats will help you transition into the correct wardrobe for the season.


Ah, it appears we are nearing the pinnacle moment where the desire to be inside fluorescent light-dungeons (aka, the library) has reached an all-time low. Escape from spring fever is formidable–and when it’s raining outside, I don’t blame you for throwing your attention to fashion out the window. Whenever it rains, I simply make the best attempt to wear clothes that won’t bleed their dye onto my skin or suffer a water-destroyed destiny. This usually entails wearing synthetics and old jeans.

This Fashionisto, however, really made walking in the rain all the more appealing with his consciously utilitarian twist on a rainy-day standby: the parka and boots. Visual interest is peaked with red shoelaces, but his sneaky tact requires a full body glance to crystallize the look. I’ve been all about functional shoes lately in light of the sole-destroying puddles spoiling the Davis grounds–my favorite styles are these rugged Palladiums and a similar contrasting lace style demonstrated by the Fashionisto here.

If you’re feeling uninspired in light of the fickle weather, check out the awe-inspiring collections for fall 2013. I know it isn’t even summer, but cooler seasons entail cooler clothes (and more of them, too!)

Spotted: At Band of Outsiders, frontman Scott Sternberg creates an urban utopia for fall 2013, complete with unique tweaks of a certain vein, and I really, really dig it.


When I was a Style Guru last semester, I found that more than half of the Fashionistas/os I approached happened to be journalism students. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I frequented Weimer Hall, but no matter where I go, this always seems to hold true. Maybe I’m biased, but when I found this week’s Fashionista, I coincidentally found yet another journalism major. What can I say, we’re just a stylish group of people.

This Fashionista wore a European staple, H&M, for a basic black top and a pair of her Mom’s jeans (not to be confused with “Mom Jeans”). But Mom’s closet wasn’t the only place she found thrifted treasures. She found her funky socks from a skate shop back home and she scored her vest for a mere $2 at thrift shop — cue the Macklemore music.

But let’s take a closer look at this vest. It’s simple, it’s a light layer and it’s unique. As the days are just beginning to heat up, the time has come to throw that heavy winter jacket aside, but not quite shorts and a tank top weather yet. A light vest does the trick.

Wool, denim, faux fur, fringe, lace — these are all possibilities of the vests you can find. Bershka’s got a fuller imitation suede and sheepskin vest while Zara has a hooded bomber-style vest. For a more feminine vibe, you can find the aforementioned lace vest at Dotti.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to invest in a vest. Get shopping!


This is an outfit that I love for its practicality and versatility. I own a variation of nearly every item of this ensemble and the few that I don’t, I am actively looking to acquire.

First off, and most importantly, let me state that I am President of the Tight Jeans Club. I believe the tighter, the better. The higher the waist, the better. While everyone may not feel comfortable having material hug their body so closely, I say try it before you decide the style is not for you. As you can see with this Fashionista, when worn correctly, they accentuate and define the natural curves of your legs and hips amazingly. Just make sure the top of your butt is covered please! Dark washes especially are super versatile. You can wear them with booties, like this Fashionista, with a pair of flats, heels or sneakers. And if they are high-waist jeans, like mine usually are, you have the option of tucking in your shirt and belting at the waist or wearing a loose-fitting T-shirt over top, like this Fashionista did.

Secondly, leather jackets are always a good idea. If you throw one over an average outfit, you instantly add a cool factor, and with the right facial expression, you might even look tough!

I’m always talking about the importance of owning a good pair of boots. The quality, style and color are the top three factors I look for when purchasing. I love these black, heeled booties, as they are a perfect blend between tall leather boots and the silhouette created by pumps. And even though there is still a heel, somehow in boot form they seem more comfortable to trek around town in than a pair of typical high heels.

Lastly, gold jewelry is high on my to-get list. I love that depending on the outfit, you pair the accessories to create a super classy, chic look or a more playful, sleazy sort of look.

So, the next time you’re in a rush to get dressed and get out in the morning, like I am every morning, throw on an easy outfit of skinny jeans, booties, a basic T-shirt and a simple gold necklace for a put-together, effortless look.

CollegeFashionista X JOE’S Jeans: Spring Time Fashion

Jeans. They seem like the simplest of fashion concepts; the ultimate staple in literally every single person’s wardrobe. For years, denim meant nothing to me other than a last-minute buy or something that needed to be replaced every so often. My poor selections were limited to the brand and fit of whatever the popular girl was wearing, even when countless yearbook photos and Facebook tags provided strong evidence that fit was not fitting for this girl.

It wasn’t until a while ago when a college roommate introduced to me the idea of investment denim: the art of seriously taking into consideration your body type, complexion and personal style to buy body-specific jeans that last…and actually look good.

But let’s be real. Any phrase we Fashionistas preface with the word “investment” or “timeless” is pretty much a red flag for “I just said that to convince myself to buy these even if they do last me until the end of time.” Translation: we always want something new and modern, it’s just a super perk if it’s enduring.

Enter the denim mecca, the ideal choice for any jean connoisseur and the only option when looking to update your look this season: Joe’s Jeans. For the past decade, Joe’s has made jeans that complement your body and style (not to mention save me incalculable “untag” clicks) and this season, they’ve continued to expand their hugely popular Vintage Reserve 1971 line. From a skinny ankle to a low-waisted baggy fit and everywhere in-between, the line offers a sophisticated and easy way to wear jeans however your heart desires.

If you’re looking for a brighter bottom to pair with the sunshine-to-come, Joe’s Jeans spring styles feature innovative prints and brilliant colors in countless styles. Match it with any of their relaxingly chic ready-to-wear for an effortless look that will last you all spring long.