An Outfit for Beating the Desert Heat

This summer, I was able to take a trip to Las Vegas while also visiting the Grand Canyon and seeing the city for all it has to offer. Unlike Chicago, Las Vegas brought a dry desert heat with temperatures up to over 100 degrees, so luckily I did not have to bother bringing a jacket everywhere I went. While visiting the Las Vegas Strip seemed to be hectic at times, many of the sights there were perfect spots for photo ops. Dodging Chicago’s stormy weather for Vegas’ beautiful sun, I decided to wear some of my favorite summer pieces throughout the week.

I chose to go for light, airy pieces in order to avoid getting extremely hot while walking the Vegas strip or going to a restaurant. On this specific day, I chose to wear a striped button-down comfortable enough to withstand the heat. I was able to cover up a bit while also feeling cool enough to do a great amount of walking. Although the striped button-down fell mid-thigh, I wore a black skirt under it in order to avoid any mishaps or a sudden gust of wind. Along with the button-down and skirt, I paired a pair of white and blue sneakers to match the light blue hues found on the button-down. The shoes were comfortable enough to walk far distances in, and also added a casual touch to my look.

To accessorize, I chose to wear my everyday silver jewelry: a stack of bracelets and a simple diamond necklace. With the Las Vegas strip bustling with people day and night, choosing to go for simple accessories helped me avoid my jewelry getting dropped, lost, or caught onto things or people. This allowed me to worry about one less thing while I continually weaved and walked along side hundreds of people.

The switch from cold, stormy weather to the intense heat in Vegas was a nice change, and I’m glad I was able to wear summer clothing pieces without worrying about whether or not I would get chilly later on in the day. With the anticipation of more summer heat bringing the sun and higher temperatures, I am getting more and more excited to wear and buy new pieces fit for hot, sunny days. Hopefully, though, Chicago’s weather will make a turn for the better, and I won’t have to travel somewhere warm just to bring out my summer clothing.

Even so, I am sure I’ll find a way to work my summer clothes to whatever weather Chicago decides to bring, and hope you find ways to work your favorite summer pieces into whatever weather decides to bring to your area also.

Do you have any staple pieces that you love to wear in the summer heat? If so, comment below, I’d love to know!


How to Dress for a Big Fat Indian Wedding

Que the gorgeous outfits, crazy relatives, sleepless nights, and pop the champagne because it’s time for a wedding! I am going to take you across the world to Jaipur, India and show you how weddings are really done. An Indian wedding is unlike any other typical marriage ceremony. If done traditionally, it is a week-long celebration filled with various functions to commemorate the union of two individuals. With each religious ritual, social event, and after-party comes a new outfit and look. Whether it be a sari (a traditional garment draped on a woman), a lengha (an elaborate long skirt and crop-top style), or even a western dress, the goal of any individual at these weddings is to dress to impress.

This particular outfit can be worn at the sangeet (a pre-wedding party), the wedding ceremony, or the reception. It is a sari, but with a modern twist. For many, the process of putting on a sari can be complicated because the abundance of the garment can make it hard to drape properly. If one can do this art, they are considered very valuable especially around wedding time. This specific sari is ready made, which means it doesn’t involve much drape work. It entails a white blouse, with silver embroidery, a blue skirt and a blue drape with silver rhinestones.

In having this type of sari, the process of getting ready becomes hassle free. Accessories, accessories, accessories—the epitome to any Indian look. This sari is accompanied with a pair of silver heels, blue and sliver authentic bangles, traditional silver jhumka earrings,and a simple bindi (a decorative sticker worn on your forehead). Regarding beauty, one important tip to keep in mind when traveling to India is the intense humidity. To tame our luscious hair for outdoor functions, any product of Frizz Ease is highly recommended.

A wedding in the Indian community, or in any community for that matter, is deemed to be the happiest of times for families to get together and mark the marriage of two individuals. Though we all make a fuss about what to wear at these events and the importance of our wardrobe choices, it’s really not about us; it’s about the bride and groom and the beginning of their new life together. These weddings bring families together, the party animal in every individual, and a sense of bliss to our lives.

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How I Let Music Shape My Style

For those of us not going to any music festivals and are scrolling jealously through the feeds of those who are, we can still showcase our love for music. As for myself, I take a lot of my fashion inspiration from what I listen to. I might dress similarly to how my favorite singers dress or how their music makes me feel. If I’m in the mood to listen to Coldplay for instance, I’ll opt to wear something fun and colorful that day. As the genre of whatever I listen to always changes so does the style of clothing I wear.

First off, one of the easiest ways I express my love for both music and fashion is to wear a band T-shirt. I own several T-shirts adorned with my favorite bands and singers. I find them to be both stylish and comfortable. You can easily find them at the mall, thrift stores, or online. (I got this Florence + the Machine top from their official merchandise website).

The best part about T-shirts like these is that I can dress them up or down by how I style them. I opted for some blue high-waisted jeans. I also decided to wear some bright yellow platform sandals with the outfit to give the look some color. It turns my casual attire into something a little bit more dressed up. As for accessories, I am wearing a moon necklace and cat-eye sunglasses

Another way that I get inspired by music is to get outfit ideas from singers I like. Lately, it’s been Dua Lipa. She combines feminine pieces with sportswear. She keeps the hair simple and always wears a choker necklace. Whether I’m at a concert or just hanging out with friends, I still manage to weave music in my fashion choices.

Do you have anything that influences the way you dress? Let me know in the comments below!

3 Ways to Incorporate a Bustier This Summer

A piece made popular in the 1950s, trendy in the ’80s, and worn by the likes of Madonna in the ’90s, the bustier corset is a trend that has been sneaking its way back to fashion since fashion week last September. From bustier-inspired body-cons to layering oversize shirts with a corset, these items have become a fashion favorite and one of many standout looks this season. It has become a personal favorite of mine and I have been able to manage numerous looks with it.

To give it an urban look, I paired my vintage mom jeans with the adored piece. Since the bustier is very fitting, integrating baggy denim gives it casual edge. Add classic sneakers for a laid-back look or heels for a night out.

For a boho look, a maxi skirt or palazzo pants would add a balance like no other. The bustier can be a little discouraging for girls with larger sets, but if you find the perfect fitting piece creating a balance in which you aren’t exposing too much, you will achieve a look that’s both sexy and sweet. This particular maxi has slits on the side, the light olive green tone complements the shade of rose of the top.

Keep your accessory choices creative. Tassel earrings have been a public favorite for a year now. I chose a bright neon colored set to add some fun to my outfit.

For the last, and most fun of the looks, layer up and play with different tones for a pastel blend. This look is the dressiest from the three. What is a summer 2017 outfit without unique sleeves? Layer a tie-up crop for a cute look. This funky cover up is awesome because of its sleeve formation.

The lilac tones of the skirt and top complement the bustier. The light denim mules are the icing on the cake and complete the outfit, giving it a late ’60s and ’70s vibe.

How do you style your bustier? Let us know on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.

Seeing Stars—How to Incorporate the Star Trend into Your Wardrobe

Stars. They’ve been around for a really long time, but they’re still so fascinating to all of us. In the past few months stars have been making a huge appearance in fashion. Everyone is designing items with stars adorning them from handbags to shoes. It may be due to the success of my new favorite movie La La Land (don’t lie, we know you know every word too) or just a realization by society of how cool stars actually are, but either way, I am fully embracing it.


One of my favorite star-covered items is my star pants I bought from ASOS. These pants are such a great staple for a fun summer night adventure. After the hot summer sun has set and the constellations graze the horizon, you can’t go wrong when you throw on a pair of flowy star pants and a cute top.


I’m an impulsive jewelry buyer and this is especially true when stars are involved (it really is a problem). It’s such a fun way to add a little whimsy to any outfit you wear. You can catch me in my mismatched star and moon earrings almost every day. I feel cool, trendy, and cute whenever I wear them! They complete every outfit perfectly.

I wear this night sky-inspired lace-up shirt all the time. It is so versatile! Put it with a pair of black jeans for a sleek work day look and transition it to a weekend getaway with friends by pairing it with shorts or a denim skirt. This can even be worn into winter with a big furry coat. Who doesn’t love a top you can basically wear no matter what event you are going to?

Festival style has become its very own category of fashion in the past few years and stars have definitely found their way into many of these trends, whether it is wearing star glitter on your face to sporting a star-covered swimsuit with cut-off jean shorts. If you went to a festival this year, you probably wore stars at some point. I wore this star-studded fanny pack (a true festival essential) to incorporate the trend. It was a great way to carry my extra sunscreen and money while not having to take away from my outfit each day.

Whatever the reason, stars are big right now. I don’t try and question it and neither should you. Who doesn’t want to add a little whimsical touch to their wardrobe? Stars have an interesting quality of being very sophisticated, but still playful and fun. They’re the perfect addition to any outfit no matter what you are doing. So, what are you waiting for? Star-t using this trend as soon as possible!

How are you incorporating stars into your wardrobe this summer? Tag @CFashionista on Instagram with you star-adorned outfits.

How to Make Your Outfits Pack a Colorful Punch

In a world where monochromatic style is rampant, daring to wear color can feel risky. Neutrals are everywhere, and it’s almost jarring to see someone in a chartreuse dress or purple pumps. You want to look put together and effortless, and maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve had any color in your wardrobe. Maybe you’re even afraid you’ll look garish or clown-like. Well, not to worry! This Fashionista has the perfect colorful look for you to try. It’s comfortable and chic, and it uses color in a more modern and sophisticated fashion.

First things first: wearing a pop of color is a great way to brighten your look and make you feel more awake and alive. Just because you’re tired doesn’t mean you need to look like it. Her yellow top is fresh and flowy—wearing a color close to your face does wonders to brighten your skin. Just make sure to choose a color that flatters your skin tone. If yellow isn’t your color, maybe try a bright blue or fuchsia! Whatever speaks to you and reflects your personal style is perfect. Her top is great because it has a nice ruffle detail, and the tie at the top adds visual interest without any extra fuss.

Furthermore, her pants continue the theme of spicing up your wardrobe with some color. I know black is trendy right now and speaks to many of our souls (especially after a long night out), but don’t be afraid of color! When used properly, the right shade can truly enhance your appearance and really pull your outfit together. Also, the zipper details on her pants keep this look functional, and it adds a fun detail.

Now, when it comes to your shoes… I know you may think throwing on wedges can be a lot to ask for, but bear with me. I’m not advocating for stilettos on a daily basis (unless that’s your thing, then go for it). Comfortable wedges that aren’t too high can be just as effortless and comfortable as a pair of sandals. I like to find a pair that’s more of a platform than an incline to really make them easy to walk around in.

Finally, top off your outfit with some jewelry. It takes no time or effort to stack on some bracelets and throw on a long necklace, but it really completes your look and makes it look purposeful. Furthermore, a nice watch is always a good idea. For the final touch, simple gold hoop earrings are beautiful. They aren’t too showy, but they’re a nice change from the studs you wear on the daily. With these final finishing touches, you will be on your way to brunch or post-work drinks in style, and all of your friends will be begging to borrow your colorful additions to your wardrobe!

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This Crisscross Design is the Perfect Way to Keep Cool This Summer

July has always been my favorite month. Between beach days, barbecues, and bonfires, it seems as though the entire world is at ease and enjoying each moment. With that being said, there’s one downside to July: the heat. With temperatures soaring, it can be difficult to keep cool, and even more, to keep your outfit cool. During heat waves, it’s hard enough to leave your air-conditioned house let alone pick out a trendy outfit.

This Fashionista does both when she combines simple silhouettes and comfortable pieces with fun, flirty details. If you refuse to give up your jeans while the sun sizzles (we all know that one person), opt for cropped distressed jeans. Those few centimeters of free skin truly make all the difference. Also, as a pro tip, it’s good to remember that light wash denim absorbs less heat than dark wash does. Science does work its way into fashion! If jeans aren’t your cup of iced tea in the summer, don’t forget you can always choose a comfy pair of distressed cut-offs.

As for a top, my Fashionista friend chose a lightweight, flowing tank top with thin straps. Whether it’s a tank top or any other top, an open back and thin material give way for a breeze that you desperately need in rising temperatures. Plus, the lace trim adds a delicate, girly touch. Under the tank, she chose to add a bralette. Bralettes are the perfect alternative to a standard bra in summer months.

The back of this outfit serves as the focal point, with the crisscross design forming an intricate, symmetrical pattern. Once again, not only are the details appealing to the eye, but they help keep this Fashionista cool. Another way to cop this style is to pair an open-back T-shirt with a bralette that offers lace paneling. For the final finishing touches, add a pair of pastel sunglasses to protect your eyes, a pair metallic sandals to add some shine, and a few dainty rings to tie the outfit all together.

What outfits keep you cool in the summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Summer Music Festival Must-Haves

Summer concert season has finally arrived! Every fan is into something different when it comes to a music festival, but for me, it was a country music kind of night. This event is usually the highlight of my summer because what is better than seeing some of your favorite artists play live while enjoying it outside in the sun (hopefully) with your best friends? For occasions like this, it’s nice depending on what the temperature is to style your look with a kimono. I love this layer mostly because it is a super light and loose fitting robe that is easy to pair with any plain T-shirt or tank top.

This look definitely has more of a country vibe to it, so the cowboy boots were a must for this particular look tonight. Comfy but cute is my motto for shoes whenever I am at an event that requires a lot of walking. When I take the risk of wearing heels to something like this, I always regret it after the second hour.

Whenever you think something is missing from your outfit I always think that jewelry is the answer, even a simple gold necklace can do the trick. Some last final touches can also be a couple of gold rings that flow with the necklace, then, of course, some of your favorite bracelets to finally top it off. Oh, and you can’t forget to bring your favorite sunglasses.

If anyone has a music festival coming up, I hope this gave you some ideas for what your next adventure could look like.

What is a must for your summer festival outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

The Hottest New Trend This Summer

At the University of Alabama, it’s been summer for months already, but in the North East, it’s just starting to warm up! The summer mindsets have been sinking in since May, but now it is actually summer. It’s getting warmer every day, but this new jumpsuit trend is keeping everyone in that summer daze.

What goes around, comes around, especially in fashion. Jumpsuits were popular in the ’80s, and now they’re back! I’m currently worshipping whoever brought jumpsuits back in style.

This Fashionista is wearing a simple jumpsuit with slits up the legs. The fabric is lightweight to keep her cool and comfortable on those hot summer days. The top of the jumpsuit is a different pattern and meets the bottom of it at the waist, to give an illusion that they are separate pieces. You may not have a jumpsuit in your wardrobe yet, but everyone can agree how perfect jumpsuits are for this season! The open legs and the ruffled neckline add a feminine touch and more personality to the outfit. This outfit is simple to layer with a cardigan for chillier days or a blazer for a more formal look.

This new trend may be a big step for some of us, but this Fashionista pulls it off with ease, just like any of you can! She dressed up her new suit with long silver earrings, chunky silver bracelets, chic sunglasses, and simple black heels to take over the summer heat. She is wearing her signature necklace that completes all of her look. Jumpsuits are an easy garment to dress up, and you can never be overdressed.

How do you wear your jumpsuit? Let me know in the comments below!

Accessorizing with Metals

Florals, pastels, bold prints, and other colorful options always make their way into spring and summer fashion. While I love a good floral sundress on a hot summer day as much as the next girl, my everyday outfits are much more neutral. Maybe it’s the gray Wisconsin winters that inspire me, or simply a preference for minimal and monochrome (all-black outfits? Guilty!).  Either way, if you’re like me, then opt for a cool alternative to summer frills and flowers: metals.

The metal look is great because it works like any other neutral and can be mixed and paired effortlessly. I paired a basic gray tee and black pants with metal-heavy accessories like my zippered bag and chain choker. The cool metal tone and sheen add a dimension of texture and luster. For added shine, I used a shimmery eyeshadow. These metal accents provide a little glam while remaining true to my neutral palette.

To incorporate some hardware into your wardrobe, look for jewelry sets and statement pieces. By letting your shining accessories be the focus, you don’t have to worry about your neutral outfit feeling flat. Layered chains, dangly earrings, and chunky bracelets are the way to go. Don’t stop at jewelry: Wire rimmed sunglasses, studded jackets, and flashy phone cases are also great ways to keep shining.

There are also tons of metals out there to mix up your look. I recommend getting a variety so you are prepared for any outfit and any mood. Gold is classic and adds luxury to a look. Rose gold is popular and a good choice for a sweet, modern look. Coppers and bronzes are perfect for summer with their warm hues. Silvers, nickel, and stainless steel read as cold and tough and are my personal favorite.

What’s your favorite metal accessory? Show it off on social media and tag @CFashionista.