Cute, Casual, and Chic

Nina Garcia once said, “If my closet were burning, it’d be my collection of jackets I would save—they always make me feel pulled together.” I definitely live by these words; sometimes all we need is a statement or casual jacket to make an outfit feel complete.

We are currently in the season where we expect hot summer weather but that is not always the case for everyone. This time of year, it’s essential for people to bring a jacket with them when out on the town. Most people, like myself, hate having to cover up their outfit with a jacket when it’s chilly outside. Luckily, this Fashionista has found the perfect cover up!

It is no secret that olive green has become very popular over the years and for some it has become a staple color in their wardrobe. It’s easy for people to mix and match different jackets, shirts, and pants, however, having a go-to staple colored jacket would make picking out an outfit undoubtedly easier for many. I love how this olive green jacket complemented the green in this Fashionista’s shirt. This jacket would also be great with a basic black or white shirt to give the outfit a little pop.

The first time this Fashionista tried on this jacket she was obsessed. She was almost wishing the weather would stay chilly just so she could wear it, but it also looks great when tied around the waist. This outfit was paired with white high-waisted shorts and wedges to give it a fancier look, but you could always wear sandals to be a bit more casual. That is what I love about this outfit—it can easily be dressed up or down with accessories, but has the cute and casual look no matter which you choose.

The Fashionista decided to pair gold and dressy jewelry with this outfit. She wore a trendy necklace, a few bracelets, rings, and her Michael Kors watch. Pairing different jewelry with a certain outfit is definitely essential to get the look you wish for. I love the way gold and olive green complement each other. This outfit gives off a big summer vibe with the floral pattern on the shirt and white on the shoes and shorts.

A basic makeup look was chosen to go with this outfit along with a rosy pink lipstick. This is definitely a go-to lipstick color. It complements the pink in the shirt perfectly and gives an amazing daytime shine to any outfit. I think each accessory paired with this outfit makes it look very complete and thought out, and it can easily be thrown together.

This outfit is perfect for any casual yet fun event. I love how dressed up or down this look can be with the help of accessories. This outfit shows how it is definitely possible to look cute, casual and chic.

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The Tassel Trend to Follow This Summer

Every summer introduces us to a new trend that Fashionistas around the world adopt quickly. The summer of 2017 has brought to us the trend of long and flamboyant tassel earrings. Kate Spade’s chief creative officer, Deborah Lloyd, claims that “tassels are the new bows.” Women around the world are already putting this bold statement into action. From the runways to the red carpet, celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen and Deepika Padukone are being photographed sporting the eye-catching and shoulder-kissing earrings at different events.

This summer’s must-have accessory, tassel earrings, are shoulder-length danglers which add both a pop of color and personality to your entire outfit. Made out of knotted threads or beads, these earrings range in different lengths and shades. The earrings attract eyes of appreciation from all around, which is why I decided to give them a try as well. As photographed in the picture below, these Cordelia Tassel Hoop Earrings ($20) from Urban Outfitters were a massive hit.

The hoops gave an extra bling to my aesthetic. The bright yellow tassels jazzed up my otherwise plain outfit, and the lightweight tassels are fairly easy to carry without irritating your ears. From my friends to random passersby, these earrings were acknowledged and appreciated by many.

If you’re looking for similar, but cheaper, Forever 21 is currently offering tassel earrings in all different lengths and colors as well. Topshop and Bloomingdale’s, on the other hand, offer various high-end options. I know I definitely will add more pairs of this attention-grabbing eye candy to my collection in order to spice up my wardrobe.

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Why Accessories Seal the Deal

Accessories are like the cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae. The sundae is fine without the cherry, but after adding that little detail, it cannot get any better. Accessories are more than just an object, they are a lifestyle. Opening your eyes to the world of accessories will spark a whole new outlook in showing your inner Fashionista. Accessories are a must, they add spice and dimension to an outfit in a way that nothing else can. This Fashionista has the world of accessories wrapped around her finger.

Anyone can stare at a person’s outfit, but what really catches the eye is the statement of a well put-together look. Accessories prove that you took the time to perfect your outfit and you take pride in what you are wearing. Her statement pieces flow together perfectly to give us this flawless summer look.

There is nothing more simple than a monogram necklace. For ages, Fashionistas have rocked their monogram on almost any item you could think of. For me, a necklace is all you need. Monogram chain necklaces can be worn with almost anything because it adds a touch of elegance that every preppy Fashionista needs! Kendra Scott earrings were the perfect pair for the timeless look that she is going for. The gold rim of the earrings flows with the necklace and allows for a pop of color to be added. The cream coloring of the earrings offsets the white in her shirt and pants but ties nicely with the shoe choice.

To complete the look on top, this Fashionista added an accessory that knocked it out of the park. My favorite part of this look is the bold sunglasses. These full-mirrored sunglasses add the perfect amount of drama to the otherwise classy look. This Fashionista is showing us just how attitude can change the look!

Now that we have the accessories up top covered, we can head down! This Fashionista paired her simple jewelry and her bold sunglasses with a stack of Alex and Ani bangles. The subtle mix of gold and silver allow for a broadened color palette for the rest of the outfit. Knowing when enough is enough is important when accessorizing. Sometimes, bracelets can be overdone and can actually draw too much attention away from the overall aesthetic of the outfit. Take notes from this Fashionista—she has it perfected! Lastly, she added a gold and brown watch along with a delicate light blue ring. 

To finish it up we have shoes! Who would have thought that a simple bow detailing could tie everything together so perfectly? This Fashionista definitely has it all together.

It all started with white jeans and an oversized off-the-shoulder top. This Fashionista has transformed this basic look into something worth talking about—all thanks to the finishing touch.

In what ways do you turn an under-rated outfit into a show-stopper? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Style the Hottest Dress of the Summer

Summer is officially back, which means it’s time to break out the maxi dresses. The maxi dress has been a summer staple for the past few years, and it’s definitely here to stay. You can rock a maxi dress just about anywhere you go! You can use it as a swimsuit cover-up with a floppy hat at the beach, pair it with a blazer and heels for an interview, or dress it up with a statement necklace and wedges for your best friend’s wedding. From a chic, white clutch for brunch with the girls to a leather jacket and platform heels for a night out at the club, the possibilities are endless. Versatility, comfort, and chicness are what make the maxi summer’s favorite dress.

Here’s how I styled a maxi dress for an effortless day of shopping with friends!

1—AccessoriesDon’t ever be afraid to accessorize! Whether it’s a hat, sunglasses, or jewelry, accessories can turn a simple outfit into a stylish one. I chose to pair my black maxi dress with a standout spiky diamond and gold necklace to add some edge. I wanted the necklace to match the bracelets, so I wore two Michael Kors bracelets and one from Alex and Ani. All the jewelry had a gold and white color scheme with diamonds. I personally love black and gold, so I always try to pair the two together.

2—PursesPurses are another great way to spice up a maxi dress while having a place to carry all your small belongings. A fancy clutch can turn a maxi dress into a beautiful evening dress, and a big, colorful handbag can add some boldness to an otherwise neutral outfit. I chose a medium sized handbag with all neutral colors: brown, white, and black. The black and white on the bag matched well with my maxi dress, and the size of the bag allowed me to fill it with all my belongings, while not being overly bulky. There was even a strap which allowed me to place it over my shoulder.

3—SandalsStrappy sandals are a hot trend this summer. I decided to wear dark brown, short, strappy wedged sandals. The dark brown meshed well with the light brown on my handbag, and the gold dots on my sandals matched my gold jewelry. I opted for wedges since they’re easier to walk in, and I was on my feet for most of the day.

4—Denim JacketDenim is one of my favorite trends for every season because there are so many ways to wear it. I chose a dark wash denim jacket that matched well with the black maxi dress. I went shopping well into the evening, so the light denim jacket was a great way to provide some warmth during the summer evening.

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Coffee and Color Play

Hi, everyone! My name is Hannah and I am from Boston, Massachusetts. I just finished my first year at Southern New Hampshire University where I study fashion merchandising—it’s truly the best of both worlds that I get to make my passion a career one day. Fashion has been a love of mine from a young age.

Even in middle school I never wore the same outfit twice, and planned my outfits for school weeks ahead of time. I know it sounds crazy, but mixing different pieces together has always been so fun for me! I’m a firm believer that you don’t need a lot of clothes to create some great, unique looks (but shopping definitely doesn’t hurt)!

I created my own fashion blog during my junior year of high school, and, ever since, blogging has been one of my favorite things to do. Other than blogging, my hobbies include shopping and all things fitness.

I’m not afraid of wearing bright colors, as you can see from my photos.

I paired an off-the-shoulder dress from Anthropologie with my favorite blue Tory Burch sandals (…which I own in three colors, oops!). I complemented the look with some fun Baublebar earrings and my staple Tory Burch cross body bag. Also, during the summer, you’ll never catch me without a cool pair of aviator sunglasses—my pictured look is perfect for a summer day in Boston.

How do you incorporate color into your summer wardrobe? Tell me in the comments or show me on social media, and be sure to tag @CFashionista!

Jamie’s Jewels

What started as a passion for jewelry at age eight, turned into a successful business that has provided individuals from all over the east coast with beaded fashions. Jamie’s Jewels is a hand-crafted business started by Jamie Johnson of Shelburne, Vermont.

This Fashionista values her custom work, and had to learn how to evolve with ever-changing trends. Though her styles have changed over the years, from beaded bracelets to necklaces and earrings, her wrap bracelets have stuck around the longest, finding her the most success.

Her business started at a local craft fair in Vermont, where she sold her first pieces twelve years ago. A milestone for her was when she made her first bracelet as a gift for one of her teachers in elementary school. This continued into present day, where Jamie has now completed hundreds of custom orders.


These bracelets are made with various materials including leather, pearls, a variety of gem stones, crystals, sterling silver, 14k gold, and more.

Her jewelry is perfect for a day-to-night look. Whether you want to pair a pearl-infused bracelet with a black dress for a night out with the girls, or a fun turquoise stone with a white summer dress that’s perfect for a evening of boating.

Styles are available for men, women, and children in in either single-, double-, or triple-wrapped styles!

Jamie’s Jewels are sold through wholesale, online at, available on Etsy, and also sold in trunk shows that benefit local charities.

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Unpack These Pieces ASAP: 3 Trends to Kick Off Your Summer

Finals—check! Sunshine—check! Wardrobe—check? As we welcome the freedom of summer, it’s time for some closet updates. If you’re like me, one of the first things you do when you get home from school is “summer cleaning.” This is the painstaking process of sorting through packed clothes, rearranging closets for those new purchases, and donating any outfits untouched since high school (don’t deny it…we all have them). The only question that remains: which clothes do you keep?

Whether you plan to attend your favorite artist’s concert, embark on a road trip with friends, or just soak up some vitamin D, be on the lookout for these three pieces that are on the rise. They’ll make your reorganizing a whole lot easier!

1. Stripes: This print has hit the ground running in s/s 2017 runways. To avoid the illusion of an elongated or widened frame, stick to basic pinstripes or lines of varied width. Vertical stripes are often the most flattering (unless it’s a dress, then you can mix it up) and cutouts can help to break up the lines. If you really want to be bold, go for vibrantly colored stripes that will be sure to make a statement.

This dress’s halter style adds shape to the top, and the pleats combat the stripes to accentuate the waist.

2. Leather: Leather on a hot summer’s day? Yes! From biker jackets to rock band pants, leather pieces are classic and are essential to complete your summer look. You can dress both black and brown leather either up or down depending on your preferred style and the event. For an edgier look, pair high-waisted black leather shorts with a white T-shirt, laced-up sandals and a daring necklace. For a softer impression, brown leather is the way to go: pair a brown leather jacket with a tank top, black skirt and white Converse.

Here, the high-waisted brown skirt is classy, but the shirt and sandals keep the outfit casual for a day in town.

3. Off-the-Shoulder: Pull this blouse out of your boxes and put it back on the hanger…this look is back (did it ever leave?). The shirt is a versatile go-to, from a walk on the beach with jean shorts to GNO with cropped black skinny jeans and heels. The style strikes a balance between flirty and chic, plus it’ll keep you cooler in hot weather!

The shirt’s deep red color and choker necklace create a playful outfit, perfect for a sunny occasion.

What trends do you think are up-and-coming this summer? Let me know in the comments below.

Lavender Locks, Beads and Bedazzle

The cold weather is here and so are exams, but nothing makes you feel better than a massive refresh to your look! We all have those bold cosmetic choices that we’ve secretly wanted to make, but never had the guts. Never fear ladies and gents because this month’s Fashionista is going to show you how to own those fierce looks.

Coloured hair seems to be a major trend right now, particularly adding a little dash of purple or lavender to your do’! We’ve seen this trend popping in the magazine spreads and the Instagram feeds of our most beloved celebrities and fashion icons such as Kylie Jenner, Zayn Malik and Ariana Grande. After watching Ariana’s Focus video about a thousand times, I think it’s safe to say our Fashionista/o dreams are full of mermaid lavender locks. The trouble is bleaching and dying your hair to such an extreme colour can not only be expensive but it’s harmful to your hair! If you are a dark haired dame like myself, achieving a colour as light as this turns our mermaid lavender dreams into algae green nightmares. Our Fashionista this month shows us how to embrace our dark roots, and incorporate the purple into our natural look, reminiscent of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse video.  By adding a darker purple to just the tips or bottom half of your hair, you can create a sleek, whimsical ombre that will give Ariana a run for her money.

If you’re feeling extra fierce this month, take a lesson from this Fashionista and get yourself that piercing you have always wanted. The perfect time to experiment with looks is when you are young and there is no time like the present! So grab your best hand holding pal and bedazzle yourself, a piercing can add a whole new dimension to your look. Alternatively, if you’re feeling a little squeamish head out to an accessories shop and grab yourself a falsie. For my Toronto readers check out my favourite costume jewelry stop Bling Bling on Queen, if you aren’t from the area, you can pick up great false septum and nose rings at Claire’s.

How I Mastered Summer Street Style

It’s finally here: the long sunny days filled with laying by the pool and exploring hole-in-the-wall cafes and shops around downtown. Summer is the season to be carefree and easy-going. What better way to express yourself this summer other than through your personal style and clothing choice? In this article, I will explain how I mastered the style of casual street wear and how to help you master it, too.

As much as I do miss school while being home, there’s always that sense of relief of having a break away from school work and obligations. I finally get to stop and take a deep breath—of hot, humid air, that is. Summer in Ohio is very nice as long as it is not humid, and the number of days that aren’t humid I can count on my two hands. This is why people tend to gravitate to a pool or nearby lake to spend their day. As night rolls around it does get a tad bit chilly so I do recommend always having something to cover your shoulders after 7 p.m. You need an outfit that will last you all day no matter what little adventure you decide to go on.

This Fashionista has the right idea from head to toe. On the bottom she is wearing a simple pair of jean shorts with black Birkenstocks, perfect and comfy for a casual day. On top she is wearing a solid-colored top with a bright colorful kimono. The kimono is easy to throw on and breezy enough to wear on a hot day. This is a must-have for me; my closet is filled with light pullovers, cardigans, and kimonos. She accessorized with layers of necklaces and multiple rings giving her style a boho look. Jewelry is always a quick add that can make your outfit go from drab to fashionable. Lastly, it is always good to have your hair out of your face on hot, humid days. I always pull half of my hair back just to keep it away from sticking to my face.

Hopefully I have given you a head start to master your own summer season street style.

If you have already mastered your summer street style, show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

3 Ways To Revive Your Boring Closet Without Spending A Dime

Us ladies are guilty of saying, “Ugh! I literally have nothing to wear!” way too often, when realistically we have plenty of clothes in our closets. Some of us tend to believe that if our closets aren’t stocked with the latest trends our wardrobe is sad and boring—the struggle of a broke college Fashionista. Luckily, there are measures that can be taken to revive those old blue jeans, that plain white tee, and that sad button-up blouse all while spending not one penny.

Option 1
Layer-up. Nope, layering isn’t just for winter and fall—there are several ways to creatively layer your summer pieces without melting throughout your day. For example, I find both my striped halter tank and my pink peplum tank to be tiresome—I’ve worn both so many times! However, when I pair the two together, an entirely fresh look comes about. Try a bolder look by pairing contrasting patterns and textures.

Option 2
Accessorize. This may seem a bit obvious, but I’m not talking about an everyday watch or diamond studs. If all you have are basic tees and camisoles, you’d be surprised what a silk scarf or a statement necklace can do—don’t be afraid to go the extra mile when accessorizing around your basic pieces! Here, I paired chandelier earrings and a colorful headscarf to dress up my cami.

Option 3
 Alter. Changing up the initial look of an old piece of clothing is basically arts and crafts for Fashionistas. Try cutting those early-2000s flared jeans into cropped, frilled goodness (as shown below). Or, undo the top half of your old button-up blouse, fold the excess fabric on top, and BAM: you got yourself an off-the-shoulder top.

Trust me, it’s a skill to be able liven up your closet without spending a dime. As students, employees, and interns, it is our duty to be practical and efficient…although, a little post-finals shopping spree never hurt nobody—we definitely deserve it!

What are some of your methods on freshening up your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below.