Statement Earrings—The Perfect Selfie Accessory

We all remember the insane choker hype of last summer; it was almost impossible to avoid giving into the wildly popular trend. Personally, I owned every variation of a choker one could have, oversize fabric chokers, dainty chains, and everything in between. We’ve reached summer ’17 and the choker has been exhausted. We need a new jewelry trend. In place of neck candy, statement earrings are the latest must-have accessory.

I love this trend because it is reminiscent of 1960s glamour and elegance. A great pair of dramatic earrings is the perfect addition to a boring jeans and a white T-shirt look. The most important rule when wearing statement earrings is the bigger the better. Go for huge embellished earrings that become the center of your look, trust me it will make getting ready in the morning so much easier. A great way to experiment with earrings is to contrast the colors in your outfit. In the photo above, the whimsical outfit juxtaposes the black and white with a loud yellow print. Normally, wearing black and yellow together gives off a striking resemblance to a bumble bee, but in this look, the black-and-white earrings present a seemingly effortless retro vibe.

The beauty of statement earrings is the effortlessness they yield. Adding a pair of incredible earrings is such a simple act, yet it completely transforms a look. Whenever I feel as though my outfit is lacking a statement element, I throw on a great pair of earrings and instantly feel chic and put together. Ultimately, statement earrings are here this summer to remind us we love fashion.

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How to Layer for Summer

Outside the window, the sky is blue and filled with pale, heavy clouds. The sun warms the glass, the leafy tendrils of trees float lazily in the breeze. Fast forward two hours later, and the scene outside the window has changed dramatically. Rain spatters the window, creating a steady thrum. The wind whips the trees’ branches around, the portrait of contentment ruined by a surprise soaking from above. The temperature has dropped ten degrees, the wind making it feel even colder.

This is known as a typical day in the Midwest—sun, rain and sometimes even snow. Dressing for the midwestern weather is a learning experience, and it takes some time to master. It’s best to layer like there’s no tomorrow. You can never go wrong with being prepared.

Some good pieces to layer with in the summer are flannels, button-down shirts, cardigans and light jackets. My favorite piece I use for layering is a denim jacket. It goes with everything, and denim is timeless. It’s also a great way to add a light but durable layer in warmer months.

I paired my denim jacket with black shorts and a black and white striped tank top. Throw on a pair of neutral block heels or sandals, and it makes for an outfit that you can wear anywhere. The accessories I added were delicate, layered gold necklaces and silver rings.

Another way to layer in the summer is to throw on a flannel. Flannels go with basically anything and can change any outfit up.

So next time you step outside and feel that unexpected chill, don’t panic, grab that trusty denim jacket or flannel and continue on your way.

What are your favorite pieces for layering? Let us know in the comments below. 

The Ultimate Guide to Music Festival Essentials

When it comes to going to a festival, it’s not as simple as just showing up. Although, that is the most important part. There are a few essentials you definitely need and will want to have when getting yourself ready for the party.

I recommend bringing a small backpack, instead of a purse! For starters, pack your pass. By putting it in your bag prior to the event, there is no way you will forget it! You also want to be sure to pack a few snacks. Some festivals are stricter than others, so be sure to look up the rules before you go in. But, if you’re allowed, I definitely recommend bringing some granola bars or fruit snacks.

Another thing I recommend is bringing a water bottle! I love my S’well bottle; it is sure to keep your drink nice and cold. There are likely free water refill stations around the festival, so this is perfect to have! You also want to be sure to bring some Advil or Tylenol. Throughout the day, it can definitely get a little tiring and hectic, so having this just incase you aren’t feeling too well is super helpful! Be sure to check the rules at your festival! Some only allow unopened bottles of pills, so I recommend going for that anyways!

When it comes to planning your outfit for the day, check the weather! You want to know if it is going to rain or not, as festivals tend to get very messy and muddy when it rains. Once you know the weather, just plan your outfit around it. I decided to take some denim shorts I up-cycled from a thrift store and pair them with a Victoria’s Secret bralette. I then decided to wear a floor length kimono. For festivals, I always love to add lots of accessories, so I decided to add a belt and bandana. I then topped the outfit off with my gold choker and hoop earrings. Of course, I couldn’t forget my sunglasses either! When dressing for a festival, remember to have fun and be playful!

The last thing you can’t forget is your phone and a camera! You want to be sure you can capture every moment and save all of your amazing memories! So, be sure to pack all of your essentials this festival season!

If you go to a festival this summer, make sure you have fun and share all of your memories on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista; I would love to see all of your perfect festival moments!

Boho Beautiful

As the weather rapidly changes, choosing an outfit becomes a process of finding the overlap of practical meets flattering. Gorgeous ensembles with useful qualities like these have been taking over the runways lately, and are beginning to pop up on the street as well. This Fashionista pictured fully achieved that combination with her feminine, summery outfit.

Her white lace top added a hint of romanticism and bohemian aesthete with its front panel and bell sleeves. It’s all-around lace detail and flowing material gives it an edge over more solid tops, making it both breathable and beautiful. Her blue skinny jeans complement the top with their tighter fit, making it more noticeable than if they had a looser structure, and create a nice color palette for her accessories.

The jewelry this Fashionista chose is bold but simple and add to the outfit’s bohemian effect. Her collar necklace adds a pop of color with it’s turquoise and orange stones. It’s gold base perfectly matches the beaded double-layered necklace she chose, as well as her earrings, which are reminiscent of wildflowers with their fanning spikes. These all correspond with the gold detailing on her cross body bag, which has a half-moon shape that adds a softer element to her outfit and a pale blue tone that complements her jeans and shoes.

These black open-toed ankle boots are perfect for this outfit and the summer season. Their wooden heel and tassel-ended ties enhance this outfit’s indie, boho quality and add unique details to this look. The open-toe aspect makes them breathable, so her feet aren’t restricted, and the thicker heel makes them easier to walk and pose in than shoes with a thinner heel. The plain material provides a clean base to draw attention to these details and serves as a foundation for the look. Overall the black, blue, and white color combination serves as a natural gradient and, with the right accessories, can be the perfect inspiration for your next summer outfit.

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Have a Hippy Summer

Almost every girl has gone through the hipster phase or will hit the hipster phase in her life. This Fashionista loves dressing like a hipster. The hipster look can be for any time of the year—winter, spring, fall, but this Fashionista is going to focus on summer. A gray dress with maroon booties and a beanie hat are bound to get the attention of people passing you by. Especially if they are a Texas A&M University student, those maroon booties will get you some great compliments. Here is a sure fire way to a hippy summer!

Since the sun is high in the sky and blaring its heat waves, a simple gray dress is the best way to go. Make sure to put on some deodorant, though, so no pit stains appear! Instead of throwing on a T-shirt and Nike shorts, just throw on one piece of clothing. Let your hippy summer begin!

Dig around in your closet and find that gray dress you stowed away or remove the tag from it since you couldn’t find a cute way to style the dress. Have no fear—this Fashionista is here. The gray dress hugs all the right places and is not too hot for a trip to the zoo or a picnic. The hipster look is more natural and not so vibrant, which is perfect for this cute and hipster look. The maroon beanie is also a nice way of saying, “I’m a hipster for the day.”

You can even notice that this Fashionista made her style a bit hipster chic with the touch of the five bracelets, varying from solid black to diamond. The black to diamond bracelets pull the outfit together, while the maroon beanie and maroon booties add a pop of color to this style. Now the style is complete and this Fashionista is ready to strut her stuff.

How do you feel about this hippy summer trend? Let me know in the comments below!

3 Ways to Stand out in White Jeans

We all have that one friend that reminds us never to wear white after Labor Day. Luckily, white jean season is among us! Every summer I invest in about two to three pairs of white jeans. A great pair of white jeans is essential to my wardrobe because year after year, the trend never seems to go out of style. White jeans can be dressed up for a Sunday brunch or dressed down for a day at the ballpark. However, I have figured out how every Fashionista can stand out in a pair of white jeans from her closet.

1—Denim topDenim tops are most certainly in style this year and are especially popular for summer holiday parties. They can also be worn to a casual event with leggings or dressed up for a fancy night out on the town. Denim tops come in all different styles and look amazing on every body shape! A denim button-down pairs great with white jeans. Any shade of denim will complement white jeans perfectly.

2—Glam shoes. This summer I ditched all of my basic tan sandals and decided to try something new. When I first laid eyes on this pair of white espadrilles it was most definitely love at first sight. I love how simple they are, yet the gold heel and fiber sole give me the chance to stand out. Espadrilles have become my go-to shoes this summer because they are stylish and comfortable. Any pair of shoes with gold embellishments or a unique sole will give you a great look with your white jeans!

3—Jewelry. My love for bracelet stacks has grown tremendously when I realized how much they can transform an outfit. Beaded bracelet stacks are versatile because you can throw them on with your swimsuit at the beach or pair them with your favorite watch. My second favorite jewelry trend this summer is bar necklaces. Bar necklaces are perfect for Fashionistas like me who enjoy simple jewelry but also want to make a statement. My gold bar necklace is embroidered with my Greek letters and has become my go-to necklace this summer. The jewelry I styled with this look is simple yet gives more life to my favorite pair of white jeans.

How do you stand out in your favorite pair of white jeans? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

One Outfit, 4 Summer Trends

With every summer, comes new trends for the eager fashion lover to take a swing at. This summer brings layered jewelry, block-heeled sandals, unconventional denim, and more. In this one look, I combined four of my favorite summer trends. Take on one new trend at a time or tackle them all at once—your choice! Here are a few of my favorite trends for this summer.

1—Layered Jewelry

This summer, there is no such thing as too much jewelry. Stack on your chokers, long necklaces, and every length in between. Pile on the rings and bracelets, too! Gone are the days of a single necklace around your neck. Mix and match as you please to turn your simple blouse and shorts look into an epic and put-together look.

2—Bold Mirrored Sunglasses

Sunglasses are always fun to play around with in the summer. This year, trade in your broad-framed, neutral ones for a colorful mirrored pair of shades. They add a bit of a music festival vibe to a look, and they are a fun way to play with color. The mirrored effect adds a unique cool-girl vibe to any of your summer looks. You can take photos with really cool reflections, too!

3—Unconventional Denim

What do I mean by this? I am referring to denim dresses, rompers, soft shorts, and the many other pieces denim can be sewn into. Tight denim shorts are for the past. Instead, take on the girl-next-door look with a structured denim dress or romper. These unconventional denim pieces can make any look unique, but still all-American.

4—Block-Heeled Sandals

Need a lift but don’t want to deal with the pain of walking in heels? Pick up a pair of sandals with just a little heel. Pair them with shorts and a blouse or your favorite summer dress. Either way, they are a super comfy way to rock heels this summer.

What are your favorite summer trends? Take a photo and tag @CFashionista on Twitter or Instagram!

5 Must-Have Accessories That Don’t Have an Expiration Date

When it comes to fashion, styles are constantly changing. It can be hard to know what to pair with your outfits to make them trendy and complete. Whether you are going to brunch in a nice dress, or running errands in a t-shirt and jeans, here are 5 must-have accessories that will fit your everyday wardrobe and not go out of style!

1—Versatile Earrings. Everyone has a go-to pair of earrings. These are a must have! Whether they are simple studs, or larger colorful ones, simple earrings make it easy to effortlessly dress up and tie together an outfit!

2—Trendy Necklaces. Different styles of necklaces can come and go, but having a currently hot one on hand is always a life saver! Chokers and chains—don’t be afraid to layer them!

3—Metallic Rings. Don’t have your nails done? No problem! Throw on a couple of rings to dress up your hands. Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals—silver and gold go hand in hand.

4—Classic Handbag. Everyone loves a good, classic purse. Opt for a neutral color that looks nice against patterns, bright colors and other neutrals!

5—Statement Sunglasses. If you have cool glasses, you’re ready to take on anything. With so many different styles, metals, and colors to choose from, you’re destined to find the perfect statement pair.

With these five accessories, you’ll be set for whatever your day entails! They’ll always be in style, no matter how long you have them for.

What are your favorite go-to accessories? Let us know in the comments below! 

Lavender Locks, Beads and Bedazzle

The cold weather is here and so are exams, but nothing makes you feel better than a massive refresh to your look! We all have those bold cosmetic choices that we’ve secretly wanted to make, but never had the guts. Never fear ladies and gents because this month’s Fashionista is going to show you how to own those fierce looks.

Coloured hair seems to be a major trend right now, particularly adding a little dash of purple or lavender to your do’! We’ve seen this trend popping in the magazine spreads and the Instagram feeds of our most beloved celebrities and fashion icons such as Kylie Jenner, Zayn Malik and Ariana Grande. After watching Ariana’s Focus video about a thousand times, I think it’s safe to say our Fashionista/o dreams are full of mermaid lavender locks. The trouble is bleaching and dying your hair to such an extreme colour can not only be expensive but it’s harmful to your hair! If you are a dark haired dame like myself, achieving a colour as light as this turns our mermaid lavender dreams into algae green nightmares. Our Fashionista this month shows us how to embrace our dark roots, and incorporate the purple into our natural look, reminiscent of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse video.  By adding a darker purple to just the tips or bottom half of your hair, you can create a sleek, whimsical ombre that will give Ariana a run for her money.

If you’re feeling extra fierce this month, take a lesson from this Fashionista and get yourself that piercing you have always wanted. The perfect time to experiment with looks is when you are young and there is no time like the present! So grab your best hand holding pal and bedazzle yourself, a piercing can add a whole new dimension to your look. Alternatively, if you’re feeling a little squeamish head out to an accessories shop and grab yourself a falsie. For my Toronto readers check out my favourite costume jewelry stop Bling Bling on Queen, if you aren’t from the area, you can pick up great false septum and nose rings at Claire’s.

Denim All Day

Summer is finally here! Break out the swimsuits and flip-flops! It’s going to be a short three months filled with beach trips, concerts, and theme parks. College students everywhere finally get to take a breath of fresh air and relax as the overbearing stress of finals has passed. Fashionistas are now looking forward to the months of heat ahead where they can bring out their bold style.

This Fashionista in particular chose the all-denim look for her first official summer outing free from all school responsibilities. A complete denim outfit like this one is perfect for a night out in the city or attending a concert. Denim skirts and graphic T-shirts are the latest trend-setting pieces that will definitely transition to the summer months. These checkered flat shoes are ideal for doing a lot of walking across town and can be switched out for black booties or a simple pair of sandals to dress up or dress down the outfit. A light bomber or denim jacket is an easy solution for those unexpected chilly nights. An outfit is not complete without the addition of some statement accessories. For this particular urban-themed ensemble, this Fashionista chose thin, silver hoops to compliment the tied-up T-shirt.

At this point in the year, every Fashionista most likely owns at least one graphic shirt and a pair of denim bottoms. This look is easily achievable and inexpensive for anyone in need of a casual go-to look. The best thing about this urban look is that its only takes three essential pieces that come together to make the get-up stand out in a crowd. Simplicity is most important, but using the same pieces in different ways is key when utilizing your entire wardrobe. So show the world what you have hiding up your sleeve, Fashionista/os, and enjoy the summer!