5 Habits of the Mindful Millennial

As millennials, we tend to get so caught up in the hustle of working toward our goals. Because of this, we don’t often remember to pause, to be mindful of our surroundings, and to enjoy where we are in that moment. As much as I respect the hustle, I think taking a step back from the chaos and taking some time for mental health is just as important.

Mindfulness is a practice on the rise. The concept is simple: to be mindful is to be fully present and in the moment. The mindful person is aware of the present and actively engaged in what’s happening. Practicing mindfulness can help you become more focused in the classroom or at work. So here are a few habits that you can use to stay mindful.

1—Take a hike. No, seriously, do it. Get up and get moving! There’s something about the fresh air, sunshine, and exercise that boost your mood no matter what. In my opinion, the best time is in the morning, when you can watch the sunrise and take the time to ground yourself or meditate before you start your day. I take my favorite pair of leggings and boots for hiking.

2—Pick up a pen. Start a journal or at least a list of things that are in your life that you are grateful for; whether it’s the people in your life, the things you have, the goals you are working toward, or the opportunities that have come your way. I love writing in this classic leather journal. Making a list of positive things gets your mind off of whatever is stressing you out. Be sure to call the people on your list and let them know how much they mean to you.

3—Connect with a friend. When a friend is talking, how often do we really listen? While in conversation, my mind is often guilty of wandering off to the next thing on my to-do list or thinking about the next topic I want to bring up. So next time you’re catching up with a friend, really listen to what they’re saying and ask more about it. Genuinely listening lets a person know that you care about them and that they are important to you.

4—Read a good book. Reading engages your mind and stimulates creative thought. If you’re stuck in a creative rut, a book might be the key. While you want to pick one that’s interesting, try also one that could be a little challenging for you. Mary Oliver’s poetry is one of my favorites because she practices mindfulness in such a vibrant, deep way.

5—Put your phone on airplane mode. You knew this was coming. The biggest enemy to mindfulness is distraction, and the biggest distraction to a millennial is a smartphone. So silence your phone for a little bit and go forth.

What do you do to stay present? Did you try any of these tips? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Style Your Favorite Graphic T-Shirt

Graphic T-shirts are, hands down, the number one staple item in my wardrobe. They’re super comfortable, you can style them an infinite number of ways, and most are relatively inexpensive. On a serious note, if you don’t have a solid collection of cute and trendy T-shirts in your wardrobe, it’s time to go shopping.

Here, I style one of my new favorite T-shirts three different ways to prove just how versatile it can be.

Trendy and Polished

Take your favorite graphic T-shirt and pair it with a simple pair of slacks. Add a belt for a stylish and functional accessory and tie the look together with your favorite pair of shoes. I decided on a sleek pair of black sandals, but white tennis shoes or a pair of derby shoes would look great as well. Keep it as simple as this, or you can add a few additional pieces such as a watch and purse to truly complete the look.

Biker Chic

Embrace your inner rebel with this totally killer look. Take your favorite graphic T-shirt and tuck it into a groovy pair of flare jeans. Drape a leather or suede jacket over your shoulders and throw on an edgy pair of shoes. Complete the look with the coolest pair of sunglasses you own. My choice was an all-black pair of aviators. All you have to do from here is hop on your bike and ride off into the sunset.

Girly and Playful

A major trend this season is wearing a basic shift dress over a plain or graphic T-shirt. It’s so simple, yet totally adorable and ideal for these hot summer days. For this look, I wore a denim shift dress over my graphic shirt and paired it with a pair of nude slides. Once again, you can keep it as simple as this, or choose to include your favorite accessories to spice it up a bit.

There are a million other fashion-forward ways to style a T-shirt, which is why they truly reign supreme. Don’t be afraid to switch it up and try a look that’s a little out of your comfort zone! Fashion is all about taking risks.

Next time you’re rocking your favorite graphic T-shirt, make sure to snap a picture and tag @CFashionista on social media!


Black and White Chic

We all have those moments where we need to get ready quickly but struggle with deciding what to wear. We want to wear something fashion-forward but easy to put together. When this happens to me, I always go to my black and white section of my closet. Pairing black and white pieces can be styled quickly and look so chic.

With my first outfit, I chose a monochromatic look. I paired together a white eyelet off-the-shoulder top with white skinny jeans. A monochromatic base gives the outfit a sleek look but allows you to be creative with your accessories. I wanted to dress up the outfit, so accessorizing with black was the perfect touch. The black studded buckle heels added some texture, while the satin neck tie added some elegance. I couldn’t leave the house without a pair of sunnies, so I grabbed my red cat-eye sunglasses to add a pop of color to the outfit.

For my next outfit, I wanted something more causal. I used the same white skinny jeans in the first look paired with a black top. I am a huge fan of the ruffle trend this season, and the ruffle detail on this black top adds some pizazz to my outfit. I wanted the top to be the focal point of this outfit, therefore I kept the accessories very minimal. I went with a pointed-toe, black ankle bootie, a black and silver western belt, and my go-to black Celine sunglasses. These accessories added the perfect touch without overpowering the outfit.

The last outfit was my personal favorite because I combined some of my favorite pieces. Again, I used the same white skinny jeans paired with a black lace trim top. Dainty lace tops have been very in this summer and add an extra detail to an outfit. I am loving blazers this season and thought this white blazer would be a great layering piece. My platform espadrille wedges are the comfiest shoes ever. I wanted to have fun with this outfit, so adding a black bandana was a perfect choice!

I hope this gave you some inspiration on how you can get ready in minutes just by pairing black and white pieces. I would love to see how you style similar looks on social media, so tag @CFashionista the next time you post!

Calm, Cool, and Eclectic—A Guide to Style Mixing

In many other style guides that I’ve read, I saw the same types of styles being expressed. When I think about how to translate these looks into my own style, I usually find myself having to piece together looks by mixing the styles together. I noticed that I have to use attributes from each style to build my own look because I do not fall into one specific category for my personal style, which I think is great! I feel that there is a void for us eclectic types out there in fashion land, so I am going to talk about the summer guide to being a cool, eclectic girl.

1—Be confident and daring. Don’t be afraid to rock something different and outside the box. New, interesting combinations are always a plus for the eclectic girl. Being that summer is here and going strong, taking more chances and playing up bold colors and prints is a plus. Mixing them with more subtle pieces to keep the look fun, yet sensible is the perfect formula for an eclectic ensemble.

A few weeks ago, I decided to go exploring around the city of Richmond, Virginia, and enjoy the beautiful weather. I styled myself with a vintage, vibrantly patterned, floral knee-length kimono over a white cotton top, ripped denim boyfriend jeans, and leopard print creepers.

2—Be playful with your accessories. There are so many types of accessories to choose from that will take your look to the next level. I always say the bigger the better!  Always choose statement pieces that will accentuate the outfit and the inner eclectic, cool chick.

I chose to wear black wooden earrings, a circle brim hat, circle spectacle glasses, and a black harness bralette. I wanted to push my look to be more interesting. By adding these accessories, my look went from casual to eclectic. I definitely didn’t follow the old rule of taking off one accessory before leaving the house, which brings me to my last point.

3—Never play by the rules. You already know that there are many rules out there such as removing one accessory before leaving and not mixing patterns. Being an eclectic girl is all about breaking those rules and making the don’ts into fun and interesting dos!

You now have the basic tools to have fun with your style. Being an eclectic girl is all about being unique and really showing the world who you are through fashion.

Are you an eclectic, cool chick and want to flaunt your style? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista in your post.

When You’re in a Rush, Lipstick is a Must

You normally take hours to do your makeup, but suddenly you’re in a rush, and you only have five minutes. You wonder to yourself, “is it possible to do an hour’s worth of makeup in that short amount of time?” If this situation sounds familiar, you’re like me, and the answer is, surprisingly, yes. My mom always says that “lipstick is your whole makeup,” and the looks I show you below prove just that, by using only lipstick and some handy tricks!

1—Pink and Peachy. For this first look, I used this bright pink lip tint from Benefit Cosmetics to create a more natural look. This is a great everyday look for school or work because it gives off a cute and pretty vibe.

2—Red Hot. For this look, I used this lip tint to create a natural but “I still did something” look. This look gives off a more fresh, lively vibe and is great for those days when you’re looking a bit dull and want to spice it up.

3—Sophisticated Scarlet. This third look uses this YSL lipstick to give a more sophisticated appearance. This look is a go-to for a classy, elegant atmosphere, like a dinner party or a nice date.

4—Shimmery Sheen. The last look is created with the same lipstick I used for the previous look. This toned-down version gives a subtle look that gives off a cute, feminine vibe. I used the ombre technique to achieve this gradient lip, which has been trending on runways and social media lately. To achieve this lip look, apply the lipstick of your choice to the inner parts of your lips, and then apply a lighter or nude shade to the outer parts. Where the two shades meet, blend the color together using a lip brush, and voilá!

Are you running out of time? Go grab your lipstick and recreate your own look using these techniques. Make sure to share it with us on social media @CFashionista! 

Beauty Box Subscription, Sign Me Up

Two years and about 24 beauty boxes later, I can say I’m a fan of beauty box subscriptions. There’s just nothing better than getting cute little boxes in the mail every month. As soon as you open it up, you know both your hair care and beauty routines will be forever changed. From lipstick to facials to eyeliners and perfumes, so many samples to try! I’ve never received one beauty box I didn’t absolutely love.

beauty box

I may just be one of the only girls in the world to not be such a fan of makeup stores like Sephora, MAC, or Ulta. I, for one, like to do my own research and make decisions about what types of makeup and products to try. Since I like to try things out before making that expensive purchase, making the year-long commitment to subscribe to a beauty box was a no brainer! Nothing is worse than wasting money on a product that doesn’t hold to its promise.

beauty box

After much research, I determined that either Ipsy or Birchbox would be my best bet for getting personalized samples. Both allow you to set up an account and select options on what kind of skin, hair, and lifestyle you have. This allows them to select the perfect samples for you to try each month. Once you receive your box and try out some samples, you then have the option to purchase them in full sizes.

beauty box

After subscribing to both, I can say I was a fan of many of the samples. My top three samples were a perfume, eyeliner, and hair moisturizing spray. Everyone needs a signature scent and I finally found mine. Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume is my all-time favorite fragrance. It has a clean, soft scent. Another favorite is EYEKO eyeliner. For someone with sensitive eyes, this eyeliner should be your new go-to. It lasts all day and doesn’t smudge. My favorite hair care product is the Weightless Moisture Leave-In Conditioning Mist. I like to spray it onto my hair before I go out. Whether I decide to straighten, curl, or leave hair natural, it adds moisture and shine with just a small spray.

beauty box

Overall, I highly recommend trying a beauty subscription. You never know what sample will become your new holy grail beauty product!

What are some beauty favorites you’ve discovered from beauty subscriptions? Let me know in the comments below.

The Everyday Statement Purse

Who says that your everyday purse has to be a solid color or just plain black? Exactly, so my everyday purse I have been wearing has a combination of red, green, and black. It sort of has an Aztec print on the strap that I usually don’t go for, but the style and color of the purse made me fall in love with it. The reason I like the colors so much is probably that they are the Gucci colors and anything that reminds me of them needs to be in my closet immediately.

So with this purse, I paired the classic Air Force Ones, which are a must in everyone’s closet. You can definitely class it up by wearing a dress with them or exactly how I wore it in this look. I also wore these two-tone jeans, inspired by Vetements, from H&M for only $10! I was the happiest girl around when I swiped my card and the cashier gave me the shopping bag. I walked out of the store feeling like I just conquered the world! Don’t you also feel that way when you snagged an amazing deal? Then last but not least, I wore this nude mesh bustier top from the Zara sale with a basic white T-shirt underneath.

I definitely like how this overall look gives off neutral color-blocking vibes (except the purse, obviously.) So I dare you to go out and get an everyday statement purse, or even just a cool strap to add to your existing black purses, even if it’s out of your comfort zone. A majority of the times I try a new style, I end up loving it!

How do you wear your statement purses? Show us on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista !

A Busy Woman’s Guide to Getting a Summer Glow

Summer is here, and it only reminds us that our free time in the sunshine is slim. I am here to tell you that there is a way to maintain that summer glow, even if you don’t have the time. I’ll be showing you how to get that summer glow through your skincare, makeup, and hair care routines.

1—Skincare. Before achieving that summer glow, you need to have a good routine that cares for your skin. The basis is having a nice face wash. It is important to clear your pores after a long day enduring dirt, sweat, makeup, and the changing temperature; these factors can affect your skin poorly. I’ve developed a close relationship with my good friend Mario—Mario Badescu that is. I use the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel every day and every night followed by Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. This moisturizer will give you that sun-kissed glow, and also contains SPF which protects skin against harmful UV rays.

2—Makeup. During the summer, I always tell people to keep it light when it comes to your face makeup. You don’t need a cakey face. I like to use Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation because it’s not overly shiny or matte. It has a nice balance between the two. This is my favorite foundation because it has great coverage while looking natural. I usually pair this foundation with a couple sweeps of a soft pink blush and Hoola Matte Bronzer Mini when I want to add more shape and structure to my face. Since it is summertime, I like to keep the eyes very bright and light as well. Nude colors such as the creams, browns, and light pinks work best in my opinion. For the lip, I like to apply Buxom Wildly Whipped Soft Matte Lip Color in Criminal. After applying makeup, a setting spray will provide that refreshing summer vibe.

3—Haircare. Hair can get very damaged in the summer time with the wind, UV rays, chlorine, salt water, and air conditioning. These can cause hair to become frizzy, dry, or brittle. My hair endures all of these things, but one of my secrets to making it bounce back is keratin oil. It took me too long to figure out this secret, but ever since my discovery, I never use anything else. Adding keratin back into your hair makes it smoother and healthier. It helps with heat damage and frizz while strengthening the structure of your hair. Keratin can come in the form of a spray, shampoo, or conditioner. I prefer the Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo and conditioner.

What are your favorite products to use in the summertime? Let me know in the comments below!

Simple Changes I Made for a Healthy Lifestyle

My freshman year of college, I immediately joined multiple organizations, met a ton of new people, and made countless great memories. That was great while I was first adapting to college life, but I quickly realized that I was not making enough time for myself. After some self-reflection, I decided I needed to change for my second semester, and spend more of my energy focusing on myself. Here are a few simple ways that I worked on becoming my best me, inside and out.


I love to stretch for five or 10 minutes every morning, right when I wake up. Stretching is a great way to loosen my muscles, get an extra boost of energy, and ensure that I’m ready to start my day.

Running Stairs

Treadmills are by far my least favorite way to get cardio in. I get bored running in one place and looking at the same view throughout my whole workout, so doing cardio on the stairs adds that extra flair that I need to stay motivated and get through the workout.

Staying Hydrated

Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to get healthy fast, inside and out. Water has no sugar, fat, or calories, unlike many other beverages. Ever since I started drinking a lot of water, my skin has cleared up, I have more energy in my day-to-day life, and I’ve been getting sick way less often. Water is honestly a miracle worker!  


This has recently become my latest obsession. Yoga has helped me to improve my strength, flexibility, and balance. Not only is it a great way to get in shape, but it also has positive benefits for mental health. Yoga is my favorite way to boost my concentration before a big test and is my go-to stress reliever.

Using a Fitbit

I love my Fitbit because it is a constant reminder to be healthy. It reminds me to get up and move around every hour so that I am never sitting still for too long. On top of that, it tracks so many other important things, like my sleep schedule and heart rate.


Positivity is extremely important, not only for mental health but also in every situation in life. Even if I’m having a particularly bad day, I try to find a reason to stay positive anyway. It’s been proven that smiling, real or fake, improves your mood, and I really do find that to be true. Plus, smiles are free, and who doesn’t love free stuff?

Do you have any other simple tips to lead a healthy lifestyle? Let me know in the comments below!

Teach Me How To Yogi

College life can be stressful. Between classes, extracurriculars, jobs, and a social life, it’s easy to become anxious or overworked. I sat down with college student and yogi, Lindsay, to discuss how yoga can benefit your life.

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little about yourself.

Lindsay Ehret: My name is Lindsay Ehret, and I am a new 21-year-old. I am currently a junior at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. I am a speech-pathology major there. My major is pretty academically demanding, so when I have free time, I do a lot of activities to help me de-stress. Yoga is my biggest hobby that helps me unwind, but I also like to kayak, rock climb, and paint in my free time.

CF: How long have you been doing yoga? What got you started?

LE: I have been doing yoga for about five years now. I began practicing right around when I was about to graduate high school. I began to really push myself in my practice when I was about 19. I began yoga by going to a local yoga studio, I had the most amazing teacher for my first class. I was hooked ever since.

CF: How has yoga improved your quality of life?

LE: Yoga has brought so much peace and happiness to my life. I tend to become stressed easily and feel anxious sometimes. Yoga really helps deal with this. If I am having a stressful day at school, I can just go on my yoga mat for a little while, and I instantly feel calmed down. I also tend to obsess about planning for the future, and yoga helps me to focus more on the present moment. Yoga is also very spiritual for me. Ever since I was introduced to yoga in my late teens, I found that yoga is its’ own religion, one that I instantly connected with.

CF: What advice would you give to anyone who is apprehensive about starting yoga?

LE: I would say that yoga is definitely a journey and one that is well worth it. Many people are discouraged because they don’t think they are strong or flexible enough, but when I went to my first yoga class, I could barely stay in downward dog for more than a couple of seconds. It takes the body a lot of practice to be able to do most poses, so persistence is definitely important.  Don’t get down on yourself if you cannot do the crazy poses that other people can. I would also tell them to go to a beginner yoga class at a studio. Tell the teacher that you have never done yoga before, and the teacher will most likely be more than happy to help you and to assist you. Do not let yoga be intimidating, it is the opposite of that! Beginning to practice yoga will give you so many benefits, including a beautiful mindset on the world and those around you.

What do you do to de-stress? Let me know in the comments below!